The Restored Finnegans Wake (II.1–II.2)

This page lists the differences between the "Classic" and "Restored" Finnegans Wake for chapters II.1–II.2. See the main comparison page for other chapters and more details.

Restored FW Classic FW
No. Line(s) Text Line(s) Text Nature of Change Comments
1173.02-.03Bar [...] douncestears.219.02-.03(Bar [...] douncestears.)removed parentheses
2173.06serial219.07nightlyreplaced the word "nightly" with the word "serial"
3173.07ghosters. With219.08ghosters, withreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "w"
4173.08Their219.10theircapitalised "t"
5173.10Falias: [...] Coarbs:219.11Falias, [...] Coarbs,replaced comma with colon twice
6173.11Dusort. While219.12-.13Dusort, whilereplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "w"
7173.12Haristobulus)219.14Haristobulus),removed comma
8173.13-.14Kings [...] Queens219.15-.16King's [...] Queen'sremoved apostrophe twice
9173.14-.15Celtelleneteutoslavzendlatinsoundscript.219.17cellelleneteutoslavzendlatinsoundscript.capitalised "c"; replaced "l" with "t"the JCM changed the fourth letter from "t" to "l"
10173.17The Ballymooney Bloodriddon Murther219.19-.20the Ballymooney Bloodriddon Murtheritalicised; capitalised "t"
11173.17-.18Blackdillon (authorwise "Big Storey"),219.20-.21Blackdillain (authorways 'Big Storey'),replaced "ai" with "o"; replaced "ays" with "ise"; replaced single quotation marks with double quotation marks
12173.19MacQuillad:219.22McQuillad,added "a"; replaced comma with colon
13173.21storybooks219.24storybooks,removed comma
14173.22into the220.02intoadded the word "the"
15173.23St220.03St.removed full stop
16173.23Establishment:220.03-.04Establishment,replaced comma with colon
17173.26Pott:220.07Pott,replaced comma with colon
18174.01O'Mailey:220.11O'Mailey,replaced comma with colon
19174.02fairytales220.13fairytales,removed comma
20174.03boy,220.13boyadded comma
21174.06soundly220.17wellreplaced the word "well" with the word "soundly"
22174.08scoula:220.19scoula,replaced comma with colon
23174.09monies220.20monies,removed comma
24174.11mother-in-lieu220.22-.23mother-in-lieu,removed comma
25174.13Gonne:220.24Gone,added "n"; replaced comma with colon
26174.13Laxdaelasaga220.24Laxdalesagaitalicised; replaced "le" with "ela"
27174.15watch,220.26watch andreplaced the word "and" with comma
28174.17impeachment,220.29impeachmentadded comma
29174.18is220.30-.31propounded for cyclological, is,removed a three-word phrase; removed comma
30174.21and engaged220.34engagedadded the word "and"
31174.24Afterhours221.01Afterhouradded "s"
32174.24St221.01St.removed full stop
33174.25Gentlemen:221.02Gentlemen,replaced comma with colon
34174.26-.27civics inn quest of outings, each of whom is a jactitator,221.04civics, each inn quest of outings,moved comma and the word "each"; added a five-word phrase
35174.29Oelsvinger:221.06Oelsvinger,replaced comma with colon
36174.29Wouldntstays221.06wouldntstopcapitalised "w"; replaced "op" with "ays"
37174.34Varian:221.12Varian,replaced comma with colon
38174.37aasgaard,221.15aasgaars,replaced "s" with "d"
39174.40everglading221.19-.20everglaningreplaced "n" with "d"
40175.01propounded for cyclological beorbtracktors221.20beorbtracktorsadded the words "propounded for cyclological"
41175.02folk. Masses221.21folk, massesreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "m"
42175.10Heteroclitheroe's Endsodds221.31Heteroditheroe'sreplaced "d" with "cl"; added the word "Endsodds"
43175.11Presents.221.31presents.capitalised "p"
44175.13Shop-Sowy, Seedsmanchap.221.34Shop-Sowry, seedsmanchap.removed "r"; capitalised "s"
45175.14(That's Cork!)221.35(that's Cork!)italicised; capitalised "t"
47175.15firemen221.36-222.01firementremoved "t"
48175.22O, Mester Sogermon,222.08-.09O, Mester Sogermon,italicised
49175.22I'm222.09l'mreplaced "l" (lowercase "L") with "I" (uppercase "i")
51175.23-.24Oh Off Nunch Der Rasche Ver Lasse Mitsch Nitscht.222.10-.11Oh Off Nunch Der Rasche Ver Lasse Mitsch Nitscht.italicised
52175.24castastrophear222.12castastrophear,removed comma
53175.25Baretherootsch)222.12-.13Baretherootsch),removed comma
54175.30PEACE,222.19Peace,capitalised word
55175.34Singty sangty222.23Singty, sangty,removed two commas
56175.35Emem.222.24Emen.replaced "n" with "m"
57175.37eysoult222.27eyesoultremoved "e"
58175.39kelchychosen222.28kelchy chosenremoved space
59176.01thees,222.30these,replaced "se" with "es"
60176.03sojestiveness,222.32-.33sojestivenessadded comma
61176.04releashed222.33-.34releasedadded "h"
62176.06nightily222.35naightilyremoved "a"
63176.06duskscended222.35duskcendedadded "s"
64176.07on!223.01on.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
65176.09woolly223.03woolyadded "l"
66176.13mouthage223.08monthagereplaced "n" with "u"
67176.17mug223.12flingreplaced the word "fling" with the word "mug"
68176.18hugh,223.13hughadded comma
69176.28one is223.25is oneswapped the words "is" and "one"
70176.28seeks,223.25Seeks,decapitalised "S"
71176.30-.31darktongues223.28darktongues,removed comma
72176.31Ethiop223.28Ethiaopremoved "a"
223.28lie. Hereplaced full stop with exclamation mark; added paragraph break
74177.01godda224.02gooddaremoved "o"
75177.05roast224.07roustreplaced "u" with "a"
76177.08freightfulness224.10-.11freightfullnessremoved "l"
77177.20fiend,224.24fiendadded comma
78177.21fend224.26fandreplaced "a" with "e"
79177.23bas!224.28ba!added "s"
80177.23-.24O quanty purty bellas224.28Quanty purty bellas,added the word "O"; decapitalised "Q"; removed comma
81177.26-.27At next lineup he will [...] guardian224.31-.32He will [...] guardian at next lineupmoved the words "at next lineup"; capitalised "A"; decapitalised "H"
82177.27two,224.33twoadded comma
83177.28espacially224.33especiallyreplaced "e" with "a"
84177.28bandishes224.34bandishedreplaced "d" with "s"
85177.29mamain) a simply gratious: Mi, O la!224.34-.35mamain, a simply gracious: Mi, O la!),moved closing parenthesis; removed two commas; replaced "c" with "t"
86177.32ringsoundingly225.02ringsoundinlyadded "g"
87177.32-.33enssembled,225.03ensembled,added "s"
88177.33clever [...] hips,225.03-.04clever, [...] hipsmoved comma
89177.34that's tory225.04-.05that storyadded apostrophe; swapped "s" and space
90177.38run,225.10run;replaced semicolon with comma
91177.40thease225.11theseadded "a"
92178.04knight's225.17Knight'sdecapitalised "K"
93178.06Yateman225.18-.19yatemancapitalised "y"
94178.06athrought his spoke225.19althrough his spokesremoved "l"; added "t"; removed "s"
95178.16Forewheel!225.29Forwhat!added "e"; replaced "at" with "eel"
96178.17inner seven: all's225.30-.31inners even. All'sswapped "s" and space; replaced full stop with colon; decapitalised "A"
97178.19She'd225.32She'sreplaced "s" with "d"
98178.22all, they225.35all theyadded comma
99178.26sids a glooming,226.04sits a gloomingreplaced "t" with "d"; added comma
100178.28gleams226.06gleamadded "s"
101178.28Isolde?226.06-.07I solde?removed space
102178.30But226.09Bufreplaced "f" with "t"
103179.03shoddyshoes226.24shoddyshoes,removed comma
104179.04Pennyfeir226.25Pennyfairreplaced "a" with "e"
105179.08cadenzando coloratura!226.30cadenzando coloratura!italicised
106179.11th' avignue226.34th'avignueadded space
107179.13And Miss226.36And misscapitalised "m"
108179.19coldfeshion227.08coldfashionreplaced "a" with "e"
109179.20toold227.08toldadded "o"
110179.20(chp!),227.09(chp!)added comma
111179.23teens227.12teenesremoved "e"
112179.24those ways wend227.13those ways wentreplaced "t" with "d"
113179.26forsake-me-nought,227.16foresake-me-nought,removed "e"
114179.30scourcely227.20scroucelyreplaced "rou" with "our"
115179.33disgrace!227.23disgrace.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
116179.36And they're227.27They'readded the word "And"; decapitalised "T"
117180.02abutt227.34aboutreplaced "ou" with "ut"
118180.07misquies228.03missuiesreplaced "s" with "q"
