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622.01cooshes, sweet good luck they're cawing you, Coole! You see,
622.01+coo/caw (Motif: dove/raven)
622.01+cushat: ring-dove (Motif: dove/raven [.02])
622.01+VI.B.47.006b (b): 'good luck for you for us, as when' [.02]
622.01+Finn was the son of Cool (Cumhal)
622.01+Coole Park: home of Lady Gregory (setting for Yeats: The Wild Swans at Coole (poem))
622.02they're as white as the riven snae. For us. Next peaters poll you
622.02+Motif: dark/fair (raven, snow)
622.02+riven: split, rent
622.02+VI.B.47.037d (g): 'at the next poll you will be elected or I'm not your elicitor bribe'
622.02+Motif: Paul/Peter
622.02+VI.B.47.003d (g): 'you are elected!'
622.03will be elicted or I'm not your elicitous bribe. The Kinsella
622.03+bride elect
622.03+solicitous: anxious
622.03+German Weib: woman
622.04woman's man will never reduce me. A MacGarath O'Cullagh
622.04+VI.B.47.044f (g): 'reduce him'
622.05O'Muirk MacFewney sookadoodling and sweepacheeping round
622.05+VI.B.47.038c ( ): 'sookadoodling sweeple cheeping'
622.05+cheeping (chicks)
622.06the lodge of Fjorn na Galla of the Trumpets! It's like potting the
622.06+Italian torna a galla: (of something submerged, literally or figuratively) resurfaces, returns to the surface
622.06+VI.B.47.038a (g): 'If in Finn na Galls lodge?' ('If' not clear)
622.06+Irish na nGall: of the foreigners (epithet of Diarmaid MacMurchadha who invited Normans to Ireland)
622.06+VI.B.47.037a (g): 'It's like potting the poe to shame on the dresser'
622.06+(Brenda Maddox: Nora, 109: (of Eva, Joyce's sister, and Nora, Joyce's wife, in 1910) 'One day, after working to arrange the furniture, they all fell into chairs to admire the effect. Suddenly Nora picked up a chamber pot and placed it triumphantly upon the highest piece of furniture in the room. Eva winced. None of the Joyce girls, she felt, would do anything so common')
622.07po to shambe on the dresser or tamming Uncle Tim's Caubeen
622.07+German Po: posterior
622.07+Anglo-Irish Slang po: chamberpot
622.07+French pot de chambre: chamberpot
622.07+tam: a tam-o'-shanter, a Scottish woollen bonnet
622.07+VI.B.47.038d (g): 'Uncle Tims Caubeen on the brows of Viker Eagle'
622.07+when Tim Healy became governor-general of the Irish Free State, Dubliners called the Viceregal Lodge 'Uncle Tim's Cabin' (after Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uncle Tom's Cabin) (Motif: Tom/Tim)
622.07+Anglo-Irish caubeen: old hat, old cap (from Irish cáibín)
622.08on to the brows of a Viker Eagle. Not such big strides, huddy
622.08+Viceregal [.07]
622.08+(out walking)
622.08+VI.B.47.007c (b): 'huddy'
622.08+holy father
622.08+Slang fuddy-duddy: an old-fashioned, stuffy person
622.09foddy! You'll crush me antilopes I saved so long for. They're
622.09+VI.B.47.022a (g): 'antelopes I saved for' (only last two words crayoned; the entire entry is circled in green crayon) (VI.B.47.029d (b): 'I saved for')
622.09+for so long
622.10Penisole's. And the two goodiest shoeshoes. It is hardly a Knut's
622.10+VI.B.47.047e (g): 'Pennisola'
622.10+Italian penisole: peninsulas (plural of 'penisola')
622.10+sole (of a shoe)
622.10+VI.B.47.068b (g): 'goody 2 shoes'
622.10+pantomime Goody Two-Shoes (based on a children's story, attributed to Oliver Goldsmith)
622.10+(Joyce addressed Nora in 1904 as Miss Goody Two-Shoes)
622.10+knot: nautical mile per hour
622.11mile or seven, possumbotts. It is very good for the health of a
622.11+pantomime Puss in Boots
622.11+(taking a stroll)
622.12morning. With Buahbuah. A gentle motion all around. As
622.12+Malay buah: fruit
622.12+Malay buah-buah: fruits, testicles
622.12+Irish buadh: victory
622.12+ALP (Motif: ALP)
622.13leisure paces. And the helpyourselftoastrool cure's easy. It seems
622.13+HCE (Motif: HCE)
622.14so long since, ages since. As if you had been long far away.
