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340.01cettera, oukraydoubray). Scutterer of guld, he is retourious on
340.01+American Colloquial okey dokey: okay
340.01+Ruthenian dobre: okay
340.01+Anglo-Irish scutter: to squitter, to have diarrhoea; diarrhoea
340.01+scatterer of gold
340.01+stutterer of guilt, he is notorious on every rota (Motif: stuttering)
340.01+utterer: one who passes counterfeit coins
340.01+Danish guld: gold
340.01+French retour: return
340.02every roudery! The lyewdsky so so sewn of a fitchid! With his
340.02+French route: road
340.02+Ruthenian lyudskyi vischod: origin of man
340.02+(Motif: stuttering)
340.02+Motif: Son of a bitch
340.02+Ruthenian vischod: germination of seed
340.02+fitchet: polecat
340.03walshbrushup. And his boney bogey braggs.
340.03+Archbishop Walsh of Dublin
340.03+wash and brush up: notice in English men's public toilets
340.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...walshbrushup. And...} | {Png: ...walshbrushup? And...}
340.03+song 'On the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond'
340.03+Boney: Napoleon
340.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...braggs.} | {Png: ...braggs?}
340.04     BUTT (after his tongues in his cheeks, with pinkpoker pointing
340.04+{{Synopsis: II.3.4.B: [340.04-341.17]: Butt describes the background of the scene — spirits rise with riddles, games, music and song}}
340.04+phrase tongue in cheek
340.04+(pointing out landmarks of the battlefield)
340.05out in rutene to impassible abjects beyond the mistomist towards
340.05+Russian Rutene: Ruthenian
340.05+impossible objects
340.05+Italian misto: mixed
340.05+Ruthenian mistomist: town of towns, town of bridges (from Ruthenian misto: town, city, place and Ruthenian mist: bridge)
340.05+German Mist: dung, garbage
340.06Lissnaluhy such as the Djublian Alps and the Hoofd Ribeiro as
340.06+Lisna- is a common prefix in Irish place names (from Irish Lios-na: Fort of)
340.06+Ruthenian lyis: forest, wood
340.06+Ruthenian lyisny: woody, foresty
340.06+Lyisna and Luh are tributaries of the Bug river, Ukraine
340.06+Ruthenian luhy: meadows
340.06+Ljubljana: capital of Slovenia
340.06+Julian Alps, Yugoslavia
340.06+Dutch hoofd: head
340.06+Portuguese ribeiro: brook
340.06+Provençal ribiero: river
340.07where he and his trulock may ever make a game). The field of
340.07+song Loch Lomond: 'But me and my true love will never meet again'
340.07+Trulock, Harriss and Richardson: Dublin gun and rifle manufacturers, ammunition merchants, shooting school, etc. (9 Dawson Street, Dublin)
340.08karhags and that bloasted tree. Forget not the felled! For the
340.08+Ruthenian karha: hag
340.08+Shelta karnag: drawers
340.08+Carhaix: place in Brittany noted for stone circles
340.08+Carnac: site of megaliths in Brittany
340.08+Irish carraig: rock (Motif: tree/stone)
340.08+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Forget Not the Field [air: The Lamentation of Aughrim]
340.08+German Feld: field
340.09lomondations of Oghrem! Warful doon's bothem. Here furry
340.09+Loch Lomond
340.09+Ogham writing
340.09+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XVIII, 'Minchinhampton', 503b: 'a town in... Gloucestershire, England... the name of Woeful Dane Bottom, a neighbouring valley, perhaps indicates the scene of a defeat of the Danes (c. 918)' [369.12] [503.21] [594.12]
340.09+Dean's Bottom: locality in Kent
340.09+The Furry Glen, Phoenix Park
340.10glunn. Nye? Their feery pass. Tak! With guerillaman aspear
340.10+Ruthenian nyi: no
340.10+Ruthenian ne: not
340.10+French fée: fairy
340.10+Ruthenian tak: yes, so
340.10+(*E* and *IJ* and *VYC*)
340.11aspoor to prink the pranks of primkissies. And the buddies be-
340.11+prink: to smarten
340.11+prank: to dress showily
340.11+Motif: And They Put/Piled Him Behind in/on the Fire/Pyre/Oasthouse/Outhouse [.11-.12]
340.11+bodies (hiding)
340.12hide in the byre. Allahblah!