119180.07mousie,228.03monsie,replaced "n" with "u"
120180.08himself228.04himself,removed comma
121180.10hellswhere228.06hells whereremoved space
122180.12bower,228.09boweradded comma
123180.17Aram,228.15Aram.replaced full stop with comma
124180.17son of Ere.228.15eon of Era.replaced "e" with "s"; replaced "a" with "e"
125180.22recorporated (prunty!),228.20recorporated, (prunty!)moved comma after parentheses
126180.24città immediata,228.23città immediata,italicised
127180.24detour,228.23detouradded comma
128180.26Libera nostalgia! Beate Laurentie O'Tuli! Euro pra nobis!228.25-.26Libera, nostalgia! Beate Laurentie O'Tuli, Euro pra nobis!italicised; removed comma; replaced comma with exclamation mark
129180.31Jorden [...] waterboy!),228.31Jorden, [...] waterboy!)moved comma after parentheses
130180.33-.34Cernilius, [...] Toumaria,228.34Cernilius [...] Toumariaadded two commas
131180.34Ledigs228.35Ladigsreplaced "a" with "e"
132181.06Lave.229.13leave.capitalised "l"; removed "e"
133181.06Nemo in Patria.229.13Nemo in Patria.italicised
134181.08Naughseecalves.229.15Naughtsycalves.replaced "tsy" with "see"
135181.09Leimunconnulstria229.17-.18Leimuncononnulstriaremoved "on"
136181.10-.11Wholephallows,229.19wholefallows,capitalised "w"; replaced "f" with "ph"
137181.12greak229.20greatreplaced "t" with "k"
138181.12Her229.21hercapitalised "h"
139181.13congealieel229.22congealedreplaced "ed" with "ieel"
140181.16tallibont229.25tailiboutreplaced "i" with "l"; replaced "u" with "n"
141181.16had229.25hatreplaced "t" with "d"
142181.16tea.229.26thea.removed "h"
143181.18voide,229.27void,added "e"
144181.20nine quires229.31ninequiresadded space
145181.21jeerymyhead,229.32jeeremyheadreplaced "e" with "y"; added comma
146181.22sceauonsceau,229.33sceaunonsceau,removed "n"
147181.27cheakside230.03cheeksidereplaced "e" with "a"
148181.27and then,230.03and,added the word "then"
149181.28thats,230.03thats, overremoved the word "over"
150181.29domety230.05dometryremoved "r"
151181.31anark230.07an arkremoved space
152181.32would230.08couldreplaced "c" with "w"
153181.32swink230.09swuckreplaced "uc" with "in"
154181.34caughtalook230.10caughtalockreplaced "c" with "o"
155181.36breads230.13breadadded "s"
156181.38Mademoiselle230.15Mademoisselleremoved "s"
157181.39sit230.17siadded "t"
158182.01gootoslee Music230.19goo to slee musicremoved two spaces; capitalised "m"
159182.02fing an230.21fingonadded space; replaced "o" with "a"
160182.05-.06With, for his coronachion, tears230.24With tears for his coronaichon,added comma; moved the word "tears"; replaced "ich" with "chi"
230.26stone! Arty,added paragraph break
162182.09Sator of the Sowsceptre's230.28Sators of the Sowsceptremoved "s"; added apostrophe
163182.16stohony230.36stohongreplaced "g" with "y"
164182.18tingtumtingaling231.02tingtumtinglingadded "a"
165182.20-23[poem preceded and followed by blank half lines]231.05-.08[poem spaced normally]changed line spacing
166182.20Cod,231.05God,replaced "G" with "C"
167182.20old231.05oltreplaced "t" with "d"
168182.21youthfood's231.06youthfoodadded apostrophe and "s"
169182.22Amonk thy verdigrassy convinct wallsall dazed231.07Amook the verdigrassy convict vallsall dazes.replaced "o" with "n"; replaced "e" with "y"; added "n"; replaced "v" with "w"; replaced "s" with "d"; removed full stop
170182.25hereapong231.10herepongadded "a"
171182.25upthrough231.11up throughremoved space
172182.27feythered,231.13freytherem,removed "r"; replaced "m" with "d"
173182.28horsey231.14horseryremoved "r"
174182.30Wholly's anguish231.16Wholly sanguishadded apostrophe; swapped "s" and space
175182.31temporychewer231.17tempory chewerremoved space
176182.32Sillsyass.231.18Sillayass.replaced "a" with "s"
177182.36Jobe,231.23Jovereplaced "v" with "b"; added comma
178182.37for, forfor,231.24for,added the word "forfor" and a comma
179183.04hopjoint231.31hopjoimtreplaced "m" with "n"
180183.05Bowl.231.33Bowladded full stop
181183.06wrong?231.34wrong!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
182183.11-.12alltoogasser. Soot.232.04-.05all toogasser, soot.removed space; replaced comma with full stop; capitalised "s"
183183.12Dubuny232.05dubunycapitalised "d"
184183.13canty232.06canty,removed comma
232.09operation. Whenadded paragraph break
186183.18waves [...] stell!),232.11waves, [...] stell!)moved comma after parentheses
187183.21know how232.15knowadded the word "how"
188183.22Tod232.15Totreplaced "t" with "d"
189183.24methim!232.17methim.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
190183.26-.27so, O so comepleasely, though I'd much rather not, Pepette, till232.20so, so compleasely tilladded the word "O"; added "e"; moved a six-word phrase (see 183.31, noting the relocation of the word "Pepette" and a comma, and added comma)
191183.27-.28redressed. Like things are, m.ds. is all in vincibles, which232.20redressed, whichreplaced comma with full stop; moved an eight/nine-word phrase (see 183.31, noting the added comma, removed space, and change of full stop to comma)
192183.28Tingtangle.232.21Tintangle.added "g"
193183.30conditionally reejected?232.23conditiously rejected?replaced "us" with "nal"; added "e"
194183.30Whingeywilly!232.24whingeywilly!capitalised "w"
195183.31mavrose,232.24mavrone,replaced "n" with "s"
196183.31lap. Decoded.232.24-.26lap, Pepette, though I'd much rather not. Like things are m. ds. is all in vincibles. Decoded.moved a six-word phrase (see 183.26-.27); moved an eight/nine-word phrase (see 183.27-.28)
197183.33bran, new speedhound,232.28bran new, speedhount,moved comma; replaced "t" with "d"
198183.35stoop232.30stopadded "o"
199183.35appreciably232.31appreciablereplaced "e" with "y"
200183.40pigtail232.36pigtaiIreplaced "I" (uppercase "i") with "l" (lowercase "L")the source for this change could be BMs (47477-62)
201184.04ain233.05sinreplaced "s" with "a"
202184.05night!233.06light!replaced "l" with "n"
203184.13hehates233.15he hatesremoved space
204184.13withbut.233.15without.replaced "o" with "b"
205184.15balderdash233.17-.18bolderdashreplaced "o" with "a"
206184.16speech,233.18speechadded comma
207184.17punplay233.19punplaysremoved "s"
208184.24Asky, asky!233.27Asky, asky, asky!removed the word "asky" and comma
209184.27in chamisas,233.30inchamisas,added space
210184.27hotz233.31hotsreplaced "s" with "z"
211184.28zingo233.31zingo,removed comma
212184.28segur!233.31segur.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
213184.33ni234.01inswapped the letters "i" and "n"
214184.35he looked234.03lookedadded the word "he"
215184.37annybroddy234.06anybroddyadded "n"
216184.39Candidatus, viridosus, aurilucens, sinelab!234.08Candidatus, viridosus, aurilucens, sinelab?italicised; replaced question mark with exclamation mark
217184.40cotan234.09cotonreplaced "o" with "a"
218185.02hajjiography in duotrijesumy,234.12haggiography in duotrigesumy,replaced "g" with "j" thrice
219185.03-.04signosure, [...] nearcissies,234.13-.14sign osure, [...] near cissies,removed space twice
220185.04dazzley234.14dazzlyadded "e"
221185.05-.06tractive (and [...] eyelids),234.16-.17tractive, and [...] eyelids,removed comma; added parentheses
222185.07likuid234.17likequidremoved "eq"
223185.07-.08host of faceful234.18host ofadded the word "faceful"
224185.12yea234.24yearremoved "r"
225185.12-.13perfumemost234.24perfume mostremoved space
226185.17imbettrer.234.29imbetther rer.removed "her" and space
227185.18impures [...] sea),234.30-.31impures, [...] sea)moved comma after parentheses
228185.20up the234.32uptheadded space
229185.23swingswung234.35swingingingreplaced "ingi" with "swu"
230185.24mahdiens'235.01madiens'added "h"
231185.27sohope235.04so hoperemoved space
232185.28Amemus.235.05Amems.added "u"
233185.29A long235.06Aadded the word "long"
234185.32think235.09thankreplaced "a" with "i"
235185.35Roserie,235.13Roseraie,removed "a"
