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604.01peechy. Say he that saw him that saw! Man shall sharp run
604.01+Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 387: 'The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne': (during Diarmuid's pursuit, he was asked after by foreigners who failed to recognise him and replied, truthfully but misleadingly) 'I have seen him that saw him to-day'
604.02do a get him. Ask no more, Jerry mine, Roga's voice! No
604.02+Roga [602.12-.13] [.18]
604.03pice soorkabatcha. The bog which puckerooed the posy. The
604.03+Downing: Digger Dialects 60: 'PICE — Money' (World War I Slang)
604.03+Downing: Digger Dialects 60: 'SOORKABATCHA — Son of a pig' (World War I Slang; Motif: Son of a bitch)
604.03+Russian Bog: God
604.03+Downing: Digger Dialects 59: 'PUCKERO — Take; seize. POZI — Jam. "Who puckerood the pozi?" Who took the jam?"' (World War I Slang)
604.04vinebranch of Heremonheber on Bregia's plane where Teffia lies
604.04+Weekly Irish Times 18 Jul 1936, 4: 'Irish Family Names: Finnegan': (ancient Finnegan family crest) 'A vine-branch leaved vert fructed proper' [.05]
604.04+Finnegan family said to descend from Heremon
604.04+Heremon and Heber: legendary progenitors of Irish race
604.04+Bregia: tribal land (a plain between the river Liffey and Boyne), County Meath, originally Heber's, taken by Heremon
604.04+Finnegans originated in Bregia and may have spread to Teffia
604.04+Teffia: tribal land, County Westmeath, west of Bregia
604.05is leaved invert and fructed proper but the cublic hatches endnot
604.05+Heraldry inverted: turned inward
604.05+Heraldry vert: green
604.05+Heraldry fructed: having fruit
604.05+Heraldry proper: in natural colouring
604.05+CHE (Motif: HCE)
604.05+public houses are not (Motif: P/K)
604.06open yet for hourly rincers' mess. Read Higgins, Cairns and Egen.
604.06+early risers' Mass
604.06+HCE (Motif: HCE)
604.06+Higgins and Egan families figure in lineage of Finnegans
604.06+John Eliot Cairns: Irish political economist
604.06+James Joyce: Ulysses.3.164: 'Kevin Egan of Paris'
604.07Malthus is yet lukked in close. Withun. How swathed there-
604.07+T.R. Malthus: 19th century British scholar, noted for his theories about population growth being inevitably checked by insufficient food resources
604.07+malt-house: building in which malt is prepared and stored
604.07+Danish hus: house
604.07+Danish lukket: shut
604.07+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Echo: 'How sweet the answer Echo makes' [air: The Wren]
604.08answer alcove makes theirinn! Besoakers loiter on. And primi-
604.08+their inn
604.08+Swedish besökare: visitor
604.08+soakers (boozers)
604.08+(first) libation
604.08+Italian prelibato: tasty, dainty
604.09libatory solicates of limon sodias will be absorbable. It is
604.09+silica, lime and soda fused in manufacture of glass
604.09+French limon: mud
604.09+lemon sodas
604.10not even yet the engine of the load with haled morries full of
604.10+EHC (Motif: HCE)
604.10+Matthew 1:20: 'angel of the Lord'
604.10+Angelus: 'The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary...' (said at six in the morning, at noon, and at six in the evening)
604.10+'Hail Mary, full of grace!' (morning prayers)
604.10+Morris truck
604.11crates, you mattinmummur, for dombell dumbs? Sure and 'tis
604.11+(milk crates)
604.11+Italian mattino: dawn
604.11+matins: morning prayers
604.11+Lord's Prayer: 'Thy kingdom come'
604.12not then. The greek Sideral Reulthway, as it havvents, will soon
604.12+Great Siberian Railway
604.12+sideral: caused by the stars, coming from the stars, of the stars, starry
604.12+Greek sidêrios: made of iron
604.12+Irish réal: star
604.12+Norwegian avvente: await
604.12+Italian avventarsi: to rush
604.13be starting a smooth with its first single hastencraft. Danny buz-
604.13+Swedish hästkraft: horsepower
604.13+Slang buzzer: motorcar
604.14zers instead of the vialact coloured milk train on the fartykket
604.14+Latin Via Lactea: Milky Way
604.14+Motif: red/violet
604.14+Father Finn: all works: On the Run
604.14+Swedish fartyget: the vessel, the ship
604.14+fare ticket
604.14+German Fahrplan: schedule, itinerary
604.15plan run with its endless gallaxion of rotatorattlers and the smool-
604.15+Greek ho galaxias: Milky Way
604.15+Swedish smultron: wild strawberry
604.15+small train
604.16troon our elderens rememberem as the scream of the service,
604.16+Swedish eldaren: the stoker
604.16+German Eltern: parents
604.16+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Let Erin Remember the Days of Old
604.17Strubry Bess. Also the waggonwobblers are still yet everdue to
604.17+The Strawberry Beds, Chapelizod
604.17+Dutch bes: berry
604.17+Ursa Major also called The Waggon
604.17+Motif: 4 elements (earth, air, water, fire)
604.18precipitate after night's combustion. Aspect, Shamus Rogua or!
