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621.01ing duties. Let besoms be bosuns. It's Phoenix, dear. And the
621.01+phrase let bygones be bygones: forget past offences
621.01+VI.B.47.069f (g): 'besom & bosun'
621.01+French baiser: a kiss (which awakens the heroine in pantomime Sleeping Beauty [620.36])
621.01+phrase business is business
621.01+phoenix, flame, fire [.01-.03]
621.02flame is, hear! Let's our joornee saintomichael make it. Since the
621.02+French journée: day, daytime
621.02+Laurence Sterne: A Sentimental Journey [.36]
621.02+VI.B.47.011d (g): '(née'
621.02+Saint Michael and Lucifer (Motif: Mick/Nick) [.03]
621.03lausafire has lost and the book of the depth is. Closed. Come!
621.03+Latin laus: praise
621.03+The Book of the Dead (Budge: The Book of the Dead)
621.04Step out of your shell! Hold up you free fing! Yes. We've light
621.04+VI.B.47.050b (g): 'Step out of your shell'
621.04+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:! Hold...} | {Png: Hold...}
621.04+VI.B.47.036b (g): 'hold up your free fingers. Yes, it is the daying'
621.04+three things
621.04+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...fing! Yes...} | {Png: ...fing. Yes...}
621.05enough. I won't take our laddy's lampern. For them four old
621.05+VI.B.47.052a (g): 'our laddy's lampern'
621.05+Our Lady's
621.05+Aladdin's lamp in pantomime Aladdin
621.05+The Lady with the Lamp: an epithet of Florence Nightingale
621.05+lampern: river lamprey (fish)
621.05+VI.B.47.010a (g): '4 windbags of Erin blew his lamp'
621.05+four winds [503.18]
621.06windbags of Gustsofairy to be blowing at. Nor you your ruck-
621.06+gusts of air
621.06+Italian gustoso: tasty, delicious
621.06+Italian farcito: stuffed
621.06+blowing out
621.06+(not take [.05])
621.06+VI.B.47.052c (g): 'rucksunck'
621.06+rucksack (looks like hump) [.07]
621.07sunck. To bring all the dannymans out after you on the hike. Send
621.07+VI.B.47.055d (g): 'Dannymans hump'
621.07+Anglo-Irish Slang Dannyman: betrayer, informer (after Danny Mann, a sinister hunchback retainer in Gerald Griffin's novel The Collegians, adapted to the stage as Boucicault: The Colleen Bawn) [.06]
621.07+VI.B.47.010c (b): 'send Arctus guide us!'
621.07+S.A.G. ('Saint Anthony Guide'), written on letters by pious Catholics
621.08Arctur guiddus! Isma! Sft! It is the softest morning that ever I
621.08+Sir Arthur Guinness
621.08+Job 38:32: 'canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?'
621.08+Arcturus: the brightest star in the northern sky (used in navigation) [594.02]
621.08+Arabic isma!: listen!
621.08+Anglo-Irish soft day: light drizzle day [619.20] [628.08]
621.09can ever remember me. But she won't rain showerly, our Ilma. Yet.
621.09+Cluster: Forget and Remember
621.09+rain showers
621.09+Finnish ilma: air; weather
621.09+VI.B.47.054a (g): 'Yet'
621.10Until it's the time. And me and you have made our. The sons of
621.11bursters won in the games. Still I'll take me owld Finvara for my
621.11+Australian burster: a violent summer storm
621.11+VI.B.47.001i (g): 'won at games'
621.11+VI.B.47.031b (b): 'my old Finvara'
621.11+song The Ould Plaid Shawl: 'Not far from old Kinvara... an angel chanced to fall, A little Irish cailin in an ould plaid shawl'
621.11+Finvara: the leader of the Connacht fairies in Irish myth
621.11+Finvarra: village, County Clare
621.11+VI.B.47.027a (g): 'and this for my shawlders'
621.12shawlders. The trout will be so fine at brookfisht. With a taste
621.12+brook trout: a species of salmon
621.12+brook fish: a species of fish (otherwise known as killifish or minnow)
621.12+Anglo-Irish taste: small portion
621.13of roly polony from Blugpuddels after. To bring out the tang of
621.13+roly-poly: steamed jam-pudding
621.13+polony: Polish sausage
621.13+VI.B.47.023b (g): 'Blugpuddels'
621.13+black pudding: a type of blood sausage
621.13+the name Dublin derives from Irish dubh linn: black pool
621.14the tay. Is't you fain for a roost brood? Oaxmealturn, all out of
621.14+Anglo-Irish tay: tea
621.14+Obsolete fain for: eager for, inclined to
621.14+Irish Is tú féin: It is yourself
621.14+German Rostbrot: Dutch geroosterd brood: toast
621.14+VI.B.47.029e (b): 'oaxmealsturn' (VI.B.47.026a (g): 'oatmealstime')
621.14+Oxmantown: a part of North Dublin, where Ostmen (Viking invaders of Ireland and their settler descendants) once lived
621.14+meal time
621.14+Latin me alterum: another me
621.14+Italian Slang phrase fuori dalle palle!: go away!, get out of the way! (literally 'out of the balls')
621.14+phrase out of the woodwork: from obscurity, from hiding
621.15the woolpalls! And then all the chippy young cuppinjars clutter-
621.15+VI.B.47.001b (g): 'the cuppinjars — cream, O'
621.15+Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger
621.16ing round us, clottering for their creams. Crying, me, grownup
621.16+clotted cream
621.17sister! Are me not truly? Lst! Only but, theres a but, you must