236185.39palms,235.17palmadded "s" and comma
237185.40U'Thule,235.19U' Thule,removed space
238186.01open because it's235.20open, because itsremoved comma; added apostrophe
239186.05bathboites235.24bathboites,removed comma
240186.10whereamong235.30where amongremoved space
241186.13on and her235.33on, herremoved comma; added the word "and"
242186.15Booteestown,235.36Bootiestown,replaced "i" with "e"
243186.16ivory mint.235.36-236.01ivorymint.added space
244186.26wib frufrocksfull236.12-.13wibfrufrocksfulladded space
245186.35reelwey236.23reelwayreplaced "a" with "e"
246186.36plateauplain236.24platauplainadded "e"
247186.38stilths236.26stiltsadded "h"
248187.05ownto236.34ontoadded "w"
249187.05all of the236.34all theadded the word "of"
250187.07accordant236.36accourdantremoved "u"
251187.08that they237.01so theyreplaced the word "so" with the word "that"
252187.09them237.03them,removed comma
253187.10-.12peepers [...] one),237.04-.06peepers, [...] one)moved comma after parentheses
254187.13preshoes!),237.08preshoes!)added comma
255187.13dewyfally237.08dewyfullyreplaced "u" with "a"
256187.17Pattren237.13Patternreplaced "er" with "re"
257187.18pageant master,237.13pageantmaster,added space
258187.23ceive of,237.19ceive,added the word "of"
259187.24now that237.20nowadded the word "that"
260187.26at your237.23at ouradded "y"
261187.33Siku237.31Sikerreplaced "er" with "u"
262187.37-.38wee toutes (to [...] nacessory),237.35-.36we (to [...] nacessory), toutesadded "e"; moved the word "toutes"
263187.38magdalenes,237.36-238.01magdelenes,replaced "e" with "a"
264187.40appreciate that?)238.02appreciate?)added the word "that"
265188.03wilfully238.06willfullyremoved "l"
266188.04caused238.07can sendreplaced "n" with "u"; removed space; removed "n"
267188.05ſuſpenſe.238.08ſuſpens.replaced "s" with "ſ" (long s); added "e"
268188.09be being238.13be heingreplaced "h" with "b"
269188.12risk [...] tootoo!),238.16-.17risk, [...] tootoo!)moved comma after parentheses
270188.22herwithin,238.28herewithin,removed "e"
271188.22-.23smithereen's [...] juneses'238.29smithereens [...] junesesadded apostrophe twice
272188.23stoops fore to spy238.30stoop for to spy'sadded "s" and "e"; removed apostrophe and "s"
273188.26swarms238.33swarnsreplaced "n" with "m"
274188.28fulled238.35fuldadded "le"
275188.29Park's239.01Tark's replaced "T" with "P"
276188.31-.32dead, lost239.03deadlostadded space and comma
277188.36It's game, it's game,239.09It's game,added the words "it's game" and comma
278188.37ma chère,239.09ma chère,italicised
279189.03up:239.16upsreplaced "s" with colon
280189.04hearth239.17earthadded "h"
281189.06whetther [...] whatther239.20whether [...] whatheradded "t" twice
282189.09Man!239.22man!capitalised "m"
283189.09bigattens.239.23bigyttens.replaced "y" with "a"
284189.11he's dweellst239.25he dwellstadded apostrophe and "s"; added "e"
285189.19brooched239.35brochedadded "o"
286189.20drat you239.36dratadded the word "you"
287189.21mash, and so foor shay240.01mash. So he found hereplaced full stop with comma; replaced one four-word phrase with another
288189.24boys, low240.05boys low,moved comma
289189.28seng ageng.240.10sengaggeng.added space; removed "g"
290189.29fore240.11fore,removed comma
291189.30-.31allbigenesis'240.13allbigenesisadded apostrophe
292189.34after Aasdocktor Talop's onamuttony legture,240.17-.18(Good savours queen with the stem of swuith Aftreck! Fit for king of Zundas)swapped a fourteen-word phrase and a five-word phrase (see 190.24-.25, noting the change of full stop to comma)
293189.35nudgemenoughgorude240.18-.19nudgemeroughgorudereplaced "r" with "n"
294189.39off old240.23of oldadded "f"
295189.40Teufteuf240.24Teufleufreplaced "l" with "t"
296190.03remarkable240.27remarklableremoved "l"
297190.03parleyglutton,240.27-.28parleygluttonadded comma
298190.07avalunch, even while lossassinated by summan,240.32avalunch,moved a five-word phrase (see 190.13)
299190.08prophitable with glazzy okodoko allserene240.32prophitableadded a four-word phrase
300190.08eyes.240.33eye.added "s"
301190.13akter241.01-.02akter, even while lossassinated by summan,removed comma; moved a five-word phrase (see 190.07)
302190.13pennysilvers241.02a pennysilversremoved the word "a"
303190.14Spinstresses'241.03Spinshessesreplaced "h" with "tr"; added apostrophe
304190.17Colossul241.08Collosulreplaced "lo" with "os"
305190.18say when241.08say asreplaced the word "as" with the word "when"
306190.19more als femtifem241.10femtyfemadded the words "more als"; replaced "y" with "i"
307190.20timentiousnest241.10timentrousnestreplaced "r" with "i"
308190.20Satt241.11Suttreplaced "u" with "a"
309190.21auriholes.241.12auroholes.replaced "o" with "i"
310190.21How coold241.12How couldreplaced "u" with "o"
311190.22clitically.241.13critically.replaced "r" with "l"
312190.24ambersandalled.241.15ambersandalled,replaced comma with full stop
313190.24-.25Good savours queen with the stem of Swuith Aftreck! Fit for king of Zundas!241.15-.16after Aasdocktor Talop's onamuttony legture.swapped a five-word phrase and a fourteen-word phrase (see 189.34, noting the removed parentheses, capitalised "s", and added exclamation mark)
314190.25-.26A mish he is as good as a mountain and, holy balm of seinsed myrries,241.16-.17A mish, holy balm of seinsed myrries, he is as good as a mountain andswapped a five-word phrase and an eight-word phrase
315190.26-.27know Meistral Wickingson,241.18knew Meistral Wikingson,replaced "e" with "o"; added "c"
316190.28ozeon241.19ozeoneremoved "e"
317190.31accuse about241.23accuseadded the word "about"
318190.32a meltingmoult241.24ameltingmoultadded space
319190.34shes241.26Shesdecapitalised "S"
320190.39froekenhalted241.32-.33frockenhaltedreplaced "c" with "e"
321191.01jompetter241.34jom petterremoved space
322191.02Bishop Bubwith241.36Bichop Babwithreplaced "c" with "s"; replaced "a" with "u"
323191.03Heer242.01Mr Heerremoved the word "Mr"
324191.03Neelsoen242.01Neelson,added "e"; removed comma
325191.04formerly242.02formarlyreplaced "a" with "e"
326191.05accurrect242.03accurectadded "r"
327191.06howthhold242.05howtholdadded "h"
328191.08yaars,242.07yearsreplaced "e" with "a"; added comma
329191.08pictures242.07pictures,removed comma
330191.09annexes,242.08annexesadded comma
331191.13persona erecta,242.13persona erecta,italicised
332191.14glycorawman,242.13glycorawmanadded comma
333191.15purses, agitating242.14purses agitatatingadded comma; removed "ta"
334191.15wokkleabout242.15wokkleboutadded "a"
335191.15-.16uncoherend,242.15incoherend,replaced "i" with "u"
336191.16bis,242.16biss,removed "s"
337191.16for242.16farreplaced "a" with "o"
338191.17lipidities242.17tipiditiesreplaced "t" with "l"
339191.18tut tut242.18tuttutadded space
340191.19aroundabrupt242.19aroundabrupthremoved "h"
341191.22parfact242.23parfectreplaced "e" with "a"
342191.23rutup242.24retupreplaced "e" with "u"
343191.26up, kings!242.27up. Kings!replaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "K"
344191.29Allaph242.31allaphcapitalised "a"
345191.30Kuaran242.32Kuranadded "a"
346191.30be thee242.32be theadded "e"
347191.31heim242.33hjemreplaced "je" with "ei"
348191.33Coolley-Couley,242.36Cooley-Couley,added "l"
349191.35callaway,243.02call away,removed space
350191.37-.38whenceforward, [...] bustles,243.04-.05whenceforward [...] bustlesadded two commas
351191.39-.40gats a pann243.07gets a panreplaced "e" with "a"; added "n"
352191.40-192.01jackdicktating243.08jackticktatingreplaced "t" with "d"
353192.01panellism243.09pannellismremoved "n"
354192.04cowed243.12couldreplaced "ul" with "we"
355192.15savuneen243.25savuneerreplaced "r" with "n"
356192.20papal's243.31papaladded apostrophe and "s"
357192.20Vactucum,243.31Vatucum,added "c"
358192.21chilterlings,243.32chilterlingsadded comma
359192.23Josefs243.35Josephsreplaced "ph" with "f"
360192.26dutch! Bring244.02-.04dutch!
