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569.01what brilliant bridgecloths and joking up with his tonguespitz
569.01+Danish tungespids: tip of tongue
569.01+German spitz: sharp
569.01+German Spitze: tip
569.02to the crimosing balkonladies, here's a help undo their modest
569.02+Archaic crimosin: crimson
569.02+German Balkon: balcony
569.02+French balcon: prominent female bust
569.02+song Here's a Health unto His Majesty
569.02+modesty: slight covering for lowcut neck
569.03stays with a fullbelow may the funnyfeelbelong. Oddsbones,
569.03+furbelow: flounce
569.03+odds bods
569.04that may it! Carilloners will ring their gluckspeels. Rng rng!
569.04+carillon: set of hung bells
569.04+German Glücksspiel: game of luck, game of chance
569.04+(church bells ringing)
569.05Rng rng! S. Presbutt-in-the-North, S. Mark Underloop,
569.05+Motif: 4 cardinal points [.05-.06]
569.05+Presbyterian (Findlater's) church, on the northeastern corner of Rutland Square, North Dublin (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.05+Saint Mark's church, on Great Brunswick Street, almost directly under the Loop Line railway bridge, South Dublin (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.06S. Lorenz-by-the-Toolechest, S. Nicholas Myre. You shall
569.06+Saint Laurence O'Toole's church, was, in 1904, two doors away from an engineering works in Seville Place, East Dublin (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.06+Saint Nicholas of Myra's church, on Francis Street, West Dublin (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.07hark to anune S. Gardener, S. George-le-Greek, S. Barclay
569.07+Saint Francis Xavier's church, on Upper Gardiner Street (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.07+Saint George's church, on Hardwicke Place (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.07+Saint Joseph's church, on Berkeley Street (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.08Moitered, S. Phibb, Iona-in-the-Fields with Paull-the-Aposteln.
569.08+Anglo-Irish moidered: annoyed, persecuted
569.08+All Saints' church, on Phibsborough Road (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.08+Saint Columba's church, on Iona Road, Glasnevin (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.08+Saint Paul's church, on King Street North, Arran Quay (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.08+German Aposteln: apostles
569.09And audialterand: S. Jude-at-Gate, Bruno Friars, S. Weslen-
569.09+on the other hand (i.e. southern side of Dublin)
569.09+Saint Jude's church, on Inchicore Road, Kilmainham, near the gates of the Royal Hospital (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.09+Saint Mary of the Angels church, popularly known as Brown Friars' church, on Church Street (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.09+Russian veslo: oar
569.09+Saint Andrew's church, on Westland Row (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.10on-the-Row, S. Molyneux Without, S. Mary Stillamaries with
569.10+Old Molyneux church, on Bride Street (disused) (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.10+Stella Maris church, in Sandymount (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.11Bride-and-Audeons-behind-Wardborg. How chimant in effect!
569.11+Saint Bride's church, near Saint Werburgh's church, on Werburgh Street (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.11+Saint Audoen's church, near Saint Werburgh's church, on Werburgh Street (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.11+Wardrobe Tower, Dublin Castle
569.11+HCE (Motif: HCE)
569.12Alla tingaling pealabells! So a many of churches one cannot
569.12+Anna Livia Plurabelle (Motif: ALP)
569.12+VI.C.3.157o (b): === VI.B.1.151d ( ): 'So many churches can't hear own prayers'
569.12+Crawford: Back to the Long Grass 101: 'Yet no country in the world, says Lobo, is so full of churches, monasteries, and ecclesiastics as Abyssinia. It is not possible to sing in one church or monastery without being heard by another, and perhaps by several'
569.13pray own's prayers. 'Tis holyyear's day! Juin jully we may!
569.13+Pope Pius XI designated 1925 as a Holy Year
569.14Agithetta and Tranquilla shall demure umclaused but Marl-
569.14+Saint Agatha's church, on William Street North (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.14+Tranquilla Convent, in Rathmines (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.14+claustral: pertaining to a cloister, cloister-like
569.14+Saint Thomas's church, on Marlborough Street, which also contains the larger Catholic Pro-Cathedral (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.15borough-the-Less, Greatchrist and Holy Protector shall have
569.15+Christ Church Cathedral, on Christ Church Place (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.15+Saint Patrick's Cathedral, on Patrick Street (Cluster: Churches in Dublin)
569.16open virgilances. Beata Basilica! But will be not pontifi-
569.16+Sortes Vergilianae: divination by opening Virgil's works at random
569.16+Latin beata: blessed
569.16+pontifex and primate
569.17cation? Dock, dock, agame! Primatially. At wateredge. Can-
569.17+German doch! doch!: oh yes!