340.12+byre: cow house
340.13     TAFF (a blackseer, he stroves to regulect all the straggles for wife
340.13+Black Sea (Crimea)
340.13+German Schwarzseher: pessimist
340.13+strives to recollect all the struggles for life
340.13+Regula: patron saint of Zurich [.15]
340.14in the rut of the past through the widnows in effigies keening after the
340.14+Ruthenian vidnova: renewing, renewal
340.14+The Widow of Ephesus: a folktale about a woman who mourns her husband by his grave, but one night when she is visited by a soldier guarding another corpse and that corpse disappears, she offers to desecrate her husband's body to protect the soldier (i.e. a symbol of woman's unfaithfulness)
340.15blank sheets in their faminy to the relix of old decency from over
340.15+phrase black sheep of the family
340.15+Dublin Slang relic of old decency: souvenir of better times
340.15+Felix: patron saint of Zurich [.13]
340.16draught). Oh day of rath! Ah, murther of mines! Eh, selo moy!
340.16+Requiem Mass: Dies Irae ('Day of Wrath')
340.16+Rathmines: district of Dublin
340.16+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation murther: murder
340.16+song Mother of Mine
340.16+song O Sole Mio
340.16+Ruthenian selo moe: my village
340.17Uh, zulu luy! Bernesson Mac Mahahon from Osro bearing nose
340.17+Italian zulu: (fig.) boor
340.17+Italian lui: him
340.17+(*S*) [529.16]
340.17+Bjørnson: Ibsen's rival (literally 'son of bear')
340.17+MacMahon: French marshal in the Crimean war (literally 'son of bear') [.19]
340.17+Oslo, Norway (Motif: L/R)
340.17+Motif: 4 cardinal points [.17-.18]
340.18easger for sweeth prolettas on his swooth prowl!
340.18+Italian proletta: small progeny
340.18+Bulgarian proletta: the spring
340.18+sweat of his brow
340.19     BUTT (back to his peatrol and paump: swee Gee's wee rest: no
340.19+petrol pump
340.19+Motif: Paul/Peter
340.19+MacMahon: 'J'y suis, j'y reste' (French 'Here I am, here I stay'; when asked to leave the Malakoff fortification) [.17]
340.19+Dublin Slang gee: female genitalia
340.20more applehooley: dodewodedook). Bruinoboroff, the hooney-
340.20+Irish na h-ubhailli: apple trees
340.20+Anglo-Irish hooley: uninhibited party, celebration
340.20+Deadwood Dick
340.20+Dutch bruin: brown
340.20+Bruin: a quasi-proper name applied to the bear (for example in the Reynard cycle)
340.20+Brian Boru: 11th century Irish High King
340.20+Russian borov: hog
340.20+(bears like honey)
340.21moonger, and the grizzliest manmichal in Meideveide! Whose
340.21+French manger: to eat
340.21+grizzly bear
340.21+Russian Misha: common name for bears in folktales (short for Russian Mikhail: Michael)
340.21+Dutch meid: maid
340.21+Serbo-Croatian med: honey
340.21+Maida Vale, London
340.21+Serbo-Croatian medved: bear
340.21+Dutch weide: meadow
340.21+song Jerusalem: 'Hosanna in the highest'
340.22annal livves the hoiest! For he devoused the lelias on the fined
340.22+Livy's Annals
340.22+Delilah (Samson's temptress)
340.22+(will be using a sod of turf to clean his arse)
340.22+Lilias Walshingham: heroine of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard
340.22+Matthew 6:28: 'lilies of the field' (*IJ*)
340.22+German Feind: enemy
340.23and he conforted samp, tramp and marchint out of the drumbume
340.23+Motif: Shem, Ham and Japhet (*VYC*)
340.23+jawbone of an ass (Judges 15:16: 'And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass... have I slain a thousand men')
340.24of a narse. Guards, serf Finnland, serve we all!