   But who [...] the moon. Bring
moved paragraph break and two sentences (see 192.29-.32)
361192.27Shopshup,244.06Shopshup.replaced full stop with comma
   But who [...] the moon. Evering height in chrystaldome, pritheeso, ana liev! And
244.07-.08Ondslosby. And,moved paragraph break and two sentences (see 192.26); added a seven-word sentence; removed comma
363192.32And, haste,244.09And haste,added comma
364192.34wildwerewolf's244.10-.11wildworewolf'sreplaced "o" with "e"
365192.36darkles (tinct, tint),244.13darkles, (tinct, tint)moved comma after parentheses
366192.38obscuritas.244.15obscuritads.removed "d"
367192.40pyrress. Ha!244.18pyrress! Ha.swapped exclamation mark and full stop
368193.02Tsheetshee!244.20Tcheetchee!replaced "c" with "s" twicethe two changes are already present in the Faber and Faber edition
369193.09Tranquillest244.28Tranquilleadded "st"
370193.11silens.244.30silent.replaced "t" with "s"
371193.11awhile.244.31a while.removed space
372193.13night244.33nichtreplaced "c" with "g"
373193.15Magistrodontos,244.35-.36Magistrodontosadded comma
374193.22amethyst:245.07amethyst;replaced semicolon with colon
375193.23now,245.09nowadded comma
376193.27course, and245.13course. Andreplaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "A"
377193.28wizard's horker245.14horkeradded the word "wizard's"
378193.28qireqareqol245.14giregargohreplaced "g" with "q" thrice; added "e"; replaced "h" with "l"
379193.30Witchmam,245.16Witchman,replaced "n" with "m"
380193.31noun.245.17noun. It goes. It does not go.removed two sentences
381193.35Shtright!245.22Stright!added "h"
382193.37-.38hellpellhullpullthebell,245.25hellpelhullpulthebell,added "l" twice
383193.40-194.01Last [...] squat!),245.28-.29Last, [...] squat!)moved comma after parentheses
384194.01Chris!245.29chris!capitalised "c"
385194.03expectoration. And,245.31expectoration andadded full stop; capitalised "a"; added comma
386194.07a stirrup.245.36astirrup.added space
387194.12Qod246.06Godreplaced "G" with "Q"
388194.13Brandenborgerthor.246.06-.07Brandenborgenthor.replaced "n" with "r"
389194.23Bohemey:246.18Bohemey,replaced comma with colon
390194.24Myles?246.19Myles.replaced full stop with question mark
391194.24Like a Finn at a fair. Ready!246.19Ready! Like a Finn at a fair.swapped a one-word sentence and a six-word sentence
392194.25bella!246.20belle!replaced "e" with "a"the JCM changed the "a" to "e"
393194.32Leftos246.28Leftusreplaced "u" with "o"
394194.35friendsch246.32Frenchdecapitalised "F"; replaced "en" with "iends"
395194.36tuggers,246.33Tuggersdecapitalised "T"; added comma
396194.37who?246.34who.replaced full stop with question mark
397195.03back,247.05back, how,removed comma and the word "how"
398195.07endgo247.09and goreplaced "a" with "e"; removed space
399195.07Baito247.10Bartoreplaced "r" with "i"
400195.10true?247.13true!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
401195.11homo247.14hamoreplaced "a" with "o"
402195.12Teapotty, teapotty.247.15Teapotty. Teapotty.replaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "T"
403195.15a buy.247.18abuy.added space
404195.15momourning,247.18momourningadded comma
405195.15see thee247.18see theadded "e"
406195.19thee, how247.22thee howadded comma
407195.19wound!247.23wound?replaced question mark with exclamation mark
408195.22of him247.26of hisreplaced "s" with "m"
409195.22ever though247.27even thoughreplaced "n" with "r"
410195.24frohlined skirtaskortas must to247.29skirtaskortas mustadded the words "frohlined" and "to"
411195.25last forebanned and,247.30last, forebanned andmoved commathe JCM added the comma after "last"
412195.26blank, ve veared as hell!247.31blank ve veered as heil!added comma; replaced "e" with "a"; replaced "i" with "l"
413195.28eyetrompit,247.32-.33eyetrompitadded comma
414195.28thing,247.33thingadded comma
415195.30-.31ginger, hematite, isinglass,247.35-.36hematite, isingglass,added the word "ginger"; added comma; removed "g"
416195.35-.36by Angus Dagdasson and all his picciapiccions, on your very first occasion248.04-.05on your very first occasion, by Angus Dagdasson and all his piccions,swapped a five-word phrase and a seven-word phrase; added "piccia"; removed comma
417195.37again from248.06fromadded the word "again"
418196.02valser248.12vulserreplaced "u" with "a"
419196.07bough, peep,248.18boughpeeadded comma, space, "p" and comma
420196.09-.10whulehrusspower248.21whulerusspoweradded "h"
421196.11-.12O sweet swan water, my248.23Sweet swanwater! Myadded the word "O"; decapitalised "S"; added space; replaced exclamation mark with comma; decapitalised "M"
422196.14Deanus248.26Deannsreplaced "n" with "u"
423196.16fine way248.28wayadded the word "fine"
424196.18day248.31timereplaced the word "time" with the word "day"
425196.19intimest innermosts.248.31-.32intimast innermost.replaced "a" with "e"; added "s"
426196.21max,248.34Max,decapitalised "M"
427196.22Rab,248.35Rabadded comma
428196.22pinks248.36pinkadded "s"
429196.31grapecluster249.09grape clusterremoved space
430196.34Their249.13Therereplaced "re" with "ir"
431196.35herdown249.14her downremoved space
432196.36from the249.15fromadded the word "the"
433197.01dong249.21dong,removed comma
434197.07Ugh! Ugh!249.27Ugh. Ugh.replaced full stop with exclamation mark twice
435197.09Mishamisha [...] Toffeytough.249.29Misha Misha [...] Toffey Tough.removed two spaces; decapitalised "M" and "T"
436197.09-.10Muttonchough.249.30Mettenchough.replaced "e" with "u"; replaced "e" with "o"
437197.10boy, that249.30boy thatadded comma
438197.13schutet249.34shautedreplaced "ha" with "ch"; replaced "d" with "t"
439197.17Willst250.03Willestremoved "e"
440197.19hits250.05hitadded "s"
441197.21ajew, ajew, fro' Scheidan?250.07ajew ajew fro' Sheidam?added two commas; added "c"; replaced "m" with "n"
442197.22cuttling250.08cuttingadded "l"
443197.22buythings off250.08-.09buytings ofadded "h" and "f"
444197.23ends pitting250.09and spittingreplaced "a" with "e"; moved space
445197.24Spickspuck!250.10Spickspuk!added "c"
446197.27tempts250.14temtsadded "p"
447197.30Lackbreath250.17-.18Lack breathremoved space
448197.32Lolo, liebermann,250.19Lolo liebermannadded two commas
449197.35invokes250.23in voxremoved space; replaced "x" with "kes"
450197.35virgins'250.23virginsadded apostrophe
451197.37Behind me, free250.25Behind, me, freesremoved comma; removed "s"
452197.38Agatharept they fleurely250.27Aghatharept they fleurellyremoved "h"; removed "l"
453197.38Rofocale. 250.27Rosocale.replaced "s" with "f"
454198.01prunkqueen250.29prunktqueenremoved "t"
455198.01up. And250.29up andadded full stop; capitalised "a"
456198.01troupe250.30troupadded "e"
457198.02in? Voollykins'250.31in! Voolykins'replaced exclamation mark with question mark; added "l"
458198.04florals'250.33floral'smoved apostrophe
459198.05ac250.34achremoved "h"
460198.07Noc for251.01Nor farreplaced "r" with "c"; replaced "a" with "o"
461198.10standth theirs mum251.04stanth theirs munadded "d"; replaced "n" with "m"
462198.11proprium [...] sousepun crake),251.05-.06proprium, [...] sonsepun crake)moved comma after parentheses; replaced "n" with "u"
463198.13But his251.08But'sreplaced apostrophe and "s" with the word "his"
464198.14thisworlders. Time251.09thisworlders, timereplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "t"
465198.16Blackarts,251.11Blackarss,replaced "s" with "t"
466198.21thoughts,251.17thougths,swapped the letters "t" and "h"
467198.21-.22off, sah! Make thee off, soh!251.17-.18off! Make the off!added two commas; added the words "sah" and "soh"; added "e"
468198.23him to251.19the toreplaced the word "the" with the word "him"
469198.25Still,251.21Stilladded comma
470198.28Galileotto!251.25Galilleotto!removed "l"
471198.33heavenlies. Let251.30heavenlies, letreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "l"
251.36gemurrmal. Asadded paragraph break
473198.40puffin252.02puffiingremoved "i" and "g"
474198.40Sou wous you.252.03Souwouyou.added two spaces and "s"
475199.03-.04evenprospect! or even-prospect!252.08even prospect!removed space or replaced space with hyphenuncertain, as the Restored FW has an end-of-line hyphen after the "n"
476199.07Harlot's252.11Harlots'moved apostrophe
252.14fell. Thereplaced "e" with "u"; added paragraph break
478199.11bivetellines,252.15bivitellines,replaced "i" with "e"
479199.12bickerers,252.16biekerers,replaced "e" with "c"
480199.17hard252.23badreplaced the word "bad" with the word "hard"
481199.22natural252.28naturelreplaced "e" with "a"
252.31Stop. Whoadded paragraph break
483199.28sick of252.35sick afreplaced "a" with "o"
484199.30I have done it equals I so shall do.253.01-.02I have done it equals I so shall do.italicised two four-word phrases
485199.32-.33look at me now means I once was otherwise.253.04-.05look at me now means I once was otherwise.italicised two four-word phrases
486199.34play253.06playsremoved "s"
487199.34time was253.07timeadded the word "was"
488200.01beforehand,253.14beforehandadded comma
489200.02name,253.15nameadded comma
490200.03gloves because it is the month of brumes.253.16gloves!added a seven-word phrase; replaced exclamation mark with full stop
491200.04garner, mauve,253.17garner mauveadded two commas
492200.06before. For253.19before foradded full stop; capitalised "f"
493200.07patently there is a sort of253.20patenly there isadded "t"; added the words "a sort of"
494200.08through253.21troughadded "h"
495200.08For to253.21Because toreplaced the word "Because" with the word "For"
496200.11-.12lasses and the tug-of-love of the253.25-.26lassies, the tug of love of theirremoved "i"; removed comma; added the word "and"; replaced space with hyphens twice; removed "ir"
