The Restored Finnegans Wake (I.5–I.8)

This page lists the differences between the "Classic" and "Restored" Finnegans Wake for chapters I.5–I.8. See the main comparison page for other chapters and more details.

Restored FW Classic FW
No. Line(s) Text Line(s) Text Nature of Change Comments
1083.05hear of104.05hear of,removed comma
2083.10ye to Morra?,104.12Ye to Morra?decapitalised "Y"; added comma
3083.11his104.13Hisdecapitalised "H"
4083.14Husboat or Hosebound104.16-.17husboat or hoseboundcapitalised "h" twice
5083.15pluterplethoric104.17-.18plutherplethoricremoved "h"
6083.15Haansbaad's104.18Hansbaad'sadded "a"
7083.16Gone104.18gonecapitalised "g"
8083.16One To Visit One?,104.19We To Visit Him?replaced the word "We" with the word "One"; replaced the word "Him" with the word "One"; added comma
9083.17Needlework104.20Nedleworkadded "e"
10083.20Geese,104.24Geese;replaced semicolon with comma
11083.20Netties,104.24Nettie,added "s"
12084.04Bombtail,105.16Bonnbtail,replaced "nn" with "m"
13084.05made105.17made toremoved the word "to"
14084.06Dansk,105.18Dansh,replaced "h" with "k"
15084.06nor the105.19northeadded space
16084.08this105.21Thisdecapitalised "T"
17084.17Columbkisses,105.32Columbkisses;replaced semicolon with comma
18084.19Is105.35iscapitalised "i"
19084.20Serve106.01servecapitalised "s"
20084.22Baskside,106.03Basksideadded comma
21084.22without106.03Withoutdecapitalised "W"
22084.23Norsker, Torsker,106.04-.05Norsker Torskeradded two commas
23084.25was Weeping, His106.06Was Weeping Thisdecapitalised "W"; added comma; replaced "Th" with "H"
24084.28Brautchens106.09-.10Brautchersreplaced "r" with "n"
25084.28Meg,106.10Megadded comma
26084.32Settles106.15settlescapitalised "s"
27084.33Douchter106.17Douchkareplaced "ka" with "ter"
28084.34On106.18oncapitalised "o"
29084.35My106.18mycapitalised "m"
30084.36Pall,106.20Fall,replaced "F" with "P"
31084.39Howhe106.24Howkereplaced "k" with "h"
32085.01on106.27Ondecapitalised "O"
33085.03that106.30Thatdecapitalised "T"
34085.04Compilments106.30Complimentsreplaced "li" with "il"
35085.05while106.32Whiledecapitalised "W"
36085.06Trippple106.33Trippleadded "p"the source for this change could be BMs (47475-43v)
37085.09On,106.36on,capitalised "o"
38085.11Earwicker L.S.D.107.02Earwicker, L.S.D.,removed two commas
39085.13him by107.05himadded the word "by"
40085.21chimerahunter,107.14chimerahunteradded comma
41085.24forceps,107.17forcepsadded comma
42085.25-.26madernaccrution107.19madernacerutionreplaced "e" with "c"
43085.26hin107.20himreplaced "m" with "n"
44085.27zerogh107.22Zeroghdecapitalised "Z"
45085.28giaouirs107.22giaoursadded "i"
46085.30document or documents107.25documents or documentmoved "s"
47085.33close107.28closedremoved "d"
48085.33inspector107.28-.29inspectorsremoved "s"
49086.01amountback,108.01mountback,added "a"
50086.07patience. And108.08patience; andreplaced semicolon with full stop; capitalised "a"
51086.07thing. And 108.08thing, andreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "a"
52086.15measenmanouger,108.18measenmanonger,replaced "n" with "u"
53086.18Dionn108.21Fionnreplaced "F" with "D"
54086.20Everywhair!),108.23Everywhair!)added comma
55086.32fellow109.01fellow,removed comma
56086.34flatchested,109.03-.04flatchestedadded comma
57086.37everywaylooking109.07everydaylookingreplaced "d" with "w"
58086.39imperfections,109.09imperfection,added "s"
59087.04(and,109.15(andadded comma
60087.04added,109.15addedadded comma
61087.08straightway109.19straightawayremoved "a"
62087.13there109.25there,removed comma
63087.16separated,109.29separatedadded comma
64087.24salt?110.02salt.replaced full stop with question mark
65087.25dindin?110.03dindin!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
66087.26middleseas110.05middlesinsreplaced "in" with "ea"
67087.28chuckler,110.07chuckleradded comma
68087.34his110.14had hisremoved the word "had"
69087.38for,110.19foradded comma
70087.38-.39here events,110.19eventsadded the word "here"; added comma
71088.03bantlings,110.24bantlingsadded comma
72088.11strete that was called strate110.33-.34strate that was called streteswapped the letters "a" and "e"
73088.14spight111.01spigntreplaced "n" with "h"
74088.18-.19Exposition),111.07Exposition)added comma
75088.19at at111.07atrepeated the word "at"
76088.22proceeded111.10procededadded "e"
77088.23milk111.12mildreplaced "d" with "k"
78088.23the van111.12the vandeitalicised
79088.25thank you111.14thankyouadded space
80088.35microphotoist111.26photoistadded "micro"
81088.35-.36tossing111.27askingreplaced "ask" with "toss"
82089.08forest112.06farestreplaced "a" with "o"
83089.10zingari112.07Zingaridecapitalised "Z"
84089.14sir:112.12sir,replaced comma with colon
85089.17danger!):112.15danger!);replaced semicolon with colon
86089.18gammon:112.16gammon;replaced semicolon with colonthe JCM added the semicolon (instead of a comma)
87089.20egg112.19agereplaced the word "age" with the word "egg"
88089.20-.21vungence.112.19vengeance.replaced "engea" with "unge"
89089.21ague112.20Aguedecapitalised "A"
90089.27when,112.26whenadded comma
91089.31Girilis112.30Girilis,removed comma
92089.34so112.34shereplaced "he" with "o"
93089.35robur,112.35roburadded comma
94089.38grigs?113.02grigs.replaced full stop with question mark
95090.03asikim113.08asikinreplaced "n" with "m"
96090.03[...]sixdixlix[...]113.09-.10[...]sixdixlik[...]replaced "k" with "x"
97090.06Cock's trooth about113.12cock's trootaboutcapitalised "c"; added "h"; added space
98090.07foully,113.13foullyadded comma
99090.07smut113.14smut,removed comma
100090.10peeches.113.17peaches.replaced "a" with "e"
101090.11it is113.18is itswapped two words
102090.12Pal whatholootsed113.20pal whatholoosedcapitalised "p"; added "t"
103090.16when perfectly113.24of perfectlyreplaced the word "of" with the word "when"
104090.16ofter113.25afterreplaced "a" with "o"
105090.17hey?,113.25bey?replaced "b" with "h"; added comma
106090.18as meet to mate113.26meet to mate,added the word "as"; removed comma
107090.20finds113.29findadded "s"
108090.21mannepalpabunt?113.30mannepalpabuat?replaced "a" with "n"
109090.32words114.08words,removed comma
110090.35antechristian,114.11antechristianadded comma
111090.38geodetic114.15geodetic,removed comma
112091.02Ham114.19thamreplaced "th" with "H"
113091.02Lit114.19Lit.removed full stop
114091.03point. In114.21point, inreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "i"
115091.04our114.23ousreplaced "s" with "r"
116091.14one114.34one,removed comma
115.11say. And,added paragraph break
118091.27world115.12wordadded "l"
119091.28-.29usual perfectly usual115.14usualadded the words "perfectly usual"
120091.30bisexycle115.16bisexycle,removed comma
121091.36-.38(and what oracular comepression we have had, very priveetly, of course, to apply to them!)115.23-.24and what oracular comepression we have had apply to them!added parentheses; added comma; added a five-word phrase
122092.07And.115.35Andadded full stop
123092.07Yes. What115.35Yet whatreplaced "t" with "s"; added full stop; capitalised "w"the JCM replaced the "s" with the "t"
124092.13showting116.06Showtingdecapitalised "S"
125092.13"Schottenboum",116.06-.07'Schottenboum',replaced single quotation marks with double quotation marks
126092.18jew116.12jew,removed comma
127092.20tunes when116.14tunes. Whenremoved full stop; decapitalised "W"
128092.21O'Dwyer.116.16O' Dwyer.removed space
129092.25last,116.21last andadded comma; removed the word "and"
130092.27milkmike,116.23milkmikeadded comma
131092.27tonguage116.23languagereplaced "la" with "to"
132092.27tarts,116.23tartsadded comma
133092.28nicky,116.24nickyadded comma
134092.28Majesty,116.24majesty,capitalised "m"
135092.29iridated lingo116.25lingoadded the word "iridated"
136092.30-.31homosapuel mouths116.27mouthsadded the word "homosapuel"
137092.37lanes116.34lanes,removed comma
138092.40O here,117.02Ohere,added space
139093.13whenoft117.17when oftremoved space
140093.16win power117.20winpoweradded space
141093.18hoots on117.23hoots orreplaced "r" with "n"
142093.21kettlelicker)117.26-.27Kettlelicker)decapitalised "K"
143093.24auld117.30ouldreplaced "o" with "a"
144093.25tail of117.31tail orreplaced "r" with "f"
145093.36supposing118.09supposing,removed comma
146094.04-.06that [...] street),118.18-.21that, [...] street)moved comma after parentheses
147094.15damn it:118.31damn it;replaced semicolon with colon
148094.17with now118.33withadded the word "now"
149094.18-.19it (and we are luffed [...] soulfisher said [...] boat),118.34-.35it, (and we are lufted [...] soulfisher [...] bout)moved comma after parentheses; replaced "t" with "f"; added the word "said"; replaced "u" with "a"
150094.19was lost118.36we lostreplaced the word "we" with the word "was"
151094.20earth and by119.01earth and all it has gone through and byremoved a six-word phrase
152094.22our119.03our homeremoved the word "home"
153094.23philophosy [...] us!),119.04-.05philophosy, [...] us!)moved comma after parentheses
154094.26categorically119.08categorically,removed comma
155094.26strictly119.08striclyadded "t"
156094.28-.29foxfetor [...] calamitance),119.10-.11foxfetor, [...] calamitance)moved comma after parentheses
157094.29that in119.12thatadded the word "in"
158094.30-.32whiplooplashes: [...] rounds: [...] final:119.12-.14whiplooplashes; [...] rounds; [...] final;replaced semicolon with colon thrice
159094.31incomplete119.14incompletetremoved "t"
160094.32the gossipy threadreels, a round119.14a roundadded the words "the gossipy threadreels"; added comma
161094.38consort119.22consort:removed colon
162095.07not?):119.32not?)added colon
163095.08interiors:119.33interiors;replaced semicolon with colon
164095.10puite119.35quitereplaced "q" with "p"
165095.10for pews119.36-120.01for kews with their tails in their or are quite as often as not taken for pewsremoved a fifteen-word phrase
166095.11Pristopher Polumbos,120.02pristopher polombos,capitalised "p" twice; replaced "o" with "u"
167095.11-.13Kresbyterians: [...] letter: [...] mIddle:120.02-.05Kresbyterians; [...] letter; [...] mIddle;replaced semicolon with colon thrice
168095.22text120.15text,removed comma
169095.33past:120.28past;replaced semicolon with colon
170095.34throneopen120.28throne openremoved space
171095.38eff (the120.33eff, thereplaced comma with opening parenthesis (see 095.40)
172095.40but used120.35(usedreplaced opening parenthesis with the word "but" (see 095.38)
173096.02papyrus by our copyist121.02papyrusadded the word "by"; moved the words "our copyist" (see 096.26)
174096.03broods,121.03-.07broodsadded comma
175096.03-.07F, [...] F,121.03-.07F [...] F,swapped rotated "F" and mirrored rotated "F"; added comma
176096.04margin121.04margin,removed comma
