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483.01ing effects and affects occasionally recausing altereffects. Or I
483.01+cause and effect
483.01+affect: mental disposition
483.01+Italian ricorso: recurring (Vico)
483.01+Latin alter: other
483.01+German Alter: age, old man
483.02will let me take it upon myself to suggest to twist the penman's
483.02+phrase to twist the lion's tail
483.02+(to put it otherwise)
483.02+Motif: pen/post
483.03tale posterwise. The gist is the gist of Shaum but the hand is
483.03+Genesis 27:22: 'The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau'
483.03+German Geist: spirit, mind, ghost
483.03+German Schaum: foam, froth
483.03+Motif: Shem/Shaun
483.04the hand of Sameas. Shan - Shim - Schung. There is a strong
483.04+same as
483.04+Irish Séamas: James (pronounced 'shaymus')
483.04+Gipsy shan: you are, they are (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 58)
483.04+Gipsy shin: thou art (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 59)
483.04+Gipsy shom: I am (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 59)
483.04+VI.B.5.051d (r): 'there is a strong suspicion on Tom Bane'
483.04+Connacht Tribune 7 Jun 1924, 2/5: 'Shooting Outrage': (in a trial of armed raid) 'Justice: Do you know who threatened you? — Witness: No, sir, but there is a strong suspicion on Tom Bane'
483.05suspicion on counterfeit Kevin and we all remember ye in child-
483.05+VI.B.6.080f (r): 'counterfeit'
483.05+Yeats: Reveries over Childhood
483.06hood's reverye. 'Tis the bells of scandal that gave tune to
483.06+song The Bells of Shandon [482.31]
483.07grumble over him and someone between me and thee. He would
483.07+Genesis 31:49: 'the Lord watch between me and thee'
483.08preach to the two turkies and dipdip all the dindians, this master
483.08+Turkey divided into Turkey-in-Europe and Turkey-in-Asia
483.08+dip (baptise)
483.08+French dinde: turkey
483.09the abbey, and give gold tidings to all that are in the bonze age
483.09+bonze: a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan
483.10of anteproresurrectionism to entrust their easter neappearance
483.10+resurrectionism: grave-robbing
483.10+new reappearance
483.11to Borsaiolini's house of hatcraft. He is our sent on the firm.
483.11+Italian borsaiolini: pickpockets (diminutive)
483.11+Joyce wore a Borsalino hat
483.12Now, have you reasonable hesitancy in your mind about him
483.12+VI.B.5.051e (r): 'Have you a strong doubt'
483.12+Connacht Tribune 7 Jun 1924, 2/5: 'Shooting Outrage': (in a trial of armed raid) 'Inspector Tobin... to witness:... whose voice came to the window? — It was like Bane's voice. — Mr. Hosty: Have you a strong doubt it was Bane? — Yes. — Do you know the meaning of your answer which is that you are quite sure it was not Bane's voice? — I cannot swear it was he was in it'
483.12+Parnell: hesitency (one of two places where it is spelled correctly) [421.19]
483.13after fourpriest redmass or are you in your post? Tell me andat
483.13+read Mass
483.13+VI.B.16.091c (r): 'I am in my post'
483.13+Irish tá mé i mo fhear an phuist: I am a postman (literally 'I am in my postman')
483.13+(are you a postman?)
483.13+spell me that without a K [089.18]
483.13+Italian andate!: go! (plural)
483.13+Danish andagt: religious devotion
483.13+and that
483.14sans dismay. Leap, pard!