621.18buy me a fine new girdle too, nolly. When next you go to Market
621.18+VI.B.47.022d (b): 'nolly'
621.18+Nol: nickname of Oliver Cromwell (a diminutive of Oliver)
621.18+VI.B.47.031f (b): 'Market Norcwall' ('Norcwall' replaces a cancelled 'Nore')
621.18+Mark of Cornwall
621.19Norwall. They're all saying I need it since the one from Isaacsen's
621.19+North Wall, Dublin
621.19+VI.B.47.032d (b): 'They all says I need it. The one from Isaacsen's has slooped its line'
621.19+Butt Bridge (named after Isaac Butt) and Loopline Bridge (a railway bridge) run alongside each other across the Liffey river, Dublin
621.19+(Jacob and Esau, Isaac's sons)
621.19+Danish -sen: son of
621.20slooped its line. Mrknrk? Fy arthou! Come! Give me your great
621.20+James Joyce: Ulysses.4.25: 'Mrkgnao' (cat)
621.20+Welsh fy: my
621.20+Morgan le Fay was King Arthur's half-sister
621.20+Welsh arth: bear
621.20+art thou
621.21bearspaw, padder avilky, fol a miny tiny. Dola. Mineninecy-
621.21+VI.B.47.004b (b): 'bearspaw'
621.21+bear's paw (i.e. large hand)
621.21+VI.B.47.030c (b): 'padder'
621.21+Slang padder: highwayman
621.21+Latin pater: father
621.21+Anglo-Irish avick: Irish a mhic: my son, my boy
621.21+for my tiny (hand)
621.21+fa, mi, ti, do, la (notes)
621.21+VI.B.47.005d (b): 'minincey hands'
621.21+Nancy Hand's: name of The Hole in the Wall, also known as The Blackhorse Tavern, a pub near Phoenix Park (after its 19th century proprietress)
621.21+Colloquial eensy: tiny
621.22handsy, in the languo of flows. That's Jorgen Jargonsen. But you
621.22+Italian languo: I languish
621.22+VI.B.47.005c (b): 'langua of flows'
621.22+language of flowers
621.22+VI.B.47.007a (b): 'Jorgen Jargonsenn'
621.22+Jørgen Jørgensen: 19th century Danish adventurer (among other things, 'proclaimed' the indepedence of Iceland and ended his days in Tasmania)
621.23understood, nodst? I always know by your brights and shades.
621.23+VI.B.47.004c (b): 'bear understands' [.21]
621.23+VI.B.47.025f (g): 'nodst?' (the 'st' is interpolated into the entry)
621.23+not so?
621.23+VI.B.47.048g (g): 'I always know be your brights & shades.'
621.24Reach down. A lil mo. So. Draw back your glave. Hot and hairy,
621.24+a little more
621.24+Russian glava: head
621.24+Archaic glaive: sword
621.24+Irish claidheamh: sword
621.24+(Jacob's deception of Isaac)
621.25hugon, is your hand! Here's where the falskin begins. Smoos as
621.25+King Hugon: French hobgoblin
621.25+huge one
621.25+Danish falsk: false, forged
621.25+smooth as an infant's
621.26an infams. One time you told you'd been burnt in ice. And one
621.27time it was chemicalled after you taking a lifeness. Maybe that's
621.27+living likeness
621.28why you hold your hodd as if. And people thinks you missed the
621.28+(in 1904, Nora told Joyce something funny about how Cosgrave held his head)
621.28+song Finnegan's Wake: 'Tim Finnegan... he carried a hod'
621.28+(as if having been hanged from a scaffold)
621.29scaffold. Of fell design. I'll close me eyes. So not to see. Or see only
621.29+Yeats: letter of 31 July 1895: 'The cover of my book with Unwin has caused quite a flutter of approval among his clerks but I have not seen it. Fell's design I have seen and that is very admirable'
621.29+(on purpose)
621.30a youth in his florizel, a boy in innocence, peeling a twig, a child be-
621.30+VI.B.47.073e (g): 'florizel'
621.30+Florizel: the name of the prince in pantomime Sleeping Beauty (also, Prince of Bohemia in William Shakespeare: The Winter's Tale)
621.30+florimel: virginity (in Spenser)
621.30+(child on a white horse on Tarot card XIX, The Sun)
621.31side a weenywhite steed. The child we all love to place our hope in
621.31+VI.B.47.069d (g): 'we all love to place'
621.32for ever. All men has done something. Be the time they've come to
621.33the weight of old fletch. We'll lave it. So. We will take our walk
621.33+Samuel Butler: The Way of All Flesh
621.33+French laver: to wash
621.33+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation lave: leave
621.34before in the timpul they ring the earthly bells. In the church
621.34+Rumanian timpul: time
621.34+Irish teampal: church (especially Protestant)
621.34+E...C...H (Motif: HCE)
621.34+VI.B.47.010e (b): 'earthly'
621.34+VI.B.47.031d (g): 'church by the horseyard'
621.34+Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard
621.35by the hearseyard. Pax Goodmens will. Or the birds start their
621.35+VI.B.47.010d (b): 'Pax Goodmens will.' ('G' replaces a cancelled 'g')
621.35+Latin pax: peace
621.35+Luke 2:14: 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men'
621.35+Motif: Fox Goodman
621.36treestirm shindy. Look, there are yours off, high on high! And
621.36+VI.B.47.070a (g): 'treestirm'
621.36+Laurence Sterne: Tristram Shandy [.02]
621.36+Colloquial shindy: commotion
621.36+end of Wagner's Ring: Wotan's ravens fly off
621.36+Noah released a dove and raven from the Ark [622.01]

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