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581.01     Anyhow (the matter is a troublous and a peniloose) have they
581.01+{{Synopsis: III.4.4P.F: [581.01-581.36]: was he not verbally assaulted, abhored, made amenable? — by his drunk customers on their way home}}
581.02not called him at many's their mock indignation meeting, veh-
581.02+VI.B.14.151e (g): 'mock indignation meeting'
581.02+German Vehme: feud
581.02+vehmic: pertaining to the Vehmgericht, Westphalian secret tribunal, 12th to 16th century
581.03men's vengeance vective volleying, inwader and uitlander, the
581.03+Bectives: Irish rugby club
581.03+Dutch uitlander: foreigner
581.04notables, crashing libels in their sullivan's mounted beards about
581.04+VI.B.5.056g (g): 'notables'
581.04+(*O*) [573.07]
581.04+Percy French: song Slattery's Mounted Foot
581.05him, their right renownsable patriarch? Heinz cans everywhere
581.05+HCE (Motif: HCE)
581.05+Heinz canned foods
581.06and the swanee her ainsell and Eyrewaker's family sock that they
581.06+song Swanee River [.28]
581.06+Scottish her ainsel': herself (*A*)
581.07smuggled to life betune them, roaring (Big Reilly was the worst):
581.07+Anglo-Irish betune: between
581.08free boose for the man from the nark, sure, he never was worth
581.08+(Noah got drunk and exposed himself before his daughters [.25])
581.09a cornerwall fark, and his banishee's bedpan she's a quareold bite
581.09+Mark of Cornwall
581.09+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation quare: queer
581.09+queer old bit of a tart
581.10of a tark: as they wendelled their zingaway wivewards from his
581.10+Oliver Wendell Holmes [.12]: author of The Professor at the Breakfast-Table [124.09-.10] and The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table [434.31]
581.10+wended their way
581.10+Zingari Cricket Club, London
581.10+Italian zingari: gypsies
581.11find me cool's moist opulent vinery, highjacking through the
581.11+Finn MacCool
581.12nagginneck pass, as they hauled home with their hogsheads,
581.12+Archaic naggin: noggin, mug, cup
581.12+neck and neck
581.12+Holmes [.10]
581.13axpoxtelating, and claiming cowled consollation, sursumcordial,
581.13+VI.B.14.043m (g): 'axpostolating apoxtelating'
581.13+cold consolation
581.13+Latin sursum corda: lift up your hearts
581.14from the bluefunkfires of the dipper and the martian's frost?
581.14+Slang blue funk: extreme fear
581.14+German Funke: spark
581.14+Big Dipper constellation (Great Bear)
581.14+VI.B.3.105b (r): 'Martin (Marsicolae)' (i.e. Martian (Mars-dwellers))
581.14+O. Henry: The Four Million 28: 'A Cosmopolite in a Café': 'Here I had found a man not made from dust; one who had no narrow boasts of birthplace or country, one who, if he bragged at all, would brag of his whole round globe against the Martians and the inhabitants of the Moon'
581.15     Use they not, our noesmall termtraders, to abhors offrom
581.16him, the yet unregendered thunderslog, whose sbrogue cunneth
581.16+Dutch donderslag: thunderclap
581.16+Danish sprog: language
581.16+Irish barróg: speech defect (whence 'brogue')
581.17none lordmade undersiding, how betwixt wifely rule and mens
581.17+German Unterscheidung: distinction
581.17+Virgil: Aeneid I.604: 'mens sibi conscia recti' (Latin 'mind informed with the right')
581.18conscia recti, then hemale man all unbracing to omniwomen, but
581.18+Latin omnis: all
581.19now shedropping his hitches like any maidavale oppersite orse-
581.19+phrase dropping his H's
581.19+Maida Vale, London
581.20riders in an idinhole? Ah, dearo! Dearo, dear! And her illian!
581.20+hiding hole
581.20+Motif: Adear, adear!
581.20+Low Latin ilium: groin, flank
581.21And his willyum! When they were all there now, matinmarked
581.21+French matin: morning
581.21+Motif: 4 evangelists (Mamalujo) (*X*)
581.22for lookin on. At the carryfour with awlus plawshus, their happy-
581.22+(ass carrying *X*)
581.22+French carrefour: crossroads (*X*)
581.22+Aulus Plautius: Roman general invading Britain for emperor Claudius, A.D. 43
581.22+Aulus Plautius: an ass owned by Phyllis Moss, an acquaintance of the Joyces in the 1920s, when a child in Ireland
581.22+Appius Claudius built first veritable Roman road, the Via Appia, in 312 B.C.
581.22+habeas corpus
581.23ass cloudious! And then and too the trivials! And their bivouac!
581.23+one and two
581.23+VI.B.16.105k (g): 'trivial'
581.23+Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 38: 'Thus, from a trivial episode, was I projected into a sleepless night'
581.23+Latin trivialis: pertaining to the crossroads [.22]
581.23+tri-, bi-, mono-: three-, two-, one-
581.23+song Green Grow the Rushes — O: 'Three, three, the rivals'
581.24And his monomyth! Ah ho! Say no more about it! I'm sorry!
581.24+Greek monomythos: single word
581.24+Motif: Ah, ho!
581.24+VI.B.2.171g (g): 'say no more about it'
581.24+Graves: Irish Literary and Musical Studies 213: 'George Petrie as an Artist and Man of Letters': (quoting Petrie who is in turn quoting an Aran island priest, who is poorer than even his parishioners) 'what does a priest want more than subsistence? And that I have. Could I take anything from these poor people to procure me comforts which they require so much more themselves? No, no, Pat, say no more about it'
581.25I saw. I'm sorry! I'm sorry to say I saw!
581.26     Gives there not too amongst us after all events (or so grunts
581.26+German gibt es da nicht auch?: is there not there too?
581.26+VI.B.14.158m (g): 'so whispered a leading —'
581.27a leading hebdromadary) some togethergush of stillandbutall-
581.27+hebdomadary: member of a Roman Catholic chapter taking weekly turn in performance of sacred offices
581.27+Revue Hebdomadaire, Paris (weekly)
581.28youknow that, insofarforth as, all up and down the whole con-
581.28+song Swanee River: 'All up and down the whole creation' [.06]
581.29creation say, efficient first gets there finally every time, as a com-
581.29+Aristotle defines four causes: efficient, final, material and formal
581.30plex matter of pure form, for those excess and that pasphault
581.31hardhearingness from their eldfar, in grippes and rumblions,
581.31+Archaic eld: old
581.31+Danish far: father
581.31+French grippe: influenza
581.31+gripes: colic pains
581.31+Greeks and Romans
581.32through fresh taint and old treason, another like that alter but
581.32+fresh paint
581.32+Latin alter: other
581.32+German Alter: old man; age
581.33not quite such anander and stillandbut one not all the selfsame
581.33+Greek anandros: unmanly
581.33+German einander: another, each other
581.33+Dutch ander: other
581.34and butstillone just the maim and encore emmerhim may always,
581.34+but still one
581.34+French même: same
581.34+French encore: still, as yet
581.34+German immerhin: in spite of everything
581.35with a little difference, till the latest up to date so early in the
581.35+latest to date
581.35+nursery rhyme 'This is the way we wash our clothes... So early in the morning'
581.36morning, have evertheless been allmade amenable?

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