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498.01best tyrent of ourish times, and a swanks of French wine stuarts
498.01+tyre [497.36]
498.01+tyrant (Cluster: Rulers)
498.01+our, his
498.01+Irish Times (newspaper)
498.01+Stuart and Tudor dynasties (Cluster: Rulers)
498.02and Tudor keepsakes and the Cesarevitch for the current coun-
498.02+The Autumn Double (horse races): the Cesarewich and the Saint Leger
498.02+Russian tsesarevich: heir-apparent (Cluster: Rulers)
498.02+con [497.35]
498.03ter Leodegarius Sant Legerleger riding lapsaddlelonglegs up the
498.03+Latin Leodegarius: Leger (saint)
498.03+The Oaks (horse race)
498.04oakses staircase on muleback like Amaxodias Isteroprotos, hind-
498.04+Greek Artificial amaxodeias: wagon-traveller
498.04+Greek hysteroprôtos: back to front, putting the cart before the horse
498.05quarters to the fore and kick to the lift, and he handygrabbed on
498.06to his trulley natural anthem: Horsibus, keep your tailyup, and
498.06+trull: strumpet
498.06+truly national
498.06+(horse racing very popular in Ireland)
498.06+song 'Horsey, keep your tail up, and keep the sun off me' (American 1930s popular tune)
498.07as much as the halle of the vacant fhroneroom, Oldloafs
498.07+German Halle: hall
498.07+German Fröner: serf, vassal
498.08Buttery, could safely accomodate of the houses of Orange and
498.08+(Dutch) House of Orange
498.08+Dutch oranjebitter: orange-bitters, alcoholic liquor impregnated with orange-peel and used as medicine
498.09Betters M.P, permeated by Druids D.P, Brehons B.P, and
498.09+M.P.: member of parliament
498.09+Brehons: ancient Irish lawgivers
498.10Flawhoolags F.P, and Agiapommenites A.P, and Antepum-
498.10+Anglo-Irish flahoolagh: 'princely', generous (from Irish flaitheamhlach)
498.10+F.P.: Latin Flamen Perpetuus: permanent priest
498.10+Agapemones: 19th century religious community practising 'love-feasts'
498.10+in 1890, the Irish Parliamentary Party split into two factions over Parnell's leadership, the so-called Parnellites and anti-Parnellites
498.11melites P.P, and Ulster Kong and Munster's Herald with
498.11+P.P.: Parish Priest
498.11+Motif: 4 provinces [.11-.12]
498.11+Irish officers of arms: Ulster king of arms, two heralds (Cork and Dublin), one poursuivant (Athlone)
498.11+Danish kong: king (in royal titles)
498.12Athclee Ensigning and Athlone Poursuivant and his Imperial
498.12+Irish Ath Cliath: Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin, Leinster)
498.12+German Klee: clover
498.12+Athlone, Connacht
498.13Catchering, his fain awan, and his gemmynosed sanctsons
498.13+Catherine the Great of Russia (married to Peter, heir to the Tsarist throne)
498.13+Irish Sinn Féin Amháin: Ourselves Alone (Irish nationalist slogan; Motif: Sinn Féin)
498.13+Cornish awan: river, torrent, landflood
498.13+Gemmy: son of Rossini's Guillaume Tell
498.13+Latin geminus: twin
498.14in epheud and ordilawn and his diamondskulled granddaucher,
498.14+ephod: Jewish priestly garment
498.14+German Efeu: ivy
498.14+Iveagh and Ardilaun: sons of Benjamin Lee Guinness (brewing)
498.14+Diamond sculls (rowing) at Henley
498.14+grand duchy
498.14+Russian doch: daughter
498.15Adamantaya Liubokovskva, all murdering Irish, amok and
498.15+AL (Motif: ALP)
498.15+Adam and Eve
498.15+Russian lubok: kitsch
498.15+Russian lyubov': love (also a common female name)
498.15+Russian Moskva: Moscow
498.15+James Joyce: Ulysses.9.579: 'Murthering Irish'
498.15+Irish amuigh's amach: 'out and out', altogether, completely
498.15+Motif: A/O
498.16amak, out of their boom companions in paunchjab and dogril
498.16+Dutch boom: chat
498.16+Punjabi, Dogri, Tamil, Gujarati: Indian languages
498.16+punch, jab, pummel, gouge (verbs of assault)
498.17and pammel and gougerotty, after plenty of his fresh stout and
498.18his good balls of malt, not to forget his oels a'mona nor his beers
498.18+Dublin Slang ball of malt: large glass of whiskey with water
498.18+Danish øl: beer, ale
498.18+Isle of Man (Latin Mona)
498.18+Motif: A/O
498.18+Irish móna: of a peat bog
498.18+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
498.19o'ryely, sopped down by his pani's annagolorum, (at Kennedy's
498.19+Polish pani: Czech paní: lady, mistress, madam, Mrs
