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524.01public exess females, whereas allbeit really sweet fillies, as was
524.01+Essex: Anglo-Saxon kingdom [523.28] [523.34] [524.15] [524.26]
524.01+French filles: girls
524.02very properly held by the metropolitan in connection with this
524.02+VI.B.14.219i (r): 'detained by DMP in connection with death'
524.02+VI.B.14.116j (r): 'the metropolitan (police) (rlwy) (prelate)' (only first two words crayoned)
524.02+Martin: Saint Colomban 157: 'Constantius, élu métropolitain de Milan en 593' (French 'Constantius, elected metropolitan of Milan in 593')
524.02+VI.B.14.166f (r): 'metropolitan'
524.02+Bury: The Life of St. Patrick 160n: 'There can be little question that the (contemporary) expression in provincia nostra in Ann. Ult., A.D. 443, means "in Ireland," conceived as a single ecclesiastical province, like the province of a metropolitan'
524.02+metropolitan: a bishop overseeing the bishops of a province and having a see in the province's metropolis
524.02+(Dublin Metropolitan Police)
524.03regrettable nuisance, touching arbitrary conduct, being in strict
524.04contravention of schedule in board of forests and works bylaws
524.04+Board of Public Works, Dublin, responsible for parks
524.04+VI.B.14.125d (r): 'school of forests & waters'
524.04+École des Eaux et Forêts: French institute of forestry, founded in 1824 in Nancy, France (literally 'school of waters and forests')
524.05regulationing sparkers' and succers' amusements section of our
524.06beloved naturpark in pursuance of which police agence me and
524.06+German Naturpark: natural parkland
524.06+French agence: bureau, agency
524.07Shorty have approached a reverend gentlman of the name of
524.08Mr Coppinger with reference to a piece of fire fittings as was
524.08+VI.B.6.064h (r): 'Return to Coppinger' (Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger [.18] [.27] [525.01])
524.08+(the fender)
524.09most obliging, 'pon my sam, in this matter of his explanations
524.09+'pon my Sam! (expletive)
524.10affirmative, negative and limitative, given to me and Shorty,
524.10+types of logic propositions by quality: Affirmative (Cluster: Logic)
524.10+types of logic propositions by quality: Negative (Cluster: Logic)
524.10+types of logic propositions by quality: Limitative (or Infinite) (Cluster: Logic)
524.11touching what the good book says of toooldaisymen, concerning
524.11+too old days (i.e oldtimers) [035.17]
524.11+Slang daisy: a male homosexual
524.12the merits of early bisectualism, besides him citing from approved
524.12+EHC, HCE (_M, HCE_)
524.12+VI.B.14.227e (r): 'early bisexualism' [.36]
524.12+(two sects)
524.12+a proved
524.13lectionary example given by a valued friend of the name of Mr
524.13+lectionary: book with lessons to be read at divine services
524.14J. P. Cockshott, reticent of England, as owns a pretty maisonette,
524.14+J.P.: Justice of the Peace
524.14+VI.B.6.095c ( ): 'that JP Cockshot'
524.15Quis ut Deus, fronting on to the Soussex Bluffs as was telling us
524.15+Latin quis ut Deus: who like God (attributed to Saint Michael)
524.15+(South Downs, Sussex, southeastern England (chalk hills and cliffs)) [051.30-.31]
524.15+Sussex: Anglo-Saxon kingdom [523.28] [523.34] [524.01] [524.26]
524.16categoric how Mr Cockshott, as he had his assignation with,
524.16+types of logic propositions by relation: Categorical (Cluster: Logic)
524.16+Legalese deed-poll: a deed made and executed by one party only (so called because the paper or parchment is 'polled' or cut even, not indented)
524.17present holder by deedpoll and indenture of the swearing belt,
524.17+Legalese indenture: a deed between two or more parties with mutual covenants (especially one executed in two or more copies, all having their tops or edges correspondingly indented or serrated for identification and security)
524.18he tells him hypothetic, the reverend Mr Coppinger, hereckons
524.18+types of logic propositions by relation: Hypothetical (Cluster: Logic)
524.18+Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger [.08] [.27] [525.01]
524.18+he reckons
524.19himself disjunctively with his windwarrd eye up to a dozen miles
524.19+types of logic propositions by relation: Disjunctive (Cluster: Logic)
524.19+West Indies
524.19+Windward Islands, Polynesia
524.19+Danish ey: island
524.20of a cunifarm school of herring, passing themselves supernatently
524.20+cuneiform (wedge-shaped) writing
524.20+supernatant liquid: in chemistry, the liquid covering the substance under consideration (literally 'swimming above')
524.21by the Bloater Naze from twelve and them mayridinghim by the
524.21+The Naze, headland, Essex
524.21+ante-meridiem (a.m.)