483.14+French sans: without
483.15    — Fierappel putting years on me! Nwo, nwo! This bolt in
483.15+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
483.15+French fier: proud
483.15+Italian fiera: fierce; wild beast
483.15+Firapeel: leopard in the Reynard cycle
483.15+German vier: four
483.15+French appel: appeal
483.15+Dutch appel: apple
483.15+pulling ears
483.15+no, no
483.15+Japanese character for 'writing' or 'book' is interpreted as a hand holding a brush
483.15+(Saint Patrick is often depicted holding a staff or a crozier)
483.16hand be my worder! I'll see you moved farther, blarneying
483.16+VI.B.6.071n (r): 'See you further'
483.16+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 246 (sec. 245): 'euphemisms like deuce for devil and 'the other place' or 'a very uncomfortable place' for hell' (glossed in a footnote: 'Compare also 'I will see you further'')
483.16+Blarney Castle (Munster, i.e. Mark)
483.17Marcantonio! What cans such wretch to say to I or how have My
483.17+Italian marcantonio: tall strong man
483.17+Mark Antony
483.17+Japanese mi: I
483.18to doom with him? We were wombful of mischief and initium-
483.18+Genesis 25:22: (of Jacob and Esau in their mother's womb) 'And the children struggled together within her'
483.18+'Initium' (opening of Vulgate Mark) [483.20] [484.13] [484.29]
483.18+ever alike
483.19wise, everliking a liked, hairytop on heeltipper, alpybecca's un-
483.19+(Esau means 'hairy'; Jacob means 'one who takes by the heel' (Genesis 25:25-26))
483.19+ALP (Motif: ALP)
483.19+Rebecca: wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau
483.19+Italian beccare: to peck
483.19+German umwechseln: to exchange
483.20wachsibles, an ikeson am ikeson, that babe, imprincipially, my
483.20+German wachsen: to grow
483.20+Irish an: the
483.20+Japanese aniki: elder brother
483.20+Motif: Mick/Nick
483.20+Ike's (Isaac's) son
483.20+Irish am: time
483.20+'In principio' (opening of Vulgate John) [483.18] [484.13] [484.29]
483.21leperd brethern, the Puer, ens innocens of but fifteen primes.
483.21+leper (Saint Patrick's retinue included lepers)
483.21+Dutch leperd: cunning
483.21+leopard [.15]
483.21+German lieber: dear
483.21+Latin puer: child, boy
483.21+French puer: to stink
483.21+Latin ens innocens: innocent thing
483.21+Saint Patrick: Confession: 'I confessed to my dearest friend what I had done one day in my boyhood... I know not, God knows it, if I was then fifteen years of age' [.26]
483.21+Prime (Cluster: 7 Canonical Hours)
483.22Ya all in your kalblionized so trilustriously standing the real
483.22+Russian ya: I
483.22+Archaic ye: you (plural)
483.22+German Kalb: calf
483.22+Luke's emblem is a calf; Mark's emblem is a lion
483.22+Trilussa: 20th century Italian dialect poet (his real name was Carlo Alberto Salustri)
483.22+lustrum: period of five years (i.e. 3 x 5 = 15)
483.22+German Realschule: non-classical secondary school
483.23school, to be upright as his match, healtheous as is egg, saviour
483.23+British custom of presenting newborn children with gifts of matches, eggs, salt and bread to ensure virtuous life (upright, healthy, safe and good)
483.23+Matthew 5:13: 'if the salt have lost his savour' (also Luke 14:34)
483.24so the salt and good wee braod, parallaling buttyr, did I alter-
483.24+German so: as
483.24+German wie: as
483.24+Dutch brood: bread
483.24+Dialect butty: a slice of bread and butter
483.24+(did I alter my innocent brother towards fatness?)
483.25mobile him to a flare insiding hogsfat. Been ike hins kinder-
483.25+flare: the fat about the kidneys of a pig
483.25+VI.B.6.165g (r): 'hogfat'
483.25+Freeman's Journal 11 Feb 1924, 3/4: 'Leopardstown. Excellent Racing and Big Fields': 'the horse looked hog fat'
483.25+German hochfahren: to flare up
483.25+phosphate (phosphorus is used to ignite matches)
483.25+Hebrew ben: son, son of
483.25+Dutch ben ik: am I
483.25+German bin ich ins: was I in, am I in
483.25+Genesis 4:9: 'I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?'