497200.12-.13rough merriment,253.26merriment,added the word "rough"
498200.14thumb-to-nosery253.28thumbtonoseryadded two hyphens
499200.15country),253.29cauntry),replaced "a" with "o"
500200.15reckon253.29reckenreplaced "e" with "o"
501200.19Vrayedevraye253.33vrayedevrayecapitalised "v"
502200.23ensemple, [...] him,254.01-.02ensemple [...] himadded two commas
503200.25Ipsedadden, the254.04the Ipse dadden,moved the word "the"; removed space
504200.26-.28means, your [...] yclept, as might occur to anyone,254.05-.07means, as might occur to anyone, your [...] ycleptswapped a thirteen-word phrase and a five-word phrase; added comma
505200.28chronicler254.07chroncherreplaced "ch" with "icl"
506200.30again,254.09againadded comma
507200.30Ireneus254.10Irenewsreplaced "w" with "u"
508200.31unto254.10and toreplaced the word "and" with "un"
509200.35Nan.254.15Nan,replaced comma with full stopthe JCM added the comma
510200.36dulcisamica?254.16dullcisamica?removed "l"
511200.38-.39And he! Who? Old Joe, the Java Jane, older even than Adam Costollo. The mar254.18The maradded two sentences; moved a ten-word phrase (see 201.04, noting the capitalised "o", change of "O" to "A", and change of comma to full stop)
512201.01Faineant.254.20-.21Faineant, how feel full foes in furrinarr!replaced comma with full stop; moved a six-word phrase (see 201.07)
513201.01Doth all this two way teleopic254.21Doth it not allreplaced a four-word phrase with a six-word phrase
514201.02as eft it were longtimes254.22in the way television opes longtimesreplaced a six-word phrase with a five-word phrase
515201.03-.04Lollapaloosa put back Omega with the beths of alpability?254.23Lollapaloosa?added an eight-word phrase
516201.04remember;254.24remember,replaced comma with semicolon
517201.04won't. We254.24-.25won't; bit it's old Joe, the Java Jane, older even than Odam Costollo, and wereplaced colon with full stop; removed the words "bit it's"; moved a ten-word phrase (see 200.38-.39); removed the word "and"; capitalised "w"
518201.07Groceries! How feel full foes in furrinarr?254.28Groceries!moved a six-word phrase (see 201.01, noting the capitalised "h" and change of exclamation mark to question mark)
519201.09soft and254.30soft butreplaced the word "but" with the word "and"
520201.10selmashaker254.31-.32selm ashakerremoved space
521201.15Capellissato,255.01Capellisato,added "s"
522201.19summonorother? He255.05-.06summonorother: hereplaced colon with question mark; capitalised "h"
523201.20ages.255.06ages?replaced question mark with full stop
524201.22any hooper255.09a hooperadded "ny"
525201.23found255.10joinedreplaced the word "joined" with the word "found"
526201.24slipway255.11spillwayreplaced "pill" with "lip"
527201.27Polearis,255.15Tolearis,replaced "T" with "P"
528201.28Danamaraca, be255.15-.16Danamaraca be,moved comma
529201.34itself, over255.23overadded the word "itself" and comma
530201.35duckindouche255.23duckindonchereplaced "n" with "u"
531202.02five, and255.31-.32five andadded comma
532202.11nayther256.05neytherreplaced "e" with "a"
533202.12Wijn and256.07Wijn,replaced comma with the word "and"
534202.17sherrygoldies, yeassyngnays;256.12-.13sherrigoldies yeassymgnays;replaced "i" with "y"; added comma; replaced "m" with "n"
535202.22taskbooks256.18tasbooksadded "k"
536202.22bee256.18bee,removed comma
537202.22-.23and juju-jaw,256.19to juju-jaw,replaced the word "to" with the word "and"
538202.27saying that256.24sayingadded the word "that"
539202.29on his256.27on himreplaced "m" with "s"
540202.36bread256.35headreplaced "h"with "br"
541202.38Gallooks256.36Gallocksreplaced "c" with "o"
542202.39Essie,257.02Essieadded comma
543203.05Marieto,257.07Matieto,replaced "t" with "r"
544203.07Barley, of257.10Barleyadded comma and the word "of"
545203.09foxy fellows257.12fellowsadded the word "foxy"
546203.09headder257.12headeradded "d"
547203.10Laptin!257.13Lupton!replaced "u" with "a"; replaced "o" with "i"
548203.13to you,257.16you,added the word "to"
549203.14hurly wurly257.18hurlywurlyadded space
550203.15tilbag257.19tillbagremoved "l"
551203.20wold257.24Wolddecapitalised "W"
257.27the. Lukk[...]replaced full stop with ellipsis; added paragraph breakthe JCM added the full stop
553203.33gnrs258.01gursreplaced "u" with "n"
554203.35nat heed thet258.04not heed thatreplaced "o" with "a"; replaced "a" with "e"
555203.35Fulgituder258.04Fulgitudesreplaced "s" with "r"
556203.35Qorq!258.04Quoq!replaced "uo" with "or"
557204.02thy258.13theyremoved "e"
558204.12firmament258.23fimamentadded "r"
559204.20thy light258.32lightadded the word "thy"
560204.27thees,259.03theesadded comma
561204.30madhowlattrees.259.06madhowiatrees.replaced "i" with "l"; added "t"
562205.01-.02here haltagain. By recourse, of course, recoursing from260.01-.02there fromremoved "t"; added a six-word line of textthe source for this change could be BMs (47478-157)
563205.02Tomtittot to Teetootomtotalitarian.260.02tomtittot to teetootomtotalitarian.capitalised "t" twice
564205.03Whomtil260.04Whom willremoved space; replaced "wil" with "ti"
565205.05lunch, buy our lefts,260.08lunch by our left,added comma, "u", and "s"
566205.06Brahe260.11Bracheremoved "c"
567205.07Berkeley's260.11Berkeleyadded apostrophe and "s"
568205.10moll,260.17molladded comma
569205.11hoyden,3260.18hoyden3added comma
570205.11chinkaminx'261.01chinkaminxadded apostrophe
571205.13wan.261.03ware.replaced "re" with "n"
572205.18afore a mosoleum,261.12-.13before a mosoleum.replaced "be" with "a"; replaced full stop with comma
573205.20Glattstonebury,261.16Glattstoneburg,replaced "g" with "y"
574205.21-206.01domm,5 [...] muftilife,261.17-.19domm, [...] muftilife,2moved footnote marker
575205.F01-236.F04[regular script footnote numbers followed by a full stop]260.F01-308.F02[superscript footnote numbers not followed by a full stop]changed footnote number formatting
576205.F08Comments, 111261.F03Comments III,moved comma; replaced "III" with "111"
577205.L01-236.L20[right-justified notes in a small italics font, using regular-width margins]260.L01-308.L16[left-justified notes in a regular-sized italics font, using wide margins]changed margin width; changed left-hand note justification and font size (additionally some notes hang past the body text instead of wrapping to the next page, specifically on pp. 205, 207, 211, 212, 214, 215, 218 and 220)
578205.R01-236.R06[normal text in a small font, using regular-width margins]260.R01-308.R10[allcaps text in a regular-sized font, using wide margins]changed margin width; changed right-hand note capitalisation and font size (additionally some notes hang past the body text instead of wrapping to the next page, specifically on pp. 211 and 218)
579206.01-.02antesipiences261.19-.20antisipiencesreplaced "i" with "e"
580206.02is261.20is,removed comma
581206.04Ain soph,1261.23Ainsoph,3added space
582206.04besighedhim zeroine?261.24besighed him zeroine.removed space; replaced full stop with question mark
583206.20krach262.12krachtremoved "t"
584206.21Shoo,262.13shoo,capitalised "s"
585206.27-.28by; and coach house entrance262.21by,replaced comma with semicolon; added a four-word phrasethe source for this change could be BMs (47478-159)
586206.30trophies,262.24trophiesadded comma
587206.F03Jussive262.F01Yussivereplaced "Y" with "J"the JCM changed the first letter from "y" to "Y"
588206.F03bellyingplace262.F01beelyingplacereplaced "e" with "l"
589206.F11buggey Begge!262.F09buggey Begge.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
590206.L02Ardrey261.L05-.L06Ardrey,removed comma
591206.L09[note precedes line 206.23]262.L05[note coincides with line 262.15]moved left-hand note up half a line
592206.R07ideoreal262.R05IDEAREALreplaced "a" with "o"
593207.01pubblicam,262.29pubblicamadded comma
594207.03-.04of foggy old, under the assumed name of Ignotus Loquor,263.02-.03under the assumed name of Ignotus Loquor, of foggy old,swapped a three-word phrase and a seven-word phrase
595207.04favourite263.05favoriteadded "u"
596207.05ground263.05ground,removed comma
597207.05fathertheobalder263.05father theobalderremoved space
598207.05-.06brake.1 Rolf [...] same.2263.06brake.1moved a fifteen-word sentence (see 207.11-.12)
599207.09Ostrogothic and Ottomanic father263.10-.11ostrogothic and ottomanic faithcapitalised "o" twice; replaced "ith" with "ther"
600207.10surgeons,263.12-.13surgeons? But is was all so long ago.replaced question mark with comma; moved a seven-word sentence (see 207.11-.12)
601207.10Castilian-Emeratic-Hebridian,263.13-.14Castillian-Emeratic-Hebridian,removed "l"
602207.11-.12But it was all so long ago. Pastimes263.15-.17Rolf [...] same.2 Pastimesmoved a fifteen-word sentence (see 207.05-.06) and a seven-word sentence (see 207.10, noting the change of "s" to "t")
603207.12Saa, leddies,263.18Saaleddiesadded space and two commas
604207.13minne263.19mineadded "n"
605207.15Emerald Canticle263.22emerald canticlecapitalised "e" and "c"
606207.15Hermes. And263.22Hermes andadded full stop; capitalised "a"
607207.22hailaday264.04hallidayreplaced "lli" with "ila"
608207.24bachfrish!264.06-.07backfrish!replaced "k" with "h"
609207.28But Ulma264.13And Ulmareplaced the word "And" with the word "But"
610207.30theses264.15theseadded "s"
611207.31salmonbrowses,264.17salmen browses,replaced "e" with "o"; removed space
612207.F03beyond the meditarenias and we263.F04the meditarenias andadded the words "beyond" and "we"
613207.F05that Sinobiled.263.F07Sinobiled.added the word "that"
614207.L05-.L06Smith, no home.
Mars speaking.
263.L01-.L02Mars speaking.
