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453.01of our, alas, those times are not so far off as you might wish to
453.02be congealed. So now, I'll ask of you, let ye create no scenes in
453.02+VI.B.5.001j (r): 'Now I'll ask you not'
453.02+(after I die)
453.03my poor primmafore's wake. I don't want yous to be billow-
453.03+Italian primavera: spring
453.03+song Finnegan's Wake 3: 'Miss Biddy Moriarty began to cry' (originally, Poole: song Tim Finigan's Wake: 'Miss Biddy O'Brien began to cry:')
453.04fighting your biddy moriarty duels, gobble gabble, over me till
453.04+Biddy Moriarty: a famous Dublin scold
453.04+Sherlock Holmes dueled with Professor Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls
453.04+(speaking while eating)
453.05you spit stout, you understand, after soused mackerel, sniffling
453.05+mackerel, clam, herring (fish)
453.06clambake to hering and impudent barney, braggart of blarney,
453.06+clambake: noisy social entertainment
453.06+song Come Back to Erin
453.06+German Hering: herring
453.06+song Impudent Barney O'Hea
453.07nor you ugly lemoncholic gobs o'er the hobs in a sewing circle,
453.07+Slang lemon: an unattractive woman
453.07+Slang lemoncholic: melancholic
453.08stopping oddments in maids' costumes at sweeping reductions,
453.09wearing out your ohs by sitting around your ahs, making areek-
453.09+Motif: A/O
453.09+Italian arricchirsi: to become rich
453.10eransy round where I last put it, with the painters in too,
453.10+Slang have the painters in: French Slang avoir les peintres: menstruate
453.11curse luck, with your rags up, exciting your mucuses, turning
453.11+Colloquial the curse: menstruation
453.11+Colloquial have the rags on: menstruate
453.11+(disguising a fart with a sigh)
453.12breakfarts into lost soupirs and salon thay nor you flabbies on
453.12+breakfasts into Last Suppers
453.12+French soupir: sigh
453.12+French salon thé: tearoom
453.12+Ceylon tea
453.13your groaning chairs over Bollivar's troubles of a bluemoondag,
453.13+groaning chair: one on which woman congratulated after successful childbirth
453.13+Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 68: 'a new drama, written... by W.G. Wills, Esq., entitled "Bolivar; or, Life for Love"'
453.13+Simon Bolivar
453.13+Swift: Gulliver's Travels
453.13+phrase once in a blue moon
453.13+Dutch een blauwe Maandag: a very short time (literally 'a blue Monday')
453.14steamin your damp ossicles, praying Holy Prohibition and Jaun
453.14+ossicles: bones of the middle ear
453.14+John the Baptist
453.15Dyspeptist while Ole Clo goes through the wood with Shep
453.15+Ole Clo: London old clothes seller described by Mayhew (James Joyce: Ulysses.14.1443)
453.15+Clongowes Wood College (James Joyce: A Portrait I)
453.15+Shep: name for devoted old sheepdog
453.16togather, touting in the chesnut burrs for Goodboy Sommers
453.16+song Goodbye, Summer (Cluster: John McCormack's Repertoire)
453.16+German Sommer: summer
453.17and Mistral Blownowse hugs his kindlings when voiceyversy
453.17+Mistral: Provençal wind
453.17+Frédéric Mistral: Provençal poet
453.17+blue nose
453.17+German Kinder: children
453.17+vice versa
453.18it's my gala bene fit, robbing leaves out of my taletold book.
453.18+VI.B.16.108i (r): 'my benefit'
453.18+Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 104: 'the night of my benefit concert'
453.18+Pearce: Sims Reeves, Fifty Years of Music in England 47: 'when Macready took his benefit'
453.18+Latin bene fit: it is made well
453.18+Tales Told of Shem and Shaun (pre-publication of sections from Finnegans Wake)
453.19May my tunc fester if ever I see such a miry lot of maggalenes!
