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576.01scabie, handed down to the jury of the Liffey that, as a matter of
576.02tact, the woman they gave as free was born into contractual in-
576.02+Hall Caine (1853-1931 Manx novelist): The Woman Thou Gavest Me (1913)
576.03capacity (the Calif of Man v the Eaudelusk Company) when, how
576.03+Calf of Man, on the Isle of Man
576.03+French eau de vie: brandy
576.03+odalisque: concubine in harem
576.03+Irish duileasc: edible seaweed
576.03+Lusk: village, County Dublin
576.04and where mamy's mancipium act did not apply and therefore held
576.04+VI.B.7.239b (g): 'mancipium'
576.04+Vico: Principj di una Scienza Nuova II.xxvi: (of acquisition of land) 'Determinazione delle prime Occupazioni, Usucapioni e Mancipazioni' (Italian 'Determination of the first Occupations, Usucaptions and Mancipations') [537.23]
576.04+Latin mancipium: in Roman law, the formal transfer of ownership through a process of solemn witnessed verbal contract; land, goods or slaves so purchased
576.05supremely that, as no property in law can exist in a corpse,
576.06(Hal Kilbride v Una Bellina) Pepigi's pact was pure piffle (loud
576.06+Henry VIII (who killed two of his brides) and Anne Boleyn (one of the two)
576.06+Kilbride, village, County Wicklow
576.06+Italian una bellina: a pretty tale
576.06+Ballina, town, County Mayo
576.06+Latin pepigi: I have fastened, I have promised, I have driven in [.08] [575.29]
576.07laughter) and Wharrem would whistle for the rhino. Will you,
576.07+Slang rhino: money
576.07+Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ch. X: 'Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?'
576.08won't you, pango with Pepigi? Not for Nancy, how dare you do!
576.08+Latin pango: I fasten, I promise, I drive in [.06] [574.28]
576.08+how do you do
576.09And whew whewwhew whew.
576.10    — He sighed in sleep.
576.10+{{Synopsis: III.4.4M.A: [576.10-576.17]: let us go back to bed — from the twins' room to the parents'}}
576.11    — Let us go back.
576.12    — Lest he forewaken.
576.12+German verwachen: stay awake
576.13    — Hide ourselves.
576.14     While hovering dreamwings, folding around, will hide from
576.14+[355.15] [565.30] [566.05] [578.01] [580.21] [583.23] [585.20] [590.27]
576.15fears my wee mee mannikin, keep my big wig long strong mano-
576.15+Manneken-Pis: statue in Brussels of a child urinating
576.15+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...keep my...} | {Png: ...keep by...}
576.15+man o' men
576.16men, guard my bairn, mon beau.
576.16+French mon beau: my beautiful (masculine)
576.17    — To bed.
576.18     Prospector projector and boomooster giant builder of all
576.18+{{Synopsis: III.4.4M.B: [576.18-577.35]: a prayer to a road-creating divinity — for the parents' safe journey between the rooms, back to the conjugal bed}}
576.18+nursery rhyme Hector Protector
576.18+Dutch boom: tree
576.18+German Baumeister: master builder
576.18+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: The Master Builder
576.18+Dutch oost: east
576.18+Giant's Causeway, County Antrim
576.19causeways woesoever, hopping offpoint and true terminus of
576.19+hopping-off point
576.20straxstraightcuts and corkscrewn perambulaups, zeal whence to
576.20+Swedish strax: Danish straks: Norwegian straks: German stracks: immediately, at once, straightaway, straight
576.20+straight/corkscrewed (roads)
576.20+German Ziel: goal
576.21goal whither, wonderlust, in sequence to which every muckle
576.21+proverb Many a little makes a mickle (sometimes 'many a mickle makes a muckle', although both mean 'much')
576.22must make its mickle, as different as York from Leeds, being the
576.22+proverb As different as chalk from cheese
576.23only wise in a muck's world to look on itself from beforehand;
576.23+Irish muc: pig
576.24mirrorminded curiositease and would-to-the-large which bring
576.24+Samuel Taylor Coleridge: other works: Biographia Literaria, ch. 15: 'myriad-minded Shakespeare' (mentioned in James Joyce: Ulysses.9.768)
576.25hills to molehunter, home through first husband, perils behind
576.25+bring mountains to Mohammed
576.25+phrase making a mountain out of a molehill
576.25+Stevenson: 'and the hunter home from the hill'
576.25+Matthew 7:6: 'pearls before swine'
576.26swine and horsepower down to hungerford, prick this man and
576.26+Hungerford: three English villages and towns
576.26+Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin)
576.26+Ford car
576.26+Slang prick: penis
576.27tittup this woman, our forced payrents, Bogy Bobow with his
576.27+our first parents (Adam and Eve)
576.27+pay rent
576.27+Russian Bog: God
576.27+Italian babau: bogy, dreaded monster
576.27+Slang bow: penis
576.28cunnyngnest couchmare, Big Maester Finnykin with Phenicia
576.28+Slang cunt: female genitalia
576.28+Conyngham Road, Dublin
576.28+couch (of psychoanalyst)
576.28+French cauchemar: nightmare
576.28+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Bygmester Solness (The Master Builder)
576.28+Phoenix Park
576.29Parkes, lame of his ear and gape of her leg, most correctingly,
576.30we beseach of you, down their laddercase of nightwatch service
576.31and bring them at suntime flush with the nethermost gangrung
576.31+(bottom rung)
576.31+Dialect gang: walk, go
576.32of their stepchildren, guide them through the labyrinth of their
576.33samilikes and the alteregoases of their pseudoselves, hedge them
576.34bothways from all roamers whose names are ligious, from loss
576.34+German Römer: Romans
576.34+Mark 5:9: 'My name is Legion'
576.34+Italian ligio: faithful, obedient
576.35of bearings deliver them; so they keep to their rights and be
576.36ware of duty frees, neoliffic smith and magdalenian jinnyjones,
576.36+duty-free liquor on voyage
576.36+Neolithic period
576.36+Magdalenian culture in the Upper Palæolithic period
576.36+Anglo-Irish jinnyjos: airborne seeds (e.g. dandelion's), thistledown
576.36+Jenny Jones: character in Tom Jones

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