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532.01eirenarch's custos himself no less, the meg of megs, with the Carri-
532.01+ECH (Motif: HCE)
532.01+Greek eirênarchos: police magistrate (literally 'peace ruler')
532.01+herenach, erenach: in ancient Irish Church, a lay superintendent or steward of church lands (from Irish airchinneach)
532.01+Latin custos: guard, keeper
532.01+Greek megas: big
532.01+Sir Edward Carson: 19th-20th century Irish unionist politician and barrister (famous for cross-examining Oscar Wilde in his libel case)
532.02son old gang! Off with your persians! Search ye the Finn! The
532.02+Persian slippers
532.02+French phrase cherchez la femme: look for the woman
532.03sinder's under shriving sheet. Fa Fe Fi Fo Fum! Ho, croak,
532.03+Danish synder: sinner
532.03+German unterschreiben: to sign
532.03+(Motif: 5 vowels)
532.03+Motif: Fee faw fum
532.03+HCE (Motif: HCE)
532.03+Slang croak: to die
532.04evildoer! Arise, sir ghostus! As long as you've lived there'll be no
532.04+Augustus: the first Roman Emperor
532.05other. Doff!
532.06    — Amtsadam, sir, to you! Eternest cittas, heil! Here we are
532.06+{{Synopsis: III.3.3B.A: [532.06-534.06]: *E* begins his long self-defence speech through Yawn — denying any sexual misconduct, what with him having a wife}}
532.06+[[Speaker: Yawn as *E*]]
532.06+(Macalister: Temair Breg 328: (of rites for determining the next king after one had died not at the hands of his successor) 'Someone, presumably a druid, glutted himself with the flesh and broth of a white [sacred] bull, and then went to sleep, while four druids chanted over his body an ór firindi, or "spell of truth." The appointed king would appear to the sleeper amid the nightmares induced by his overloaded stomach') [405.30] [456.03] [474.11] [474.21] [475.02] [477.01-.02]
532.06+German Amt: office, bureau
532.06+Amsterdam (often abbreviated A'dam)
532.06+I'm Adam
532.06+ECH (Motif: HCE)
532.06+Eternal City: Rome
532.06+Italian città: city
532.06+German heil!: hail!
532.06+song Here We Are Again
532.07again! I am bubub brought up under a camel act of dynasties long
532.07+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...again! I...} | {Png: ...again. I...}
532.07+VI.B.1.114b (r): 'I am brought up under an old act of Edw III' [.07-.08]
532.07+Connacht Tribune 8 Mar 1924, 7/5: 'Publicans and Guard': (plaintiff's solicitor and defendant in a trial of abusive and threatening language) 'Mr. Colohan: I will put the husband up to give evidence of the abuse, your worship. Defendant: I object, as I don't think you can examine the husband in this case (laughter). I am brought up under an old Act of Edward III, which is defunct (renewed laughter)'
532.07+(Motif: stuttering)
532.07+Czarnowski: Le Culte des Héros, Saint Patrick 30n: 'un hymne d'un certain Camelacus, contemporain de saint Patrick' (French 'a hymn by a certain Camelacus, a contemporary of Saint Patrick')
532.07+Danish gammel: old
532.08out of print, the first of Shitric Shilkanbeard (or is it Owllaugh
532.08+VI.B.16.011b (r): 'Dublin Mint Sitric Silkenbeard 1000' (only third and fourth word crayoned)
532.08+Walsh: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period 19: 'In Dublin coins were minted for the first time in Ireland during the reign of Sihtric Silken Beard (c. 989-1042)'
532.08+several Sitrics and Olafs were kings of Viking Dublin
532.09MacAuscullpth the Thord?), but, in pontofacts massimust, I am
532.09+Ausculph Mac Torcall, king of Dublin in whose time Dublin became subject to England
532.09+point of fact
532.09+Latin Pontifex Maximus: high priest, pope
532.09+Mass, I must
532.09+Italian massimo: greatest
532.10known throughout the world wherever my good Allenglisches
532.10+VI.B.5.118e (r): 'good E spoken'
