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534.01tody. Cal it off. Godnotch, vryboily. End a muddy crushmess!
534.01+goodnight, everybody
534.01+Russian noch: night
534.01+and a merry Christmas
534.02Abbreciades anew York gustoms. Kyow! Tak.
534.02+appreciate New Year customs
534.02+New York
534.02+your custom (trade)
534.02+thank you
534.02+Japanese kyotaku: dwelling-house
534.02+Kyoto: capital of Japan until 1868
534.02+Italian Colloquial ciao!: bye!
534.02+Danish tak: thank you
534.02+Polish tak: so; yes
534.02+Ruthenian tak: yes
534.03    — Tiktak. Tikkak.
534.03+[[Speaker: Matthew]]
534.03+Dutch tiktak: tick tock (sound of clock or heart)
534.03+Dutch kak: shit
534.04    — Awind abuzz awater falling.
534.04+[[Speaker: Mark]]
534.04+VI.B.29.017c (o): 'buzz waterfall wind' (symptoms of hearing disorders) [.04-.06]
534.05    — Poor a cowe his jew placator.
534.05+[[Speaker: Luke]]
534.05+VI.B.29.016f (o): 'paracusis duplicata' [.04-.06]
534.05+paracusis duplicata: any bilateral hearing disorder
534.06    — It's the damp damp damp.
534.06+[[Speaker: John]]
534.06+VI.B.29.016g (o): 'umidità' (Italian dampness) [.04-.06]
534.06+song Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys are Marching
534.07    — Calm has entered. Big big Calm, announcer. It is most
534.07+{{Synopsis: III.3.3B.B: [534.07-535.25]: he protests, shocked by the allegations against him — the lowness of his accuser, the preposterousness of it all}}
534.07+[[Speaker: Yawn as *E*]]
534.07+CHE (Motif: HCE)
534.07+B.B.C. announcer
534.08ernst terooly a moresome intartenment. Colt's tooth! I will give
534.08+German ernst: earnest, serious
534.08+Ernst: a well-known Zurich confectioner (selling tarts [.08] and running a tea-room [.09])
534.08+Morris Ernst: the American lawyer who secured the legal entrance of James Joyce: Ulysses to the United States
534.08+Dutch morsom: amusing
534.08+interment: burrying
534.08+Slang have a colt's tooth: (of an old man) marry or keep a young girl
534.08+God's truth!
534.09tandsel to it. I protest there is luttrelly not one teaspoonspill of
534.09+handsel: a gift for good luck on entering upon a new situation; the first specimen of anything, an auspicious first taste; earnest money, anything given as a pledge
534.09+VI.B.29.048e (o): 'Tandsel'
534.09+Haliday: The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin 110n: (quoting Baden's History of Norway) 'It appears to have been a solemn occasion when the child received its first tooth, at which time the friends and relations presented it with a gift called Tandsel' (Danish tand: tooth)
534.09+Luttrell family unpopular among 18th century Irish nationalists
534.09+John Luttrell, sheriff of Dublin, 1567-8
534.09+Henry Luttrell [081.14]
534.09+Luttrell Psalter [081.14]
534.09+VI.B.1.008b (r): 'teaspoonful of evidence'
534.09+(according to some medical books, the amount of male ejaculation fills a teaspoon)
534.10evidence at bottomlie to my babad, as you shall see, as this is.
534.10+Horatio Bottomley: blackmailer and politician [.18]
534.10+(Motif: stuttering)
534.10+French Slang baba: buttocks
534.10+VI.B.14.183k (r): 'you shall see'
534.10+Gwynn: Ulster 45: 'but full north, suddenly, held in the curve between two of these little summits, you catch sight of the Atlantic blue... When the herring are in, you shall see it dotted over with smacks and yawls'
534.10+Cluster: As This Is
534.11Keemun Lapsang of first pickings. And I contango can take off
534.11+Keemun: Chinese tea
534.11+James Joyce: Ulysses.7.143: 'Alexander Keyes, tea, wine and spirit merchant'
534.11+Lapsang Souchong: Chinese tea
534.11+I contend I can
534.11+contango: in stock exchange, a percentage paid by a buyer to a seller to postpone the completion of the bargain to a future date
534.11+Latin tango: I touch
534.11+VI.B.16.044k (r): 'take off yr coat'
534.12my dudud dirtynine articles of quoting here in Pynix Park be-
534.12+(Motif: stuttering)
534.12+Slang duds: clothes
534.12+The Thirty-Nine Articles: the defining doctrines of the Church of England (Motif: 39) [535.29]
534.12+of clothing
534.12+Pnyx: hill in Athens
534.12+Phoenix Park
534.13fore those in heaven to provost myself, by gramercy of justness,
534.13+VI.B.6.163b (r): 'than those in heaven'
534.13+Freeman's Journal 11 Feb 1924, 7/3: 'Waterford Murder': (the statement of an accused in a murder trial) 'I had no more to do with it than those in heaven'