177096.06returns,121.07returnsadded comma
178096.07-.14shoestring: [...] again):121.08-.16shoestring; [...] again);replaced semicolon with colon twice
179096.14aitches121.16aichesadded "t"
180096.19-.20scripture (about [...] corkhorse),121.21-.23scripture, about [...] corkhorse,removed comma; added parentheses
181096.19freakwind121.21-.22freakwingreplaced "g" with "d"
182096.20which,121.23which, in its invincible insolencemoved a four-word phrase (see 096.21)
183096.20longer121.23longer moreremoved the word "more"
184096.21so spirally in its invincible insolence121.24spirallyadded the word "so"; moved a four-word phrase (see 096.20)
185096.22hand:121.25hand;replaced semicolon with colon
186096.26when the writer121.29-.30when our copyistmoved the words "our copyist" (see 096.02); added the words "the writer"
187096.27restraint:121.30restraint;replaced semicolon with colon
188096.30-.31MSS, Bb = Cod iv, Pap ii, Brek xi, Lun iii, Dinn xvii, Sup xxx, Fullup MDCXC:121.34-.35MSS., Bb — Cod IV, Pap II, Brek XI, Lun III, Dinn XVII, Sup XXX, Fullup M D C X C:added full stop; replaced dash with equals sign; decapitalised the Roman numerals "IV", "II", "XI", "III", "XVII", and "XXX"; removed four spaces
189096.35itself:122.04itself;replaced semicolon with colon
190096.37ars — rrrr! — those122.06-.07ars, rrrr! thoseremoved comma; added two dashes and two spaces
191097.01rubijets122.11rubyjetsreplaced "y" with "i"
192097.03-.04wi' yer hearts'122.14wi'yer heart'sadded space; moved apostrophe
193097.08kisser122.19Kisserdecapitalised "K"
194097.08you!:122.19you?;replaced question mark with exclamation mark; replaced semicolon with colon
195097.11τunc122.23Tuncdeitalicised; replaced "T" with lowercase Greek tau
196097.20-.21his — or perhaps her — cheek122.33-.34his (or perhaps her) cheekreplaced parentheses with dashes and spaces
197097.21then):122.34then);replaced semicolon with colon
198097.22blindness:122.36blindness;replaced semicolon with colon
199097.23-.24ems — and [...] why?) — the123.01-.02ems: and [...] why?): thereplaced colon with dash and space twice
200097.25semifinal:123.03semifinal;replaced semicolon with colon
201097.33electroscophonious123.12dectroscophoniousreplaced "d" with "el"
202097.34as tone123.14astoneadded space
203097.35Chromophilomos123.14Chromophilomos,removed comma
204097.36ulykkean123.16ulykkheanremoved "h"
205097.37tetrachiric-quadrumane123.16-.17tetrachiric or quadrumanereplaced the word "or" with hyphen
206097.39XXIV123.19xxiv,replaced regular text with smallcaps text; added overline and underline; removed comma
207098.01passim),123.22passim)added comma
208098.10say123.33say,removed comma
209098.17-.18respectively and,124.05respectively, andmoved comma
210098.19ina124.08ina,removed comma
211098.20the͡y124.08theyadded ligature tie over the letters "ey"
212098.20a̓d124.09adadded comma over the letter "a"
213098.20"provòked" by124.09"provoked" ayadded grave accent over the letter "o"; replaced "a" with "b"
214098.20-.21o̔f a̔124.09of àadded reversed comma over the letter "o"; replaced grave accent with reversed comma over the letter "a"
215098.21Brofès̄sor;124.09Brofèsor;added macron over the letter "s"; added "s" with a diagonal stroke through it (not shown)
216098.21Brèak-fast-table;;124.09-.10Brèak — fast — table; ;replaced dash with hyphen twice; removed five spaces
217098.22to=introdụ̀çe124.10to=introdùceadded dot under the letter "u"; added cedilla under the letter "c"
218098.22a̔ nòti͡ön124.10-.11a notionadded reversed comma over the letter "a"; added accent grave over the letter "o"; added ligature tie over the letters "io"; added umlaut over the letter "o"
219098.22o̔f time124.11of timeadded reversed comma over the letter "o"; added overline
220098.22[u̔pòn a̔ plāñe124.11[ùpon à planereplaced grave accent with reversed comma over the letters "u" and "a"; added grave accent over the letter "o"; added macron over the letter "a"; added tilde over the letter "n"
221098.22sụ̀' ' rfaiç'e']124.11sù ' ' fàç'e']added dot under the letter "u"; removed space; added "r"; removed grave accent; added "i"
222098.22pụ̀nct!124.11pùnct!added dot under the letter "u"; added overline
223098.23o̓les124.11olesadded comma over the letter "o"
225098.23iSpåce?!124.12iSpace?!added ring over the letter "a"
226098.24Thee,124.13Thee, andremoved the word "and"
227098.25-.26him, Brotfressor Prenderguest,124.15him Brotfressor Prenderguestadded two commas
228098.28boy's124.18boys'moved apostrophe
229098.33dungheap124.24dungheap,removed comma
230098.34waterunspillfull124.24-.25waterungspillfullremoved "g"
231098.34me by124.25me andreplaced the word "and" with the word "by"
232099.04-.05he shoots125.01shootsadded the word "he"
125.02son. Howbeitadded paragraph break
234099.10morrow.125.06morrowadded full stop
235099.12looking125.09loojingreplaced "j" with "k"
236099.13necks.125.10neck.added "s"
237099.14May be125.12Maybeadded space
238099.19-.20Gopheph-go-gossip, or Gophephgo-gossip,125.17-.18Gopheph go gossip,replaced space with hyphen or removed space; replaced space with hyphenuncertain, as the Restored FW has an end-of-line hyphen after the second "h"
239099.23notesnatcher, Shem125.21-.22notesnatcheradded comma; moved the word "Shem" (see 099.24)
240099.24you!)125.23you!) Shemmoved the word "Shem" (see 099.23)
241100.07an aim126.07and aimremoved "d"
242100.07otto126.08olloreplaced "ll" with "tt"
243100.09-133.38[unindented questions preceded by blank lines]126.10-168.13[regularly indented questions]removed paragraph indentation from every question; added a blank line before each question
244100.10buaboababbaum126.12buaboababbaunreplaced "n" with "m"
245100.26on his127.06in hisreplaced "i" with "o"
246101.06eddistoon, amid the lampless127.15eddistoon amid the lampless,moved comma
247101.06-.07deep; zemzem, zemzem;127.16deep;added the words "zemzem, zemzem;"
248101.08fraufraus'127.17fraufrau'smoved apostrophe
249101.16oxhide of127.26oxhide onreplaced "n" with "f"the JCM added the "n" (instead of an "r")
250101.21mousey127.32mauseyreplaced "a" with "o"
251101.22state on127.33state asreplaced the word "as" with the word "on"
252101.26herit,128.02heritadded comma
253101.28scoutum;128.05scouturn;replaced "rn" with "m"
254101.33carbonoxside,128.10-.11carbonoxsideadded comma
255101.40-102.01Manmote, be fier of him, Womankind,128.19manmote, befier of him, womankind,capitalised "m" and "w"; added space
256102.14foregate128.34forgateadded "e"
257102.19ex-mountain of flesh,129.04-.05exmountain of flesh or ex-mountain of fleshpossibly added hyphen; added commauncertain, as the Classic FW has an end-of-line hyphen after the "x"
258102.22sylble,129.08sylble;replaced semicolon with comma
259102.26bushboy's129.13bushboysadded apostrophe
260102.27Sollyeye129.14sollyeyecapitalised "s"
261102.35Kolonskeagh,129.24Kolonsreagh,replaced "r" with "k"
262102.38Ilbelpaese129.27Illbelpaeseremoved "l"
263102.39Ear;129.27ear;capitalised "e"
264103.03dryve129.32drivereplaced "i" with "y"
265103.09glimpse of Evin;130.03glimse of Even;added "p"; replaced "e" with "i"
266103.11cloak him130.06cloak themreplaced the word "them" with the word "him"
267103.17Al130.13A1replaced "1" (the digit one) with "l" (a lowercase ell)the source for this change could be BMs (47475-231)
268103.23hanged for130.20hangedadded the word "for"
269103.24rialtor,130.20rialtos,replaced "s" with "r"
270103.24balls,130.21ballsadded comma
271103.34thicker, then water,130.32-.33thicker then wateradded two commas
272104.04mmany and131.08mmany,replaced comma with the word "and"
273104.06shuck131.11struckreplaced "tr" with "h"
274104.07brought us131.12brought asreplaced "a" with "u"
275104.15foe;131.22foi;replaced "i" with "e"
276104.20dim twinklers131.28dimtwinklersadded space
277104.29cairn132.02cavinreplaced "vi" with "ir"
278104.30apparoxymete132.03apparoxemetereplaced "e" with "y"
279104.36Grogshaw,132.10Grimshaw,replaced "im" with "og"
280105.18-.19hecklebury, and sawyer thee132.36hecklebury and sawyer thee,added comma; removed commathe JCM added the comma after "thee"
281105.20hauwck;133.01hauwck,replaced comma with semicolon
282105.24existencies,133.07existenciesadded comma
283105.33thirtynine133.17thirtuninereplaced "u" with "y"
284105.34cake133.18sakereplaced "s" with "c"
285105.37Ducrow;133.22Ducrow,replaced comma with semicolon
286106.01MacMilligan's133.26Mac Milligan'sremoved space
287106.07beskild133.33beskilkreplaced "k" with "d"
288106.09basileus,133.36basidens,replaced "d" with "l"; replaced "n" with "u"
289106.18Silver on the Screen134.10Silver on the Screenitalicised
290106.31women,134.24womenadded comma
291107.05comehethers135.05comethersadded "he"
292107.06Whoa135.06whoucapitalised "w"; replaced "u" with "a"
293107.09yeast,135.10Yeast,decapitalised "Y"
294107.09-.10Pitre-le-Pore-in-Petrin,135.10Pitre-le-Pore-in Petrin,replaced space with hyphen
295107.23a personal135.26apersonaladded space
296107.32musque136.01mursqueremoved "r"
297107.34land136.03laudreplaced "u" with "n"
298107.36wets136.05eatsreplaced "ea" with "we"
299107.39flew136.09flurereplaced "ure" with "ew"
300108.03gueulant136.13geulantadded "u"
301108.07dapifer, then pancircensor,136.17dapifer then pancircensoradded two commas
302108.12haft136.24heftreplaced "e" with "a"
303108.16bannocks;136.28bannucks;replaced "u" with "o"
304108.24paddy137.01puddyreplaced "u" with "a"
305108.25Macarthy137.02Lacarthyreplaced "L" with "M"
306108.27out137.05ourreplaced "r" with "t"
307108.29Canterel-Cockran,137.07-.08Canterel — Cockran,replaced dash with hyphen; removed two spaces
308108.30Sadurn's137.09sadurn'scapitalised "s"
309108.31lands; who guesses137.10land; who guesseadded "s" twice
310108.37hetman's unnhorsed137.17hetman unwhorsedadded apostrophe and "s"; replaced "w" with "n"
311109.07polish137.29poloshreplaced "o" with "i"
312109.18overreached;138.06over reached;removed space
313109.25by a parker138.13of a parkerreplaced the word "of" with the word "by"
314109.37dure's138.27durc'sreplaced "c" with "e"
315109.38infuriated138.28infuriotedreplaced "o" with "a"
316109.40sweet whome;138.30sweetwhome;added space
317110.01noonshine138.31moonshinereplaced "m" with "n"
318110.03shrieked138.34shrickedreplaced "c" with "e"
319110.04-.05moonnight or moon-night138.36moon nightremoved space or replaced space with hyphenuncertain, as the Restored FW has an end-of-line hyphen after the first "n"
320110.15pitchingplays139.12pitching playsremoved space
321110.17-133.39ANSWER:139.14-168.14Answer:decapitalisd "A" and replaced regular text with smallcaps text on every answer
322110.20-111.13When [...] Amin!139.16-.28When [...] Amin!reformatted text as poetry
323110.30Iceland,139.20Icelandadded comma
324110.33drickle-me-ondenees,139.21dirckle-me-ondenees,replaced "ir" with "ri"