532.10+Allen (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
532.10+German Altenglisch: Old English
532.10+German Englisches: English
532.11Angleslachsen is spoken by Sall and Will from Augustanus to
532.11+German Lachs: salmon
532.11+German Achsen: axes, axles
532.11+by all
532.11+German soll und will: should and will
532.11+Latin augustanus: imperial
532.11+Saint Augustine
532.12Ergastulus, as this is, whether in Farnum's rath or Condra's
532.12+Latin ergastulus: convict
532.12+Latin ergastulum: slaves' prison
532.12+Cluster: As This Is
532.12+(as this is protested)
532.12+VI.B.29.075c (o): 'Farnham's rath'
532.12+Rathfarnham: district of Dublin ('rath' means 'fort')
532.12+VI.B.29.075b (o): 'Condra's ridge " dram' (double inverted commas ditto 'Condra's'; the entry is preceded by a cancelled 'Counro')
532.12+Drumcondra: district of Dublin ('drum' means 'ridge')
532.13ridge or the meadows of Dalkin or Monkish tunshep, by saints
532.13+VI.B.29.075e (o): 'Meadow of Dalken'
532.13+Clondalkin: village west of Dublin ('clon' means 'meadow')
532.13+VI.B.29.067h (o): 'Monkishtown'
532.13+Collins: Life in Old Dublin 2: (of Saint Patrick prophesying Dublin's future greatness) 'Harris, in his "History of Dublin," published in the year 1766, alludes to it, but only to sneer at "the monkish story"'
532.13+Monkstown: district of Dublin (between Blackrock and Dún Laoghaire)
532.14and sinners eyeeye alike as a cleanliving man and, as a matter of
532.14+(Motif: stuttering)
532.14+Clonliffe Road, Dublin
532.15fict, by my halfwife, I think how our public at large appreciates
532.15+phrase by my life!
532.15+halfwife, wholewife [533.04] [534.29]
532.16it most highly from me that I am as cleanliving as could be and
532.17that my game was a fair average since I perpetually kept my
532.17+(cricket) [583.26-584.25]
532.17+VI.B.25.149k (r): 'keep my wicket up'
532.17+keep wicket: in cricket, to act as wicket-keeper
532.18ouija ouija wicket up. On my verawife I never was nor can afford
532.18+VI.B.14.186b (r): 'ouidja board'
532.18+Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review, vol. 13, no. 49, 14: The "Oscar Wilde" Script in Its Bearing on Survival (Herbert Thurston): 'since 1852 there have been literally hundreds of books published which purport to embody communications received from spirits in the other world either through automatic writing, planchette or the ouija board' (Oscar Wilde)
532.18+Italian vera: true
532.18+very life
532.19to be guilty of crim crig con of malfeasance trespass against par-
532.19+crim. con.: criminal conversation (i.e. adultery)
532.19+Crom Cruach: ancient Irish idol (literally 'Bloody Croucher')
532.19+German Krim-Krieg: Crimean War
532.19+malfeasance: misconduct, especially official
532.19+(malfeasance or trespass)
532.20son with the person of a youthful gigirl frifrif friend chirped
532.20+VI.B.6.090a (g): 'Youthful girl friend 'Apples''
532.20+(Motif: stuttering)
532.20+French Slang fri-fri: brief ladies' undergarment, 'G-string'
532.21Apples, acted by Miss Dashe, and with Any of my cousines in
532.21+French cousines: female cousins
532.22Kissilov's Slutsgartern or Gigglotte's Hill, when I would touch
532.22+Kisilev Park, Bucharest
532.22+VI.B.24.227a (r): 'Slutspark'
532.22+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. VI, 'Christiania', 280a: 'the beautiful Slotspark, a wooded elevation crowned with the royal palace (slot)'
532.22+slut's garters
532.22+German Schlossgarten: palace garden
532.22+German Lustgarten: pleasure garden
532.22+giglot: giddy girl
532.22+Giglottes-Hill, Dublin (now Saint Michael's Hill)
532.22+Anglo-Irish Slang touch: sexual intercourse
532.23to her dot and feel most greenily of her unripe ones as it should
532.23+French dot: dowry
532.23+feed most greedily
