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618.01innocenth eyes. O, felicious coolpose! If all theMacCrawls would
618.01+Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)
618.01+MacCool: Finn's patronymic [617.11]
618.01+(snakes crawl) [617.11]
618.02only handle virgils like Armsworks, Limited! That's handsel for
618.02+hand, arms, limb, hands
618.02+Virgil: Aeneid I.1: 'I sing of arms and the man'
618.02+Viscount Harmsworth: Irish newspaper magnate
618.02+handsel: a gift for good luck on entering upon a new situation; the first specimen of anything, an auspicious first taste; earnest money, anything given as a pledge
618.02+pantomime Hansel and Gretel
618.03gertles! Never mind Micklemans! Chat us instead! The cad
618.03+(Father Michael)
618.03+cad with the pipe (*Y*)
618.04with the pope's wife, Lily Kinsella, who became the wife of
618.04+[205.11] [622.03]
618.04+Lilith: Adam's first wife (Kabbalah)
618.05Mr Sneakers for her good name in the hands of the kissing
618.05+VI.B.47.064a (g): 'for her good name'
618.06solicitor, will now engage in attentions. Just a prinche for to-
618.06+just a prince for tonight (pantomime and folktale motif)
618.07night! Pale bellies our mild cure, back and streaky ninepace.
618.07+VI.B.10.035f-h (r): 'bacon bellies mild cure 1/2 back & streaky, sliced 1/6'
618.07+Irish Times 16 Nov 1922, 3/7: 'Lipton's Prices Save You Money:... Imported Bacon... Back or Streaky, sliced 1/6... Bellies, Pale, Mild cure 1/2'
618.08The thicks off Bully's Acre was got up by Sully. The Boot lane
618.08+Bully's Acre: oldest Dublin cemetery, in the grounds of the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham
618.08+Sully, leader of the twelve (*O*) and Magrath's thug [495.01-.03] [573.06-.07]
618.08+Boot Lane, old Dublin
618.09brigade. And she had a certain medicine brought her in a
618.10licenced victualler's bottle. Shame! Thrice shame! We are
618.11advised the waxy is at the present in the Sweeps hospital and
618.11+Anglo-Irish waxy: cobbler (from use of wax-end for stitching)
618.11+Irish Hospital Sweepstakes
618.11+Swift bequeathed most of his fortune towards the founding of a lunatic asylum (Saint Patrick's Hospital, Dublin)
618.12that he may never come out! Only look through your leather-
618.13box one day with P.C.Q. about 4.32 or at 8 and 22.5 with the
618.13+according to tradition, Saint Patrick landed in Ireland in A.D. 432 (Motif: 432)
618.13+eight and twenty to five = 4:32 (Motif: 432)
618.14quart of scissions masters and clerk and the bevyhum of Marie
618.14+court of quarter sessions
618.14+BVM: Blessed Virgin Mary
618.14+Latin Maria Reparatrix: Mary the Restoress
618.15Reparatrices for a good allround sympowdhericks purge, full view,
618.15+Saint Patrick's Purgatory: a small cave on an island in Lough Derg, said to have been revealed to Saint Patrick as an entrance to purgatory (a major pilgrimage site since at least the 12th century and possibly much earlier)
618.16to be surprised to see under the grand piano Lily on the sofa (and
618.16+song Lily Is a Lady
618.17a lady!) pulling a low and then he'd begin to jump a little bit to
618.17+song 'Lilliburlero, bullen a law'
618.17+song What Ho! She Bumps: 'She began to bump a bit'
618.18find out what goes on when love walks in besides the solicitous
618.18+song Love Walked In
618.18+solicitor's [.06]
618.19bussness by kissing and looking into a mirror.
618.19+Archaic buss: kiss
618.20     That we were treated not very grand when the police and
618.20+VI.B.25.145a (r): 'treated not very grand'
618.21everybody is all bowing to us when we go out in all directions
618.22on Wanterlond Road with my cubarola glide? And, personably
618.22+Waterloo Road, Dublin
618.22+Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [.23]
618.22+VI.B.47.066a (g): 'Cubanola glide'
618.22+song The Cubanola Glide (1909 song, words by Vincent Bryan, music by Harry von Tilzer)
618.22+VI.B.47.067b (g): 'personably'
618.23speaking, they can make their beaux to my alce, as Hillary Allen
618.23+beaux: dandies, fops
618.23+VI.B.47.068h (g): 'Alice'
618.23+Lewis Carroll's Alice [.22]
618.23+Italian alce: elk, moose
618.23+VI.B.47.066e (g): 'Hilary Allen'
618.23+Hilary Allen: a singer in musicals of the 1930s
618.23+Hill of Allen: Finn's headquarters, County Kildare
618.24sang to the opennine knighters. Item, we never were chained to a
618.24+opening nighters
618.25chair, and, bitem, no widower whother soever followed us about
618.25+[105.06] [626.12] [628.05]
618.26with a fork on Yankskilling Day. Meet a great civilian (proud
618.26+Thanksgiving Day
618.27lives to him!) who is gentle as a mushroom and a very affectable
618.28when he always sits forenenst us for his wet while to all whom
618.28+Anglo-Irish forenenst: over against, opposite [626.22]
618.29it may concern Sully is a thug from all he drunk though he is a
618.29+Sully [.08]
618.30rattling fine bootmaker in his profession. Would we were here-
618.30+(a cobbler is a bootmaker) [.11] [060.29]
618.30+bookmaker [.11] [060.27]
618.30+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...herearther...} | {Png: ...hereearther...}
618.31arther to lodge our complaint on sergeant Laraseny in consequence
618.31+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.4350: 'superintendent Laracy'
618.32of which in such steps taken his health would be constably broken
618.32+(by police constables)
618.33into potter's pance which would be the change of his life by a
618.33+pots and pans
618.33+Peter's pence: contribution to the Roman Catholic Church
618.33+Italian pance: bellies
618.33+change: coins of low denomination
618.33+Colloquial phrase change of life: menopause
618.33+phrase chance of a lifetime
618.34Nollwelshian which has been oxbelled out of crispianity.
618.34+Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian: patron saints of shoemakers
618.35     Well, our talks are coming to be resumed by more polite con-
618.35+Cluster: Well
618.35+(coming to an end)
618.35+Swift: Polite Conversation
618.36versation with a huntered persent human over the natural bestness
618.36+hundred percent
618.36+hunt by scent
618.36+VI.B.25.018b ( ): 'biz v pleasure' ('pleasure' not clear)
618.36+business and pleasure

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