325110.34rageous139.21Rageousdecapitalised "R"
326110.37plane,139.23planeadded comma
327111.15weth139.30whethremoved "h"
328111.22The Arch140.02the Archcapitalised "t"
330111.27end [...] dust!),140.09-.10end, [...] dust!)moved comma after parentheses
331111.30paupulation140.13paùpulationremoved grave accent
332111.35a cope-a-curly,140.19acope-acurly,added space and hyphen
333112.01how 'tis140.23how'tisadded space
334112.06mills' money140.28mills'moneyadded space
335112.11you!),140.35you),added exclamation mark
336112.15sainted salmon,141.03Sainted Salmon,decapitalised "S" twice
337112.22water, bear141.11wateradded comma; added the word "bear"
338112.24outskriek141.13outshriekreplaced "h" with "k"
339112.27method in141.16method ofreplaced the word "of" with the word "in"
340112.28X.W.C.A. or141.18X.W.C.A. onreplaced "n" with "r"
341112.29Doorsteps Limited141.18Doorsteps, Limited,removed two commas
342112.29preferred,141.19preferred.replaced full stop with comma
343112.30Chimneys and141.20Chimneys'replaced apostrophe with the word "and"
344112.31fallstandingly141.21fullstandinglyreplaced "u" with "a"
345113.01-.02his arthurgruff141.32hisadded the word "arthurgruff"
346113.02flowers of the liloleum O141.32floweradded "s"; added the words "of the liloleum O"the source for this change could be BMs (47473-246, -247, and -187)
347113.02ash141.32askreplaced "k" with "h"the source for this change could be BMs (47473-187)
348113.03speak like Big Whittington141.33speak added the words "like Big Whittington"the source for this change could be BMs (47473-247)
349113.03name.141.33nameadded full stop
350113.12Will142.07willcapitalised "w"
351113.17ager142.13Agerdecapitalised "A"
352113.20them,142.16themadded comma
353113.20years142.16year'sremoved apostrophe
354113.25condamn142.22condamadded "n"
355113.26numen fateful changending constancies,142.23numen daimons,replaced the word "daimons" with the words "fateful changending constancies"the source for this change could be BMs (47473-247)
356113.27feedkeepers at our free laws (Fors Forsennat Finds Clusium!),142.24feekeepers at their laws,added "d"; replaced the word "their" with the words "our free"; added a four-word italicised phrase in parenthesesthe source for this change could be BMs (47475-55)
357113.30Pedhar,142.27Pedher,replaced "e" with "a"
358113.31Mor,142.28Moradded comma
359113.31MacCorty?142.28Mac Carty?removed space; replaced "a" with "o"
360113.38and rule by rune142.36by ruleadded the words "and rule"; replaced "l" with "n"the source for this change could be BMs (47473-132)
361114.04being,143.04beingadded comma
362114.07were,143.07wereadded comma
363114.08through143.09throughoutremoved "out"
364114.16'tis143.18tisadded apostrophe
365114.23dimn143.27dimmreplaced "m" with "n"
366114.25-.26burning,143.30burningadded comma
367114.29-.30nails! Isn't143.34nails, isn'treplaced comma with exclamation mark; capitalised "i"
368114.30ashamed143.34achamedreplaced "c" with "s"
369114.31minute.143.36minute!replaced exclamation mark with full stop
370114.33jot144.02gotreplaced "g" with "j"
371114.33care! I can pay my club like she.144.02care!added a seven-word sentencethe source for this change could be BMs (47476a-228v)
372114.36foodbrawler144.05foodbrawler,removed comma
373114.37Innkipper?,144.07Innkipper,added question mark
374114.38stars,144.08starsadded comma
375115.05a little144.13alittleadded space
376115.08right,144.18rights,removed "s"
377115.12trousseaurs,144.22trousseaursadded comma
378115.15moon,144.25moonadded comma
379115.15bought, cabbage head,144.25-.26bought cabbage headadded two commas
380115.17charms,144.28charmsadded comma
381115.19quoniam144.30quonianreplaced "n" with "m"
382115.19Brawne144.31Brownereplaced "o" with "a"
383115.22O,144.34Oadded comma
384115.22-.23tickly!144.34tickly.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
385115.23momou? Mummum!144.35momou. Mummum.replaced two full stops with question mark and exclamation mark
386115.24-.25my figure how I sleep gracefully in my144.36myadded a seven-word line of textthe source for this change could be BMs (47473-164)
387115.26-.27off her, [...] after,145.02-.03off her [...] afteradded two commas
388115.29mush!145.06mush:replaced colon with exclamation mark
389115.33too meek145.10to meekadded "o"
390115.34-.35you, so young in145.12you inadded comma and the words "so young"
391115.37me. Hug145.14me, hugreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "h"
392115.40read my145.18read byreplaced "b" with "m"
393116.01swooning.145.20-.21swooning. I just don't care what my thwarters think.moved an eight-word sentence (see 116.02-.03)
394116.02now me145.21nowadded the word "me"
395116.02-.03times! I just don't care what my thwarters think!145.21times!moved an eight-word sentence (see 116.01, noting the change of full stop to exclamation mark)
396116.06soul?145.26soul.replaced full stop with question mark
397116.07in thee145.26in theadded "e"
398116.09New Free Woman145.29New Free Womanitalicised
399116.10Man in a Surplus145.30Man in a Surplusitalicised
400116.15-.16through your145.36-146.02through (to adore me there and then cease to be? Whatever for, blossoms?) Yourmoved a twelve-word phrase (see 116.16-.17); decapitalised "Y"
401116.16-.17one! To adore me there and then cease to be? Whatever for, blossoms?146.02one.replaced full stop with exclamation mark; moved a twelve-word phrase (see 116.15-.16, noting the removed parentheses and capitalised "t")
402116.19made146.04made myremoved the word "my"
403116.21-.22puffpape or puff-pape146.07-.08puff paperemoved space or replaced space with hyphenuncertain, as the Restored FW has an end-of-line hyphen after the second "f"
404116.22Daveran,146.08Daveranadded comma
405116.24-.27How [...] phiz!146.09-.11How [...] phiz!reformatted text as poetry
406116.25th' adult'rous146.10th'adult' rousmoved space
407116.28Moses!146.12bosses,replaced "b" with "M"; added "s"; replaced comma with exclamation mark
408116.29mould,146.13mouldadded comma
409116.32gleison.146.16gleisonadded full stop
410116.35college146.20college,removed comma
411116.37please business146.22pleasebusinessadded space
412116.38leapylike146.23leapy likeremoved space
413117.02tongue,146.28tongueadded comma
414117.03your146.29ouradded "y"
415117.07Nothing!146.32nothing!capitalised "n"
416117.07somewhere:146.33somewhere!replaced exclamation mark with colon
417117.13them! Bigbawl147.04them, Bigbawlreplaced comma with exclamation mark
418117.14territorials!147.05territorials.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
419117.14Sots'147.05Sot'smoved apostrophe
420117.15Valles!147.07Valles!italicised the exclamation mark
421117.18-.19mane of the mistle and if Sent Yves and all the holly.147.10-.11name of. And all the holly. And some the mistle and it Saint Yves.swapped the letters "n" and "m"; removed full stop; moved the words "And all the holly."; decapitalised "A"; removed the words "And some"; replaced "t" with "f"; replaced "ai" with "e"; removed full stop
422117.20Lou [...] them),147.12-.13Lou, [...] them)moved comma after parentheses
423117.21Queenie,147.13Queeniee,removed "e"
424117.25to ting.147.18ti ting.replaced "i" with "o"
425117.31dawrling!147.25darling!added "w"
426117.33and in all147.28and alladded the word "in"
427117.34look, now147.29look! Nowreplaced exclamation mark with comma; decapitalised "N"
428117.35Don147.30Danreplaced "a" with "o"
429117.37Alley,147.32Alleyadded comma
430117.38Wholoham147.34Whowhamreplaced "w" with "lo"
431117.39blackhaird!147.35blackhaired!removed "e"
432117.39adore147.35likereplaced the word "like" with the word "adore"
433118.01my, whispme?147.36-148.01my whisping?added comma; replaced "ing" with "me"
434118.01baffoyou?148.01bafforyou?removed "r"
435118.04Shsh!148.04Sh sh!removed space
436118.08chara!148.10chare!replaced "e" with "a"
437118.10here's,148.11here'added "s" and comma
438118.14-.15aucthors,148.17aucthor,added "s"
439118.16otther148.19otheradded "t"
440118.19mean to,148.22mean toadded comma
441118.21mawfellous!148.24marfellows!replaced "r" with "w"; replaced "w" with "u"
442118.24light148.28lifereplaced "fe" with "ght"
443118.25pair!148.29pair.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
444118.29-119.06If [...] you?148.33-149.10If [...] you?reformatted text as poetry
445118.33-.34plight, or149.01plight or,moved comma
446118.34picking149.01prickingremoved "r"
447119.05wiles149.09wiles,removed comma
448119.11you (if ye dare!)149.16you, if you dare!removed comma; added parentheses; replaced "ou" with "e"
449119.12disposals149.17disposalereplaced "e" with "s"
450119.12-.13elsewhere, naturalistically,149.17-.18elsewhere naturalisticallyadded two commas
451119.16cash-cash149.21cashcashadded hyphen
452119.19you, as brisk as your D.B.C.,149.25you as brisk as your D.B.C.added two commas
453119.22plumbsily, the [...] sorrogate whilst149.29plumbsily. The [...] sorrogate. Whilstreplaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "T"; removed full stop; decapitalised "W"
454119.27a most149.35mostadded the word "a"
455119.29times?,150.01times?added comma
456119.29a three150.02at hreemoved space
457119.30to you as you150.03as youadded the words "to you"
458119.31plates, is150.03plates? Isreplaced question mark with comma; decapitalised "I"
459119.32penscrusher (no funk you!),150.05penscrusher, no funk you!moved comma; added parentheses
460119.35terging150.09tryingreplaced "ry" with "erg"
461119.36Dr 's150.09Dr'sadded space
462119.37To whom,150.10to whom,capitalised "t"
463119.38beast150.12beast'removed apostrophe
464120.01(though, [...] prove,150.15(though [...] proveadded two commas
465120.02Shalmaneser150.16-.17Shalmanesirreplaced "i" with "e"
466120.03Shekels150.17Skekelsreplaced "k" with "h"
467120.05secret150.20secret —removed space and dash
468120.10confinement,150.25confinementadded comma
469120.10I am now150.26am I nowswapped the words "I" and "am"
470120.12A.M.), wholeheartedly150.28A.M.) whole-heartedlyadded comma; removed hyphen
471120.13how,150.30howadded comma
472120.14says, "by Allswill",150.30says: 'by Allswill'replaced colon with comma; replaced single quotation marks with double quotation marks; added comma
473120.15obscenity. Looking150.31-.32obscenity, lookingreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "l"
474120.16-.18television [...] sides)150.33-.35television, [...] sides),removed two commas
475120.25anthropologise151.07anthrapologisereplaced "a" with "o"
476120.27parceqeue151.10parcequeueremoved "u"
477120.28foes,151.11foes.replaced full stop with comma
478120.28Levi-Brullo151.11Levi-Brullo,removed comma
479120.28-.29Sexe-Weiman-Eitelnakt151.11-.12Sexe-Weiman-Eitelnakyreplaced "y" with "t"
