The Restored Finnegans Wake

This page and the pages listed below are the result of work carried out by a Fweet user who, for the time being, wishes to remain anonymous.

The year 2012 has seen the publication by Penguin of a Restored Finnegans Wake, edited by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon, reportedly chock-full with more than 9,000 amendments to the text. Unfortunately, a list of these changes does not seem to be readily available, making the evaluation of this new edition rather a challenge. The pages below are an attempt to compile just such a list, until an authoritative one is duly published. Beware, though — this list may well be incomplete and at places possibly plagued with its own typos. Use it with care and discretion.

Please note that the "Classic" FW columns in the tables below are based on the Faber-and-Faber and Viking editions of Finnegans Wake (and not on the uncorrected Penguin and Wordsworth editions). Similarly, the "Restored" FW columns are based on the printed Penguin edition, rather than on the limited Houyhnhnm edition published in 2010 (although there is no known reason to assume the two differ) or the electronic Penguin edition (which seems to have quite a bit of artefactual issues of its own, primarily regarding hyphenation, ligatures and indentation).

General Guidelines for the Tables Below:

This list was a work in progress, now sadly abandoned, covering only chapters I.1 to II.2.

Table for chapters I.1–I.4 (1530 rows)

Table for chapters I.5–I.8 (1189 rows)

Table for chapters II.1–II.2 (1221 rows)

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