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460.01me in his wellingtons what you haven't got!), in one of those
460.02pure clean lupstucks of yours thankfully, Arrah of the passkeys,
460.02+in Boucicault: Arrah-na-Pogue, Arrah's foster-brother had previously escaped from prison with the help of a message she passed to him in a kiss (Anglo-Irish pogue: kiss)
460.03no matter what. You may be certain of that, fluff, now I know
460.03+I know [458.15]
460.04how to tackle. Lock my mearest next myself. So don't keep me
460.04+proverb Love thy neighbour as thyself (Leviticus 19:18)
460.05now for a good boy for the love of my fragrant saint, you villain,
460.05+VI.C.1.071j (b): === VI.B.16.143m ( ): 'fragrant saint'
460.05+Crawford: Thinking Black 102: (of a fellow missionary) 'So the fragrant saint died at his post'
460.06peppering with fear, my goodless graceless, or I'll first murder
460.06+goodness gracious
460.06+first murderer: Cain
460.07you but, hvisper, meet me after by next appointment near you
460.07+Danish hviske: whisper
460.08know Ships just there beside the Ship at the future poor fool's
460.08+James Joyce: Ulysses.1.733: '— The Ship, Buck Mulligan cried. Half twelve'
460.08+Ship Hotel and Tavern, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin
460.08+The Ship of Fools
460.09circuts of lovemountjoy square to show my disrespects now, let
460.09+(squaring the circle)
460.09+Mountjoy Square, Dublin
460.09+Mountjoy Prison, Dublin
460.10me just your caroline for you, I must really so late. Sweet pig,
460.10+Anglo-Irish caroline: a tall 'stove-pipe' hat (name apparently derives from Carolina, United States)
460.10+Caroline Pethers: the cook at the O'Shea residence in Brighton, who testified against Parnell at the O'Shea divorce trial
460.10+Lewis Carroll
460.10+(characters in Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Cook, White Rabbit ('late'), Pig, Queen of Hearts ('furious'))
460.11he'll be furious! How he stalks to simself louther and lover,
460.11+talks to himself louder and louder
460.11+simian: ape-like
460.11+French Sem: Shem
460.11+County Louth
460.12immutating aperybally. My prince of the courts who'll beat me
460.12+Latin immuto: I alter
460.12+immutable: unchangeable
460.12+James Joyce: Ulysses.18.1204: 'hes always imitating everybody'
460.12+Morton Prince: The Dissociation of a Personality [280.22]
460.12+Robert Herrick: To Anthea, who may Command him Anything (poem): 'Bid me to live, and I will live Thy Protestant to be'
460.13to love! And I'll be there when who knows where with the
460.13+two-love (tennis score; 'love' is zero)
460.14objects of which I'll knowor forget. We say. Trust us. Our
460.15game. (For fun!) The Dargle shall run dry the sooner I you
460.15+VI.B.33.106a (r): 'yours for ever for fun'
460.15+song The Dargle Run Dry
460.15+(sooner than)
460.16deny. Whoevery heard of such a think? Till the ulmost of all
460.16+German Ulm: elm
460.16+VI.B.15.157c (g): 'ell = ulna'
460.16+Clodd: The Story of the Alphabet 92: 'certain parts of the body, e.g.... forearm (Latin ulna, Anglo-Saxon eln, whence "ell")... remain standards of measurement'
460.17elmoes shall stele our harts asthone! And Mrs A'Mara makes
460.17+elm (Motif: tree/stone)
460.17+VI.B.15.158i (g): 'stele'
460.17+Clodd: The Story of the Alphabet 105: 'For a long time the earliest known example of hieroglyphic writing... was a mutilated stele or monumental tablet'
460.17+Greek stêlê: block of stone
460.17+steel our hearts of stone
460.17+as stone
460.17+Motif: A/O
460.17+Italian amara: bitter (feminine)
460.17+O'Mara [040.16] [049.03]
460.18it up and befriends with Mrs O'Morum! I will write down all
460.18+VI.B.33.030e (r): 'write down your name with a gold pen & ink' ('r' of 'your' not clear)
460.18+Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 19: children's game ('circle' game) Green Gravel: (lyrics) 'I write down your name with a gold pen and ink'
