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584.01stoddard and trutted and trumpered, to see had lordherry's
584.01+A.E. Stoddart: English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.01+stuttered (Motif: stuttering)
584.01+A.E. and G.H.S. Trott: Australian cricketers (brothers) (Cluster: Cricket)
584.01+Strutt: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.01+Victor Trumper: Australian cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.01+Lord Harris: famous English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.02blackham's red bobby abbels, it tickled her innings to consort
584.02+J. McCarthy Blackham: Australian cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.02+red cherry: a name for the cricket ball (Cluster: Cricket)
584.02+phrase to bob for apples: to try to catch an apple, floating in water or dangling from a string, with one's mouth (as a game)
584.02+Robert Abel: English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket) [583.28]
584.02+phrase tickled her pink
584.02+innings: in cricket, a division of a match in which one team has its turn to bat (Cluster: Cricket)
584.02+concert pitch: one slightly higher than normal, used in concert for special effect
584.03pitch at kicksolock in the morm. Tipatonguing him on in her
584.03+pitch: in cricket, the area of ground between the two sets of stumps (Cluster: Cricket)
584.03+six o'clock in the morning [558.18]
584.03+Slang lock: female genitalia
584.04pigeony linguish, with a flick at the bails for lubrication, to scorch
584.04+Pidgin English
584.04+Latin lingua: tongue
584.04+bails: in cricket, the two horizontal wooden pieces of the wicket (Cluster: Cricket)
584.05her faster, faster. Ye hek, ye hok, ye hucky hiremonger! Magrath
584.05+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.1890: 'You hig, you hog, you dirty dog!'
584.05+Huckey: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.05+huck-backed: hump-backed
584.05+J. Iremonger: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.05+Mug Ruith: a legendary Irish druid (or possibly a druidic title meaning 'servant of the wheel')
584.06he's my pegger, he is, for bricking up all my old kent road.
584.06+Slang peg: fuck
584.06+peg: in cricket, old term for a stump (Cluster: Cricket)
584.06+Pegger Festy [091.01] [.05]
584.06+Slang prick: penis
584.06+song Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road
584.07He'll win your toss, flog your old tom's bowling and I darr ye,
584.07+toss: in cricket, coin flip to determine which team shall bat first (Cluster: Cricket)
584.07+flog the bowling: in cricket, hit hard and often (Cluster: Cricket)
584.07+song 'Here a sheer hulk lies poor Tom Bowling'
584.07+Tom Bowler: sailor in Smollett's Roderick Random
584.07+A.G. Daer: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.08barrackybuller, to break his duck! He's posh. I lob him. We're
584.08+C.F. Buller: English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.08+Slang break his duck: in cricket, score his first run (from Slang duck: in cricket, no score, no runs (short for 'duck's egg', with the same meaning); Cluster: Cricket)
584.08+lob: in cricket, bowl underarm (Cluster: Cricket)
584.09parring all Oogster till the empsyseas run googlie. Declare to
584.09+George Parr: English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.09+Dutch oog: eye
584.09+Dutch oogst: harvest
584.09+Flemish Oogst: August
584.09+Dutch ster: star
584.09+song My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose: 'till all the seas gang dry'
584.09+M.C.C.: Marylebone Cricket Club (the ruling body over English cricket) (Cluster: Cricket)
584.09+run (Cluster: Cricket)
584.09+googly: in cricket, offbreak bowled with legbreak action (Cluster: Cricket)
584.09+declare: in cricket, close innings (Cluster: Cricket)
584.10ashes and teste his metch! Three for two will do for me and he
584.10+the Ashes contested for at Test Match (Cluster: Cricket)
584.10+three for two: in cricket, three runs for two wickets (Cluster: Cricket)
584.10+song Tea for Two: 'Just tea for two and two for tea, Just me for you and you for me alone'
584.11for thee and she for you. Goeasyosey, for the grace of the fields,
584.11+go easy
584.11+W.G. Grace: English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.11+Gracie Fields: singer
584.11+field: in cricket, the entire game area (Cluster: Cricket)
584.12or hooley pooley, cuppy, we'll both be bye and by caught in the
584.12+Anglo-Irish hooley pooley: hubbub, great din (from Irish húille búille)
584.12+Edward Pooley: English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.12+Gubby Allen: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.12+bye: in cricket, run scored without batsman hitting ball (Cluster: Cricket)
584.12+caught in the slips: in cricket, mode of dismissal (Cluster: Cricket)
584.13slips for fear he'd tyre and burst his dunlops and waken her
584.13+Dunlop rubber tyres
584.13+(rubber condom)
584.13+C.E. Dunlop: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.14bornybarnies making his boobybabies. The game old merri-
584.14+Danish barnebarn: grandchild
584.14+game (Cluster: Cricket)
584.14+Grand Old Man: en epithet applied to W.G. Grace, famous English cricketer for over thirty years (Cluster: Cricket)
584.14+Grand Old Man: an epithet applied to Gladstone by his supporters
584.14+W.R. Merriman: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.14+Slang merryman: penis