480120.30cauldron151.13cunldronreplaced "un" with "au"
481120.32weakly151.16weeklyreplaced "e" with "a"
482120.32augmended151.16augmentedreplaced "t" with "d"
483120.33netherslogging151.17nothersloggingreplaced "o" with "e"
484120.34escapement151.19escupementreplaced "u" with "a"
485120.35he151.19hetremoved "t"
486120.37through151.22throuthreplaced "t" with "g"
487120.38squeak!151.22squak!added "e"
488121.01when.151.26whenadded full stop
489121.03lequor151.29lequoureplaced "u" with "r"
490121.03gorge, though151.29gorge throughadded comma; removed "r"
491121.05meinungs.)151.31meinungs).moved full stop outside parentheses
492121.06Bryllars F.D.151.33Bryllars, F.D.,removed two commas
493121.06Ph.Dr's151.33Ph. Dr'sremoved space
494121.07rabbage151.34robbagereplaced "o" with "a"
495121.08quandom151.35quandourreplaced "ur" with "m"
496121.08(mine, dank you!)151.35(Mine, dank you?)decapitalised "M"; replaced question mark with exclamation mark
497121.08-.09while (for [...] contrary?)151.35-.36while, for [...] contrary,replaced two commas with parentheses; added question markthe JCM removed the question mark
498121.10true 'tis152.02true'tisadded space
499121.17clottyheaded,152.09clothyheaded,replaced "h" with "t"
500121.22-126.26[slightly smaller font]152.15-159.18[regular-sized font]changed font size
501121.22THE MOOKSE AND THE GRIPES152.15The Mookse and The Gripes.capitalised; removed full stop; centred on line; added a blank line before and after this line
502121.24weary wide152.18wearywideadded space
503121.28throat,152.24throats,removed "s"
504121.30(socolld152.26(socolledremoved "e"
505121.34so set152.31setadded the word "so"
506121.35tarheels,152.32tarkeels,replaced "k" with "h"
507121.36threetop152.34threetop,removed comma
508121.37pentiad152.35pentiadpairremoved "pair"
509122.05purl-it-easy:153.07purliteasy:added two hyphens
510122.05dream,153.07dreamadded comma
511122.12pompe.153.17Pompe.decapitalised "P"
512122.12as he153.17as bereplaced "b" with "h"
513122.21Triumphans,153.29Triumphanes,removed "e"
514122.26Sir153.35sircapitalised "s"
515122.30everything,154.04everythingadded comma
516122.31liseias.154.05liseias?replaced question mark with full stop
517122.35all,154.09alladded comma
518123.02-.03index! Mund my achilles! Swell my obolum! Woshup my nase serene!154.18-.19index, mund my achilles, swell my obolum, woshup my nase serene,replaced comma with exclamation mark four times; capitalised "m", "s", and "w"
519123.03byturning154.19by turningremoved space
520123.04most formose154.20formoseadded the word "most"
521123.05paladin's intentions154.22intentionsadded the word "paladin's"
522123.07-.08length! [...] capacity!154.25length. [...] capacity.replaced full stop with exclamation mark twice
523123.09it!154.27it?replaced question mark with exclamation mark
524123.13cannow154.31connowreplaced "o" with "a"
525123.13canoss154.31-.32cannosreplaced "no" with "os"
526123.14the nethermost154.32nethermostadded the word "the"
527123.17limb),155.01limb)added comma
528123.19Incredible? [...] inevitable!155.03Incredible! [...] inevitable.replaced exclamation mark with question mark; replaced full stop with exclamation mark
531123.22Mookse155.07-.08Mookse in a most consistorous allocution pompificallymoved a six-word phrase (see 123.40)
532123.23-.24concluded. (What [...] Gripes!)155.09-.10concludded (what [...] Gripes!).removed "d"; moved full stop after parentheses; capitalised "w"
533123.25inchies (what a thrust!)155.11-.12inchies, (what a thrust!),removed two commas
534123.27him!)155.14him!).removed full stop
535123.31enemy,155.19enemy!replaced exclamation mark with comma
536123.32primas — but155.21primas—butadded two spaces
537123.35out155.24out ofremoved the word "of"
538123.37Barratt's. He155.26Barratt's, hereplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "h"
155.29widerproof. Headded paragraph break
540123.40it pompifically, in a most consistorous allocution,155.29itmoved a six-word phrase (see 123.22, noting the relocation of the word "pompifically", and two added commas)
541124.02nimbum),155.32nimbum)added comma
542124.03by Inexagoras, by Mumfsen and by Thumpsen,155.32-.33Inexagoras and Mumfsen and Thumpsem,added the word "by" thrice; replaced the word "and" with comma; replaced "m" with "n"
543124.05and all the mummyscrips in Sick Bokes' Juncroom. And after155.35and aftermoved an eight-word phrase (see 124.10); added full stop; capitalised "A"
544124.06-.07ehrltogether,155.36ehrltogetheradded comma
545124.08times,156.02timesadded comma
546124.09inklespill156.03Inklespilldecapitalised "I"
547124.10Pilax156.05-.06Pilax and all the mummyscrips in Sick Bokes' Juncroommoved an eight-word phrase (see 124.05)
548124.20Oh Gropes,156.19O Gripesadded "h"; replaced "i" with "o"; added comma
549124.23Ah Mookse, yours may be still more156.22yours may be still, O Mookse, moremoved the words "yours may be still"; removed comma; replaced the word "O" with the word "Ah"
550124.24Hallow,156.25Hollow,replaced "o" with "a"
551124.25for,156.25foradded comma
552124.27Cut. As156.28Cut, asreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "a"
553124.27-.28bond strict156.29bondstrictadded space
554124.29cumfussed156.31cumfusedadded "s"
555124.30veiled horror.156.32-.33Veiled Horror.decapitalised "V" and "H"
556124.30added,156.33added:replaced colon with comma
557124.33relentloose156.35relentlessreplaced "ess" with "oose"
558124.33-.34success! (Hourihaleine.)156.36succes! (Hourihaleine)added "s"; added full stop
559124.35each and157.01eachadded the word "and"
560124.35coluber,157.01coluberadded comma
561125.06compinions157.14companionsreplaced "a" with "i"
562125.08And as for fuvver,157.16Fuvver,added the words "And as for"; decapitalised "F"
563125.09sokaparlour157.17sokaparlour,removed comma
564125.15take157.24tokereplaced "o" with "a"
565125.15off,157.25offadded comma
566125.16curiasity157.26curiasity,removed comma
567125.32wolds.158.10worlds.removed "r"
568125.32allsoonone158.10allsoonomereplaced "m" with "n"
569125.34would not158.12could notreplaced "c" with "w"
570125.35So he ceased, and158.14He ceased. Andadded the word "So"; decapitalised "H"; replaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "A"
571125.36dusky158.15duskadded "y"
572125.39O,158.19Oh,removed "h"
573125.40at first158.21firstadded the word "at"
574126.02weeping,158.23wecking,replaced "ck" with "ep"
575126.05caried158.28carriedremoved "r"
576126.06solemn158.29solemadded "n"
577126.13wrong,159.01wrong;replaced semicolon with comma
578126.15sierre159.05Sierredecapitalised "S"
579126.15O, yes!159.05O! Yes!replaced exclamation mark with comma; decapitalised "Y"
580126.19bannistars. She159.08-.09bannistars; shereplaced semicolon with full stop; capitalised "s"
581126.19Nuée! A159.09Nuée! Aitalicised exclamation mark
582126.21gone on159.11gone eonremoved "e"
583126.23"keen"159.14'keen'replaced single quotation marks with double quotation marks
584126.24pretty-pretty159.14-.15prettypretty or pretty-prettypossibly added hyphenuncertain, as the Classic FW has an end-of-line hyphen after the first "y"
585126.26stay!159.18stay!added a blank line after this line
586126.27rattleshaker159.19nattleshakerreplaced "n" with "r"
587126.28cursus.159.20dursus.replaced "d" with "c"
588126.29Allaboy159.21Allaboy,removed comma
589126.30Nolan-Browne,159.22Nolan Browne,replaced space with hyphen
590126.33-127.04genius. I'm Armory, so herald me, but he's merely the size of his shirt. The Jonases were juanisers in Lyoness before the first Schmied started to forge. For see my stitchwork! A boche beuglant in a field flam. Motto: Twist im ann insulte! Mookse makes for Muth and his Muth makes for Mastery wile Gripes yields to Guile but his Guile'll yield the faster he is Faced in Front and Forced to acknowledge that the Roarer Rules the Knaves Leonidas!
   Mookse, Mookse, Mookse! I could face a phalanx philistine!
   And Gripes, Gripes, Gripes! I could chor em wiv zis jor of mine!
   For I feel like Samsen, Hamsen and Yan Yammesen. But nevertheleast also I
159.26genius. Iadded eleven sentences and three wordsthe source for this change could for the most part be BMs (47473-250)
591127.04-.05halfaloafonwashed brother,159.27halfaloafonwashed,added the word "brother"
592127.05germ!159.28gem!added "r"the source for this change could be BMs (47473-250)
593127.07cyrillass159.30curillassreplaced "u" with "y"
159.33-.34Inaccessible. (Theadded paragraph break
595127.11rementions159.34rementiousreplaced "u" with "n"
596127.13clean160.01clean,removed comma
598127.16butternut,160.04butternat,replaced "a" with "u"
599127.19Rubens160.08Rubeusreplaced "u" with "n"
600127.20he has160.09ha hasreplaced "a" with "e"
601127.21selfsown seedlings160.10selfsownseedlingsadded space
602127.24tender.160.13tender)replaced closing parenthesis with full stop (see 127.26-.27)
603127.24populus,160.13Populus,decapitalised "P"
604127.24hickoryhockery,160.13-.14hickoryhockeryadded comma
605127.25root160.15roatreplaced "a" with "o"
606127.26-.27Whitebeam is oaky-o.)
160.16Whitebeaver is dakyo. Hereplaced "ver" with "m"; replaced "d" with "o"; added hyphen; added closing parenthesis (see 127.24); added paragraph break
607127.27ideas. And160.17ideas andadded full stop; capitalised "a"
608127.32-.34stars. And he wants my addition of meal, meat, bread, butter, dripping, eggs, tea and cabbage with a doorstep! I ought not to indulge on this stage still I will think he is so very allirish! You160.22stars. Youadded two sentences
609127.36truths . . .160.24truths.added three spaces and two full stops
610127.38-.40i [...] wilsh [...] the [...] mr wist [...] wilsh160.26-.28I [...] Wilsh [...] The [...] Mr Wist [...] Wilshdecapitalised "I", "W", "T", "M", "W", and "W"
611127.38am being160.26amadded the word "being"
612128.01Li legas160.30Lilegasadded space
613128.02-.03shultroj. Houdiau kiel160.31Shultroj. Houdian Kieldecapitalised "S"; replaced "n" with "u"; decapitalised "K"
614128.04all fore160.33allforeadded space
615128.06with160.35with aremoved the word "a"
616128.09Ciondoloni's161.03Ciondolone'sreplaced "e" with "i"
617128.10cashdime,161.04cashdimeadded comma
618128.12to feel about it, for161.06foradded a four-word phrase
619128.12intellacktuals161.06intellecktualsreplaced "e" with "a"
620128.22unadulterous,161.17unadulterousadded comma
621128.24arrivalist's161.20arrivalisteadded apostrophe; replaced "e" with "s"
161.21-.22he. Theadded paragraph break
623128.27prepurgatory (hot, Schott?)161.23prepurgatory, hot, Schott?removed comma; added parentheses
624128.28Mutti (poor Mutti!)161.24Mutti, poor Mutti!removed comma; added parentheses
625128.28suppy161.25suppy,removed comma
626128.28how!!)161.25how!)added exclamation mark
   Cheese it.