Smith, no home.
moved a three-word left-hand note (to accompany the fifteen-word sentence that moved from 207.11-.12 to 207.05-.06)
615208.01riverside of264.23riverside, onremoved comma; replaced "n" with "f"
616208.02lodged:264.26lodged;replaced semicolon with colon
617208.03evremberried: you264.26evremberried. Youreplaced full stop with colon; decapitalised "Y"
618208.03ashwald:264.27ashwald,replaced comma with colon
619208.04thorns:264.28thorns.replaced full stop with colon
620208.10as auburn265.07auburn,added the word "as"; removed comma
621208.11flower265.07flower,removed comma
622208.13Sabines265.11sabinescapitalised "s"
623208.15pose265.14pose,removed comma
624208.15-.16wimmerful wonders265.15winnerful wondersreplaced "nn" with "mm"
625208.18pleathe, [...] Angoisse.6265.19-.20pleathes,4 [...] Angoisse.removed "s"; moved footnote marker
626208.23wustworts of265.27-.28wustworts of aremoved the word "a"
627208.24mirrage,265.29mirage,added "r"
628208.24boxomness266.01boxomenessremoved "e"
629208.27peripateting,266.06peripateting.replaced full stop with comma
630208.F02slowe?264.F03slowe.replaced full stop with question mark
631208.F07over forty265.F03fortyadded the word "over"
632208.F07soup-plate265.F03soupplateadded hyphen
633208.F09-.F105. Googlaa pluplu.
6. H'dk'fs h'fp'y.
265.F06-.F073 H' dk' fs' h'p'y.
4 Googlaa pluplu.
swapped footnotes; removed two spaces and apostrophe; added "f"
634208.F11-.F12braches, I'm chory to see,265.F09braches. I'm chory to seereplaced full stop with comma; added comma
635209.01Pons.266.07Tons.replaced "T" with "P"
636209.02hitherward the thither.266.08hickerwards the thicker.replaced "ck" with "th" twice; removed "s"
637209.02Shore.266.08Schore.removed "c"
638209.11-.12at [...] chaff,266.22-.24(at [...] chaff)removed parentheses; added comma
639209.13Aetius's266.25Aetiusadded apostrophe and "s"
640209.13-.14gambit [...] burl!),266.26gambit, [...] burl!)moved comma after parentheses
641209.13breezeup,266.26bruzeup,replaced "u" with "ee"
642209.14-.15fleest ficklesome266.28fleeest flicklesomeremoved "e" and "l"
643209.15-.16selfteased266.30efteasedreplaced "e" with "sel"
644209.17miss not267.02missnotadded space
645209.21-.23Whence, plutonically pursuant on briefest glimpse from gladrags, followeup with endspeaking nots for yestures267.08-.10Whence followeup with endspeaking nots for yestures, plutonically pursuant on briefest glimpse from gladrags,swapped a six-word phrase and a seven-word phrase
646209.27trace267.17bracereplaced "b" with "t"
647209.32Unica. Charmers267.25Unica, charmers,replaced comma with full stop; capitalised "c"; removed comma
648209.F09slippery,267.F07slipper,added "y"
649209.L01[note does not coincide with the beginning of the paragraph]266.L01[note coincides with the beginning of the paragraph]moved left-hand note down two lines
650210.01myrrhs267.28myrrhadded "s"
651210.02roses, mistymusky,267.28roses mistmuskadded two commas; added "y" twice
652210.02Maybe267.29maybecapitalised "m"
653210.02-.03meiblumes fore ever her If has267.29-268.01meiblume or ever her if haveadded "s", "f" and "e"; capitalised "i"; replaced "ve" with "s"
654210.03enlocked268.02enlocked,removed comma
655210.04sexappealing268.02-.03sex appealingremoved space
656210.04Conchitas with Sentas268.03conchitas with sentascapitalised "c" and "s"
657210.07jeminijohns268.07jemmijohnsreplaced "m" with "in"
658210.08nimious268.10minions'swapped the letters "m" and "n"; replaced "n" with "u"; removed apostrophe
659210.09cupid268.10cupid,removed comma
660210.10grandegaffe268.12grandegaffe,removed comma
661210.14prosode from a first268.19prosodes from aremoved "s"; added the word "first"
662210.17mind you're268.25mind youradded apostrophe and "e"
663210.19mann268.27manadded "n"
664210.20-.30It's [...] difference.8 There [...] wallfloored9 [...] sob.268.29-269.15There [...] wallfloored1 [...] sob. It's [...] difference.2swapped two long passages (resulting in swapped footnote marker order (see 210.F09-.F11))
665210.F09-.F118. If [...] pack.
9. With [...] living?
269.F01-.F031 With [...] living?
2 If [...] pack.
swapped footnotes (see 210.20-.30)
666211.01godsend:269.17godsend,replaced comma with colon
667211.02O'Megisthest269.19O'Meghisthestremoved "h"
668211.02me, satis269.19-.20me. Satisreplaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "S"
669211.05grosser269.24greaterreplaced "eat" with "oss"
670211.07And, egg269.28And eggadded comma
671211.08Lindley269.29Lindley'sremoved apostrophe and "s"
672211.10-.12future. [...] brat,2270.01-.04future.1 [...] brat,moved footnote marker
673211.12solicitor's270.05sollicitor'sremoved "l"
674211.15waxed-up womanage,270.10waxedup womanageadded hyphen and comma
675211.19liaison — to270.16liaison toadded dash and space
676211.22looker270.21lokkerreplaced "k" with "o"
677211.23Youthlit's270.23youthlit'scapitalised "y"
678211.29MacLoughlin and The MacNamara,271.01-.02Mac Loughlin and The Mac Namararemoved two spaces; added comma
679211.29-.30appendage,271.02appondage,replaced "o" with "e"
680211.31readymoney271.04-.05ready moneyremoved space
681211.L01[note coincides with line 211.02]269.L01[note coincides with line 269.21]moved left-hand note up one line
682211.L01-.L02umoroso, M. 50·50.269.L02-.L03umoroso. M. 50-50.replaced full stop with comma; replaced hyphen with middle dot
683211.L03[note coincides with line 211.04]269.L04[note coincides with line 269.24]moved left-hand note up one line
684212.03love [...] mirror2271.09-.10love4 [...] mirrormoved footnote marker
685212.04-.05caudle (lone [...] Spring)271.11-.12caudle, lone [...] Spring,replaced two commas with parentheses
686212.05trigemellmen271.13trigemelimenreplaced "i" with "l"
687212.06though she271.15and she'llreplaced the word "and" with the word "though"; removed apostrophe and "ll"
688212.10pansies271.20pansies,removed comma
689212.16-.17aflutter afraida,272.03aflutter-afraida,replaced hyphen with space
   [...] roots.5
   [...] roots,
replaced comma with full stop; moved footnote marker
691212.22minowaurs272.10Minnowaursdecapitalised "M"; removed "n"
692212.23you are a B.C.272.12-.13you're a B.C.replaced apostrophe with space and "a"
693212.24stepplease, O do.272.14stepplease.added comma and the words "O do"
694212.26Hengeggst272.17Hengegstadded "g"
695212.26out of your272.18out of thatreplaced the word "that" with the word "your"
696212.27erring.272.20errings.removed "s"
697212.28starrup!272.21stirrup!replaced "i" with "a"
698212.28-.29the tide you threehandshigh272.22you threehandshighsadded the words "the tide"; removed "s"
699212.30Murph it is272.24Murphadded the words "it is"
700212.30same,272.25sameadded comma
701212.32-213.01brew. Bebattled272.28brew, bebattledreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "b"
702212.F01cumpholstery271.F04cumpohlsteryswapped the letters "o" and "h"
703212.F02Sostituta,271.F05Sostituda,replaced "d" with "t"
704212.F04that at271.F07that toreplaced the word "to" with the word "at"
705212.F07-.F084. As you say yourself.
5. What's that, ma'am? says I.
272.F01-.F021 What's that, ma'am? says I.
