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447.01cals and be instrumental to utensilise, help our Jakeline sisters
447.01+utensil: chamberpot
447.01+Colloquial jakes: privy
447.01+Blaise Pascal was converted by his sister Jacqueline
447.02clean out the hogshole and generally ginger things up. Meliorism
447.02+meliorism: doctrine affirming that human effort may improve the world
447.03in massquantities, raffling receipts and sharing sweepstakes till
447.04navel, spokes and felloes hum like hymn. Burn only what's Irish,
447.04+William Shakespeare: Hamlet II.2.483-484: 'Break all the spokes and fellies from her wheel, And bowl the round nave down the hill of heaven'
447.04+Swift: Proposal for the Universal Use of Irish Manufactures: 'Ireland would never be happy, till a law were made for burning every thing that came from England, except their people and their coals'
447.05accepting their coals. You will soothe the cokeblack bile that's
447.05+black bile: imaginary fluid supposed anciently to be cause of melancholy
447.06Anglia's and touch Armourican's iron core. Write me your
447.06+Armorica (Tristan)
447.07essayes, my vocational scholars, but corsorily, dipping your
447.08nose in it, for Henrietta's sake, on mortinatality in the life of
447.08+Henrietta Street, Dublin
447.08+Henriette Renan helped her brother write his Vie de Jésus (he also wrote Histoire d'Israël)
447.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...sake, on...} | {Png: ...sake on...}
447.09jewries and the sludge of King Haarington's at its height, running
447.09+VI.B.6.043l (r): 'look at mud of Harrington St banana skins of Camden St' [.12-.13]
447.09+Irish Independent 4 Jan 1924, 9/6: 'Dublin's Dirty Streets': 'Many of your Dublin readers have noticed the filthy condition of the streets of their city... Look at the mud of Harrington St., the banana skins of Camden St., the slime of College Green... W H Massy'
447.09+King Herod's slaughter of innocent children [.08]
447.09+Dialect haar: a cold sea-fog
447.09+Dutch haar: German Haar: hair
447.09+Dutch harington: herring-barrel
447.09+Sir John Harington: Metamorphosis of Ajax (describes water closet)
447.09+VI.B.14.050m-.051a (g): 'I have since tried to run cursorily thro the over whole of it' ('over' not clear and inserted above the line)
447.09+Kinane: St. Patrick 4: (quoting a letter of approbation from M. Smith) 'I have been so busily engaged... that I could only open the volume here and there, till very lately. I have since tried to run cursorily through the whole of it'
447.10boulevards over the whole of it. I'd write it all by mownself if
447.10+backwards [403.01]
447.11I only had here of my jolly young watermen. Bear in mind, by
447.11+song The Jolly Young Waterman (temperance song)
447.11+Waterman pens
447.12Michael, all the provincial's bananas peels and elacock eggs mak-
447.12+Luke Elcock: mayor of Drogheda, 1916 [.14] [031.18] [329.36]
447.12+French à la coque: (of eggs) softboiled
447.13ing drawadust jubilee along Henry, Moore, Earl and Talbot
447.13+dry as dust
447.13+VI.B.6.167e (r): 'Henry Moore earl of Drogheda' (first three words underlined)'
447.13+Freeman's Journal 11 Feb 1924, 8/6: 'By the Way': 'When Henry Moore, the third Earl of Drogheda, became owner of the soil in 1728 he built himself a spacious house on it, subsequently calling the street by his title. The influence of the Moore family is still seen in the fact that streets in the vicinity bear the names of Henry, Moore and Earl'
447.13+Talbot Street, Dublin
447.14Streets. Luke at all the memmer manning he's dung for the pray
447.14+Michael Manning [031.19]
447.14+birds of prey
447.15of birds, our priest-mayor-king-merchant, strewing the Castle-
447.15+Castleknock Road, Dublin
447.16knock Road and drawing manure upon it till the first glimpse of
447.16+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Tho' the Last Glimpse of Erin with Sorrow I See
447.17Wales and from Ballses Breach Harshoe up to Dumping's Corner
447.17+Ballsbridge Horse Show
447.17+Dunphy's Corner, Dublin
447.18with the Mirist fathers' brothers eleven versus White Friars out
447.18+James Joyce: Ulysses.13.1166: 'Mirus bazaar in search of funds for Mercer's hospital'
447.18+Marist Fathers, Dublin
447.18+White Friars: Carmelites
447.19on a rogation stag party. Compare them caponchin trowlers
447.19+Capuchin trousers (James Joyce: A Portrait IV)
447.19+Slang stag-party: a party for men only
447.20with the Bridge of Belches in Fairview, noreast Dublin's favourite
447.20+Ballybough Bridge, Fairview, Northeast Dublin (crossed by Stephen in James Joyce: A Portrait V)
447.20+Bridge of Sighs
447.20+Motif: 4 cardinal points [.20-.21]
447.21souwest wateringplatz and ump as you lump it. What do you
447.21+German Platz: place, square
447.22mean by Jno Citizen and how do you think of Jas Pagan?