161.35-.36stools and if I don't make away with you I'm beyond Caesar outnullused.moved a twlve-word phrase (see 128.39-.40); added paragraph break; moved a two-word phrase (see 129.14, noting the removed parentheses, capitalised "c", and change of exclamation mark to full stop)
628128.39(tyrants,162.01(Tyrants,decapitalised "T"
629128.39-.40you and if I don't make away with you I'm beyond Caesar outnullused!),162.01you!)moved a twlve-word phrase (see 128.37-.38); added comma
630129.01-.03age [...] in),162.02age, [...] in)moved comma after parentheses
631129.01thumpledrum162.03thunpledrumreplaced "n" with "m"
632129.04soldier-author-batman162.06soldier - author - batmanremoved four spaces
162.11bouteilles. (Aadded paragraph break; removed opening parenthesis (see 129.12)
634129.09-.10Fonnumagogula162.12Fonnumagulaadded "og"
635129.10prifixes,162.13prifixesadded comma
636129.12Tobolosk.162.15Tobolosk)replaced closing parenthesis with full stop (see 129.08-.09)
637129.14butter162.17butter (cheese it!)moved a two-word phrase (see 128.37-.38)
638129.14On162.18Ohreplaced "h" with "n"
162.21noze. Caseousreplaced "n" with "h"; added paragraph break
640129.17hethink162.21bethinkreplaced "b" with "h"
641129.18thoftthinking162.23thofthinkingadded "t"
642129.19lofter,162.24lofteradded commathe JCM removed the comma
643129.20indeedmum.162.25indeedmymy.replaced "ymy" with "um"
644129.21poohoo!162.27poohoo.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
645129.23(and162.28(and,removed comma
646129.23one — ex ungue Leonem — to162.29one ex ungue Leonem toadded dash and space twice
647129.25Saint Poutresbourg162.30-.31Poutresbourgadded the word "Saint"
648129.28churming162.34chormingreplaced "o" with "u"
649129.29ever! What brunoesque poportiums, me Ercles!162.35ever!added a five-word sentence
650129.31whole163.01oholereplaced "o" with "w"
651129.31ariman163.01arinamswapped the letters "n" and "m"
652129.35fein Butterbrot, mein163.06meinadded the words "fein Butterbrot"; added comma
653129.37This,163.08Thisadded comma
654129.38highstink163.09highstinksremoved "s"
655130.02neighbour, and so163.13neighbour andadded comma; added the word "so"
656130.06-.07buttom. (What163.19buttom (whatadded full stop; capitalised "w"
657130.09in time163.21in timeitalicised
658130.09&c.)163.22&c.).removed full stop
659130.09misunderstood163.22misunderstordreplaced "r" with "o"
660130.10sinequamnunc163.23sinequamadded "nunc"the source for this change could be BMs (47473-252)
661130.12Theophile163.25Theophiladded "e"
662130.12-.14swoors by his Father Familiaritas and his Mother Contumelia and by the soul in his suit and the animus in his soul and the mind in his animus and the good in his mind163.25swoorsadded a thirty-three-word phrasethe source for this change could be BMs (47473-252)
663130.15pointingstart163.26pointing startremoved space
664130.18enocomical163.31economicalswapped the letters "c" and "n"
665130.20first,163.32firstadded comma
666130.25polarised,164.02polarisedadded comma
667130.25incompletude164.02incompatabililyreplaced "atabilily" with "letude"
668130.26male164.04malesremoved "s"
669130.27σκοτια164.05Skotiadecapitalised "s"; replaced Latin alphabet with Greek alphabet
670130.28males,164.06malesadded comma
671130.30M (whom [...] below)164.08-.09M. whom [...] belowremoved full stop; added parentheses
672130.38sweet Margareen!164.19Sweet Margareen,decapitalised "S"; replaced comma with exclamation mark
673131.01sauce. Enough.)164.22Sauce. Enough).decapitalised "S"; moved full stop outside parentheses
674131.05bowl,164.27bowel,removed "e"
675131.06blanchemanged,164.28blanchemangedadded comma
676131.09course,164.32courseadded comma
677131.16then [...] beat165.04then, [...] beat,removed two commas
678131.17awpen165.05aiopenreplaced "io" with "w"
165.05her. How?added paragraph break
680131.22-.23the argon,165.11argon,added the word "the"
681131.24-.25admirer of my "blank manner"165.13admireradded a four-word phrase
682131.25seen with eyes watered165.13seenadded a three-word phrase
683131.26E!)165.15E !)removed space
684131.27and which165.16whichadded the word "and"
685131.29the females165.18femalesadded the word "the"
686131.32compose165.22composedremoved "d"
687131.33Lady165.22ladycapitalised "l"
688131.33comprise165.23comprisedremoved "d"
689132.04off),165.36off)added comma
690132.06Margees,166.01Margeesadded comma
691132.07that I,166.03that Iadded comma
692132.10"ethel",166.07"ethel"added comma
693132.11-.12cap (they [...] fall) to tone,166.08cap to tone (they [...] fall),moved the words "to tone"
694132.14lookout166.11-.12look outremoved space
695132.16"Childe"166.14"childe"capitalised "c"
696132.19-.20"shover", a "butlegger" and a "sectary")166.17-.18shover, a butlegger and a sectary)added three pairs of double quotation marks
697132.22I am166.20(I amremoved opening parenthesis (see 132.30)
698132.24Infantulus,166.22-.23Infantulusadded comma
699132.26clothes. For166.25clothes, forreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "f"
700132.30uttentions.166.29uttentions.)removed closing parenthesis (see 132.22)
701132.31but (alick and alack!)166.30but, alick and alack!removed comma; added parentheses
702132.33flavoured,166.33flavouredadded comma
703132.35-.36right, [...] position, [...] misstery,166.35-.36right [...] position [...] missteryadded three commas
704133.01quaintly167.06quantlyadded "i"
705133.03-.06caddy. (And, taking off sourstuffs [...] pottage in.)167.08caddy.moved a parenthesised thirty-four-word sentence (see 133.14, noting the change of "t" to "r", and swapping of full stop and closing parenthesis)
706133.06simple strawbellied167.09simpleadded the word "strawbellied"
707133.07lowtownian exleggest phratrisight,167.10lowtownian, exlegged phatrisight,added comma; replaced "d" with "st"; added "r"
708133.08other,167.11otheradded comma
709133.11kennat167.15kennotreplaced "o" with "a"
710133.12wonnot167.16wannotreplaced "a" with "o"
711133.12psalmon167.16psalmenreplaced "e" with "o"
712133.13for gregational purposes167.16-.17in our gregational pompomsreplaced the words "in our" with the word "for"; replaced the word "pompoms" with the word "purposes"
713133.13crew!167.17crew.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
714133.14Topsman,167.18Topsmanadded comma
715133.14Minster167.18Misteradded "n"
716133.14nefand.167.19-.22nefand. (And, taking off soutstuffs [...] pottage in).moved a parenthesised thirty-four-word sentence (see 133.03-.06)
717133.17themis'167.25themisadded apostrophe
718133.18-.19answer.)167.27answer).moved full stop outside parentheses
719133.19now beat167.27beatadded the word "now"
720133.19action?167.28action.replaced full stop with question mark
721133.20reply.)167.28reply).moved full stop outside parentheses
722133.20The Word167.29The wordcapitalised "w"
723133.21exspouse167.29exsponsereplaced "n" with "u"
724133.23years!167.31years.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
725133.31Jaffe168.05Macreplaced the word "Mac" with the word "Jaffe"
726133.32width168.07withdmoved "d"
727133.34robbed of168.09robbedadded the word "of"
728133.37say . . . !168.12say!added four spaces and three full stops
729134.04Hairwire,169.04Hairwireadded comma
730134.05Bloggg169.05Bloggadded "g"
731134.09included:169.11includedadded colon
732134.09eighth169.12eightadded "h"
733134.10whole169.12whoelswapped the letters "e" and "l"
734134.12son!),169.14son),added exclamation mark
735134.16tristended — so169.20tristended, soreplaced comma with space and dash
736134.19nursery garden,169.23garden nursery,swapped the words "nursery" and "garden"
737134.20-.23Hoeland [...] jo!),169.24-170.03Hoeland, [...] jo!)moved comma after parentheses
738134.23to all170.03to of allremoved the word "of"
739134.24When is a man not a man?170.05when is a man not a man?:italicised; capitalised "w"; removed colon
740134.27past (for [...] as yet unminted),170.08-.09past, for [...] yet unminted,removed comma; added parentheses; added the word "as"
741134.29when, hold170.11when holdadded comma
742135.04wittliest said170.16wittiest said,added "l"; removed comma
743135.06wi'170.18wiadded apostrophe
744135.08yea170.20yea,removed comma
745135.11up? —: When he is a170.23up? — ; when he is aremoved space; replaced semicolon with colon; italicised a four-word phrase; capitalised "w"
746135.11rocks — Sham.170.24rocks, — Sham.removed comma; italicised word
747135.19fried-at-beliefstakes170.33fried-at-belief-stakesremoved hyphen
748135.20greasily gristly170.34greasilygristlyadded space
749135.22bogoak gravy171.01bogoakgravyadded space
750135.23Zealand? He171.02Zealand! hereplaced exclamation mark with question mark; capitalised "h"
751135.31lemon171.12limonreplaced "i" with "e"
752135.32O, the171.12O! thereplaced exclamation mark with comma
753135.38off to his171.20off toadded the word "his"
754136.02sat, jo171.24sat, jo,removed comma
755136.03magyarsty171.25magyanstyreplaced "n" with "r"
756136.03-.04archdiochesse (if she's a duck [...] nowisit?),171.25-.27archdiochesse, if she is a duck, [...] now is it?added parentheses; moved comma after parentheses; replaced the words "she is" with the word "she's"; added comma; removed two spaces
757136.06Ain't171.29Aintadded apostrophe
758136.07beetle,171.31beetleadded comma
759136.12desh ta172.01desh toreplaced "o" with "a"
760136.14shillipen?,172.02shillipen?added comma
761136.21generally hoped, for luvvomony,172.11-.12generally, for luvvomony hopedmoved the word "hoped"; added comma
762136.23T.B.172.13T.B.,removed comma
763136.23-.24time. Nay,172.14time, nay,replaced comma with full stop; capitalised "n"
764136.25Quay,172.15Quayadded comma
765136.30fraidborn172.21fraid bornremoved space
766136.32-.33Here tokay, gone tomorry, we're spluched, do something, Fireless.172.24-.25Here tokay, gone tomory, we're spluched, do something, Fireless.italicised; added "r"
767136.33Inconvenient, David.172.25-.26Inconvenient, David.italicised
768136.39wellwishers172.33wellwishers,removed comma
769136.40about what about172.34aboutadded the words "what about"
770137.01insteed172.36insteadreplaced "a" with "e"
771137.04canaille?173.02canaille?:removed colon
772137.05troubadouring173.04troubadouring,removed comma
773137.08sign of haste,173.08sigh of hastereplaced "h" with "n"; added comma
774137.15before panesthetic173.16beforemoved the word "panesthetic" (see 137.17-.18)
775137.17-.18round the peninsulounge173.18round the panestheticmoved the word "panesthetic" (see 137.15); added the word "peninsulounge"