569.17+Canterbury and York archdioceses
569.17+Canberra and New York
569.18taberra and Neweryork may supprecate when, by vepers, for
569.18+supplicate (Motif: L/R)
569.18+Latin precare: to pray
569.19towned and travalled, his goldwhite swaystick aloft ylifted,
569.19+VI.B.3.100b (r): 'golden swastika'
569.19+swaying stick lifted aloft
569.20umbrilla-parasoul, Monsigneur of Deublan shall impart to all.
569.20+(umbrella-like lotus of the world arising from the sleeping god's umbilicus in Hindu mythology)
569.20+hieroglyph for khaibit (shadow) is in the form of a parasol or umbrella (Budge: The Book of the Dead cxlvii) [570.29]
569.20+Sanskrit para: supreme
569.21Benedictus benedicat! To board! And mealsight! Unjoint him
569.21+Anglican grace at meals: 'Benedictus benedicat': 'May the blessed one bless'
569.21+German Mahlzeit!: good appetite!
569.21+Randle Holme: The Academy of Armory and Blazonry (1688), III.3.78: 'Terms for Carving and Serving... Unlace that Coney. Chine that Salmon... Culpon that Trout... Tranch that Sturgeon... Barb that Lobster... Sauce that Capon... Frust that Chicken... Display that Crane... Unjoynt that Bittern... Allay that Pheasant... Thigh that Pigeon, and Woodcock' [.21-.23] [.26-.27] [244.29] [249.04]
569.22this bittern, frust me this chicken, display yon crane, thigh her
569.23her pigeon, unlace allay rabbit and pheasant! Sing: Old Finncoole,
569.23+nursery rhyme 'Old King Cole was a merry old soul... and he sent for his fiddlers three'
569.23+Finn MacCool
569.24he's a mellow old saoul when he swills with his fuddlers free!
569.24+French saoul: drunk
569.24+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation saoul: soul
569.25Poppop array! For we're all jollygame fellhellows which no-
569.25+Motif: A/O
569.25+phrase hip, hip, hurray! (cheer)
569.25+song 'For he's a jolly good fellow... Which nobody can deny'
569.25+phrase hail fellow well met
569.26bottle can deny! Here be trouts culponed for ye and salmons
569.27chined and sturgeons tranched, sanced capons, lobsters barbed.
569.28Call halton eatwords! Mumm me moe mummers! What, no
569.28+CHE (Motif: HCE)
569.28+Hilton Edwards: 20th century Dublin actor-manager
569.28+Mumm Champagne
569.28+tell me no
569.29Ithalians? How, not one Moll Pamelas? Accordingly! Play actors
569.29+Thalia: muse of comedy
569.29+Defoe: Moll Flanders
569.29+Melpomenê: muse of tragedy
569.29+Richardson: Pamela
569.30by us ever have crash to their gate. Mr Messop and Mr Borry will
569.30+EHC (Motif: HCE)
569.30+Gate Theatre, Dublin
569.30+Henry Mossop and Spranger Barry: rival and contrasting (imperious Mossop and emotional Barry) actor-managers in 18th century Dublin Crow Street and Smock Alley theatres
569.31produce of themselves, as they're two genitalmen of Veruno,
569.31+William Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona
569.31+Italian veruno: anyone, no-one
569.32Senior Nowno and Senior Brolano (finaly! finaly!), all for love of
569.32+Motif: Browne/Nolan
569.32+John Dryden: All for Love
569.33a fair penitent that, a she be broughton, rhoda's a rosy she. Their
569.33+Nicholas Rowe: The Fair Penitent (1703 play, performed in Dublin)
569.33+brought on (to stage)
569.33+Rhoda Broughton: Red As a Rose Is She (Irish romantic novel whose heroine, 'Essie', gets engaged to two men at once)
569.33+Greek rhoda: roses
569.33+Greek Slang rhoda: female genitalia
569.33+Anglo-Irish rossy: impudent girl, brazen woman
569.34two big skins! How they strave to gat her! Such a boyplay! Their
569.34+German Slang gatten: to have sex with
569.34+Synge: The Playboy of the Western World
569.34+by-play: acting carried on aside, during main action
569.35bouchicaulture! What tyronte power! Buy our fays! My name is
569.35+French bouche: mouth
569.35+Dion Boucicault: famous 19th century Irish playwright (author of Boucicault: Arrah-na-Pogue, Boucicault: The Colleen Bawn, and Boucicault: other plays)
569.35+Tyrone Power: American actor
569.35+by my faith!
569.35+W. and F. Fay: actors of early Abbey Theatre
569.35+John Home: Douglas: 'My name is Norval; on the Grampian hills My father feeds his flocks; a frugal swain' (Joyce's favourite example of a bad writer; quoted in his notes for James Joyce: Ulysses) [570.01]
569.36novel and on the Granby in hills. Bravose! Thou traitor slave!
569.36+Granby: Dublin actor

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