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350.01     catz come buck beques he caudant stail awake) he touched upon
350.01+German Katze: cat
350.01+song 'the cat came back... for it couldn't stay away'
350.01+Latin cauda: tail
350.02     this tree of livings in the middenst of the garerden for inasmuch
350.02+Motif: tree/stone [.04]
350.02+Genesis 2:9: 'the tree of life also in the midst of the garden'
350.02+Dialect midden: dunghill, refuse heap
350.02+Midgard: in Norse Mythology, the world inhabited by humans, the centre of which was pierced by the trunk of the world-tree Yggdrasil
350.02+Armenian dzar: tree
350.02+German Erden: earth
350.03     as because that he confessed to it on Hillel and down Dalem and
350.03+Hillel: Pharisee, interpreter of scripture
350.03+Hillel Men's Shelter, Dublin
350.03+up hill and down dale
350.03+Malay dalem: under
350.04     in the places which the lepers inhabit in the place of the stones
350.04+Job 8:17: (the hypocrite) 'seeth the place of stones'
350.05     and in pontofert jusfuggading amoret now he come to think of it
350.05+Latin in ponto fert: he carries in the sea
350.05+in point of fact just forgetting
350.05+amoret: love sonnet
350.06     jolly well ruttengenerously olyovyover the ole blucky shop. Pugger
350.06+Motif: How Buckley shot the Russian General
350.06+Czech olivovy olej: olive oil
350.06+Czech olovo: lead (metal)
350.06+all over the whole bloody shop
350.07     old Pumpey O'Dungaschiff! There will be a hen collection of him
350.07+German Schiff: ship
350.07+(hen collects [011.08-.28])
350.08     after avensung on the field of Hanar. Dumble down, looties and
350.08+ladies and gentlemen
350.09     gengstermen! Dtin, dtin, dtin, dtin!]
350.09+German gestern: yesterday
350.10     BUTT (with a gisture expansive of Mr Lhugewhite Cadderpollard
350.10+{{Synopsis: II.3.4.I: [350.10-352.15]: Butt continues reminiscing up until the time he had met the General — how he shot him}}
350.10+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation gisture: gesture
350.10+Lugaid: the name of several legendary Irish kings and high kings (the name derives from the Irish god Lug)
350.10+great white caterpillar: epithet applied to Oscar Wilde (by Lady Colin Campbell)
350.10+pollard: animal that has lost its horns
350.11with sunflawered beautonhole pulled up point blanck by mailbag
350.11+in the early 1880s, Oscar Wilde was repeatedly caricatured as a sunflower in English and American newspapers
350.11+Oscar Wilde often wore a flower in his coat's button-hole (including, famously, at his first trial)
350.11+beau: a dandy, a fop (Oscar Wilde)
350.11+point blank
350.11+blackmail (a letter from Oscar Wilde to Lord Alfred Douglas was the object of blackmail attempts)
350.11+(Shaun's mailbag)
350.12mundaynism at Oldbally Court though the hissindensity buck far
350.12+Monday, Sunday
350.12+Old Bailey Court (Oscar Wilde was tried there)
350.12+(public antagonism in court)
350.12+Parnell: hesitency
350.12+backfire (Oscar Wilde's libel case against the Marquess of Queensberry greatly backfired and led to his being tried and imprisoned for gross indecency)
350.13of his melovelance tells how when he was fast marking his first
350.13+Italian melo: apple tree
350.13+my love lance (Slang lance: penis)
350.13+first making
350.13+(homosexualism) (Oscar Wilde)
350.13+(aiming at general)
350.14lord for cremation the whyfe of his bothem was the very lad's thing
350.14+lord of creation
350.14+(Lord Alfred Douglas, whose affair with Oscar Wilde ultimately led to the latter's trial for gross indecency)
350.14+wife of his bosom
350.14+wife of his bottom (sodomy; Oscar Wilde)
350.14+wipe off his bottom
350.14+both of them
350.14+Slang lad: penis
350.15to elter his mehind). Prostatates, pujealousties! Dovolnoisers,
350.15+German Eltern: parents
350.15+enter his behind (sodomy; Oscar Wilde)
350.15+alter his mind
350.15+German Prostata: prostate
350.15+Greek prostates: leader, chief
350.15+Russian prostite pozhaluysta: excuse me, please
350.15+pure jealousy
350.15+Czech pyje: penis
350.15+Russian dovol'no, proshu: that's enough, please
350.16prayshyous! Defense in every circumstancias of deboutcheries
350.16+Russian prashchur: ancestor
350.16+French défendu: forbidden
350.16+Portuguese circunstâncias: circumstances
350.17no the chaste daffs! Pack pickets, pioghs and kughs to be palsey-
350.17+Russian chistaya deva: clean maiden [147.24]
350.17+picket (army)
350.17+P's and Q's (Motif: P/Q)
350.17+Motif: Paul/Peter
350.18putred! Be at the peme, prease, of not forgetting or mere betoken
350.18+be at pains, please
350.18+more by token
350.18+betake yourself
350.19yourself to hother prace! Correct me, pleatze commando, for
350.19+hotter place (i.e. hell)
350.19+other place
350.19+Czech práce: work
350.19+Portuguese praça: marketplace
350.19+Polish prącie: penis
350.20cossakes but I abjure of it. No more basquibezigues for this pole
350.20+God's sake
350.20+am sure
350.20+French basque: skirt
350.20+Bashi-bazouks: Turkish irregular soldiers
