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493.01took a brief one in his shirtsails out of the alleged given mineral,
493.01+German Brief: letter
493.01+(mineral water bottle) [492.18]
493.02telling me see his in Foraignghistan sambat papers Sunday feac-
493.02+Persian farangistan: Europe
493.02+Malay sambat: connect, tie, join together
493.02+Hungarian szombat: Saturday
493.02+Sunday papers
493.02+Latin sanctificetur: hallowed be (part of the Latin Pater Noster: Our Father, Lord's Prayer)
493.03tures of a welcomed aperrytiff with vallad of Erill Pearcey O
493.03+Taff (Motif: Butt/Taff [.04])
493.03+Arabic wallad: son of, a child
493.03+The Ballad of Persse O'Reilly (Motif: Persse O'Reilly) [044.24]
493.03+Bishop Percy: ballad collector (his ballad 'Chevy Chase' concerns Earl Percy)
493.04he never battered one eagle's before paying me his duty on my
493.04+VI.B.14.217h (r): '...never battered an eye' [.06]
493.04+(batted an eye)
493.04+Butt [.03]
493.05annaversary to the parroteyes list in my nil ensemble, in his lazy-
493.05+A...PL (Motif: ALP)
493.05+John Milton: Paradise Lost
493.05+Colloquial in the altogether: in the nude, naked
493.05+French Nil: Nile
493.05+French tout ensemble: all together
493.06chair but he hidded up my hemifaces in all my mayarannies and
493.06+French chair: flesh
493.06+VI.B.14.217h (r): 'face like end of time...' [.04] [.06-.08]
493.06+Hindustani maharani: wife of a maharajah [.09]
493.06+Italian maggiorana: marjoram
493.06+May [.07]
493.07he locked plum into my mirrymouth like Ysamasy morning in
493.07+VI.B.14.221e (r): 'look him plain in face' [.06]
493.07+song The Merry, Merry Month of May [.06]
493.07+('ysamasy' is a palindrome)
493.08the end of time, with the so light's hope on his ruddycheeks and
493.08+Sunlight Soap: the world's first packaged and branded laundry and household soap, introduced in 1884
493.08+Italian radici: roots (pronounched 'radichi')
493.08+Rawhead-and-bloodybones: a nursery bugbear
493.09rawjaws and, my charmer, whom I dipped my hand in, he simply
493.09+rajah [.06]
493.09+Italian raggio: ray
493.10showed me his propendiculous loadpoker, Seaserpents hisses
493.10+Latin propendulus: hanging down in front
493.10+Slang poker: penis
493.10+Italian se si pentisse: if he/she repents
493.11sissastones, which was as then is produced in his mansway by
493.11+Italian sassi: stones
493.12this wisest of the Vikramadityationists, with the remere remind
493.12+Hindustani Vikramaditya: royal patron of arts (literally 'sun of power')
493.13remure remark, in his gulughurutty: Yran for parasites with rum
493.13+Gujarati: an Indian language
493.13+Italian rutti: belches
493.13+I ran
493.13+Anglo-Irish Erin: Ireland
493.14for the turkeycockeys so Lithia, M.D., as this is for Snooker,
493.14+to Lithuania
493.14+Greek lithia: precious stones
493.14+lithia water
493.14+MD: Swift's abbreviation for Swift's Stella and her companion Mrs Dingley in his letters (standing for 'my dears', or for 'my dear' when only referring to Swift's Stella)
493.15+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...bort!} | {Png: ...bort.}
493.15+Danish bort: away
493.16    — Which was said by whem to whom?
493.16+wh + (Motif: 5 vowels) + m: E, O, A, I, U [.16-.17]
493.16+German wem: whom
493.17    — It wham. But whim I can't whumember.
493.17+can't remember [.18]
493.18    — Fantasy! funtasy on fantasy, amnaes fintasies! And there is
493.18+Ecclesiastes 1:2: 'vanity of vanities; all is vanity'
493.18+amnesia [.17]
493.18+Latin amnis: river
493.18+Latin omnes: all
493.18+German Finte: feint; fib
493.18+William Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra IV.15.66-67: 'And there is nothing left remarkable Beneath the visiting moon'
493.18+Ecclesiastes 1:9: 'there is no new thing under the sun'
493.19nihil nuder under the clothing moon. When Ota, weewahrwificle
493.19+Latin nihil: nothing
493.19+nuder, under (Motif: anagram of one another)
493.19+Ota, wife of Turgesius, a 9th century Viking invader (known by many other similar names, e.g. Thorkel), uttered prophecies while sitting on the high altar of Clonmacnois Cathedral
493.19+wee wife
493.19+German wie wahr: how true
493.20of Torquells, bumpsed her dumpsydiddle down in her woolsark
493.20+Slang bum: buttocks
493.20+German bumsen: to thump, to bang, to bump (German Slang to have sex with)
493.20+Colloquial diddle: to jerk from side to side, to jiggle (Slang to have sex with)
493.20+Woolsack: seat of Lord Chancellor in House of Lords
493.20+Scottish sark: a shirt
493.21she mode our heuteyleutey girlery of peerlesses to set up in all
493.21+German heute: today
493.21+Slang hoity-toity: supercilious
493.21+German Leute: people
493.21+Slang girlery: brothel
493.21+gallery of peeresses
493.21+sit up
493.22their bombossities of feudal fiertey, fanned, flounced and frangi-
493.22+bombasine: a twilled dress material
493.22+Motif: alliteration (f)
493.22+French fierté: pride
493.22+German vierte: fourth
493.22+frangipane: a type of perfume; a type of pastry cake
493.23panned, while the massstab whereby Ephialtes has exceeded is the
493.23+German Maßstab: ruler, measure
493.23+Otos and Ephialtes: sons of Poseidon, who threatened to climb to heaven and attack the gods [.24]
493.24measure, simplex mendaciis, by which our Outis cuts his thruth.