498.19+Shelta pani: water
498.19+Latin song Ecce Panis Angelorum (a Gregorian hymn referring to the Eucharist; 'Behold the Bread of Angels')
498.19+song At Trinity Church I Met My Doom: 'That's what she's done for me'
498.19+Kennedy: Dublin baker
498.20kiln she kned her dough, back of her bake for me, buns!) social-
498.20+'lady' derived from Old English hlæfdige: dough kneader
498.20+socialism and communism
498.21izing and communicanting in the deification of his members, for
498.21+Budge: The Book of the Dead cxvii: 'intended to enable the deceased to avoid the slaughter which took place in the Other World... was to identify each member of his body with or transform it into the similar member of a god' (i.e. deification of body members)
498.22to nobble or salvage their herobit of him, the poohpooher old
498.22+Slang nobble: appropriate dishonestly
498.22+noble savage (term used by Jean Jacques Rousseau)
498.22+every bit
498.22+pooh-pooher: one who pooh-poohs or makes light of
498.22+(Motif: stuttering)
498.22+poor old
498.23bolssloose, with his arthurious clayroses, Dodderick Ogonoch
498.23+Italian bolso: (of a horse) broken-winded
498.23+Greek basileus: king
498.23+Roderick O'Connor: last High King of Ireland [378.13] [380.33]
498.23+Russian ogonek: light, ignis fatuus
498.23+Irish ógánach: bachelor
498.24Wrack, busted to the wurld at large, on the table round, with the
498.24+Latin rex: king
498.24+The Round Table (King Arthur)
498.25floodlight switched back, as true as the Vernons have Brian's
498.25+Vernon: Irish family possessing a sword supposed to have belonged to Brian Boru
498.26sword, and a dozen and one by one tilly tallows round in ring-
498.26+Anglo-Irish tilly: the 13th in a baker's dozen, an additional measure given to a customer (from Irish tuilleadh: added measure)
498.26+(candles round corpse at wake (as in song Finnegan's Wake 2 [006.26]))
498.26+German Ringkampf: wrestling match
498.27campf, circumassembled by his daughters in the foregiftness of
498.27+Danish forgifte: to poison
498.28his sons, lying high as he lay in all dimensions, in court dress and
498.29ludmers chain, with a hogo, fluorescent of his swathings, round
498.29+Lord-Mayor of Dublin's golden chain of office
498.29+hogo: high or putrescent flavour
498.29+swathings: bandages, wrappings (especially those wrapped around an infant's limbs, swaddling-clothes; also, funeral clothes (in Budge: The Book of the Dead))
498.30him, like the cummulium of scents in an italian warehouse, erica's
498.30+song Cummilium
498.30+Apostles' Creed: 'the communion of saints' [499.01-.02]
498.30+'Italian Warehouses': shops selling Italian groceries in Dublin
498.30+Latin erica: heather
498.30+(when Osiris's ark-coffin floated to shore, an erica or heather grew around it)
498.30+ECH (Motif: HCE)
498.31clustered on his hayir, the spectrem of his prisent mocking the
498.31+Turkish hayir: good, prosperity
498.31+spectrum of his prism (white light split by prism into spectrum)
498.32candiedights of his dadtid, bagpuddingpodded to the deafspot,
498.32+Motif: dark/fair (white, black)
498.32+Latin candidatus: clothed in white
498.32+Danish datid: that time (as opposed to the present) [.31]
498.32+Colloquial dad: father
498.32+black pudding: kind of sausage
498.32+(to the ears)
498.33bewept of his chilidrin and serafim, poors and personalities, ven-
498.33+Cherubim, Seraphim, Powers, Principalities, Virtues, Thrones, Dominations, Angels, Archangels (Cluster: 9 Levels of Celestial Hierarchy)
498.33+poise and personality
498.34turous, drones and dominators, ancients and auldancients, with
498.35his buttend up, expositoed for sale after referee's inspection,
498.35+butt-end: the thicker end of anything
498.35+Latin expositus: set forth
498.35+VI.B.16.003e (r): 'exposed for sale'
498.35+Walsh: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period 31: 'In Laxdaela Saga we hear of Melkorka, an Irish princess, who was exposed for sale with eleven other women at a market in Norway'
498.36bulgy and blowrious, bunged to ignorious, healed cured and
498.36+song God Save the King: 'Send him victorious, Happy and Glorious'
498.36+HCE (Motif: HCE)

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