604.18+Italian aspetta!: wait!
604.18+Roga [602.12-.13] [.02]
604.18+Motif: A/O
604.18+French or: gold
604.19Taceate and! Hagiographice canat Ecclesia. Which aubrey our
604.19+Latin tacete: be silent!
604.19+HCE (Motif: HCE)
604.19+Latin hagiographice canat Ecclesia: the church sings hagiographically
604.19+John Aubrey: Brief Lives
604.19+French aube: dawn
604.19+first ray (of dawn)
604.20first shall show. Inattendance who is who is will play that's what's
604.21that to what's that, what.
604.22     Oyes! Oyeses! Oyesesyeses! The primace of the Gaulls, pro-
604.22+{{Synopsis: IV.1.1.P: [604.22-604.26]: a radio announcement — a gale warning}}
604.22+Archaic Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!: Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! (traditional call of a public crier or court official; from Old French oyez!: hear ye!)
604.22+Irish gall: foreigner [.24]
604.22+protonotary: member of college of twelve prelates who register papal acts, keep records, etc.
604.23tonotorious, I yam as I yam, mitrogenerand in the free state on
604.23+Popeye the Sailor (1930s American cartoon character): 'I yam what I yam'
604.23+Exodus 3:14: 'I AM THAT I AM'
604.23+free nitrogen (atmospheric)
604.23+Irish Free State
604.24the air, is now aboil to blow a Gael warning. Inoperation Eyr-
604.24+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native) [.22]
604.24+gale warning
604.24+Ireland's Eye: small island off Howth
604.25lands Eyot, Meganesia, Habitant and the onebut thousand insels,
604.25+eyot: small island
604.25+Greek mega: big
604.25+1001 (The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night)
604.25+Spaeth: Read 'Em and Weep 122: (of song The Eastern Train) 'The editor first heard it in the late 'Nineties (when it was already an old song) while camping in the Thousand Islands'
604.25+Thousand Islands, Saint Lawrence river, Canada
604.25+German Insel: island
604.26Western and Osthern Approaches.
604.26+Western Approaches: Atlantic searoutes to British and Irish ports
604.26+German Ost: east
604.26+German Ostern: Easter
604.27     Of Kevin, of increate God the servant, of the Lord Creator a
604.27+{{Synopsis: IV.1.2.A: [604.27-606.12]: the tale of Saint Kevin at Glendalough — concentrically concentrating on the regeneration of man by water}}
604.27+(seven occurrences Cluster: Create in the tale)
604.27+Archaic increate: (of God) not created (Cluster: Create)
604.27+creator (Cluster: Create)
604.28filial fearer, who, given to the growing grass, took to the tall tim-
604.28+fear of the Lord (Cluster: 7 Gifts of the Holy Ghost, in reverse order of the common one)
604.28+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...who, given...} | {Png: ...who given...}
604.28+Downing: Digger Dialects 27, 56: 'GRASS — Issue tobacco... GRASS — Hair' (World War I Slang)
604.28+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...grass, took...} | {Png: ...grass took...}
604.28+Downing: Digger Dialects 49: 'TAKE TO THE TALL TIMBER (vb.) — Abscond' (World War I Slang)
604.28+Motif: Tom, Dick and Harry
604.29ber, slippery dick the springy heeler, as we have seen, so we
604.29+Downing: Digger Dialects 45, 42: 'SLIPPERY-DICK — See RUBBER-HEELED JACK... RUBBER HEEL JACK — A German high velocity field gun, whose shells travel too fast to be heard' (World War I Slang)
604.29+slippery dick: a name of a type of wrasse
604.29+Springheeled Dick: character in boys' comics
604.29+Downing: Digger Dialects 47: 'SPRING-HEEL — A man who, on joining a fighting unit, immediately finds a means of leaving it' (World War I Slang)
604.29+Psalms 48:8: 'As we have heard, so have we seen in the city of the Lord of hosts, in the city of our God' (Motif: ear/eye)
604.30have heard, what we have received, that we have transmitted,
604.30+Anglican Grace: 'For what we have received may the Lord make us truly thankful'
604.31thus we shall hope, this we shall pray till, in the search for
604.32love of knowledge through the comprehension of the unity in
604.33altruism through stupefaction, it may again how it may again,
604.34shearing aside the four wethers and passing over the dainty daily
604.34+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
604.35dairy and dropping by the way the lapful of live coals and
604.35+Lupita proved her chastity by carrying live coals without getting burned
604.36smoothing out Nelly Nettle and her lad of mettle, full of stings,
604.36+Saint Kevin at the age of twelve took refuge in a nettle shrub from a pretty girl chasing him, then stung her with nettles until she apologised and promised to dedicate herself to God
604.36+Slang mettle: semen

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