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578.01wind on the road outside for to wake all shivering shanks from
578.01+[355.15] [565.30] [566.05] [576.14] [580.21] [583.23] [585.20] [590.27]
578.02+Snorri Sturluson: 13th century Icelandic historian, author or compiler of the Prose Eddas and Heimskringla (Sturlason: Heimskringla, The Olaf Sagas)
578.03     But. Oom Godd his villen, who will he be, this mitryman, some
578.03+{{Synopsis: III.4.4P.A: [578.03-578.15]: who is he? — the big tavern-keeper in his nighshirt, nightcap and socks}}
578.03+Dutch oom: uncle
578.03+German um Gottes Willen: for God's sake
578.03+(pope with mitre)
578.04king of the yeast, in his chrismy greyed brunzewig, with the snow
578.04+chrism: consecrated oil (from Greek chrisma: annointing)
578.04+Great Brunswick Street, Dublin
578.05in his mouth and the caspian asthma, so bulk of build? Relics of
578.05+Caspian Sea
578.06pharrer and livite! Dik Gill, Tum Lung or Macfinnan's cool
578.06+German Pfarrer: pastor, priest
578.06+Motif: Tom, Dick and Harry
578.06+Motif: Gaping Gill
578.06+fin, gill, lung (evolution of respiratory surfaces)
578.06+Finn MacCool [.10]
578.06+Finnan haddy: haddock cured with smoke of green wood, turf or peat
578.07Harryng? He has only his hedcosycasket on and his wollsey
578.07+French casquette: cap
578.07+woolsey: woolen
578.08shirtplisse with peascod doublet, also his feet wear doubled width
578.08+French plisser: pleat
578.08+peascod: pea pod
578.08+O'Shea: Charles Stewart Parnell II.116: (of Parnell's feet) 'Sir Henry Thompson warned me that it was most important for Mr. Parnell's health that his feet should be kept very warm, as his circulation was bad.... I always insisted upon his frequently changing his shoes and socks when he was at home, and gave him a little black bag containing a change whenever he was sure to be away for a few hours'
578.09socks for he always must to insure warm sleep between a pair of
578.10fullyfleeced bankers like a finnoc in a cauwl. Can thus be Misthra
578.10+finnoc: a white trout
578.10+Irish fionnóg: fair maiden
578.10+Finn MacCool [.06]
578.10+Mithra: Zoroastrian divinity of light and oath
578.11Norkmann that keeps our hotel? Begor, Mr O'Sorgmann, you're
578.11+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: John Gabriel Borkman
578.11+song 'Are you the O'Reilly that keeps this hotel?... Begorra, O'Reilly, you're looking right well'
578.11+German sorgen: to worry, to sorrow
578.11+Man of Sorrows
578.11+German Mann: man
578.12looking right well! Hecklar's champion ethnicist. How deft as a
578.12+HCE (Motif: HCE)
578.12+Mount Hekla, volcano, Iceland
578.12+Mount Etna, volcano, Sicily
578.13fuchser schouws daft as a fish! He's the dibble's own doges for
578.13+German Fuchs: fox
578.13+Dutch schouw: fireplace, chimney
578.13+German schauen: to look
578.13+Doge: ruler of Venice
578.14doublin existents! But a jolly fine daysent form of one word.
578.14+Sir George Webbe Dasent: translator of Prose Edda into English
578.14+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation daysent: decent
578.15He's rounding up on his family.
