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298.01Paa lickam laa lickam, apl lpa! This it is an her.
298.01+Norwegian paa: on
298.01+Norwegian lik: body, corpse; like
298.01+Norwegian laa: lay, was laying
298.01+(lay like on like)
298.01+APL LPA (Motif: ALP)
298.01+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...lpa! This...} | {Png: ...lpa. This...}
298.02You see her it. Which it whom you see it is
298.02+Slang it: female genitalia
298.03her. And if you could goaneggbetter we'd soon
298.03+phrase go one better
298.03+get an
298.03+egg-beater (an egg-beater seen from its end resembles [293.12])
298.04see some raffant scrumala riffa. Quicks herit
298.04+Italian di riffa o di raffa: by hook or by crook
298.04+and some
298.04+Latin quod erat faciendum: which was to be done (Q.E.F. appears after problems in Euclid)
298.05fossyending. Quef! So post that to your pape
298.05+Latin fossa: ditch
298.05+French Slang fosse: female genitalia
298.05+Motif: pen/post [.07]
298.05+phrase put that in your pipe and smoke it
298.06and smarket! And you can haul up that languil
298.06+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...smarket! And...} | {Png: ...smarket. And...}
298.07pennant, mate. I've read your tunc's dimissage.
298.07+pen [.05]
298.07+Slang pen: penis
298.07+Latin tunc: then (Tunc page of The Book of Kells (Sullivan: The Book of Kells plate XI))
298.07+Slang cunt: female genitalia (Motif: anagram)
298.07+Luke 2:29: 'nunc dimittis': 'now you release'
298.08For, let it be taken that her littlenist is of no
298.08+Euclid's postulates are introduced by 'Let it be granted' (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.08+Slang nest: female genitalia
298.08+Euclid: Elements: 'A point is that which has no parts, or which has no magnitude' (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.08+(zero) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.09magnetude or again let it be granted that Doll
298.09+*C* (Dolph)
298.10the laziest can be dissimulant with all respects
298.11from Doll the fiercst, thence must any what-
298.11+*V* (Kev)
298.11+(any x to the power of zero equals one) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.12youlike in the power of empthood be either
298.12+power of n (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.12+Obsolete empt: to discharge, to empty
298.12+Latin emptum: purchase
298.13greater THaN or less THaN the unitate we
298.13+greater than or less than (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.13+Rumanian unitate: unity
298.14have in one or hence shall the vectorious ready-
298.14+one (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.14+Latin vectorius: for transport
298.14+radius vector: a variable line drawn to a curve from a fixed point as an origin (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.14+radii (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.15eyes of evertwo circumflicksrent searclhers
298.15+two (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.15+circumflexion: bending around
298.15+circumference (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.15+Swedish flickor: girls
298.15+circles (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.16never film in the elipsities of their gyribouts
298.16+ellipses (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.16+gyre: a term used in Yeats: A Vision [295.23]
298.17those fickers which are returnally reprodictive
298.17+German Slang ficken: to have sex with
298.17+eternally reproductive
298.18of themselves.1 Which is unpassible. Quarrel-
298.18+corollary (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.19lary. The logos of somewome to that base any-
298.19+logos: universal reason governing the world (Heraclitus) (literally 'word' as in John 1:1)
298.19+(logarithm of one to any base is zero) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.19+logarithm to the base (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.19+(one) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.19+(x) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.20thing, when most characteristically mantissa
298.20+characteristic and mantissa: the integral and decimal parts of a logarithm, respectively (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.21minus, comes to nullum in the endth:2 orso,
298.21+minus (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.21+(*E* (1) returns to *A* (0) in the end)
298.21+nothing in the end
298.21+n'th (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.21+Italian orso: bear
298.21+Latin ergo: therefore
298.22here is nowet badder than the sin of Aha with
298.22+no wit
298.22+Danish noget: something
298.22+pantomime Sinbad the Sailor
298.22+sin (abbreviation for sine) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.22+A...L...P (Motif: ALP)
298.23his cosin Lil, verswaysed on coverswised, and
298.23+cosin (abbreviation for cosine) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.23+Lilith: Adam's wife before Eve, in kabbalistic lore
298.23+(vice versa)
298.23+versed sine: one minus cosine (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.23+conversed sine: versed sine of the complement of an angle (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.24all that's consecants and cotangincies till Per-
298.24+consequences and contingencies
298.24+cosecants and cotangents (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.24+perpendicular (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.25perp stops repippinghim since her redtangles
298.25+tangles of red hair
298.25+rectangles (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.25+right angles (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.26are all abscissan for limitsing this tendency of
298.26+abscissa: the x coordinate of a point (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.26+limits: values of a variable between which a definite integral is taken (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.26+(approximation of the perimeter of a circle by calculation of the limit of the perimeter of a regular polygon with an infinitely-large number of infinitesimally-small sides) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry) [339.35]
298.27our Frivulteeny Sexuagesima3 to expense her-
298.27+Sexagesima: second Sunday before Lent
298.27+sexagesimal arithmetic is based on the number sixty (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.28selfs as sphere as possible, paradismic peri-
298.28+as far
298.28+sphere (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.28+Thomas Moore: other works: Lalla Rookh: Paradise and the Peri
298.28+perimeter (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.28+German Perlmutter: mother-of-pearl
298.29mutter, in all directions on the bend of the
298.30unbridalled, the infinisissimalls of her facets
298.30+(approximation of integration, or estimation of area under a curve, by multiple infinitesimal perpendicular rectangles) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.30+infinitesimal calculus (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
298.31becoming manier and manier as the calicolum
298.32of her umdescribables (one has thoughts of
298.32+Yeats: A Vision 277 (book V, sec. IV): 'When I think of Rome I see always those heads with their world-considering eyes'
298.33that eternal Rome) shrinks from schurtiness
298.33+Eternal City: Rome
298.33+German Schürze: apron
298.33+shortness to short
298.F01     1 I enjoy as good as anyone.
298.F02     2 Neither a soul to be saved nor a body to be kicked.
298.F02+proverb Corporations have neither souls to be saved nor bodies to be kicked
298.F03     3 The boast of the town.
298.L01Ambages and
298.L01+ambage: dark language for deceit and concealment
298.L02Their Rôle.
298.L03+ECH (Motif: HCE)
298.L03+ecclesiastical hierarchy [605.07-606.08]
298.L04and Celestial
298.L04+celestial hierarchy [605.06-606.10]
298.L04+Pseudo-Dionysius: Celestial Hierarchies
298.L05Hierarchies. The
298.L06Ascending. The
298.L06+Genesis 28:12: 'and he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up... and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it'
298.L08The peripatetic
298.L08+peripatetic: belonging to the Aristotelian school of philosophy; itinerant, walking from place to place
298.L09periphery. It's
298.L10+allotheism: worship of strange gods

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