2 As you say yourself.
swapped footnotes
706212.L07now for271.L12nowforadded spacethe source for this change could be BMs (47478-197)
707212.L14[note coincides with line 212.32]272.L06[note coincides with line 272.29]moved left-hand note up one line
708212.L15atthems!272.L07atthems.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
709213.01gageure de gueguerre.1272.29gageure de guegerre.4italicised; added "u"
710213.06Impoverment273.06Impovernmentremoved "n"
711213.09anore,273.12anoreadded comma
712213.14whataloovely273.19what a loovelyremoved space twice
713213.15-.16crocodile9 or Hazel and Sally skittering and laubhing at the wheeze of that273.22-.23crocodile,8 or skittering laubhing at that wheeze ofremoved comma; added the words "Hazel and Sally"; added the words "and" and "that"; replaced "at" with "e"
715213.19hither is273.27hitherisadded space
716213.22is, amphiaccomplished,274.04-.05is plan accomplishedadded two commas; replaced the word "plan " with "amphi"
717213.22syne.274.05syne:replaced colon with full stop
718213.23deathray274.06death rayremoved space
719213.24-.25hobnobs, daring Dunderhead to shiver his timbers.10274.08-.09hobnobs,1 daring Dunderhead to shiver his timbers andmoved footnote marker; replaced the word "and" with full stop
720213.25-.26is chasing Kate O'Carthydge around the Capuawalls. Hibrahim the Hegirite11274.10the Hegerite2added an eight-word line of text; replaced "e" with "i"the source for this change could for the most part be BMs (47478-134)
721213.27is minsterbuilding, so repreaches Timothy, up in274.11ministerbuilding up, as repreaches Timothy, inadded the word "is"; removed "i"; moved the word "up"; replaced the word "as" with the word "so"
722213.28thirtytwo west eleventh274.12-.13Thirty two West Eleventhdecapitalised "T", "W", and "E"; removed space
723213.28-214.01datetree doloriferous selfregnant (may [...] it!) 274.13-.15(may [...] it!) datetree doloriferousswapped a two-word phrase and a twelve-word parenthesised phrase; added the word "selfregnant"
724213.F01shesshock272.F04shessockadded "h"
725213.F05Huhnyeye,273.F03Huhneye,added "y"
726213.F10sex273.F08sixreplaced "i" with "e"
727213.F119. Yes there, Tad, thanks give from Tathair, look at that now!273.F098 Yes, there, Tad, thanks, give, from, tathair, look at that now.removed four commas; capitalised "t"; replaced full stop with exclamation mark
728213.L04Femilies,273.L04Femiliesadded comma
729213.L13[note coincides with line 213.12]273.L12[note coincides with line 273.13]moved left-hand note down two lines
730213.L15[note coincides with line 213.14]273.L14[note coincides with line 273.17]moved left-hand note down one line
731213.L17bimbambum274.L16bombambumreplaced "o" with "i"
732214.01ever274.16overreplaced "o" with "e"
733214.02wondering headawag, with frayed nerves274.17-.18headawag, with frayed nerves wonderingmoved the word "wondering"
734214.02sore,274.18soreadded comma
735214.03purdah,274.20purdah andreplaced the word "and" with comma
736214.06-.07windstill,1274.25windstill4added comma
737214.11Awlining,275.01Awlining! or Awlining,possibly replaced exclamation mark with commathe JCM may have added the exclamation mark (instead of a full stop)
738214.12having been275.04havingadded the word "been"
739214.13Auburnia3 [...] Eire),275.05Auburnia,2 [...] Eire)moved comma after parentheses
740214.14-.15another [...] it),275.06-.08another, [...] it)moved comma after parentheses
741214.15sagoa275.09sagonreplaced "n" with "a"
742214.16atther275.09ottherreplaced "o" with "a"
743214.16bellygud's275.10bellygudsadded apostrophe
744214.17fullness, and his whitehatched patch, the towelturbaned, and Flower, a275.11fullness, andadded an eight-word line of textthe source for this change could be BMs (47478-288)
745214.19-.20Blowybart, topsir and turvy,275.14Blowyhart topsirturvy,replaced "h" with "b"; added comma; added space and the word "and"
746214.20pair,275.15pairadded comma
747214.2117·69,275.1717:69,replaced colon with middle dot
748214.21know),5275.17know4)moved footnote marker outside parentheses; added comma
749214.26whose275.25where'sreplaced "ere's" with "ose"
750214.26be?275.26be.replaced full stop with question mark
751214.29gladhander8276.02-.03gladhander,1removed comma
752214.29likeness276.04likeness,removed comma
753214.L07[note coincides with line 214.06]274.L10[note coincides with line 274.22]moved left-hand note down one line
754214.L09[note coincides with line 214.10]275.L01[note coincides with line 275.01]moved left-hand note up one line
755214.L18[note coincides with line 214.25]275.L10[note coincides with line 275.25]moved left-hand note up one line
756214.L22[note coincides with line 214.28]276.L01[note coincides with line 276.03]moved left-hand note up one line
757215.01And she276.06And she,removed comma
758215.02-.03upon2 yet 276.07upon.3 Yetremoved full stop; decapitalised "Y"
759215.06Zumbok!276.13Zumbock!removed "c"
760215.13-.14wheelhouses lumber up to lodgebox6276.25wheelhouse to bodgbox7 lumber upadded "s"; moved the words "lumber up"; replaced "b" with "l"; added "e"
761215.14his peace276.27is peaceadded "h"
762215.17fewnrally.9 Where277.04-.05fewnrally,3 wherereplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "w"
763215.18welling breast,277.06wellingbreast,added space
764215.18her willing277.06he willingadded "r"
765215.19mourning,277.07mourningadded comma
766215.21-.22Goblesse277.11Boblessereplaced "B" with "G"
767215.22beginning,277.12beginningadded comma
768215.23the cows277.14a cowsreplaced the word "a" with the word "the"
769215.25till277.18tellreplaced "e" with "i"
770215.F03loinstone276.F06louistonereplaced "ui" with "in"
771215.F04Askimwhose? Ido,276.F07Askinwhose? I do,replaced "n" with "m"; removed space
772215.F04call a276.F07call thereplaced the word "the" with the word "a"
773215.F15McEndicott277.F06McEndicothreplaced "h" with "t"
774215.F17effect. You277.F08effect, youreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "y"
775215.L01[note coincides with line 215.01]276.L05[note coincides with line 276.07]moved left-hand note up one line
776215.L03[note coincides with line 215.08]276.L07[note coincides with line 276.15]moved left-hand note down one line
777215.L10[note coincides with line 215.17]277.L01[note coincides with line 277.03]moved left-hand note down one line
778215.L14[note coincides with line 215.20]277.L05[note precedes line 277.07]moved left-hand note down one and a half lines
779215.L17[note coincides with line 215.23]277.L08[note precedes line 277.10]moved left-hand note down two and a half lines
780215.L21[note follows line 215.26]277.L12[note coincides with line 277.13]moved left-hand note down four and a half lines
781215.L21Jadg277.L12Jadyreplaced "y" with "g"
782216.02cityself277.21city selfremoved space
783216.03shuttle on the sacred magirattler, Simmy. And Sam, son,277.23shuttleadded an eight-word line of text
784216.07scribes278.03scrubsreplaced "ub" with "ibe"
785216.08circuminiuminluminatedhave,278.04circuminiuminluminatedhaveadded comma
786216.15a wish278.16on wishreplaced the word "on" with the word "a"
787216.21his278.25trisreplaced "tr" with "h"
788216.24omkring279.05onkringreplaced "n" with "m"
789216.F04Gosempher,278.F01Gosem pher,removed space
790216.F04freeze a garry278.F01greeze a jarryreplaced "g" with "f"; replaced "j" with "g"
791216.F06impressium on the diminity278.F03impressiom on the diminitivereplaced "o" with "u"; replaced "ive" with "y"
792216.F07I am Ellastella278.F05I'am Enastellareplaced apostrophe with space; replaced "n" with "ll"
793216.F15[footnote split across two pages]279.F01[footnote entirely on one page]allowed a footnote to split across two pages
794216.F16there's279.F02three'sswapped the letters "r" and "e"
795216.L01[note coincides with line 216.01]277.L14[note coincides with line 277.15]moved left-hand note down three lines
796216.L17[note coincides with line 216.17]278.L10[note coincides with line 278.17]moved left-hand note down one line
797216.L19[note coincides with line 216.19]278.L12[note coincides with line 278.20]moved left-hand note down one line
798216.L21[note precedes line 216.21]278.L14[note coincides with line 278.22]moved left-hand note down one and a half lines
799217.01freewritten.280.02freewrittenadded full stop
800217.03there280.06thenreplaced "n" with "re"
801217.04ontocome as Sataday's280.07outcome as Satadaysreplaced "ut" with "nto"; added apostrophe
802217.05on our280.08on thereplaced the word "the" with the word "our"
803217.09circle)280.15circles)removed "s"
804217.12hopes)280.21shopes)removed "s"
805217.13-.16Christinette (cinders, [...] kissits my exits).280.21-.27cinder Christinette [...] kissists my exits.moved the word "Christinette"; added parentheses; added "s" and comma; removed "s"
806217.16auburn280.27Auburndecapitalised "A"
807217.F02malody279.F04malody,removed comma
808217.F03sh'u'dn't write you ca'n't if you w'u'dn't279.F05-.F06sh'undn't write you can't if you w'udn'tremoved "n"; added three apostrophes
809217.F03underdevelopmented.279.F06undevelopmented.added "der"
810217.F07You279.F11Yourremoved "r"
811217.F08-.F09on [...] likon),279.F12on, [...] likon)moved comma after parentheses
812217.F12nay279.F16-.F17nary nayremoved the word "nary"
813217.F14marriage279.F18-.F19marriage.removed full stop
814217.F15-.F16adventuresting279.F20adventuringadded "est"
815217.F17Salanadmon279.F22salandmoncapitalised "s"; added "a"
816217.F18atwainem.279.F23atwaimen.swapped the letters "m" and "n"
817217.F22cooled as a culcumber,279.F27-.F28cooledas as culcumbre,added space; removed "s"; swapped the letters "r" and "e"
818217.F26father279.F32fotherreplaced "o" with "a"
819217.F27Amum. And Amum.279.F34Amum. Amum.added the word "And"
820217.F28friction279.F35fictionadded "r"
821217.L08[note coincides with line 217.11]280.L07[note coincides with line 280.17]moved left-hand note down one line
