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478.01    — I see. Very good now. It is in your orangery, I take it, you
478.01+[[Speaker: Mark]]
478.02have your letters. Can you hear here me, you sir?
478.02+Motif: Hear, hear!
478.03    — Throsends. For my darling. Typette!
478.03+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
478.03+Swift: Ppt [.27]
478.04    — So long aforetime? Can you hear better?
478.04+[[Speaker: Mark]]
478.05    — Millions. For godsends. For my darling dearling one.
478.05+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
478.05+phrase for god's sake
478.06    — Now, to come nearer zone; I would like to raise my
478.06+[[Speaker: Mark]]
478.07deuterous point audibly touching this. There is this maggers.
478.07+Greek deuteros: second
478.07+majesty [.12]
478.08I am told by our interpreter, Hanner Esellus, that there are fully
478.08+German Hanner: Johann
478.08+German Esel: ass
478.08+Latin asellus: ass
478.09six hundred and six ragwords in your malherbal Magis lande-
478.09+(many words for monarch but none for majesty) [.09-.12]
478.09+VI.B.14.097g (r): '600 words for apple (Breton)'
478.09+Revelation 13:18: 'the number of the beast... is Six hundred threescore and six'
478.09+Slang 606: Salvarsan, a remedy for syphilis
478.09+ragwort: a type of weed, some of which are noxious to grazing animals
478.09+German rückwärts: backwards
478.09+François de Malherbe: French critic, thought rhymes should be alternately male and female
478.09+French mal: evil, harm, ailment (i.e. bad grazing)
478.09+Magi's language
478.10guage in which wald wand rimes alpman and there is resin in all
478.10+German Wald: forest, wood
478.10+one word rhymes another
478.10+German Wand: wall
478.10+phrase rhyme and reason
478.10+ALP (Motif: ALP)
478.11roots for monarch but yav hace not one pronouncable teerm that
478.11+Spanish ya: already, now, yet
478.11+YHVH: Tetragrammaton, God's unpronouncable name in Judaism
478.11+you have
478.11+Spanish hace: does
478.12blows in all the vallums of tartallaght to signify majestate, even
478.12+Latin vallum: rampart, mound
478.12+vale of tears
478.12+Italian tartaglia: he stutters (Motif: stuttering) [.19]
478.12+taught a lot
478.12+Tallaght, southwest of Dublin, supposed site of mass burial of Parthalonian colonists, killed by plague
478.12+Aengus the Culdee: Martyrology of Tallaght
478.12+Obsolete majestate: majesty (*E*)
478.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...majestate, even provisionally, nor...} | {Png: ...majestate even provisionally nor...}
478.13provisionally, nor no rheda rhoda or torpentine path or halluci-
478.13+Latin rhaeda: travelling carriage
478.13+Rhaetian Road: chief ancient road across Swiss Alps
478.13+turpentine: several types of tree resins [.10]
478.13+Tarquintine: funeral path between Tarquinia, chief city of the Etruscan, and its famous necropolis
478.13+Latin Eleusinia Via: Sacred Way at Eleusis (a path followed in Eleusinian Mysteries)
478.14nian via nor aurellian gape nor sunkin rut nor grossgrown trek
478.14+Aurelian Gate, Rome (led to Mausoleum of Hadrian)
478.14+Sunken Road ('Hohle Gasse'), near Kussnacht, where William Tell ambushed tyrant Gessler
478.14+Great Trek: Boer migration from Cape Colony (1836-40)
478.15nor crimeslaved cruxway and no moorhens cry or mooner's
478.15+(constructed by criminal slaves)
478.15+Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
478.15+Latin via crucis: Stations of the Cross
478.16plankgang there to lead us to hopenhaven. Is such the unde deri-
478.16+VI.B.5.080b (r): 'gangplank'
478.16+hope in heaven
478.16+Copenhagen (Vikings)
478.16+Latin unde derivatur: whence (it) is derived
478.17vatur casematter messio! Frankly. Magis megis enerretur mynus
478.17+casemate: vaulted chamber (under ramparts of fortress) [.12]
478.17+Italian casamatta: casement, vault
478.17+French monsieur: sir, gentleman
478.17+Latin quo magis enarratur eo minus hoc intellego: the more completely it is explained the less I understand this
478.18hoc intelligow.
478.19    — How? C'est mal prononsable, tartagliano, perfrances. Vous
478.19+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
478.19+VI.B.16.067d (r): '*V* speaks French'
478.19+French comment?: what? (literally 'how?, how so?')