534.13+VI.B.29.035c (o): 'lord provost'
534.13+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. VIII, 'Edinburgh', 941b: 'The town council... consists of fifty members, a lord provost'
534.13+The Provost: military prison, Dublin
534.13+VI.B.24.206h (r): 'Gramercy Park'
534.13+Gramercy Park, New York City
534.13+God's mercy and justice [187.24] [193.31]
534.14I mean veryman and moremon, stiff and staunch for ever, and
534.14+VI.B.29.219b (o): 'now, I, Moremon'
534.14+Ferguson: The Confusion of Tongues 372: (of Mormonism) 'the Words of Mormon begins: "And now, I, Mormon, being about to deliver up the record which I have been making, into the hands of my son, Moroni"'
534.14+VI.B.29.208b (o): 'Moreman' (the entry is both cancelled and crayoned)
534.14+Ferguson: The Confusion of Tongues 372: (of Joseph Smith's explanation of the word Mormon) 'since "mo" is the Egyptian word for good, by a simple addition of "more" or "mor," the contraction, we get the word "Mormon," which literally means "more good"' [.25]
534.14+a Dublin deed of 1434: 'said masters shall keep said houses stiff and staunch for ever'
534.14+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XIX, 'New York (City)', 610d: 'A third channel, the South and Swash, is used by coasting vessels drawing about 20ft'
534.15enter under the advicies from Misrs Norris, Southby, Yates and
534.15+Arabic Misr: Egypt
534.15+Motif: 4 cardinal points [.15-.16]
534.16Weston, Inc, to their favoured client, into my preprotestant caveat
534.16+incorporated (American abbreviation)
534.16+Legalese caveat: warning
534.17against the pupup publication of libel by any tixtim tipsyloon or
534.17+(Motif: stuttering)
534.17+(the action against James Joyce: Ulysses in the United States was a libel one [.08])
534.17+Motif: Tom/Tim [.18]
534.17+Tib and Tom: buildings on Hoggen [533.35] Green, old Dublin
534.18tobtomtowley of Keisserse Lean (a bloweyed lanejoymt, waring
534.18+Bottomley [.10]
534.18+Keyser's Lane in medieval Dublin, vulgarly named Kiss-arse Lane
534.18+James Blow: first Belfast printer
534.18+blue-eyed angel
534.18+Lane-Joynt (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
534.18+Dorothy Joy Lane Poole: child-friend of Lewis Carroll [526.36]
534.18+Henry and Robert Joy started Belfast's Newsletter, 1737
534.18+Waring Street, Belfast
534.19lowbelt suit, with knockbrecky kenees and bullfist rings round
534.19+phrase below the belt
534.19+libel suit
534.19+Knockbreckan Reservoir, Belfast water supply
534.19+phrase run rings round
534.20him and a fallse roude axehand (he is cunvesser to Saunter's
534.20+Falls Road, Belfast (Roman Catholic area)
534.20+rude accent
534.20+Red Hand of Ulster
534.20+canvasser (Bloom was in James Joyce: Ulysses)
534.20+Saunders's News-Letter: Dublin journal, 1777-1802
534.21Nocelettres and the Poe's Toffee's Directory in his pisness), the
534.21+French noce: wedding, marriage
534.21+Spanish noche: night
534.21+Nightletter [308.16]
534.21+French lettres: letters
534.21+Edgar Allan Poe
534.21+Post Office Directory (Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin) [.27]
534.22best begrudged man in Belgradia who doth not belease to our
534.22+'There was a young man from Belgravia, Who believed not in God nor in Saviour, He walked down the Strand With his balls in his hand, and was had up for indecent behaviour' (limerick) [.26-.27] [.30-.31]
534.22+'There was a young man from Belgravia, Who didn't believe in Our Saviour; He walked down the Strand With his tool in his hand, and was fined for indecent behaviour' (limerick) [.26-.27] [.30-.31]
534.22+VI.B.29.120k (k): 'Belgravia'
534.22+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XVI, 'London', 939c: '"Mayfair," north of Piccadilly, and "Belgravia," south of Knightsbridge, are common though unofficial names for the richest residential districts'
534.22+Belgrade: capital of Serbia
534.22+Legalese lease: a contract for conveying real estate in return for rent
534.23paviour) to my nonesuch, that highest personage at moments
534.23+Thomas Pavier: literary forger
534.23+Legalese payor: a party that pays
534.23+nonesuch: an unmatched thing or person, a paragon
534.23+Nonsuch Palace: a palace built by Henry VIII in Surrey
534.24holding down the throne. So to speak of beauty scouts in elegant
534.24+VI.B.1.008k (r): 'holding down throne'
534.24+beauty spots [220.07]
534.25pursuit of flowers, searchers for tabernacles and the celluloid art!