532.24prove most anniece and far too bahad, nieceless to say, to my
532.24+niece... niece
532.24+VI.B.29.205f (o): 'Baahaa'
532.24+Ferguson: The Confusion of Tongues 248: (of Bahaism) 'nine is the sacred number of Bahaism. In fact the figure nine is actually formed... of the word Baha, the Glory, because in Arabic, letters are numerical symbols also. B is 2, A is 1, H is 5, and A is 1 again'
532.24+Finnish paha: bad
532.25reputation on Babbyl Malket for daughters-in-trade being lightly
532.25+VI.B.29.107b (k): 'Babbyl'
532.25+Bab el Ma'la: gate of upper quarter of Mecca
532.25+Slang the trade: prostitution
532.26clad. Yet, as my acquainters do me the complaisance of apprising
532.26+apprise: to give formal notice, to inform
532.27me, I should her have awristed under my duskguise of whippers
532.27+have her arrested
532.28through toombs and deempeys, lagmen, was she but tinkling of
532.28+VI.B.24.206l (r): 'Tombs (city prison)'
532.28+'Tombs': New York City prison
532.28+D.M.P.: Dublin Metropolitan Police
532.28+VI.B.29.049a (o): 'Lagman (Police)' (only first word crayoned; a cancelled 'n' follows the present 'n')
532.28+Haliday: The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin 129: 'Gille the Lagman [or Law maker] of the Faroe Islands' (Norwegian lagmann: judge)
532.28+lagmen: judges in Dublin Thingmote
532.28+Slang lag: convict
532.28+thinking of such a thing
532.29such a tink. And, as a mere matter of ficfect, I tell of myself how
532.29+VI.B.10.020g (r): 'as a matter of fact'
532.30I popo possess the ripest littlums wifukie around the globelettes
532.30+German Popo: posterior
532.30+Italian popò: shit
532.30+(Motif: stuttering)
532.30+little wife
532.30+Scottish wifukie: diminutive of wifock, itself a diminutive of wife (most notably in song The Wee Wifukie, attributed to Alexander Watson (1744-1831), an Aberdeen tailor who claimed to have made the first pair of breeches for Lord Byron)
532.30+(in the world)
532.31globes upon which she was romping off on Floss Mundai out of
532.31+Slang globes: breasts
532.31+VI.B.29.061f (o): 'Flos Mundi'
532.31+Hardiman: The History of the Town and County of the Town of Galway 238n: 'In May, 1519, the celebrated Maurice de Portu, alias O'Fihely, a native of Cork, who in 1506 was appointed archbishop of Tuam by Pope Julius II. landed in Galway from Italy... He was a man highly esteemed by his contemporaries for his virtues and learning, and was called "Flos mundi," or "Flower of the world," for his many excellent endowments' (Latin)
532.32haram's way round Skinner's circusalley first with her consola-
532.32+Haram: area in Jerusalem
532.32+Skinner's Alley, Dublin [043.03]
532.32+Alley (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
532.32+(beauty competition)
532.33tion prize in my serial dreams of faire women, Mannequins Passe,
532.33+VI.B.3.122b ( ): 'serial dreams'
532.33+Alfred Lord Tennyson: other works: A Dream of Fair Women
532.33+Manneken-Pis: statue in Brussels of a child urinating
532.33+French Slang passe: female genitalia
532.34with awards in figure and smile subsections, handicapped by two
532.34+VI.B.5.146d (r): 'W won by 2 breasts if you know what I mean'
532.35breasts in operatops, a remarkable little endowment garment.
532.35+Werner: Brigham Young 285: (of the Mormon Endowment ceremony) 'When they received their endowments of celestial, eternal happiness, Mormons received a garment which was always to be worn next to the skin. It resembled very much the type of undergarment known as a combination, and was fastened with strings at various places'
532.35+Italian indumento: garment
532.36Fastened at various places. What spurt! I kickkick keenly love
532.36+(peeing) [.33]
532.36+VI.B.16.086e (r): 'I love such'
532.36+(Motif: stuttering)

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