340.24+German Gott strafe England: God punish England (slogan)
340.24+song 'God save Ireland say we all'
340.25     TAFF (whatwidth the psychophannies at the front and whetwadth
340.25+what with
340.26the psuckofumbers beholden the fair, illcertain, between his bulchri-
340.26+psychopomp: a conductor of souls to the place of the dead
340.26+thumb-suckers [.28] [.29]
340.26+Motif: And They Put/Piled Him Behind in/on the Fire/Pyre/Oasthouse/Outhouse
340.26+Motif: How Buckley shot the Russian General
340.27chudes and the roshashanaral, where he sees Bishop Ribboncake plus
340.27+Hebrew Rosh Hashana: Jewish New Year
340.27+Rose of Sharon
340.27+*V* (initially represented by the *P* (Saint Patrick) siglum, which possibly looks something like a bishop going forth on his rogations) [.27-.28]
340.28his pollex prized going forth on his visitations of mirrage or Miss
340.28+pollex: thumb [.26] [.29]
340.28+parish priest
340.28+visitation: ecclesiastical visit
340.28+VI.B.8.145a ( ): '*L* girl lying on causeway with one leg heavenward, lacing her shoe'
340.28+*I* (initially represented by the *L* (inverted Tristan) siglum, which looks something like a girl lying on the causeway with one leg heavenward, lacing her shoe) [.28-.30]
340.29Horizon, justso all our fannacies daintied her, on the curve of the
340.29+fancies painted
340.29+Finneces: poet to whom Finn went to learn poetry and for whom he cooked the Salmon of Knowledge, only to burn himself and gain all wisdom by sucking his thumb (Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 365: 'The Boyhood Deeds of Finn') [.26] [.28]
340.30camber, unsheathing a showlaced limbaloft to the great consternations).
340.30+Camber: second son of Brute who inherited Wales from his father
340.30+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...unsheathing...} | {Png: ...unsheating...}
340.30+limb aloft [204.19]
340.31Divulge! Hyededye, kittyls, and howdeddoh, pan! Poshbott and
340.31+(solve riddle)
340.31+song 'Hi-de-di, how-de-do'
340.31+song The Wren: 'Up with the kettle and down with the pan, And give us a penny to burry the Wren' [.35]
340.31+proverb The pot calling the kettle black: criticising another for one's own faults (hypocrisy)
340.31+Polish pan: sir, lord, gentleman
340.31+pantomime Puss in Boots
340.32pulbuties. See that we soll or let dargman be luna as strait a way
340.32+French balbutier: to stutter
340.32+Polish pół: half
340.32+Polish buty: boots
340.32+Latin sol: sun
340.32+German soll: should
340.32+dargsman: day labourer
340.32+Slang darkman: watchman
340.32+Cant darkmans: night
340.32+Armenian targman: interpreter
340.32+Latin luna: moon
340.32+Stratford [.33-.34]
340.33as your ant's folly me line while ye post is goang from Piping
340.33+Antes: Slav people residing on shores of Black Sea (now in Ukraine)
340.33+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation folly: follow
340.33+follow my leader
340.33+'Piping Pebworth, Dancing Marston, Haunted Hillborough, Hungry Grafton, Dadgeing Exhall, Papist Wicksford, Beggarly Broom, and Drunken Bidford' (poem attributed to Shakespeare refusing to resume drinking competition at Bidford)
340.34Pubwirth to Haunted Hillborough on his Mujiksy's Zaravence,
340.34+German Wirt: innkeeper
340.34+On His Majesty's Service
340.34+Ruthenian muzhyk: peasant
340.34+Ruthenian muzhytskaya charivnytsa: peasant witch
340.34+Ruthenian tzar: Tsar
340.34+Armenian dzara: servant [321.23]
340.35the Riss, the Ross, the sur of all Russers, as my farst is near to
340.35+song The Wren: 'The Wren, the Wren, The king of all birds' [.31]
340.35+German Ross: steed
340.35+Ross rifle (World War I)
340.35+Tsar of All the Russias
340.35+Dutch Russer: Russia
340.35+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Russers, as...} | {Png: ...Russers as...}
340.35+my first is near to hear (EAR) and my second is made to sit on (WICKER chair) while my whole is a Persse O'Reilly (EARWICKER) (Motif: Persse O'Reilly)
340.36hear and my sackend is meet to sedon while my whole's a peer's
340.36+French cul-de-sac: blind alley, dead end
340.36+French perce-oreille: earwig

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