622.14+VI.B.47.011e (b): 'It's ages since'
622.15Afartodays, afeartonights, and me as with you in thadark. You
622.15+VI.B.47.053d (g): 'afartodays afertonight'
622.15+forty days and forty nights (the Flood; Genesis 7:12)
622.15+VI.B.47.053c (g): 'in th adark'
622.15+that ark (Noah's; Genesis 7:9)
622.15+the dark
622.16will tell me some time if I can believe its all. You know where
622.17I am bringing you? You remember? When I ran berrying after
622.17+Cluster: Forget and Remember
622.17+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn
622.18hucks and haws. With you drawing out great aims to hazel me
622.18+hips and haws: fruit of dog rose
622.19from the hummock with your sling. Our cries. I could lead you
622.20there and I still by you in bed. Les go dutc to Danegreven,
622.20+Dutch les: lesson
622.20+phrase go Dutch: to pay for oneself
622.20+D.U.T.C.: Dublin United Tramways Company (ran tram to Howth summit)
622.20+French duc: duke
622.20+Duncriffan: another name for the Bailey promontory on Howth
622.20+Danish greven: the count, the earl
622.21nos? Not a soul but ourselves. Time? We have loads on our
622.21+Latin nos: we
622.21+VI.B.47.035d-.036a (g): 'Time? we've loads on our hangs Before Gilligan & Halligan call again to hooligan.' ('loads' is followed by a cancelled 'before us')
622.21+phrase time hangs on one's hands
622.22hangs. Till Gilligan and Halligan call again to hooligan. And
622.23the rest of the guns. Sullygan eight, from left to right. Olobobo,
622.23+VI.B.47.051f (r): 'the guns left to fight'
622.23+Sullivans [006.15] [573.07]
622.23+Motif: left/right
622.23+VI.B.47.051e (r): 'olobobo & the foxy theagues!'
622.23+pantomime Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
622.23+Spanish lobo: Portuguese lobo: wolf
622.23+Portuguese bobo: fool
622.24ye foxy theagues! The moskors thought to ball you out. Or
622.24+Teague: nickname for an Irishman
622.24+song The Masked Ball (wherein Oscar is the king's page, who betrays the king)
622.24+Oscar (Oscar Wilde) [.25]
622.25the Wald Unicorns Master, Bugley Captain, from the Naul, drawls
622.25+VI.B.47.017c ( ): 'the Wards' Master'
622.25+Ward Union Staghounds: famous hunt with kennels near Ashbourne, County Meath (half-way between Ratoath and Naul; the master of the hunt is known as the Ward's Master)
622.25+German Wald: forest
622.25+Wilde (Oscar Wilde) [.24]
622.25+Naul: village, County Dublin
622.26up by the door with the Honourable Whilp and the Reverend
622.26+whip (assists Master of Fox Hounds)
622.27Poynter and the two Lady Pagets of Tallyhaugh, Ballyhuntus,
622.27+pointer (hound)
622.27+Tallaght: parish seven miles southwest of Dublin
622.27+Ballyhaunis: town, County Mayo
622.28in their riddletight raiding hats for to lift a hereshealth to their
622.28+pantomime Little Red Riding Hood
622.28+(a toast)
622.28+song Here's a Health unto His Majesty
622.29robost, the Stag, evers the Carlton hart. And you needn't host
622.29+VI.B.47.045f ( ): 'The Stag'
622.29+ECH (Motif: HCE)
622.30out with your duck and your duty, capapole, while they reach
622.30+Irish deoch an dorais: parting drink
622.30+cap-à-pie: head to foot
622.31him the glass he never starts to finish. Clap this wis on your poll
622.31+(not yet drinking) [194.07]
622.32and stick this in your ear, wiggly! Beauties don't answer and the
622.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...wiggly! Beauties...} | {Png: ...wiggly. Beauties...}
622.33rich never pays. If you were the enlarged they'd hue in cry you,
622.33+EHC (Motif: HCE)
622.33+enlarged: set free
622.33+phrase hue and cry
622.34Heathtown, Harbourstown, Snowtown, Four Knocks, Fleming-
622.34+Heathtown, Harbourstown, Fourknocks, Flemingstown, Bodingtown: townlands in barony of Duleek Upper, near Naul, County Dublin
622.34+Snowtown Castle across the Delvin river from Naul
622.35town, Bodingtown to the Ford of Fyne on Delvin. How they
622.35+Ford of Finn on the Delvin river near Naul
622.36housed to house you after the Platonic garlens! And all because,
622.36+house-to-house search
622.36+used to
622.36+VI.B.47.048a (g): 'Platonic Garden'
622.36+Botanic Gardens (adjoins Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin)
622.36+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...garlens! And...} | {Png: ...garlens. And...}

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