447.22+Motif: Shem/Shaun (John, James)
447.22+the citizen: character in James Joyce: Ulysses.12
447.23Compost liffe in Dufblin by Pierce Egan with the baugh in
447.23+Pierce Egan: Real Life in Dublin by a Real Paddy (also wrote Life in London)
447.23+Liffey river
447.23+Persse (Motif: Persse O'Reilly) [.24]
447.23+Egan O'Rahilly: 18th century Irish poet [.24]
447.23+Finnegan [.24]
447.23+B in Berkeley
447.24Baughkley of Fino Ralli. Explain why there is such a number
447.24+O'Reilly [.23]
447.25of orders of religion in Asea! Why such an order number in
447.25+VI.B.17.063a (g): 'Asa religion'
447.25+Bugge: Contributions to the History of the Norsemen in Ireland I.17: 'The Sword of Carlus itself was considered a symbol of the sovereignty in Dublin, in the same way as the Ring of Thor was a symbol of the Asa-religion'
447.25+Old Norse Ása: of the Gods, of the Æsir (the gods of the primary Norse pantheon, such as Odin, Thor, etc.)
447.26preference to any other number? Why any number in any order
447.27at all? Now? Where is the greenest island off the black coats
447.27+VI.B.6.179d (g): 'Irel. placed near Spain'
447.27+Gwynn: The History of Ireland 12: 'Rome knew of Ireland from Cæsar's time, but, judging from a reference to it in A.D. 40, little was known more than its situation'
447.27+according to legend, Milesian invasion of Ireland took place because on a certain day Ireland was visible from Spain
447.27+coast of Spain
447.28of Spaign? Overset into universal: I am perdrix and upon my
447.28+Danish oversæt: to translate
447.28+Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter and upon this rock'
447.28+Latin perdix: partridge
447.28+Perdix: nephew and rival of Daedalus, killed by him
447.29pet ridge. Oralmus! Way, O way for the autointaxication of
447.29+William Pett Ridge: author
447.29+Patrick (Saint Patrick)
447.29+John Partridge: 17th-18th century famous English astrologer, ridiculed by Swift in Predictions for the Year 1708 (predicting Partridge's death)
447.29+Latin oramus: we pray
447.29+Latin oremus: let us pray
447.29+Greek autotaxis: self-arrangement
447.29+Colloquial taxi: taxicab [.30]
447.30our town of the Fords in a huddle! Hailfellow some wellmet
447.30+Town of the Ford of the Hurdles: Dublin
447.30+Ford cars
447.30+phrase hail fellow well met
447.30+hail (taxicab) [.29]
447.31boneshaker or, to ascertain the facts for herself, run up your
447.31+VI.B.6.081k (g): 'boneshaker'
447.31+boneshaker: old pre-pneumatic bicycle
447.32showeryweather once and trust and take the Drumgondola tram
447.32+Drumcondra: district of Dublin
447.33and, wearing the midlimb and vestee endorsed by the hierarchy
447.33+Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland
447.34fitted with ecclastics, bending your steps, pick a trail and stand
447.34+VI.B.6.059b (r): 'stand on, say, Essex Quay & look into a shop & in 20 minutes mud' [447.34-448.09]
447.35on, say, Aston's, I advise you strongly, along quaith a copy of
447.35+Aston Quay, Dublin
447.36the Seeds and Weeds Act when you have procured one for your-

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