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511.01    — I think you're widdershins there about the right reverence.
511.01+VI.B.14.087b (g): '*V* I think you're wrong there'
511.01+VI.B.33.016d (r): 'withershins'
511.01+The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. VII, 126n: The Tale of the Warlock and the Young Cook of Baghdad: (part of a formula intended to procure illicit intercourse) 'tie the image in five places with coir left-hand-twisted (i.e. widdershins or 'against the sun')'
511.01+Dialect widdershins: contrary to the sun's direction; unlucky
511.01+(priest) [510.34]
511.01+Slang reverence: excrement
511.02Magraw for the Northwhiggern cupteam was wedding beastman,
511.02+Northern Whig: Belfast newspaper
511.02+Motif: the Norwegian captain [510.32] [510.34-.35]
511.02+best man
511.03papers before us carry. You saw him hurriedly, or did you if
511.04thatseme's not irrelevant? With Slater's hammer perhaps? Or he
511.04+that seems
511.04+Oscar Slater wrongly convicted of murder with hammer and imprisoned for nineteen years
511.05was in serge?
511.05+Lithuanian sergas: sick
511.06    — I horridly did. On the stroke of the dozen. I'm sure I'm
511.06+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
511.06+VI.B.17.014h (b): 'it horribly did'
511.06+O'Brien: The Parnell of Real Life 167: 'Whether Spencer's sage advice had told upon the Liberal leader... that his threat addressed to a proud man and a proud nation, might defeat its purpose — as it horribly did — we shall not now, perhaps, ever know'
511.06+(twelve o'clock) [035.33] [111.08] [353.15] [353.30]
511.07wrong but I heard the irreverend Mr Magraw, in search of a
511.07+irreverend: not worthy of veneration
511.07+song Master McGrath
511.08stammer, kuckkuck kicking the bedding out of the old sexton,
511.08+German Stammvater: progenitor, ancestor
511.08+(Motif: stuttering)
511.08+German Kuckuck: cuckoo
511.09red-Fox Good-man around the sacristy, till they were bullbeadle
511.09+Motif: Fox Goodman
511.10black and bufeteer blue, while I and Flood and the other men,
511.10+blue and buff: Whig colours; also, colours of Duke of Beaufort (and his hunt)
511.10+Beefeater: yeoman of the English royal guard; warder of the Tower of London
511.10+German Teer: tar
511.10+Henry Flood: Irish politician
511.10+J.M. Flood (Irish historian): The Life of Chevalier Charles Wogan, an Irish Soldier of Fortune
511.11jazzlike brollies and sesuos, was gickling his missus to gackles in
511.11+just like
511.11+Lithuanian brolis: brother
511.11+Lithuanian sesuo: sister
511.11+VI.B.14.223e (g): '*V* & Mrs Magrath'
511.11+cackles (laughter)
511.12the hall, the divileen, (she's a lamp in her throth) with her
511.12+VI.B.8.227f (g): 'divileen (part of Liffey)'
511.12+Haliday: The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin 225n: (quoting P.W. Joyce) 'Duibhlinn was originally the name of that part of the Liffey on which the city now stands'
511.12+Anglo-Irish -een (diminutive)
511.12+lump in her throat
511.13cygncygn leckle and her twelve pound lach.
511.13+Latin cygnus: swan
511.13+German lächeln: to smile
511.13+J.M. Barrie: The Twelve Pound Look
511.13+Dutch lach: laugh, smile
511.14    — A loyal wifish woman cacchinic wheepingcaugh! While
511.14+Royal Irish Roman Catholic whoopingcough
511.14+Italian cacchi: penises (euphemistic)
511.14+cachinnate: laugh aloud
511.15she laylylaw was all their rage. But you did establish personal
511.15+song Finnegan's Wake 4: 'Shillelagh law was all the rage'
511.16contact? In epexegesis or on a point of order?
511.16+epexegesis: addition of words in further explanation
511.17    — That perkumiary pond is beyawnd my pinnigay pre-
511.17+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
511.17+Lithuanian perkunas: thunder, thunderclap
511.17+pecuniary: related to money
511.17+peculiar point
511.17+Lithuanian pinigas: money, coin
511.18tonsions. I am resting on a pigs of cheesus but I've a big
511.18+song I Am Resting in the Arms of Jesus
511.18+piece of cheese
511.19suggestion it was about the pint of porter.
511.20    — You are a suckersome! But this all, as airs said to oska,
511.20+Sackerson (*S*)
511.20+Lithuanian avis, oska: sheep, goat (Motif: goat/sheep)
511.21was only that childbearer might blogas well sidesplit? Where
511.21+Lithuanian blogas: bad
511.21+Danish Hvorledes har De det i dag, min sorte herre?: How are you today, my dark sir? (Motif: How are you today, my dark/fair sir?)
511.22letties hereditate a dark mien swart hairy?
511.22+Archaic swart: dark
511.23    — Only. 'Twas womans' too woman with mans' throw man.
511.23+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
511.23+song Finnegan's Wake 4: ''Twas woman to woman and man to man' (originally, Poole: song Tim Finigan's Wake: ''Twas woman to woman and man to man;')
511.24    — Bully burley yet hardly hurley. The saloon bulkhead, did
511.25you say, or the tweendecks?
511.25+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation say: sea
511.25+'tween-decks: space between decks of a ship
511.26    — Between drinks, I deeply painfully repeat it.
511.26+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
511.27    — Was she wearing shubladey's tiroirs in humour of her
511.27+shopladies' drawers
511.27+German Schublade: drawer (of furniture)
511.27+French tiroir: drawer (of furniture)
511.27+in honour of
511.27+to humour her husband
511.28hubbishobbis, Massa's star stellar?
511.28+Massa: town, Tuscany
511.28+Lettish mahsa: sister
511.29    — Mrs Tan-Taylour? Just a floating panel, secretairslid-
511.29+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
511.29+secretaire: piece of furniture with drawers, for papers etc.
511.29+sliding drawers
511.30ingdraws, a budge of klees on her schalter, a siderbrass sehdass
511.30+E.A. Wallis Budge: English translator and editor of Budge: The Book of the Dead
511.30+bunch of keys
511.30+German Klee: clover
511.30+Paul Klee: Swiss painter
511.30+German Schalter: ticket window; switch
511.30+German Schulter: shoulder
511.30+Lithuanian sidabras: silver
511.30+German seh' dass: see that
511.30+Lithuanian ziedas: ring
511.31on her anulas findring and forty crocelips in her curlingthongues.
511.31+Portuguese anular: the ring finger
511.31+Latin anulus: ring
511.31+Anglo-Irish findrinny: white-bronze, silver-bronze (used to make rings; from Irish fionndruine)
511.31+Croce (expounded Vico)
511.31+Italian croce: a cross; an affliction
511.32    — So this was the dope that woolied the cad that kinked the
511.32+nursery rhyme The House That Jack Built: 'the dog that worried the cat that killed the rat that gnawed the rope that tied the sack that held the malt that lay in the house that Jack built'
511.33ruck that noised the rape that tried the sap that hugged the mort?
511.33+Gipsy sap: snake, serpent (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 57)
511.33+Cant mort: woman, wench
511.33+Jacke Jugeler: anonymous 16th century interlude
511.34    — That legged in the hoax that joke bilked.
511.34+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
511.35    — The jest of junk the jungular?
511.36    — Jacked up in a jock the wrapper.
511.36+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
511.36+song As I Went Up the Brandy Hill: 'Up Jock'
511.36+Jack the Ripper

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