776137.23visanvierssas173.25visanvrerssas,replaced "r" with "i"; removed commathe JCM added the comma
777137.28eaveswater,173.30-.31eaveswateradded comma
778138.02uttered: command me!174.11uttered, command me!,replaced comma with colon; removed comma
779138.04-.06hearing? [...] sure? [...] this! [...] firing-on-me? [...] girlic-on-you?174.13-.15hearing?, [...] sure?, [...] this!, [...] firing-on-me?, [...] girlic-on-you?,removed five commas
780138.06sulphur:174.16sulphur,replaced comma with colon
781138.08onewinker174.19onewinker,removed comma
782138.20back174.32back,removed comma
783138.24contempt of the contemptibles,175.01contemp of the contempibles,added "t" twice
784138.24giving175.02gavingreplaced "a" with "i"
785138.25dirt175.02dirt,removed comma
786138.28-139.02[indented lines with non-hanging indent for line continuation]175.07-.18[unindented lines with hanging indent for line continuation]different indentation for all the lines of the poem; added blank lines before and after the entire poem
787138.29By Nowhom175.08By Nowherereplaced "ere" with "om"
788138.29Life;175.08Lifeadded semicolon
789138.30Emp up175.09Empadded the word "up"
790138.32Witchywitchy175.11Witchywithcyswapped the letters "h" and "c"
791138.32has struck175.11struckadded the word "has"
792138.33has forespoken175.12forespokenadded the word "has"
793138.36leap o'er175.15leapadded the word "o'er"
794139.02Perce Oreille.175.18Perce-Oreille.replaced hyphen with space
795139.03Righto175.20Rightsreplaced "s" with "o"
796139.09yallow175.26yellowreplaced "e" with "a"
797139.10-.23thonderman, [...] wind [...] peeler, [...] ring, [...] pritchards [...] play withers team, [...] luckypig, [...] slot, [...] cow, [...] bumble, [...] wall, [...] threes, [...] jump, [...] come [...] den, [...] bottles, [...] letter [...] sweetstore, [...] expolled, [...] knock, [...] we fairlys represented?, [...] silent [...] pearstone, [...] washerwoman, [...] walking, [...] oneyone's house [...] bush, [...] dreams, [...] time, [...] mammy, [...] man standing, [...] forky theagues, [...] futilears, [...] life [...] sin [...] cooney candy, [...] straw, [...] way [...] seed [...] morning, [...] fun [...] make, [...] toothbrush [...] fat [...] priest's boots, [...] steam [...] raimbrandt176.01-.18Thonderman, [...] Wind [...] Peeler, [...] Ring, [...] Pritchards [...] Play Withers Team, [...] Luckypig, [...] Slot, [...] Cow, [...] Bumble, [...] Wall, [...] Threes, [...] Jump, [...] Come [...] Den, [...] Bottles, [...] Letter [...] Sweetstore, [...] Expolled, [...] Knock, [...] We Fairlys Represented?, [...] Silent [...] Bearstone, [...] Washerwoman, [...] Walking, [...] Oneyone's House [...] Bush, [...] Dreams, [...] Time, [...] Mammy, [...] Man Standing, [...] Forky Theagues, [...] Futilears, [...] Life [...] Sin [...] Cooney Candy, [...] Straw, [...] Way [...] Seed [...] Morning, [...] Fun [...] Make, [...] Toothbrush [...] Fat [...] Priest's Boots, [...] Steam [...] Raimbrandtdecapitalised fifty-six lettersthe JCM capitalised the "c" of "come"
798139.12Moggies176.04Moggie'sremoved apostrophe
799139.15pearstone,176.08Bearstone,replaced "B" with "p"
800139.22Farrell,176.17Farrel,added "l"
801139.24MacGarvey.176.18Mac Garvey.removed space
802139.26Sunday,176.20Sundayadded comma
803139.29roth176.23roth,removed comma
804139.31rank176.25a rankremoved the word "a"
805139.31him the176.26him, theremoved comma
806139.32lives176.27lives,removed comma
807139.34blow [...] shook),176.29-.30blow, [...] shook)moved comma after parentheses
808139.35kushykorked176.30kuskykorkedreplaced "k" with "h"
809139.37a round176.33aroundadded space
810139.38bamp him bach176.34bach bamp himmoved the word "bach"
811140.01feet,177.01feetadded comma
812140.02feebly177.01feebly,removed comma
813140.03tarnal177.02tarnedreplaced "ed" with "al"
814140.05-.06shemozzle [...] lace! [...] mothelup Joss!),177.05-.06shemozzle, [...] Lace! [...] Mothelup Joss!)moved comma after parentheses; decapitalised "L" and "M"
815140.09Kairokoiran177.09Kairokorranreplaced "r" with "i"
816140.10divans177.10divans,removed comma
817140.10among177.11vesamongremoved "ves"
818140.13Nobookishonester177.14Nobookisonesteradded "h"
819140.17spirits,177.18spiritsadded comma
820140.18with177.20with,removed comma
821140.19-.20twin [...] Bethgelert),177.21-.22twin, [...] Bethgelert)moved comma after parentheses
822140.23commat,177.26commet,replaced "e" with "a"
823140.23for a177.26foradded the word "a"
824140.24Imaginaire,177.28Imaginaireadded comma
825140.25-.26Waterclocks [...] Batty177.28-.29Waterclocks, [...] Batty,removed two commas
826140.27awoopf177.31avoopfreplaced "v" with "w"
827140.28shaggyspick,177.32shaggspick,added "y"
828140.29seems177.33seemadded "s"
829140.34fear,178.03bear,replaced "b" with "f"
830140.38bloody178.08bloody,removed comma
831140.40-141.01heroes [...] others178.11heroes, [...] others,removed two commas
832141.01culverts178.12cul vertsremoved space
833141.05chorus178.16chorus,removed comma
834141.06bella!,178.17bella!added comma
835141.07on their178.18on hisreplaced the word "his" with the word "their"
836141.07avocations178.18avocationadded "s"
837141.11bickerstaffs178.23bickerrstaffsremoved "r"
839141.13government,178.26governmentadded comma
840141.13(Dia178.26(diacapitalised "d"
841141.14through178.27througadded "h"
842141.14-.15eighteenhawkspower or eighteen-hawkspower178.27eighteen hawkspowerremoved space or replaced space with hyphenuncertain, as the Restored FW has an end-of-line hyphen before the "h"
843141.15telescoop,178.28telescope,replaced "pe" with "op"
844141.17wetter [...] outumn),178.30wetter, [...] outumn)moved comma after parentheses
845141.22fiskerfoskerfusker178.36frokerfoskerfuskarreplaced "ro" with "is"; replaced "a" with "e"
846141.25pattern179.04pattern,removed comma
847141.28holed179.07hosedreplaced "s" with "l"
848141.30Pyrrha179.10Pyrrha,removed comma
849141.39addict179.21addict,removed comma
850141.40lettertrumpets,179.22lettertrumpetsadded comma
851142.05-.06ténèbres [...] repeated!),179.27-.29ténèbres, [...] repeated!)moved comma after parentheses
852142.05yet,179.27yetadded comma
853142.05Different Dr Pointdejeuk,179.28Different, Dr. Poindejenk,removed comma and full stop; added "t"; replaced "n" with "u"
854142.09before,179.32beforeadded comma
855142.10ladies'179.33ladiesadded apostrophe
856142.11brancomonge padeiropie179.34brancomongepadenopieadded space; replaced "n" with "ir"
857142.13loudbox179.36boxadded "loud"
858142.13queue180.01quequeremoved "q"
859142.19McGluckin,180.08Mc Gluckinremoved space; added comma
860142.20trimmity180.09trinityreplaced "n" with "mm"
861142.20-.21righthandled or right-handled180.10right handleremoved space or replaced space with hyphen; added "d"uncertain, as the Restored FW has an end-of-line hyphen after the "t"
862142.22understand?),180.11understand?)added comma
863142.22ribs (Alfaiate punxit),180.11-.12ribs, (Alfaiate punxit)moved comma after parentheses
864142.26a.a.t.s.o.t. But180.16-.17a.a.t.s.o.t., butremoved comma; capitalised "b"
865142.30-.31from his nose, the dig in his ribs, the age of his arteries, the weight of his breath,180.21from his breath,added a fifteen-word line of textthe source for this change could be BMs (47474-46)
866142.37ears,180.28earsadded comma
180.30week. Hake'smoved paragraph break (see 143.01)
868142.39Whawe?180.31Whawe!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
869143.01woollies180.32wooliesadded "l"
870143.01it. Yet180.33-.34it.
moved paragraph break (see 142.38-.39)
871143.05Letterpurfect!181.02Letter purfect!removed space
872143.05Culossall,181.03Culossal,added "l"
873143.07Klondykers181.04klondykerscapitalised "k"
874143.09-.10metropoliarchialisation,181.07metropoliarchialisationadded comma
875143.12all the181.10alladded the word "the"
876143.12resembling181.11ressemblingremoved "s"
877143.18-.19Scullerymaids' and Househelps'181.17-.18Scullerymaid's and Househelp'smoved apostrophe twice
878143.21in181.21onreplaced "o" with "i"
879143.24-.25prefects181.25perfectsswapped the letters "e" and "r"
880143.29committed181.30commitedadded "t"
881143.33Hamish,181.36Hamis,added "h"
882143.34-.35how many unsigned first copies of original masterworks, how many pseudostylic181.36how many pseudostylicadded an eight-word line of textthe source for this change could be BMs (47474-47)
883143.36palimpsests,182.02palimpsestsadded comma
884144.05flash182.12flushreplaced "u" with "a"
885144.08over and182.16overadded the word "and"
886144.11Hanno182.20Hanno,removed comma
887144.12brubblemm'! as,182.21brubblemm'as,added exclamation mark and space
888144.15yard derived182.24yardadded the word "derived"the source for this change could be BMs (47471b-61v)
889144.16two-guinea182.25two guineareplaced space with hyphen
890144.17Furskay182.26Fursdayreplaced "d" with "k"
891144.25jesuist182.36jesuitadded "s"
892144.26queasisanos,183.01-.02Queasisanos,decapitalised "Q"
893144.30again!183.06again.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
894144.31wrotter.183.07wrottel.replaced "l" with "r"
895144.31oftanon183.07aftanonreplaced "a" with "o"
896144.37ineffible183.14imeffiblereplaced "m" with "n"
897144.39reversible183.17reversiblesremoved "s"
898145.02stumbling183.20stumplingreplaced "p" with "b"
899145.06chestnuts,183.24-.25shestnuts,replaced "s" with "c"
900145.06-.09schoolgirls', [...] wives', [...] abbesses', [...] mothers-in-laws',183.25-.28schoolgirl's, [...] wives, [...] abbess's, [...] mothers'-in-laws',moved apostrophe twice; added apostrophe; added "e"; removed apostrophethe JCM explicitly kept the first apostrophe of "mothers'-in-laws'"
901145.13-.14carbons, broken wafers, unloosed shoe latchets, convertible collars, diviliouker doffers,183.33-.34carbons, convertible collars, diviliouker doffers, broken wafers, unloosed shoe latchets,swapped a four-word phrase and a five-word phrase
902145.18-.19upheavals, distortions, inversions, [...] music,184.03-.04upheavals distortions, inversions [...] musicadded three commas
903145.21selfexiled184.06self exiledremoved space
904145.23mersery on him!),184.09mercery on him!)replaced "c" with "s"; added comma
905145.24himself184.10himseladded "f"
906145.25selfvaleter184.11self valeterremoved space
907145.26Stourbridge184.12stourbridgecapitalised "s"
908145.38-146.03culorum [...] Tricarême),184.26-.32culorum, [...] Tricarême)moved comma after parentheses
909145.39Meinfeldes,184.28Meinfelde,added "s"
910146.01sowmonay184.30sowmmonayremoved "m"
911146.04him,184.34himadded comma
912146.13wits'185.07wit'smoved apostrophe
   You [...] how?