478.19+French c'est mal prononçable: it's poorly pronounceable
478.19+Italian tartagliano: they stutter (Motif: stuttering) [.12]
478.19+Italian italiano: Italian
478.19+Spanish Francés: French language
478.19+French vous n'avez pas d'eau dans votre bouche provinciale, monsieur: you have no water in your provincial mouth, sir
478.20n'avez pas d'o dans votre boche provenciale, mousoo. Je m'in-
478.20+(letter O)
478.20+French Boche: German
478.20+French Provençale (Provençal)
478.20+French monsieur: sir, gentleman (pronounced 'moosoo' in Provençe) [.24]
478.20+French je m'incline, mais moi, j'ai trouvé la clef dans les champs: I acquiesce, but me, I've found the key in the fields [.24]
478.21cline mais Moy jay trouvay la clee dang les champs. Hay sham nap
478.21+Anglo-Irish moy: plain
478.21+French avoir la clef des champs: to be free to go anywhere
478.21+French prendre la clef des champs: to run away, to bolt
478.21+German Klee: clover, shamrock [.25]
478.21+(Saint Patrick supposedly demonstrated the Trinity using a shamrock)
478.21+French et çà n'a pas de valeur, comment: and it has no value, how so [.23]
478.22poddy velour, come on!
478.22+French velours: velvet
478.23    — Hep there! Commong, sa na pa de valure? Whu's teit dans
478.23+[[Speaker: Matthew]]
478.23+Hep: indescribable Egyptian god of the Nile
478.23+French comment, çà n'a pas de valeur?: how so, it has no value? [.21]
478.23+who's that
478.23+French tête: head
478.23+French dans: in, within
478.24yur jambs? Whur's that inclining and talkin about the messiah
478.24+French jambs: legs
478.24+('jambs' is a misunderstanding of 'champs' [.22])
478.24+('messiah' is a misunderstanding of 'monsieur' [.20])
478.25so cloover? A true's to your trefling! Whure yu!
478.25+clover and shamrock are trefoils [.21]
478.25+trifling (Swift)
478.25+who are you? (Ulster Pronunciation)
478.25+German Hure: whore
478.26    — Trinathan partnick dieudonnay. Have you seen her?
478.26+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
478.26+Jonathan (Swift)
478.26+part Nick (part Mick) (Motif: Mick/Nick)
478.26+Patrick (Saint Patrick)
478.26+French Dieu-donné: God-given [369.10] [490.08]
478.26+French Colloquial Dieu-donné: of uncertain parentage
478.27Typette, my tactile O!
478.27+Swift: Ppt [.03]
478.27+Italian dattilògrafa: female typist
478.28    — Are you in your fatherick, lonely one?
478.28+VI.B.3.055f (r): 'Are you — ?...' [.29]
478.28+Anglo-Irish are you in your: are you a...
478.28+Patrick (Saint Patrick)
478.29    — The same. Three persons. Have you seen my darling only
478.29+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
478.29+VI.B.3.055f (r): '...The same!' [.28]
478.29+Corkery: The Hounds of Banba 114: 'The Aherns': '"And you," I said, "are Humphrey Ahern." "The same," he said, cautiously'
478.29+God in three persons
478.29+(The Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick: a 9th century biography of Saint Patrick)
478.30one? I am sohohold!
478.30+so cold
478.30+German hold: handsome
478.31    — What are yu shevering about, ultramontane, like a houn?
478.31+[[Speaker: Matthew]]
478.31+Chinese yu: young, immature
478.31+ultramontane: foreigner from beyond the mountains (especially, from north of the Alps, as seen from Italy); supporter of the absolute supremacy of the Pope (referring to Rome, as seen from France, for example)
478.31+Italian tramontana: a cold wind blowing from the north
478.31+German Huhn: chicken
478.32Is there cold on ye, doraphobian? Or do yu want yur primafairy
478.32+(are you cold?)
478.32+doraphobia: dread of touching skin or fur of animal
478.32+Italian prima: first grade in elementary school
478.32+Italian primavera: spring
478.33+American school-marm: a female schoolteacher (also spelled 'school-ma'am' and 'school-ma'm')
478.34    — The woods of fogloot! O mis padredges!
478.34+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
478.34+VI.B.3.009b (r): '(Focluth (wood of))'
478.34+Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 11: (quoting Saint Patrick about the cause for his return to Ireland) '"I saw in the visions of the night a person coming from Ireland with innumerable letters... and I thought... that I heard the voice of those who were near the wood of Focluth, which is adjoining to the Western Sea, and they cried out, as it were with one voice, 'We entreat thee, holy youth, to come and walk still amongst us'... and so I awoke"'
478.34+Spanish mis padres: my ancestors
478.34+Patrick (Saint Patrick)
478.35    — Whisht awhile, greyleg! The duck is rising and you'll wake
478.35+[[Speaker: John]]
478.35+Anglo-Irish whist!: silence!
478.35+grey-lag: common European wild goose (so-called because it migrates late)
478.35+Dutch dag: day
478.35+duck, plover (birds)
478.36that stand of plover. I know that place better than anyone. Sure,
478.36+(the wood of Foclut is in County Mayo, Connacht, within John's domain)

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