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508.01and the Arch after his teeth were shaken out of their suckets by the
508.01+The Arch, pub, Henry Street, Dublin
508.02wrang dog, for having 5 pints 73 of none Eryen blood in him abaft
508.02+above the sea level
508.03the seam level, the scatterling, wearing his cowbeamer and false
508.03+scatterling: vagabond
508.04clothes of a brewer's grains pattern with back buckons with his
508.04+brewer's grains: refuse malt used for feeding livestock
508.04+give a brewer's fart: befoul oneself
508.05motto on, Yule Remember, ostensibly for that occasion only of the
508.05+Archaic Yule: Christmas
508.05+song Then You'll Remember Me
508.05+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...occasion only...} | {Png: ...occasiononly...}
508.06twelfth day Pax and Quantum wedding, I'm wondering.
508.06+(twelve days of Christmas [.05])
508.06+William Shakespeare: Twelfth Night (Epiphany [.11])
508.06+Latin pax: peace
508.06+Motif: P/Q [.23]
508.06+quantum theory
508.06+in early Christian Church, Epiphany partly commemorated wedding at Cana
508.07    — I bet you are. Well, he was wandering, you bet, whatever
508.07+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.07+Cluster: Well
508.08was his matter, in his mind too, give him his due, for I am sorry
508.08+VI.B.14.117b (r): 'I am sorry to have to tell you'
508.08+Martin: Saint Colomban 164: (quoting a letter from Saint Colomban to the Pope) 'ce m'est une grande douleur de le dire' (French 'it pains me greatly to say this')
508.09to have to tell you, hullo and evoe, they were coming down from
508.09+song The Holly and the Ivy
508.09+All Hallow's Eve
508.09+Latin evoe!: a cry of the Bacchantes
508.09+(his clothes)
508.10off him.
508.11    — How culious an epiphany!
508.11+HCE (Motif: HCE)
508.11+Latin culus: fundament
508.11+Epiphany: 6 January (means 'showing forth' (of God to man)) [.06]
508.11+in James Joyce: Stephen Hero, Joyce uses the term Epiphany to mean 'a sudden spiritual manifestation'
508.12    — Hodie casus esobhrakonton?
508.12+HCE (Motif: HCE)
508.12+Latin hodie: today
508.12+Latin casus: fall
508.12+Modern Greek esôbrakôn tôn: their underpants
508.12+Dutch kont: arse
508.13    — It looked very like it.
508.13+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.14    — Needer knows necess and neither garments. Man is minded
508.14+proverb Necessity knows no law
508.14+Nessus's shirt killed Hercules
508.14+nether garments
508.15of the Meagher, wat? Wooly? Walty?
508.15+[211.11] [061.13-.27]
508.16    — Ay, another good button gone wrong.
508.16+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.16+phrase another good fellow gone wrong
508.17    — Blondman's blaff! Like a skib leaked lintel the arbour
508.17+children's game Blind man's bluff
508.17+German Blaff!: bang!
508.17+Dutch blaffen: to bark
508.17+Danish skib: ship
508.17+pee (leak), pea (lentil)
508.17+sneaked into the harbour
508.18leidend with . . .?
508.18+German leidend: suffering
508.18+Dutch leidend: leading
508.19    — Pamelas, peggylees, pollywollies, questuants, quaint-
508.19+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.19+Motif: P/Q [.19-.28]
508.20aquilties, quickamerries.
508.21    — Concaving now convexly to the semidemihemispheres and,
508.21+(mirrors: mirror images)
508.21+semidemihemiquavers: 1/64 notes in music
508.21+James Joyce: Ulysses.17.2232: 'posterior female hemispheres'
508.22from the female angle, music minnestirring, were the subligate
508.22+German Minne: Dutch minne: love
508.22+Minnesingers: German lyrical poets and singers of the 12th to 14th century
508.22+Latin subligatus: tied on below
508.23sisters, P. and Q., Clopatrick's cherierapest, mutatis mutandis,
508.23+Motif: P/Q (*IJ*; lowercase p and q are mirror images)
508.23+Mount Croagh Patrick, County Mayo (Saint Patrick was said to have fasted on its summit for the forty days of Lent)
508.23+French chérie: dear
508.23+song Cherry Ripe
508.23+Latin mutatis mutandis: the necessary changes being made
508.24in pretty much the same pickle, the peach of all piedom, the
508.24+Motif: P/Q
508.25quest of all quicks?
508.26    — Peequeen ourselves, the prettiest pickles of unmatchemable
508.26+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.26+Motif: P/Q
508.26+unmentionables: underwear
508.27mute antes I ever bopeeped at, seesaw shallshee, since the town go
508.27+Italian mutande: drawers
508.27+Slang aunt: whore
508.27+nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep
508.27+nursery rhyme She Sells Seashells by the Seashore
508.27+see, saw, shall see (three tenses)
508.27+go, went, gone (three tenses)
508.28went gonning on Pranksome Quaine.
508.28+Gunning: the surname of two 18th century Irish sisters who married English aristocrats [495.25]
508.28+Motif: P/Q
508.28+Prankquean [021.15]
508.29    — Silks apeel and sulks alusty?
508.29+sex appeal
508.29+Sechseläuten: Zurich spring festival (involves bells pealing)
508.30    — Boy and giddle, gape and bore.
508.30+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.30+boy and girl
508.30+Motif: Gaping Gill
508.31    — I hear these two goddesses are liable to sue him?
508.32    — Well, I hope the two Collinses don't leg a bail to shoot him.
508.32+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.32+Cluster: Well
508.32+Anglo-Irish colleens: girls, young women
508.32+Anglo-Irish to take leg-bail: to run away, to abscond
508.33    — Both were white in black arpists at cloever spilling, knickt?
508.33+white and black piano keys (Motif: dark/fair)
508.33+black on white (i.e. text)
508.33+Black Arts
508.33+Hans Arp (experimented with poetry with distorted spelling; publicity agent for Paul Klee and Dadaists)
508.33+Italian arpista: harpist
508.33+clover (German Klee)
508.33+clever spelling
508.33+Paul Klee: Swiss painter
508.33+German Klavierspielen: Danish klaverspil: piano playing
508.33+American Slang spiel: salestalk
508.33+German knickt: cracks, bends
508.33+German nicht?: isn't it?, right?
508.34    — Gels bach, I, languised, liszted. Etoudies for the right hand.
508.34+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
508.34+German gel?: right?
508.34+Salvador Dali's painting Girl's Back
508.34+Bach: composer
508.34+Liszt: composer (wrote études for the left hand alone) (Motif: left/right)
508.34+French etourdi: scatterbrained
508.34+French études: studies
508.34+German tu' dies: do this
508.35    — Were they now? And were they watching you as watcher
508.36as well?

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