483.25+Ike [.20]
483.25+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation hins: hens
483.25+German Kinder: children
483.26gardien? I know not, O cashla, I am sure offed habitand this
483.26+VI.B.14.145k (r): 'I don't know, God knows S P' (Saint Patrick) [.28]
483.26+Riguet: Saint Patrice 104: (quoting Saint Patrick) 'Je ne sais, Dieu le sait, si' (French 'I do not know, God knows it, if') [.21] [.28]
483.26+Anglo-Irish acushla: my pulse, my darling (endearment)
483.26+Cashel (in Munster)
483.26+(I am sure of however this under heaven: regarding the first mover (God), He knows (He by whom I came to be I) that I — not my brother — was altered first when I entered religious order)
483.26+habit [.32]
483.27undered heaven, meis enfins, contrasting the first mover, that
483.27+French mes enfants: my children
483.27+French mais enfin: but finally
483.28father I ascend fromming knows, as I think, caused whom I, a
483.28+(God knows) [.26]
483.28+scent, nose, stink
483.28+German fromm: pious
483.28+German frommen: to avail, to benefit
483.28+German frömmeln: to act piously, to affect piety
483.29self the sign, came remaining being dwelling ayr, plage and
483.29+Cornish ayr: air, sky
483.29+Motif: 4 elements (air, earth, water, fire)
483.29+French plage: beach
483.30watford as to I was eltered impostulance possessing my future
483.30+Watford: London suburb
483.30+German Eltern: parents
483.30+postulant: one who petitions for something (e.g. admission into a religious order)
483.31state falling towards thrice myself resting the childhide when
483.31+Tierce (Cluster: 7 Canonical Hours)
483.32I received the habit following Mezienius connecting Mezosius
483.32+my genius
483.32+my seniors
483.32+French sosie: double, lookalike
483.33including was verted embracing a palegrim, circumcised my
483.33+French vert: green
483.33+VI.B.17.103m (b): 'palegrim'
483.33+Chervin: Bégaiement 300: (comparing Latin to French) 'Talbert dit que... sans chercher des exemples de permutation entre liquides dans le langage populaire, on en trouve d'innombrables dans le françe;ais le plus pur... R = L peregrinus pelerin' (French 'Talbert says that... without looking for examples of permutation between liquids in colloquial language, we find innumerable ones in the purest French... R = L peregrinus pelerin'; French pelerin: pilgrim)
483.33+VI.B.17.082k (b): 'circumcised lips'
483.33+Chervin: Bégaiement 26: (of Exodus 6:30: 'And Moses said before the LORD, Behold, I am of uncircumcised lips, and how shall Pharaoh hearken unto me?") 'Le bégaiement assimilé à une incirconcision des lèvres est bien une image biblique qui valait la peine d'être recueillie. Il faut dire cependant que cette expression est employée dans beaucoup d'acceptions différente: Incirconcis du coeur; incirconcis des oreilles, etc.' (French 'Stuttering likened to an uncircumcision of the lips is indeed a biblical image which was worth collecting. It must be said, however, that this expression is used in many different meanings: Uncircumcised of the heart; uncircumcised of the ears, etc.')
483.34hairs, Oh laud, and removed my clothes from patristic motives,
483.34+Lauds (Cluster: 7 Canonical Hours)
483.34+patristic: pertaining to Church fathers
483.34+Saint Patrick
483.35meas minimas culpads! Permitting this ick (ickle coon icoocoon)
483.35+Latin mea minima culpa: through my least fault
483.35+Confiteor: 'mea maxima culpa'
483.35+French cul: arse
483.35+(if I crouched down... to confess... what I did not do... why did you... blather you would back me for the post)
483.35+the sick
483.35+Old English ic: Dutch ik: I
483.35+Japanese ikko: oneself
483.35+Italian è qualcuno: it is someone
483.36crouched low entering humble down, dead thrue mean scato-
483.36+CEH (Motif: HCE)
483.36+through mine
483.36+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation thrue: true
483.36+scatology: study of excrement

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