460.19your names in my gold pen and ink. Everyday, precious, while
460.20m'm'ry's leaves are falling deeply on my Jungfraud's Messonge-
460.20+German Jungfrau: virgin
460.20+VI.B.3.063a (g): 'Is has a dream — it is interpreted by Jung' (Joyce refused in 1919 to be analysed by Jung; Lucia was to be, but only in 1934)
460.20+Jung and Freud
460.20+French mes songes: my dreams
460.20+German Messbuch: missal
460.20+French mensonge: lie, falsehood
460.21book I will dream telepath posts dulcets on this isinglass stream
460.21+(streams of isinglass) [486.23]
460.21+isinglass: a form of gelatin
460.21+Tristan sent messages carved on bark and twigs to Isolde, informing her he was waiting at a tree beside the stream, by dropping them into a stream which ran through her chamber [.25] (related in Bédier: Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut 65 ('Le Grand Pin')) [.21-.27]
460.22(but don't tell him or I'll be the mort of him!) under the libans
460.22+Cant mort: wench, woman
460.22+French mort: death
460.22+mort: salmon in its third year
460.22+Morton Prince [280.22]
460.22+Liban: in Celtic legend, a mermaid who took the shape of a salmon [.28] and lived for 300 years beneath the sea
460.22+Greek libanos: incense (Maronites) [469.29] [470.14]
460.22+cedars of Lebanon
460.23and the sickamours, the cyprissis and babilonias, where the
460.23+sycamores (in North England confused with plane trees)
460.23+French amour: love
460.23+Babylon willow: another name for the weeping willow
460.24frondoak rushes to the ask and the yewleaves too kisskiss them-
460.24+Danish ask: ash
460.25selves and 'twill carry on my hearz'waves my still waters reflec-
460.25+German Herz: heart
460.25+Hertzian Waves: a class of ether waves
460.26tions in words over Margrate von Hungaria, her Quaidy ways
460.26+Saint Margaret of Hungary had stigmata
460.26+German von: of
460.27and her Flavin hair, to thee, Jack, ahoy, beyond the boysforus.
460.27+Latin flavus: yellowish
460.27+Bosphorus river
460.28Splesh of hiss splash springs your salmon. Twick twick, twinkle
460.28+flesh of my flesh
460.28+nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
460.29twings my twilight as Sarterday afternoon lex leap will smile on
460.29+Saturday afternoon... twelve months' mind [280.07-.08]
460.29+Latin sartor: tailor
460.29+Latin lex: law
460.29+Leixlip ('salmon leap') on the Liffey river
460.29+W.S.J. Joyce: The Neighbourhood of Dublin 323: (quotes an anonymous 19th century poem about Sunday morning excursions outside Dublin) 'Or Leixlip smiling on the stream below'
460.30my fourinhanced twelvemonthsmind. And what's this I was
460.30+at the age of four, salmon return to their birth-place to spawn
460.30+four-in-hand: vehicle with four horses driven by one person
460.30+month's mind: a mass for a deceased celebrated one month after his death, reminding the congregation of Purgatory
460.31going to say, dean? O, I understand. Listen, here I'll wait on thee
460.31+The Dean: epithet of Swift
460.31+Dutch thee: tea
460.32till Thingavalla with beautiful do be careful teacakes, more stues-
460.32+Thingvellir: seat of Icelandic Parliament
460.32+D.B.C.: Dublin Bread Company
460.32+German süßer: sweeter
460.33ser flavoured than Vanilla and blackcurrant there's a cure in, like
460.33+Motif: dark/fair (vanilla, blackcurrant)
460.34a born gentleman till you'll resemble me, all the time you're
460.34+Motif: The Letter: born gentleman
460.34+Balfe: The Bohemian Girl: song Then You'll Remember Me (Cluster: John McCormack's Repertoire)
460.35awhile way, I swear to you, I will, by Candlemas! And listen,
460.35+Joyce was born on Candlemas (2 February)
460.36joey, don't be ennoyed with me, my old evernew, when, by the
460.36+(Saint Joseph)
460.36+French ennui: boredom, nuisance
460.36+nephew (Tristan legally Isolde's)

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