493.24+Latin simplex mendaciis: simple in (his) lies
493.24+Horace: Odes I.5.5: 'simplex munditiis' (Latin 'simple in its elegance')
493.24+Outis: name used by Ulysses to deceive the cyclops (literally 'no-man')
493.24+Motif: 5 senses (touch missing) [.24-.26] [086.32]
493.24+Greek ous: ear
493.25Arkaway now!
493.25+ask away
493.26    — Yerds and nudes say ayes and noes! Vide! Vide!
493.26+yes and no
493.26+eyes and nose [.24]
493.26+Latin vide!: see!
493.26+French vide: empty
493.26+French vite: fast
493.27    — Let Eivin bemember for Gates of Gold for their fadeless
493.27+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Let Erin Remember the Days of Old: 'Let Erin remember the days of old, Ere her faithless sons betray'd her'
493.27+be a member
493.27+grace of God
493.27+fatherless sons
493.28suns berayed her. Irise, Osirises! Be thy mouth given unto thee!
493.28+Obsolete beray: defile
493.28+Iris: Greek rainbow-goddess
493.28+Isis, Osiris
493.28+Arise, Osirises (parallels 'Wake, Finnegans')
493.28+Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XXII: 'May my mouth be given unto me that I may speak therewith in the presence of the great god'
493.29For why do you lack a link of luck to poise a pont of perfect,
493.29+Motif: Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?
493.29+French pont: bridge
493.29+(rainbow) [494.02]
493.30peace? On the vignetto is a ragingoos. The overseer of the house
493.30+Budge: The Book of the Dead papyri were ornamented with vignettes (for ch. XCV, the vignette depicted a goose)
493.30+Italian vigneto: vineyard
493.30+in Egyptian hieroglyphics, a goose means 'son'
493.30+'The overseer of the house of the overseer of the seal, Nu, triumphant, saith:' (frequent introduction in Budge: The Book of the Dead, including ch. XCV)
493.31of the oversire of the seas, Nu-Men, triumphant, sayeth: Fly as
493.31+Latin numen: divine will
493.31+Cardinal Newman: 19th century English theologian, famous for converting from Anglicanism to Catholicism
493.31+'I fly as a hawk, I cackle as a goose' (frequent refrain in Budge: The Book of the Dead)
493.32the hawk, cry as the corncrake, Ani Latch of the postern is thy
493.32+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.2183: 'Elijah's voice, harsh as a corncrake's'
493.32+corn-crake: a type of bird
493.32+ALP (Motif: ALP)
493.32+Ani: Egyptian scribe, subject of the Papyrus of Ani (Budge: The Book of the Dead)
493.32+Anne Lynch's Dublin tea
493.32+Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. CXXV: in it the deceased is obliged to name all parts of the Hall of double Maāti (Judgement Hall), including doors, posts, locks, pillars, posterns, etc., before he is permitted to pass through
493.33name; shout!
493.34    — My heart, my mother! My heart, my coming forth of
493.34+Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XXX.B: 'My heart, my mother; my heart, my mother! My heart whereby I come into being!'
493.34+Budge: The Book of the Dead xvii: 'The very title "Book of the Dead" is unsatisfactory... it is no rendering whatsoever of their ancient Egyptian title... "Chapters of Coming Forth by Day"'
493.34+Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. LXIV: 'I am the Lord... who cometh forth out of the darkness'
493.35darkness! They know not my heart, O coolun dearast! Mon
493.35+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song They Know Not My Heart [air: Coolan Das]
493.35+MacCool: Finn's patronymic (in Irish names, Mac means 'son of' and O means 'descendant of')
493.35+Samuel Ferguson: song The Coolun
493.35+colon, pederast (i.e. sodomy)
493.36gloomerie! Mon glamourie! What a surpraise, dear Mr Preacher,
493.36+glamoury: magic, enchantment
493.36+Ecclesiastes 1:1: 'The words of the Preacher'

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