185.08waste. You [...] how? Letadded two paragraph breaks
914146.25lente185.21laetereplaced "ae" with "en"
915146.31tremulose185.28tremylosereplaced "y" with "u"
916147.02all flesh,186.05allflesh,added space
917147.05isists186.09isitsadded "s"
918147.07asaspeaking,186.11asaspenking,replaced "n" with "a"
919147.08misappearance, on186.12misappearance, circling the square, formoved the words "circling the square" and a comma (see 147.10); replaced the word "for" with the word "on"
920147.08deathfeVte186.12deathfêtereplaced the circumflex accent over the "e" with a caret positioned at the base of the line after the "e" (which may well be a small V siglum)the source for this change could be BMs (47474-78v)
921147.09Poisonivy186.13Poisonivy,removed comma
922147.10low!), circling the square186.14low!)moved the words "circling the square" and a comma (see 147.08)
923147.25Where ladies have they that a dog meansort herring?186.32Where ladies have they that a dog meansort herring?italicised
924147.27-.28hair [...] clutcharm186.34-.35hair, [...] clutcharm,removed two commas
925147.33sonch187.06souchreplaced "u" with "n"
926147.34hims urged,187.06hims, urgedmoved comma
927147.36more so during, upon187.08-.09more so, during,removed comma; added the word "upon"the JCM added the comma
928147.37concerned human187.10concernedadded the word "human"
929147.39bringher187.12bringeradded "h"
930148.03lowness,187.17lowneess,removed "e"
931148.07existings187.22existings,removed commathe JCM added the comma
932148.11Noland, come boldly in your true colours187.28Nolandmoved a two-word phrase (see 148.15); moved a four-word phrase (see 148.16)
933148.14-.15pro vocative187.31-.32provocative or pro-vocativeadded space or replaced hyphen with spaceuncertain, as the Classic FW has an end-of-line hyphen before the "v"
934148.15forth,187.32forth, come boldly,moved a two-word phrase (see 148.11)
935148.16laughter187.33laughter in your true coloursmoved a four-word phrase (see 148.11)
936148.16be put187.34beadded the word "put"
937148.17shemeries!187.35-.36shemeries.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
938148.20ago,188.03agoadded comma
939148.21confiteor over it all.188.04-.07confiteor about things. Let [...] elements [...] you over it all and a fortifine [...] booth.removed the words "about things"; removed full stop; moved three sentences (see 148.23-.25) in two regions separated by the words "over it all"
940148.23-.25auxiliis? Let [...] element [...] you after this and a fortefine [...] booth!
188.09auxiliis? Youmoved three sentences (see 148.21, noting the removed "s", addition of the words "after this", change of "i" to "e", and change of full stop to exclamation mark) in two regions separated by the words "after this"; added paragraph break
941148.27two-easter188.10two easterreplaced space with hyphen
942148.28right188.12nightreplaced "n" with "r"
943148.30gods188.15gods,removed comma
944148.31hieresiarch,188.16hiresiarch,added "e"
945148.34nor188.19notreplaced "t" with "r"
946148.36scandalising188.21-.22scandalisangreplaced "a" with "i"
947148.37swim188.23swinreplaced "n" with "m"
948148.39words. New Solemonnities188.25words, new Solemonitiesreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "n"; added "n"
949148.40Ice!188.27Gee!replaced the word "Gee" with the word "Ice"
950149.04my cost188.31your costreplaced the word "your" with the word "my"
951149.04-.05do, and don't try to hide it,188.31-.32do (and don't try to hide it)replaced parentheses with two commas
952149.05penal188.32penalsremoved "s"
953149.11transgressing,189.03transgression,replaced "on" with "ng"
954149.11-.12nature [...] you),189.03-.04nature, [...] you)moved comma after parentheses
955149.13-.15with my lubbock's other fear pleasures of a butler's life, sensibility, sponsability, passibility and prostability, even189.06-.08with sensibility, sponsibility, passibility and prostability, your lubbock's other fear pleasures of a butler's life, evenswapped a nine-word phrase and five-word phrase; replaced "i" with "a"; replaced the word "your" with the word "my"
956149.19-.24minneful, accomplished [...] old and not deterred either by bad [...] passion and rich [...] arrivisme [...] left, congested [...] Chalwador, struggling189.12-.17minneful, congested [...] Chalwador, accomplished [...] old and rich [...] arrivisme, [...] left, and not deterred by bad [...] passion, strugglingmoved two phrases; added the word "either"; removed two commas
957149.28-.29woodworld189.24woodworld,removed comma
958149.32gravedigger, resurrecter of lazars,189.28gravedigger,added a three-word phrase
959149.34reason189.30reason,removed comma
960149.36sores189.32soreadded "s"
961149.36-.37auspice [...] augury189.33-.34auspices [...] auguriesremoved "s"; replaced "ies" with "y"
962149.39-.40sweettempered190.01sweetemperedadded "t"
963149.40dudst,190.01dudstadded comma
964150.07yes! Another thing recurs190.10yes, another thing occursreplaced comma with exclamation mark; capitalised "a"; replaced "oc" with "re"the JCM added the comma
965150.07You, let me tell you190.10-.11You let me tell you,moved comma
966150.18lifeterm,190.23life,added "term"
967150.21held190.26holdreplaced "o" with "e"
968150.24-.26alibi [...] with),190.30-.32alibi, [...] with)moved comma after parentheses
969150.26paragargle190.32parapanglereplaced "pan" with "gar"
970150.26nomad, homebreaker, hairytyke,190.32nomad,added a two-word phrase
971150.35taking191.07taking,removed comma
972150.37speediest,191.09speediestadded commathe comma is already present in the Faber and Faber edition
973150.39-.40yours [...] nogumtreeumption),191.12-.13yours, [...] nogumtreeumption)moved comma after parentheses
974151.03each sense191.17every sensereplaced the word "every" with the word "each"
975151.06earp191.20earpsremoved "s"
976151.16continent!),191.32continent!)added comma
977151.31siècle192.14siècle,removed comma
978151.33(O, the192.16(O theadded comma
979151.35cruelfiction!),192.19cruelfiction!)added comma
980151.38Danmark (O, [...] estomach!).192.21-.22Danmark. (O [...] estomach!)moved full stop after parentheses; added comma
981152.01jezebelles192.25jezabellesreplaced "a" with "e"
982152.04bible,192.28bible, ofremoved the word "of"
983152.06-.07inconsistency! Where are the little apples we lock up in the little saltbox?192.32inconsistency!added a twelve-word sentencethe source for this change could be BMs (47474-57)
984152.10-.11joyntstone [...] haymaking),192.35-193.01joyntstone, [...] haymaking)moved comma after parentheses
985152.14holifier!193.04holifer!added "i"
986152.15medicine!193.06medicine.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
987152.17gripings193.08gripinsadded "g"
988152.21here193.13here, Herr Studiosus,removed comma; moved a two-word phrase (see 152.22-.25)
989152.22-.25Iggri, I say, the booseleers! Look! Do [...] rockingglass, Herr Studiosus? [...] secret! We'll [...] crackers.193.13-.17We'll [...] crackers. Look! Do [...] rockingglass? [...] secret! Iggri, I say, the booseleers!moved a two-word phrase (see 152.21); swapped a five-word sentence and a twenty-five-word sentence
990152.27Potaupheu's193.20Potapheu'sadded "u"
991152.28as for her,193.21as foradded the word "her"; added comma
992152.33-.34charity! In your ear.193.27charity!added a three-word sentence
993152.37Domine,193.31Domineadded comma
994152.39sometime193.33sometimesremoved "s"
995153.03it is to you then,194.02you there,added the words "it is to"; replaced "re" with "n"
996153.04heart wherein194.03heart, Whereinremoved comma; decapitalised "W"the JCM added the comma
997153.09the retainers194.08retainersadded the word "the"
998153.12-.13sheep, to you,194.13sheep,added the words "to you"; added comma
999153.13wastepaperbasket,194.13wasterpaperbaskel,removed "r"; replaced "l" with "t"
1000153.14dogstar, to194.14dogstar,added the word "to"
1001153.15and evil,194.15andevil,added space
1002153.16to me,194.17to meadded comma
1003153.20me! that194.21-.22me!, thatremoved comma
1004153.32pool194.36poolsremoved "s"
1005153.35giddygaddy195.03-.04giddygaddy,removed comma
1006153.36Livia!195.04Livia.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1007153.38Quoiquoiquoiquoiquoiquoiquoiquoiq!195.06Quoiquoiquoiquoiquoiquoiquoiq!added "quoi"
1008154.07Wash away and quit196.07-.08Wash quit and don't beadded the word "away"; moved the word "and"; removed the words "don't be"
1009154.09Park.196.11park.capitalised "p"
1010154.22sinistrous.197.01sinistrous!replaced exclamation mark with full stop
1011154.24rat!197.04rat.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1012154.26or Garda197.07of Gardareplaced "f" with "r"
1013155.02etherduck197.13ether duckremoved space
1014155.05licence197.16licensereplaced "s" with "c"
1015155.09perokeet's197.21parakeet'sreplaced "ara" with "ero"
1016155.11-.12shadda [...] him!),197.23-.24shadda, [...] him!)moved comma after parentheses
1017155.23ptellomy198.02ptellomeyremoved "e"
1018155.27brede,198.06bred,added "e"
1019155.27Didn't198.07Don'treplaced "o" with "id"
1020155.29Shur,198.09Shyrreplaced "y" with "u"; added comma
1021155.30Livia! Do198.10Livia. Doreplaced full stop with exclamation mark
1022155.37reussischer's198.18reussischeradded apostrophe and "s"
1023155.40Coxyt198.22coxytcapitalised "c"
1024156.05Srue,198.27Sure,swapped the letters "u" and "r"
198.28moatst. Well,added paragraph break
1026156.10Funglus'198.33Funglusadded apostrophe
1027156.11ocummule,198.34occumule,replaced "cu" with "um"
1028156.13obsequies,198.36obsequiesadded comma
1029156.14handsel,199.01handsetl,removed "t"
1030156.17weird [...] up199.05weird, [...] up,removed two commas
1031156.19sternes199.07sternes,removed comma
1032156.21him,199.09himadded comma
1033156.24cheeks199.13cheeks,removed comma
1034156.25Dan, with199.14Dan. Withreplaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "W"
1035156.28weeshwaashy199.17weeshywashyreplaced "yw" with "wa"
1036156.28greenland's199.18Greenland'sdecapitalised "G"
1037156.28mokau kaffue au199.18Kaffue mokau andecapitalised "K"; moved the word "mokau"; replaced "n" with "u"
1038156.29Sinkiang199.19Sikiangadded "n"
1039156.29trueartpewter199.19trueart pewterremoved space
1040156.31goyt,199.22goytadded comma
1041156.33rieses!)199.24rieses)added exclamation mark
1042156.34him [...] scorn199.24-.25him, [...] scorn,removed two commas
1043156.37or Old199.29ov oldreplaced "v" with "r"; capitalised "o"
1044157.02dochther199.35dochteradded "h"
1045157.03fan199.36fan,removed comma
1046157.04virevlies —199.36virevlies,—replaced comma with space
1047157.13old warbly200.11warblyadded the word "old"
1048157.13-.14holmen, [...] pigger,200.12-.13holmen: [...] pigger:replaced colon with comma twice
1049157.15sonora,200.14sonoraadded comma
1050157.17deery! [...] teesing!200.16deary! [...] teasing!replaced "a" with "e" twice
1051157.17Chalk200.16chalkcapitalised "c"
1052157.18sorgue200.17sorguesremoved "s"
1053157.19siligiril200.19siligirladded "i"
1054157.20Sowy,200.19Sawy,replaced "a" with "o"