534.25+Werner: Brigham Young 286: 'A large part of the Mormon celestial world is inhabited by spirits, who go about... searching for tabernacles... or earthly bodies' (hence, the need for extensive reproduction and polygamy) [.14]
534.25+Archer (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
534.25+(cinema industry in California)
534.25+(photography, a hobby of Lewis Carroll)
534.26Happen seen sore eynes belived? The caca cad! He walked by
534.26+German Haben Sie so eines erlebt?: Have you experienced one like that?
534.26+phrase must be seen to be believed
534.26+phrase sight for sore eyes
534.26+Dutch beleven: to experience
534.26+Italian caca: shit
534.26+(Motif: stuttering)
534.27North Strand with his Thom's towel in hand. Snakeeye! Strangler
534.27+North Strand Road, Dublin
534.27+North River, New York City
534.27+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (Post Office Directory) [.21]
534.27+Danish domstol: court of justice
534.27+VI.B.7.136c (b): 'Sigurd Snakeye'
534.27+Mawer: The Vikings 44: 'Besides these Viking leaders, who were active in the Low Countries, we have the names of several others who were busy in France itself. The most famous of these were the sons of Ragnarr Loðbrók. Berno, who first appeared on the Seine in 855, was Björn Ironside, while it is quite possible that the Sidroc who accompanied him was Sigurd Snake-eye, another son of that famous leader'
534.27+snake eyes: double one in dice
534.27+French Slang étrangler un perroquet: to drink absinthe (literally 'strangle a parrot'; from its green colour)
534.28of soffiacated green parrots! I protest it that he is, by my
534.28+Italian soffiare: to blow
534.28+Sofia, Bulgaria
534.28+Green (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
534.29wipehalf. He was leaving out of my double inns while he was all
534.29+halfwife, wholewife [532.15] [533.04]
534.29+double/single in/exit
534.29+double n's
534.30teppling over my single ixits. So was keshaned on for his recent
534.30+German Dialect Tepp: idiot, senile
534.30+Keshan (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
534.30+Hebrew kenass: a fine
534.31behaviour. Sherlook is lorking for him. Allare beltspanners.
534.31+Lorcan Sherlock (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
534.31+Sherlock Holmes
534.31+all are
534.31+all our
534.31+VI.B.29.003a (o): 'Baltes spaniere'
534.31+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXV, 'Stockholm', 936a: 'a bronze cast of the famous group of J. P. Molin (1859), the Bältespännare (belt-bucklers), representing an early form of duel in Scandinavia, in which the combatants were bound together by their belts'
534.32Get your air curt! Shame upon Private M! Shames on his ful-
534.32+VI.B.29.182f (o): 'get your hair cut'
534.32+phrase get off the air (radio)
534.32+curt: short
534.32+Travers Smith: Psychic Messages from Oscar Wilde 40: (dead Oscar Wilde speaking) 'Shame upon Joyce, shame on his work, shame on his lying soul'
534.33someness! Shamus on his atkinscum's lulul lying suulen for an
534.33+Atkinson (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
534.33+Slang cum: semen
534.33+Dutch Slang lul: penis
534.34outcast mastiff littered in blood currish! Eristocras till Hanging
534.34+Warburton, Whitelaw & Walsh: History of the City of Dublin I.187: 'A.D. 1530. Sir William Skeffington was appointed lord deputy, and having landed near Dublin, in August this year, together with the bishop of Meath, and the earl of Kildare, lately released from the persecutions of cardinal Wolsey, the mayor and citizens of Dublin met them... the lord deputy made answer in these words: "Mr. Mayor, and Mr. Recorder, you have at length, this nobleman here present, for whom you sore longed... and such butchers as of hatred thirsted after his blood, are now taken for outcast mastives, littered in currish blood"'
534.34+CEH (Motif: HCE)
534.34+song Çà ira: 'les aristocrates à la lanterne'
534.34+Danish til: to
534.34+Hanging Tower was on Dublin city walls by Back Lane
534.35Tower! Steck a javelin through his advowtried heart! Instaun-
534.35+German stecken: to stick, to put
534.35+(stake in heart: vampires, suicides)
534.35+Obsolete avowtrie: Archaic avoutry: adultery
534.35+Latin instanter: urgently
534.35+Staunton (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
534.36ton! Flap, my Larrybird! Dangle, my highflyer! Jiggety jig my
534.36+Slang ladybirds: lewd women
534.36+song The Night before Larry Was Stretched (i.e. hanged)
534.36+Slang dangle: to hang
534.36+VI.B.29.198g (o): 'highfliers'
534.36+Washington Irving: A History of New York, book IV, ch. V: 'for the punishment of poverty... the culprit... was hoisted by the waistband, and kept dangling and sprawling between heaven and earth for an hour or two... the little governor chuckled at beholding caitiff vagrants and sturdy beggars thus swinging by the crupper, and cutting antic gambols in the air... he called them... his high-fliers' [535.01]

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