453.19+VI.B.33.115f (r): 'may my — fester if I ever see (saw)'
453.19+Latin tunc: then [122.23]
453.19+Mary Magdalene
453.19+Slang magdalen: whore
453.20Once upon a drunk and a fairly good drunk it was and the rest
453.20+James Joyce: A Portrait I: 'Once upon a time and a very good time it was'
453.21of your blatherumskite! Just a plain shays by the fire for absent-
453.21+Anglo-Irish blatherumskite: blather, yarns
453.21+VI.B.16.052i (r): 'shays'
453.21+Gallois: La Poste et les Moyens de Communication 130: (of the postillion) 'Les chemins de fer l'ont tué, avec la chaise de poste' (French 'The ralway killed him, together with the post-chaise')
453.21+shay: a type of carriage, chaise, post-chaise (back-formation from chaise, mistaken for plural)
453.21+French chaise: chair, seat
453.22er Sh the Po and I'll make ye all an eastern hummingsphere of
453.22+Shaun the Post
453.22+German Po: posterior
453.22+Easter egg
453.23myself the moment that you name the way. Look in the slag
453.23+phrase name the day
453.24scuttle and you'll see me sailspread over the singing, and what
453.25do ye want trippings for when you've Paris inspire your hat?
453.25+inside your head
453.26Sussumcordials all round, let ye alloyiss and ominies, while I
453.26+Latin sursum corda: lift up your hearts (a versicle in the Mass)
453.26+Archaic ye: you (plural)
453.26+Anglo-Irish all of yez: all of you (plural)
453.26+Latin omnes: all
453.27stray and let ye not be getting grief out of it, though blighted
453.27+(Christ-like departure)
453.27+VI.B.2.bcrb (r): 'gets grief from'
453.27+Graves: Irish Literary and Musical Studies 141: 'Celtic Nature Poetry': (from a Welsh poem) 'The ancient eagle of Glen Rye Gets grief from out the storm-swept sky'
453.28troth be all bereft, on my poor headsake, even should we forfeit
453.29our life. Lo, improving ages wait ye! In the orchard of the bones.
453.29+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:! In...} | {Png: In...}
453.29+VI.A.0981cv (g): 'bone orchard (graveyard)'
453.30Some time very presently now when yon clouds are dissipated
453.30+VI.B.16.053k (r): 'very shortly'
453.30+VI.B.14.007e (g): 'dissipated clouds'
453.30+VI.B.3.069a (r): 'clouds dissipate'
453.30+Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 12: (Mathilde Wesendonck of Richard Wagner) 'At times when he entered the room, visibly tired and dejected, after a short rest it was a relief to see the clouds that had gathered upon his brow dissipate and his countenance light up when he sat down at the piano'
453.31after their forty years shower, the odds are, we shall all be hooked
453.32and happy, communionistically, among the fieldnights eliceam,
453.32+HC...E (Motif: HCE)
453.32+John Field, Irish composer, developed nocturne
453.32+Elysian Fields
453.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...eliceam, élite...} | {Png: ...eliceam élite...}
453.33élite of the elect, in the land of lost of time. Johannisburg's a re-
453.33+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...elect, in...} | {Png: ...elect in...}
453.33+VI.B.16.067j (r): 'lost of time'
453.33+Johannesburg (diamond mines)
453.33+Revelation (by Saint John)
453.34velation! Deck the diamants that never die! So cut out the lone-
453.34+deck: cover
453.34+German Diamant: Dutch diamant: diamond
453.34+fasting time
453.35some stuff! Drink it up, ladies, please, as smart as you can lower
453.35+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...stuff! Drink...} | {Png: ...stuff. Drink...}
453.35+VI.B.6.085g (r): 'drink up, gentlemen, please'
453.36it! Out with lent! Clap hands postilium! Fastintide is by. Your
453.36+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:! Out...} | {Png: Out...}
453.36+Danish Fastetiden: Dutch Vastentijd: Lent

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