1055157.21a sign200.21signadded the word "a"
1056157.22in one200.22in, oneremoved comma
1057157.32made?200.33made!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
1058157.36that. I201.02that, Ireplaced comma with full stop
1059157.37Indeed201.03Idneedswapped the letters "d" and "n"
1060158.03much altered201.09much-alteredreplaced hyphen with space
1061158.09bed I201.17bedadded the word "I"
1062158.12Tel me more. Andelle201.21tell me more. Tellcapitalised "t"; removed "l"; replaced the word "Tell" with the word "Andelle"
1063158.17toll?201.27tool?replaced "o" with "l"
1064158.19by wan by wan,201.29-.30bywan bywan,added two spaces
1065158.25Heigho!201.36Heigh ho!removed "h" and space
1066158.26nordsihks202.01-.02nordsihkesremoved "e"
1067158.27Grandfarthing202.02Grandfarthringremoved "r"
1068158.28gadabout202.04gadabountremoved "n"
1069158.29gidgad!202.05gidgad.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1070158.32swains,202.09swainsadded comma
1071158.38Push var202.15-.16Push upreplaced the word "up" with the word "var"
1072158.39headquaters!202.16headquarters!removed "r"
1073159.01Niemen202.19Niemanreplaced "a" with "e"
1074159.04werrabackwoods202.22-.23waybashwardsreplaced "ay" with "erra"; replaced "sh" with "ck"; replaced "ar" with "oo"
1075159.08sauntering202.28sauntering,removed comma
1076159.09silvamoonlake,202.28silvamoonlakeadded comma
1077159.12she'd202.32she'sreplaced "s" with "d"
1078159.15'Tisn't202.35Tisn'tadded apostrophe
1079159.23sarthe an203.09sarthinreplaced "in" with "e"; added the word "an"
1080159.24Bloem,203.10Blœm,replaced "œ" ligature with "oe"
1081159.26Conn and203.12Connadded the word "and"
1082159.28ystwith203.15yst withremoved space
1083159.32name [...] lavabibs!),203.19name, [...] lavabibs!)moved comma after parentheses
1084159.36hands to203.23hands,replaced comma with the word "to"
1085159.36cushlas203.24cushlas,removed comma
1086160.05man,203.34manadded comma
1087160.07nevar),203.36nevar)added comma
1088160.07freckled203.36-204.01of the freckledremoved the words "of the"
1089160.08souff.204.02souff'.removed apostrophethe apostrophe is already absent in the Faber and Faber edition
1090160.12Byrne204.06Burnreplaced "u" with "y"; added "e"
1091160.14canoedler,204.09canoedleradded comma
1092160.14porterhorse204.09porterhousereplaced "u" with "r"
1093160.17Chirripa-Churruta,204.12Chirripa-Chirruta,replaced "i" with "u"
1094160.20Glen204.15glencapitalised "g"
1095160.25name.204.21name,replaced comma with full stop
1096160.25mti,204.21Mti,decapitalised "M"
1097160.39knees' dontelleries.205.02knees'dontelleries.added space
1098161.01Axe205.04Askreplaced "sk" with "xe"
1099161.04there's205.07here isadded "t" and apostrophe; removed space and "i"
1100161.06Ormond205.10O, mayreplaced the phrase "O, may" with the word "Ormond"
1101161.07Now,205.11Nowadded comma
1102161.12kid gloves,205.18kidloves,added space and "g"
1103161.13of their dinner of cheekin205.18after their dinners of cheeckinreplaced the word "after" with the word "of"; removed "s" and "c"
1104161.13-.15show us it here and their mind out of that and their when you're quite finished with the reading matarial)205.19-.20show us it here and their mind out of that and their when you're quite finished with the reading matarial),italicised three phrases; removed comma
1105161.17into in205.24into, inremoved comma
1106161.19Hotel,205.25Hoteladded commathe JCM removed the comma
1107161.22-.24turrible [...] turn!),205.29-.31turrible, [...] turn!)moved comma after parentheses
1108161.25around205.32roundadded "a"
1109161.25piped and205.32piped undreplaced "u" with "a"
1110161.28owned,205.36ownedadded comma
1111161.30bingkang206.02bingkanadded "g"
1112161.32she'd be206.05she's bereplaced "s" with "d"
1113161.37zak,206.09zakbag,removed "bag"
1114161.39-.40Euclid and the Fashion Display,206.13Euclid and the Fashion Displayitalicised two phrases; added comma
1115162.01gigguels,206.14gigguels.replaced full stop with comma
1116162.02minnehi,206.15minnehiadded comma
1117162.02minnehe,206.15-.16minaaehe,replaced "aa" with "n"
1118162.02O, but206.16O butadded comma
1119162.03gargle, in206.17gargle inadded comma
1120162.04twittering206.18holyreplaced the word "holy" with the word "twittering"
1121162.07way206.22way,removed comma
1122162.17serpenthyme,206.34serpenthymeadded comma
1123162.25rhunerhinestones207.07rhunerhinerstonesremoved "r"
1124162.26eye,207.08ey,added "e"
1125162.28extray207.11extraadded "y"
1126162.30chirrines,207.12chirsines,replaced "s" with "r"
1127162.33orged207.17saidreplaced the word "said" with the word "orged"
1128162.39strait!207.23strait.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1129163.01ladyfair? [...] Bonaventura?207.25-.26lady fair? [...] Bon a ventura?removed three spaces
1130163.08bushmam207.34bushmanreplaced "n" with "m"
1131163.10judy queen207.36judyqueen,added space; removed comma
1132163.12Werra,208.02Werraadded comma
1133163.14like208.04Likedecapitalised "L"
1134163.17it, all aflume,208.09itadded the words "all aflume" and two commas
1135163.20laudesnarers:208.12laudsnarers:added "e"
1136163.21salmonspotspeckled:208.12salmospotspeckled:added "n"
1137163.29windrush:208.22windrush;replaced semicolon with colon
1138163.30kept208.23kepadded "t"
1139163.31mouth:208.24mouthadded colon
1140164.07archdeaconess's209.06archdeaconessadded apostrophe and "s"
1141164.08wheezes209.07sedgesreplaced "sedg" with "wheez"
1142164.08anaber,209.07aneber,replaced "e" with "a"
1143164.09either her209.09or herreplaced the word "or" with the word "either"
1144164.15-.16ditch! Radile-me-rudall the restigouche.209.15ditch!added a three-word sentence
1145164.16wentworth209.16worthadded "went"
1146164.20vildevetchvine209.20vilde vetchvineremoved space
1147164.21wheser209.22weseradded "h"
1148164.22chichui,209.23chichiu,replaced "iu" with "ui"
1149164.24-.25then [...] spittle, on [...] dart,209.25-.27on [...] dart, then [...] spittle,swapped a seven-word phrase and a ten-word phrase
1150164.27gave209.28gabereplaced "b" with "v"
1151164.27door.209.29door!replaced exclamation mark with full stop
1152164.32levee, chipping her and raising a bit of a chir or a jary,209.34levee.replaced full stop with comma; moved a twelve-word phrase (see 164.34, noting the decapitalised "C" and added comma)
1153164.33-.34Vivi vienne, little Annchen! Vielo Anno, high life! Sing us a sula, O Susuria! Ausone sidulcis! Hasn't she tambre!,209.34-.36Vivi vienne, little Annchen! Vielo Anna, high life! Sing us a sula, O, susuria! Ausone sidulcis! Hasn't she tambre!italicised; replaced "a" with "o"; removed comma; capitalised "s"; added comma
1154164.34every209.36-210.01Chipping her and raising a bit of a chir or a jary everymoved a twelve-word phrase (see 164.32)
1155164.40-166.19Lee: [...] Guardsman: [...] strong: [...] MacFarlane: [...] Mmarriage: [...] Beg: [...] O'Dea: [...] Tombigby: [...] Hartigan: [...] Clonliffe: [...] Skibereen: [...] jackeen: [...] O'Flanagan: [...] Coyle: [...] Mackenzie: [...] Peter: [...] Brooke: [...] Mortimer: [...] bed: [...] Woppington: [...] step: [...] Presbys: [...] Davy: [...] Biddy: [...] Mobbely: [...] tearorne: [...] Arhone: [...] Lawless: [...] pitcher: [...] Puckaun: [...] Dunne: [...] Curate: [...]Cloack: [...]Deane: [...] bitters: [...] frey: [...] big: [...] Twimjim: [...] Bravo: [...] Magdalena: [...] pillow: [...] brooch: [...] warmingpan: [...] Meagher: [...] fractions: [...] Bellezza: [...] Fitz: [...] Taff: [...] boy: [...] Rubiconstein: [...] Hugoknot: [...] Cleaner: [...] Hosty: [...] Coppinger: [...] Infanta: [...] ashpit: [...] Ferry: [...] Gough: [...] Lawrence: [...] Moor: [...] Scott: [...] Kane: [...] Post: [...] Nolan: [...] Vance: [...] Merreytrickx: [...] Dunboyne: [...] Where-is-he?: [...] around:210.07-212.05Lee; [...] Guardsman; [...] strong; [...] MacFarlane; [...] Mmarriage; [...] Beg; [...] O'Dea; [...] Tombigby; [...] Hartigan; [...] Clonliffe; [...] Skibereen; [...] jackeen; [...] O'Flanagan; [...] Coyle; [...] Mackenzie; [...] Peter; [...] Brooke; [...] Mortimer; [...] bed; [...] Woppington; [...] step; [...] Presbys; [...] Davy; [...] Biddy; [...] Mobbely; [...] tearorne; [...] Arhone; [...] Lawless; [...] pitcher; [...] Puckaun; [...] Dunne; [...] Curate; [...]Cloack; [...]Deane; [...] bitters; [...] frey; [...] big; [...] Twimjim; [...] Bravo; [...] Magdalena; [...] pillow; [...] brooch; [...] warmingpan; [...] Meagher; [...] fractions; [...] Bellezza; [...] Fitz; [...] Taff; [...] boy; [...] Rubiconstein; [...] Hugonot; [...] Cleaner; [...] Hosty; [...] Coppinger; [...] Infanta; [...] ashpit; [...] Ferry; [...] Gough; [...] Lawrence; [...] Moor; [...] Scott; [...] Kane; [...] Post; [...] Nolan; [...] Vance; [...] Merreytrickx; [...] Dunboyne; [...] Where-is-he?; [...] around;replaced semicolon with colon sixty-nine timesthe JCM changed a colon to a semicolon after "Twimjim" and after "Bravo"
1156165.01deltoid210.09deltoïdremoved umlaut
1157165.13doll210.23doll,removed comma
1158165.15-.16for Sue Dot a big eye, for210.25-.26to Sue Dot a big eye; toreplaced the word "to" with the word "for" twice; replaced semicolon with comma
1159165.17vipercatcher's210.27viper catcher'sremoved space
1160165.22whipping top210.32whippingtopadded space
1161165.23-.24a potamus210.35an apotamusremoved "n" and "a"
1162165.40Hugoknot:211.18Hugonot;added "k"
1163166.14guiltygoldeny211.34guilty goldenyremoved space
1164166.14Hushaby211.35hushabycapitalised "h"
1165166.23Brandogue212.09Bradogueadded "n"
1166166.30divide212.17devidereplaced "e" with "i"
1167166.32a tithe of212.20titheadded the words "a" and "of"
1168166.33-.34market too!212.22market!added the word "too"
1169166.37back212.25back,removed comma
1170167.03Chinook's212.33chinook'scapitalised "c"
1171167.04-.06E Senior ga [...] E Omo [...] E Senior ga [...] E Hidamo se212.34-.36Senior ga [...] E omo [...] Senior ga [...] Hidamo seadded the word "E" thrice; capitalised "o"
1172167.21Sexaloiter!213.19Sexaloitez!replaced "z" with "r"
1173167.23Thaya213.21thayacapitalised "t"
1174167.30Goodmother213.29Good motherremoved space
1175167.37bobbing lonesome214.01bobbingadded the word "lonesome"
1176168.01I do,214.06I doadded comma
1177168.02ulla,214.07Ulla,decapitalised "U"
1178168.08there?214.13there!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
1179168.17vericoarse214.24varicoarsereplaced "a" with "e"
1180168.21from214.28fronreplaced "n" with "m"
1181168.21Collar214.29Collarsremoved "s"
1182168.22Scamander!214.30Scamander,replaced comma with exclamation mark
1183168.30Die,215.04Dieadded comma
1184168.37trinklytoes!215.13trinkettoes!replaced "et" with "ly"
1185168.39fotthergills!215.14dotthergills.replaced "d" with "f"; replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1186168.39gaffer,215.15gafferadded comma
1187169.16woon't215.34won'tadded "o"
1188169.17hear us!215.36hear us.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1189169.20Nighty night!216.03Night night!added "y"

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