350.20+Bezique: a card game
350.20+poor leprechaun
350.21aprican! With askormiles' eskermillas. I had my billyfell of
350.21+African (Malay 'p' commonly replaces 'f')
350.21+Basque asko: much
350.21+Oscar (Oscar Wilde) [.10-.15]
350.21+Basque esker mila: many thanks
350.21+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation billy: belly
350.22duckish delights the whole pukny time on rawmeots and juliannes
350.22+Turkish delight (sodomy)
350.22+Malay Slang puki: female genitalia
350.22+Czech pékny: nice
350.22+Slang fucking (Malay P/F)
350.22+raw meat
350.22+Irish ráiméis: romance, nonsense
350.22+William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
350.22+julienne: meat and vegetable soup
350.23with their lambstoels in my kiddeneys and my ramsbutter in
350.23+Charles and Mary Lamb: Tales from Shakespeare
350.23+Motif: goat/sheep (lamb, kid, ram)
350.23+Dutch stoel: chair
350.23+toes in my kidneys
350.23+(head butts)
350.24their sassenacher ribs, knee her, do her and trey her, when
350.24+Irish Sasanach: Englishman, English
350.24+Sennacherib: king of Assyria [.25]
350.24+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...knee...} | {Png: ...kmee...}
350.24+Albanian nji herë, dy herë, tre herë: once, twice, thrice
350.25th'osirian cumb dumb like the whalf on the fiord and we prey-
350.25+Lord Byron: other works: Hebrew Melodies: The Destruction of Sennacherib: (begins) 'The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold' [.24]
350.25+praying prayers
350.26ing players and pinching peacesmokes, troupkers tomiatskyns
350.26+Player's cigarettes
350.26+(pipe of peace)
350.26+trooper: a cavalry soldier
350.26+Russian trubka: tobacco pipe
350.26+Colloquial Tommy Atkins: a private in the British army
350.27all, for Father Petrie Spence of Parishmoslattary to go and leave
350.27+song Boolavogue: 'Then Father Murphy, from old Kilcormack... "Arm! Arm!" he cried, "for I've come to lead you"' [.29]
350.27+Peter's pence: contribution to the Roman Catholic Church
350.27+song Sir Patrick Spens (ballad)
350.27+Bulgarian pari: money
350.27+Percy French: song Slattery's Mounted Foot
350.27+Bulgarian zlatar: goldsmith
350.28us and the crimsend daun to shellalite on the darkumen (scene
350.28+Slang crimson dawn: cheap red wine
350.28+shellite: British explosive for armour-piercing naval shells of the 1920s and 1930s
350.28+shed a light
350.28+Cant darkmans: night
350.29as signed, Slobabogue), feeding and sleeping on the huguenottes
350.29+Russian slovo: word
350.29+Russian slava bogu: Glory to God
350.29+song Boolavogue [.27]
350.29+VI.C.12.014l-.015a (b): 'huguenote (platche bed) D no homage to saints' === VI.B.14.031a ( ): 'huguenote (flatchested) W no homage to saints' (last word underlined)
350.29+Dupont: Les Légendes du Mont-Saint-Michel 137: 'Ne disait-on pas d'une femme, dont la poitrine était plate, que c'était une huguenote. Cette expression ou plutôt cette comparaison intrigua longtemps les folkloristes; enfin l'un d'eux, plus avisé, fit remarquer à ses confrères que les protestants ne rendaient pas aux saints le culte qui leur était dû. Et voilà, du coup le surnom expliqué!' (French 'Did one not say of a woman whose chest was flat that she was a Huguenot. This expression or rather this comparison had long intrigued the folklorists; finally one of them, somewhat wiser, remarked to his colleagues that protestants did not render to the saints the veneration that was their due. And thus, at once the nickname was explained!') (French seins: breasts and French saints: saints are homophonous)
350.29+Huguenots (massacred)
350.30(the snuggest spalniel's where the lieon's tame!) and raiding
350.30+Russian spalnya: bedroom
350.30+Daniel (in lion's den; Daniel)
350.31revolations over the allbegeneses (sand us and saint us and
350.31+Albigensians (massacred)
350.31+German genesen: cured, become well
350.31+Latin sanctus: holy
350.31+song Father O'Flynn: 'sláinte and sláinte and sláinte again'
350.32sound as agun!). Yet still in all, spit for spat, like we chantied on
350.32+phrase still and all
350.32+tit for tat
350.32+French chanter: to sing
350.32+Malay chantik: pretty, beautiful
350.33Sunda schoon, every warson wearrier kaddies a komnate in
350.33+Sunda: dialect in East Indies
350.33+Sunday school
350.33+Malay sundal: whore
350.33+German Sünde: sin
350.33+William Shakespeare: Hamlet IV.5.26: 'And his sandal shoon' (Ophelia's song)
350.33+Dutch schoon: clean, beautiful
350.33+Napoleon: 'Every French soldier carries a marshal's baton in his knapsack'
350.33+whoreson warrior carries a comrade
350.33+Russian komnata: room
350.34his schnapsack and unlist I am getting foegutfulls of the rugi-
350.34+German Schnaps: gin
350.34+German schnappsack: knapsack
350.34+Donizetti: La Fille du Regiment
350.34+rudiments of civilised warfare
350.35ments of savaliged wildfire I was gamefellow willmate and send
350.35+Slang wildfire: strong liquor
350.35+hailfellow wellmet
350.35+song God Save the Queen: 'Send her victorious'

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