584.15mynn, square to leg, with his lolleywide towelhat and his hobbsy
584.15+Alfred Mynn: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.15+square leg: cricket position (Cluster: Cricket)
584.15+Motif: 7 items of clothing [.15-.18]
584.15+Lillywhite: family of English cricketers (Cluster: Cricket)
584.15+Motif: White hat (Finn)
584.15+J.B. Hobbs: English cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.16socks and his wisden's bosse and his norsery pinafore and his
584.16+Wisden founded The Cricketers' Almanack (Cluster: Cricket) [583.28]
584.16+French bosse: hump [.18]
584.16+Nosworthy: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.16+the 'Nursery end' of Lord's Cricket Ground (Cluster: Cricket)
584.16+Pinney: cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.17gentleman's grip and his playaboy's plunge and his flannelly
584.17+cricketers divided into 'gentlemen' (amateurs) and 'players' (professionals) (Cluster: Cricket)
584.17+Rudyard Kipling: The Islanders (poem): (of cricketers) 'flannelled fools' (Cluster: Cricket)
584.18feelyfooling, treading her hump and hambledown like a maiden
584.18+tread: (of a male bird) copulate
584.18+Hambledon: Hampshire village, where cricket is said to have started (noted for cricket team in 18th century) (Cluster: Cricket)
584.18+maiden over: in cricket, one in which no runs scored (Cluster: Cricket)
584.19wellheld, ovalled over, with her crease where the pads of her
584.19+well held!: in cricket, said when difficult ball caught (Cluster: Cricket)
584.19+the Oval: cricket ground, London (Cluster: Cricket)
584.19+French Slang ovale: female genitalia
584.19+over and over
584.19+over (Cluster: Cricket)
584.19+(doggy-style or anal sex [582.30])
584.19+crease: in cricket, white line of pitch (Cluster: Cricket)
584.19+Colloquial the curse: menstruation
584.19+pads: in cricket, protective coverings for the legs (Cluster: Cricket)
584.19+menstrual pads
584.20punishments ought to be by womanish rights when, keek, the hen
584.20+punishment: severe handling, as dealt out by a cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.20+Scottish keek: to peep; a peep
584.20+hen of the Dorans [.25] [518.26]
584.21in the doran's shantyqueer began in a kikkery key to laugh it
584.21+chanticleer: a quasi-proper name applied to the cock (for example in the Reynard cycle)
584.21+Danish kikke: to peep
584.21+German kikiriki: cock-a-doodle-doo
584.22off, yeigh, yeigh, neigh, neigh, the way she was wuck to doodle-
584.22+yea, nay
584.22+wont to do
584.23doo by her gallows bird (how's that? Noball, he carries his bat!)
584.23+Latin gallus: cock
584.23+Slang bird: penis
584.23+how's that: in cricket, appeal for dismissal (Cluster: Cricket)
584.23+no ball: in cricket, ball unfairly delivered (Cluster: Cricket)
584.23+M.A. Noble: Australian cricketer (Cluster: Cricket)
584.23+carries his bat: in cricket, keeps batting through innings without dismissal (Cluster: Cricket)
584.24nine hundred and dirty too not out, at all times long past con-
584.24+132 not out: in cricket, score 132 in a row (i.e. carrying his bat), a feat performed by Robert Abel in 1893 (Cluster: Cricket) [.02]
584.25quering cock of the morgans.
584.25+cock of the Morgans [.20] [518.26]
584.25+Anglo-Irish phrase top of the morning
584.25+Hammerton's Concise Universal Biography gives title of Lady Morgan's The Wild Irish Girl as The Wild Irish Bird
584.25+German Morgen: morning
584.26     How blame us?
584.26+{{Synopsis: III.4.4P.I: [584.26-585.21]: the cock crows — many thanks are offered}}
584.27     Cocorico!
584.27+French cocorico: cock-a-doodle-doo (i.e. cock crow)
584.28     Armigerend everfasting horde. Rico! So the bill to the bowe.
584.28+armiger: one entitled to bear heraldic arms
584.28+almighty and everlasting Lord
584.28+gerent: ruling
584.28+Billy-in-the-Bowl: legless beggar and strangler in old Dublin [135.13]
584.28+Bow Bells, London
584.29As the belle to the beau. We herewith pleased returned auditors'
584.29+French belle: beautiful (feminine)
584.29+French beau: beautiful (masculine)
584.29+VI.B.5.004a (r): 'I return my many thanks'
584.29+are pleased to return
584.30thanks for those and their favours since safely enjoined. Coco-
584.31ree! Tellaman tillamie. Tubbernacul in tipherairy, sons, travel-
584.31+French tel... tel: such... such; as... so
584.31+Telamon: father of Ajax
584.31+French amie: friend (feminine)
584.31+French cul: arse
584.31+County Tipperary
584.32lers in company and their carriageable tochters, tanks tight anne
584.32+marriageable daughters
584.32+VI.B.3.002b (r): 'Is (a Tochter)'
584.32+German Tochter: daughter
584.32+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation tanks: thanks
584.32+thanks to
584.33thynne for her contractations tugowards his personeel. Echo,
584.33+Latin contractatio: theft
584.33+towards his person
584.33+Dutch personeel: staff of servants
584.33+ECH (Motif: HCE)
584.33+(cock crow) [585.03-.05]
584.34choree chorecho! O I you O you me! Well, we all unite thought-
584.34+choree: another name for trochee, a metrical foot (long-short; according to BMs (47473-137), Joyce apparently associated trochees with *I*)
584.34+Cluster: Well
584.35fully in rendering gratias, well, between loves repassed, begging
584.35+Latin gratias: thanks
584.35+Cluster: Well
584.36your honour's pardon for, well, exclusive pigtorial rights of here-
584.36+Cluster: Well
584.36+Motif: Hear, hear!

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