524.21+May-riding: some May-day custom
524.21+marauding him
524.21+VI.B.14.159m (r): 'the silent hours'
524.22silent hour. Butting, charging, bracing, backing, springing,
524.22+song The Rakes of Mallow: 'Beauing, belleing, dancing, drinking, Breaking windows, cursing, sinking, Ever raking, never thinking'
524.22+zodiac: ram, bull, twins, crab, lion, virgin, scales, scorpion, archer, goat, water-carrier, fishes
524.23shrinking, swaying, darting, shooting, bucking and sprinkling
524.24their dossies sodouscheock with the twinx of their taylz. And,
524.24+Italian dossi: backs
524.25reverend, he says, summat problematical, by yon socialist sun,
524.25+VI.B.6.047h (r): 'Reverend!'
524.25+types of logic propositions by modality: Problematical (or Problematic) (Cluster: Logic)
524.26gut me, but them errings was as gladful as Wissixy kippers could
524.26+herrings [.20] (Cluster: Fish)
524.26+VI.B.14.197i (r): 'gladfully'
524.26+Langdon: The Babylonian Epic of Creation 109: 'In Ubšukkinaku seat yourself together gladfully'
524.26+Dutch glad: slippery, cunning
524.26+Wessex: Anglo-Saxon kingdom [523.28] [523.34] [524.01] [524.15]
524.26+kippers (Cluster: Fish)
524.27be considering, flipping their little coppingers, pot em, the fresh
524.27+Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger [.08] [.18] [525.01]
524.28little flirties, the dirty little gillybrighteners, pickle their spratties,
524.28+gill-breather: a creature that breathes through gills (Cluster: Fish)
524.28+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native) [.29]
524.28+sprats (Cluster: Fish)
524.29the little smolty gallockers, and, reverend, says he, more asser-
524.29+VI.B.14.130i (r): 'peal & grilse (smolt tail) = small salmon' (only the two parenthesised words crayoned)
524.29+Irish Statesman 30 Aug 1924, 800/1: 'Salmon by the Million. A New View': 'Peal or grilse may be defined as salmon which have been a short time in the sea... they have not quite lost the smolt shape of tail and head' (Cluster: Fish)
524.29+smolt: a young salmon in the stage between parr and grilse or peal (Cluster: Fish)
524.29+VI.B.14.226c (r): 'gallockers' (the entry is preceded by a cancelled 'gallock')
524.29+Irish gealach: brightness; moon
524.29+types of logic propositions by modality: Assertoric (or Assertorical or Assertory or Assertative) (Cluster: Logic)
524.29+assertative, so help me god
524.29+Italian assortito: assorted, matched
524.30titoff, zwelf me Zeus, says he, lettin olfac be the extench of the
524.30+German zwölf: twelve
524.30+Italian Slang mio zio!: bullshit! (literally 'my uncle!')
524.30+alpha (A) (Motif: ALP) [.31]
524.30+be the extent of the superficies
524.30+Latin olfactus: smell
524.30+tench (Cluster: Fish)
524.31supperfishies, lamme the curves of their scaligerance and pesk
524.31+fish suppers (Cluster: Fish)
524.31+(Vesica piscis) [293.12]
524.31+lambda (L) [.30]
524.31+Latin scaliger: ladder-carrier
524.31+Italian pesci: fish (plural) (Cluster: Fish)
524.31+pi (P) [.30]
524.32the everurge flossity of their pectoralium, them little salty popu-
524.32+average velocity
524.32+pectoral fins of fish (Cluster: Fish)
524.33lators, says he, most apodictic, as sure as my briam eggs is on
524.33+types of logic propositions by modality: Apodictic (or Apodeictical or Apodeictic) (Cluster: Logic)
524.33+phrase as sure as eggs are eggs [054.24]
524.33+bream (Cluster: Fish)
524.34cockshot under noose, all them little upandown dippies they was
524.34+Cockshott [.14] [.16]
524.34+French entre nous: between us
524.35all of a libidous pickpuckparty and raid on a wriggolo finsky
524.35+ALP (Motif: ALP)
524.35+French rigolo: comical
524.36doodah in testimonials to their early bisectualism. Such, he says,
524.36+doodah: state of agitation
524.36+Anglo-Irish doodah: a fool (from Irish dúdálaidhe)
524.36+early bisectualism [.12]

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