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355.01         [The pump and pipe pingers are ideally reconstituted. The
355.01+{{Synopsis: II.3.5.B: [355.01-355.07]: fifth interlude — the screen goes blank}}
355.01+pump and pipes of organ
355.01+thumb and five fingers
355.01+nursery rhyme Old King Cole: 'his pipe... and his bowl'
355.02     putther and bowls are peterpacked up. All the presents are deter-
355.02+Motif: Paul/Peter
355.03     mining as regards for the future the howabouts of their past
355.04     absences which they might see on at hearing could they once smell
355.04+Motif: 5 senses
355.05     of tastes from touch. To ought find a values for. The must over-
355.05+German überlisten: dupe
355.06     listingness. When ex what is ungiven. As ad where. Stillhead.
355.06+x: unknown (algebra)
355.06+as it were
355.06+Latin ad: to
355.06+stillhead: the upper compartment of a still in a distillery
355.06+Danish stilhed: silence
355.07     Blunk.]
355.08     Shutmup. And bud did down well right. And if he sung dumb
355.08+{{Synopsis: II.3.6.A: [355.08-356.15]: back to the tavern — the host begins his apologia}}
355.08+shut 'em up!
355.08+shut up!
355.08+Judges 6:40: 'and God did so that night: for it was dry upon the fleece only, and there was dew on all the ground' (Gideon)
355.08+damn well
355.08+(Butt stopped talking but those around him spoke)
355.08+James Joyce: Ulysses.11.786: 'But Bloom sang dumb'
355.08+Daniel 10:15: 'I set my face towards the ground, and I became dumb' [354.03]
355.09in his glass darkly speech lit face to face on allaround.
355.09+I Corinthians 13:12: 'For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face'
355.10     Vociferagitant. Viceversounding. Namely, Abdul Abulbul
355.10+Latin vociferor: I cry out
355.10+vice versa
355.10+Spaeth: Read 'Em and Weep 146: song Abdul Abulbul Amir: 'Now the heroes were plenty and well known to fame In the troops that were led by the Czar, And the bravest of these was a man by the name Of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar' (these were Abdul's enemies; the book doesn't mention it, but this song was written by Percy French)
355.11Amir or Ivan Slavansky Slavar. In alldconfusalem. As to whom the
355.11+Russian Slavyanskii Slovar: Slavonic dictionary
355.11+Russian slava: glory
355.11+Spaeth: Read 'Em and Weep 149: song Kafoozalem: 'from old Methusalem'
355.11+old Jerusalem (one of the causes for the Crimean War was a dispute over the keys to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem)
355.12major guiltfeather pertained it was Hercushiccups' care to educe.
355.12+Spaeth: Read 'Em and Weep 135: song Major Gilfeather
355.12+HCE (Motif: HCE)
355.12+her cushy cups
355.12+Latin hircus: he-goat
355.12+Hegesippus [038.16]
355.12+educe: to bring out
355.13Beauty's bath she's bound to bind beholders and pride, his purge,
355.13+Beauty of Bath: kind of apple
355.13+proverb Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
355.13+Pride's Purge: the forceful exclusion from the English House of Commons of some 100 members with suspected Royalist tendencies (carried out by Colonel Thomas Pride in 1648) [080.07]
355.14has place appoint in penance and the law's own libel lifts and
355.15lames the low with the lofty. Be of the housed! While the Hersy
355.15+Irish bi i dho husht: be quiet!
355.15+[565.30] [566.05] [576.14] [578.01] [580.21] [583.23] [585.20] [590.27]
355.16Hunt they harrow the hill for to rout them rollicking rogues
355.16+Jesus's Harrowing of Hell: descent between Good Friday and Easter Sunday
355.16+Harrow-on-the-Hill, London
355.16+song The Rollicking Rams
355.17from, rule those racketeer romps from, rein their rockery rides
355.17+song The Rocky Road to Dublin
355.18from. Rambling.
355.19     Nightclothesed, arooned, the conquerods sway. After their
355.19+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song After the Battle: 'Night clos'd around the conqueror's way' [air: Thy Fair Bosom]
355.19+night clothes
355.19+Anglo-Irish aroon: my precious, beloved
355.20battle thy fair bosom.
355.21    — That is too tootrue enough in Solidan's Island as in Mol-
355.21+Solomon Islands
355.21+Saladin's Islam
355.21+modern Germany
355.22tern Giaourmany and from the Amelakins off to date back to
355.22+giaour: term of reproach applied by Turks to non-Muslims
355.22+Lord Byron: other works: The Giaour
355.22+Americas up to date
355.22+Amalekites defeated by Gideon
355.23land of engined Egypsians, assented from his opening before his
355.23+ancient Egyptians
355.24inlookers of where an oxmanstongue stalled stabled the well-
355.24+Oxmantown: a part of North Dublin, where Ostmen (Viking invaders of Ireland and their settler descendants) once lived
355.24+VI.C.6.202d (b): 'throat — where a camel is stabled'
355.25nourished one, lord of the seven days, overlord of sats and suns,
355.25+Saturdays and Sundays
355.26the sat of all the suns which are in the ring of his system of the
355.26+satellites of the Sun (i.e. Solar System)
355.27sats of his sun, god of the scuffeldfallen skillfilledfelon, who (he
355.27+fallen from scaffold
355.28contaimns) hangsters, who (he constrains) hersirrs, a gain chang-
355.28+condemns gangsters
355.28+Hengest and Horsa: brothers, led Saxon invasion of England
355.28+German Herrscher: ruler, master
355.28+Major Sirr: Town Major of Dublin, 1796-1808 [516.15]
355.29ful, a mintage vaster, heavy on shirts, lucky with shifts, the top-
355.29+vintage master
355.29+Pidgin topside: superior
355.30side humpup stummock atween his showdows fellah, Misto Tee-
355.30+hunchback, stomach between his shoulders
355.30+German stumm: dumb, silent
355.30+Italian misto: mixed
355.30+Thomas Riley, grocer and wine merchant, 146 Dorset Street Upper, Dublin (also with premises at 1 Dominick Street Upper)
355.31wiley Spillitshops, who keepeth watch in Khummer-Phett, whose
355.31+spirit shops
355.31+Danish kumme: water closet
355.31+German Kummerfett, Kummerspeck: corpulence due to emotional problems (literally 'sorrow fat')
355.31+French pet: fart
355.32spouse is An-Lyph, the dog's bladder, warmer of his couch in
355.32+Anna Livia
355.32+Danish dagblade: newspapers
355.33fore. We all, for whole men is lepers, have been nobbut won-
355.33+none but wanderers
355.34terers in that chill childerness which is our true name after the
355.34+Anglo-Irish childer: children
355.34+Wyndham Lewis: The Childermass
355.35allfaulters (mug's luck to em!) and, bespeaking of love and lie
355.35+Danish Alfader: Odin
355.36detectors in venuvarities, whateither the drugs truth of it, was
355.36+Latin in vino veritas
355.36+(attempts to use drugs as lie detectors)
355.36+God's truth

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