578.16     And who is the bodikin by him, sir? So voulzievalsshie? With
578.16+{{Synopsis: III.4.4P.B: [578.16-578.28]: who is she? — the little missus holding the lamp}}
578.16+Voulzie, France (Cluster: Rivers)
578.16+Valsch, Africa (Cluster: Rivers)
578.17ybbs and zabs? Her trixiestrail is tripping her, vop! Luck at the
578.17+Ybbs, Austria (Cluster: Rivers)
578.17+Ys and Zs
578.17+phrase dibs and dabs
578.17+Zab, Iraq (Cluster: Rivers)
578.17+(nightgown's tail)
578.17+Vop, Russia (Cluster: Rivers)
578.18way for the lucre of smoke she's looping the lamp! Why, that's
578.18+phrase for the love of Mike
578.19old missness wipethemdry! Well, well, wellsowells! Donau-
578.19+wipe them dry
578.19+Wells, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
578.19+Sow, England (Cluster: Rivers)
578.19+German Donau: Danube (Cluster: Rivers)
578.19+German Donnerwetter! (expletive; literally 'thunder weather')
578.20watter! Ardechious me! With her halfbend as proud as a peahen,
578.20+Ardèche, France (Cluster: Rivers)
578.21allabalmy, and her troutbeck quiverlipe, ninyananya. And her
578.21+Alabama, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
578.21+Trout Beck, England (Cluster: Rivers)
578.21+Dutch bek: mouth
578.21+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...ninyananya...} | {Png: ...ninya-nanya...}
578.21+Italian ninna nanna: lullaby
578.21+Hungarian anya: mother
578.22steptojazyma's culunder buzztle. Happy tea area, naughtygay
578.22+Septuagesima [102.15]
578.22+French cul: arse
578.22+calendar puzzle [102.10]
578.22+German Habe die Ehre, gnädige Frau!: I have the honour, gracious lady! (conventional salutation)
578.23frew! Selling sunlit sopes to washtout winches and rhaincold
578.23+Sunlight Soap: the world's first packaged and branded laundry and household soap, introduced in 1884
578.23+washed-out wenches
578.23+Rhine (Cluster: Rivers)
578.23+Rheingold beer (American)
578.23+Wagner: Das Rheingold
578.24draughts to the props of his pubs. She tired lipping the swells at
578.24+tried lapping the swills
578.25Pont Delisle till she jumped the boom at Brounemouth. Now
578.25+French pont de l'isle: island-bridge
578.25+Islandbridge: district of Dublin
578.26she's borrid his head under Hatesbury's Hatch and loamed his
578.26+phrase bury the hatchet
578.26+Heytesbury Street, Dublin
578.26+Hatch Street, Dublin
578.27fate to old Love Lane. And she's just the same old haporth of
578.27+Love Lane, Dublin (Old Love Lane became Sackville Avenue)
578.28dripping. She's even brennt her hair.
578.28+dripping: fat from roast meat
578.28+German brennt: burns
578.28+Brent, England (Cluster: Rivers)
578.29     Which route are they going? Why? Angell sitter or Amen
578.29+{{Synopsis: III.4.4P.C: [578.29-579.26]: they are coming back down the stairs to their room — down the way they went up}}
578.29+The Angel, Islington, London
578.29+Amen Corner, London (near Saint Paul's)
578.30Corner, Norwood's Southwalk or Euston Waste? The solvent
578.30+Norwood, Southwark and Euston (London)
578.30+Motif: 4 cardinal points
578.31man in his upper gambeson withnot a breth against him and the
578.31+gambeson: 14th century military tunic
578.31+Obsolete breth: fury, rage
578.32wee wiping womanahoussy. They're coming terug their dia-
578.32+Anglo-Irish woman of the house: mistress, housewife
578.32+Dutch terug: back (adverb)
578.33mond wedding tour, giant's inchly elfkin's ell, vesting their char-
578.33+inch by
578.33+1 ell = 45 inches
578.33+vesting: dressing
578.34acters vixendevolment, andens aller, athors err, our first day man
578.34+Italian vicendevolmente: mutually, reciprocally
578.34+Devol, Turkey (Cluster: Rivers)
578.34+Danish anden: other
578.34+Kierkegaard: Enten-Eller (Either/Or)
578.34+German aller: of all
578.34+Aller, Germany (Cluster: Rivers)
578.34+Mount Athos, Greece
578.34+Mount Err (Piz d'Err), Switzerland
578.34+Danish er: are
578.34+Dayman, South America (Cluster: Rivers)
578.35and your dresser and mine, that Luxuumburgher evec cettehis
578.35+Luxembourg is on the Alzette river (Cluster: Rivers)
578.35+ECH (Motif: HCE)
578.35+French avec cette: with this (feminine)
578.36Alzette, konyglik shire with his queensh countess, Stepney's
578.36+German königlich: royal
578.36+King's and Queen's Counties (County Offaly and County Leix)
578.36+Stepney, London
578.36+Dr Barnardo's Homes, for stray and waif children, had house at Strepney Causeway, London

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