822218.01read them, lifetree's leaves,280.29-.30tread them lifetrees leavesremoved "t"; added two commas and apostrophe
823218.02silver, fast albernstone,280.31silver fastalbarnstone,added comma and space; replaced "a" with "e"
824218.03once dear280.34one dearadded "c"
825218.04your One280.35your onecapitalised "o"
826218.05latter280.36lateradded "t"
827218.06wonders281.02wonderadded "s"
828218.07blowing281.03flowingreplaced "f" with "b"
829218.08Aujourd'hui,281.04Aujourd'huiadded comma
830218.08jours281.04tempsreplaced the word "temps" with the word "jours"
831218.08Columelle,281.05Columelleadded comma
832218.09Numance;1281.07Numance1added semicolon
833218.10nom,281.08noms,removed "s"
834218.11rentrées281.09entréesadded "r"
835218.12-.13et se sont succédé l'une à l'autre281.12et sont arrivéesadded the word "se"; replaced the word "arrivées" with a four-word phrase
836218.15tongues,3281.16tongues3added comma
837218.15-.16wilfulness281.17wilfulness,removed comma
838218.17fuzzolezzo).4 Totients281.19-.20fuzzolezzo),4 totientsreplaced comma with full stop; capitalised "t"
839218.20-.21world, moving281.25world. Movingreplaced full stop with comma; decapitalised "M"
840218.31ten fingures282.11finguresadded the word "ten"
841218.F03bog,281.F03bogadded comma
842218.F06Idalgo,281.F06I dalgo,removed space
843218.L04and Threes281.L04Threesadded the word "and"
844218.L06[note coincides with line 218.11]281.L06[note coincides with line 281.11]moved left-hand note up one line
845218.L13[note coincides with line 218.26]282.L01[note coincides with line 282.02]moved left-hand note down one line
846218.R03-.R04bellum-pax-bellum281.R08-.R10BELLUM-PAX-BELLUM.removed full stop
847218.R16-.R18[notes coincide with lines 218.28-.30]282.R05-.R07[notes coincide with lines 282.05-.07]moved three right-hand notes down one line (thereby losing proper paragraph alignment, which had been achieved by the Classic FW through the localised widening of the right-hand margin for the preceding note)
848219.01cheekadeekchimples282.14cheekadeekchimpleadded "s"
849219.03upwithem.1 [...] Eden.282.17-.18upwithem. [...] Eden.3moved footnote marker
850219.07areciting282.24recitingadded "a"
851219.07-.08rota in his Fanden's Catachysm,282.25rota, in his Fanden's catachysmmoved comma; capitalised "c"
852219.10-.11em and ingreasing em and moultipiecing em rightleft by282.28-.29em omreplaced the word "om" with an eight-word phrase
853219.17nominators283.07nominatoradded "s"
854219.17loafer's283.07loaferstadded apostrophe; removed "t"
855219.19-.20reminder and, for the equality of relations,283.11-.12reminder for an equality of relations and,moved the word "and"; added comma; replaced the word "an" with the word "the"
856219.20tables283.13tables,removed comma
857219.22townsends several hundreds and283.15-.16townsends, several hundreds,removed two commas; added the word "and"
858219.23to gells283.17into gellsremoved "in"
859219.24achers,283.19archers,removed "r"
860219.26reed,283.22rede,swapped the letters "d" and "e"
861219.27dull marks283.23dullmarksadded space
862219.27nucleud283.24nucleudsremoved "s"
863219.28aahs283.26aabsreplaced "b" with "h"
864219.32hce che ech,284.01hce che ech,italicised
865219.33roide284.01roydereplaced "y" with "i"
866219.F03battles283.F01buttlesreplaced "u" with "a"
867219.L06-.L07nec cashellum tuum!283.L02-.L03nec, cashellum tuum.removed comma; replaced full stop with exclamation mark
868219.L09kyboshicksal.283.L05Kyboshicksal.decapitalised "K"
869220.04pall's pell in his heventh gleike284.10palls pell inhis heventh glikeadded apostrophe; added space; added "e"
870220.06surd ¡pthwndxrclzp!,284.14surd! pthwndxrclzp!,moved and inverted exclamation mark; italicised
871220.06extracted,284.15extructed,replaced "u" with "a"
872220.07Answers284.16Answers,removed comma
873220.16asheen;284.30asheen,replaced comma with semicolon
874220.17enviolated, by a merelin285.02enviolated by a mierelinadded comma; removed "i"
875220.18dart,6285.04dart1added comma
876220.21longa285.08longerreplaced "er" with "a"
877220.22head!285.10hend!replaced "n" with "a"
878220.24-.25jogahoyaway),285.14-.15jogahoyaway)added comma
879220.25pamtomomiom285.15-.16pamtomomiom,removed comma
880220.26dingbusted285.17dingbushedreplaced "h" with "t"
881220.28-.29yksi, allahthallacamellated caravan series,285.21yksi! allahthallacamellated, caravan seriesreplaced exclamation mark with comma; moved commathe JCM changed the comma to the exclamation mark
882220.F01patch284.F01putchreplaced "u" with "a"
883220.F06konkubine.284.F06Konkubine.decapitalised "K"
884220.F09childern.285.F02children.swapped the letters "r" and "e"
885220.F12assphallt285.F06assphaltadded "l"
886221.02bullyclavers.285.25-.26bully clavers. or bullyclavers.possibly removed spacethe JCM may have added the space
887221.03Evenine's World.1285.27Evenine's World.6italicised
888221.04-.05prostulutes. For his neuralgiabrows. Equal to = aosch.285.29-286.03prostalutes. For his neuralgiabrown.
Equal to=aosch.
replaced "a" with "u"; replaced "n" with "s"; removed paragraph break; added two spaces
889221.09nettur,286.07nettus,replaced "s" with "r"
890221.10Casey's,286.09Casey'sadded comma
891221.10-.11hacked, ever so new,286.10hackedadded a three-word phrase between commas
892221.11huckster,286.11hucksler,replaced "l" with "t"
893221.17dryankle.286.20dryankleadded full stop
894221.18-.19trilitter.2286.22trillitter.1removed "l"
895221.23for, easiest286.29for easiestadded comma
896221.27royal287.05royolreplaced "o" with "a"
897221.F07spoonfist286.F05spoon fistremoved space
898221.L01Vile286.L02Vivereplaced "v" with "l"
899221.R09labortenacity286.R11-.R12LABOURTENACITYremoved "u"
900222.02'Tis287.16Tisadded apostrophe
   Now, [...] odrer1 (for
287.16-.18Bene! Now, [...] odrer2
moved paragraph break (note that the margins for this paragraph are the same in both texts, unlike the rest of the chapter)
902222.04-.05in his balbose287.19a balbosereplaced the word "a" with the words "in his"
903222.05too287.19too,removed comma
904222.05venite praeteriti,2287.20venite, preteriti,3removed comma; added "a"
905222.07laetitia287.22letitiaeadded "a"; removed "e"
906222.09amborum287.24amboriumremoved "i"
907222.10intra287.26interreplaced "er" with "ra"
908222.12demum287.27demunreplaced "n" with "m"
909222.13ribolliumtending287.29rebelliumtendingreplaced "ebe" with "ibo"
910222.16changing288.01chanchingreplaced "ch" with "g"
911222.16o' verse288.01o'verseadded space
912222.17doublecrossing288.03doublecressingreplaced "e" with "o"
913222.17truths288.03thruthsremoved "h"
914222.19-.20he 'druider smilabit eggways5 ned, he would, to don't say nothing,288.05-.06he druider would smilabit eggways2 ned, he, to don't say nothing, would,added apostrophe; removed the word "would"; moved the word "would"; removed comma
915222.23third's288.10thirdsadded apostrophe
916222.27time288.14time,removed comma
917222.28its natives,288.16it's nataves,removed apostrophe; replaced "a" with "i"
918222.F06world?288.F02world!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
919222.F10citzens288.F06citizensremoved "i"
920223.04Hymbuktu;1288.23Hymbuktu,6replaced comma with semicolon
921223.04gallo-roman288.24galloromanadded hyphen
922223.05laud-have-miseries288.25landhavemiseriesreplaced "n" with "u"; added two hyphens
923223.07brawm,288.26brawn,replaced "n" with "m"
924223.08people at the Wickerworks2288.28people, the at Wickerworks,7removed two commas; swapped the words "the" and "at"
925223.09weighs289.01weightsremoved "t"
926223.10Swanny289.02Swanny,removed comma
927223.11o' ralereality,289.04o'ralereality,added space
928223.13pottagepots289.05pottage postremoved space; swapped the letters "s" and "t"
929223.13allfines of289.05allfinesofadded space
930223.14ever hinduce them [...] back,289.06-.07overhinduce them, [...] backreplaced "o" with "e"; added space; moved comma
931223.15sundiscs,289.08sundises,replaced "e" with "c"
932223.17which (h.o.o.p.t.),289.10which,added a phrase in parentheses
933223.18to his blessed by Pointer the Grace's289.11-.12to the interlooking and the underlacking of her twentynine shifts or hisswapped a seven-word phrase and a twelve-word phrase (see 223.26-.27, noting the moving of the word "his")
934223.19Flaming's289.13Flamming'sremoved "m"
935223.20hoo, they (a.t.W.),289.14hoc, they (t.a.W.),replaced "c" with "o"; swapped the letters "t" and "a"
936223.21-.22ostrovgods'289.16ostrovgodsadded apostrophe
937223.23paddywhack,5289.17puddywhack,3replaced "u" with "a"
938223.24made289.19for madesremoved the word "for"; removed "s"
939223.26-.27to the interlooking and the underlacking of her twentynine shifts or his289.21to blessed by Pointer the Grace's hisswapped a seven-word phrase and a twelve-word phrase (see 223.18)
940223.27private's jidgments7 when, so289.21-.22privates judgements5 whensoadded apostrophe; replaced "u" with "i"; added "e"; added comma and space
941223.28Beveradge,289.23Bevradge,added "e"
942223.29mere moment289.24momentadded the word "mere"
943223.30Rivière!),289.26Rivière!)added comma
944223.32(Loves. On289.27love (onmoved opening parenthesis; capitalised "l" and "o"; added "s" and full stopthe JCM removed the full stop and added the parenthesis before the word "on"
945223.32Valentine's,289.28Valentino's,replaced "o" with "e"
946223.F01Crawley,288.F08Crawleysreplaced "s" with comma
947223.F02gotch288.F10gatchreplaced "a" with "o"
948223.F08wars? Harring man289.F06wars. Harring man,replaced full stop with question mark; removed comma
949224.01Primavista,289.29Prima Vista,removed space; decapitalised "V"
950224.02dares289.30dareadded "s"
951224.03Shee,290.01Sheeadded comma
952224.05tompull,290.03tompulladded comma
953224.06m.p.,290.05M.P.,replaced smallcaps text with regular text
954224.07accordant290.05accordingreplaced "ing" with "ant"
955224.07doctors' waterburies,290.06doctors waterburiesadded apostrophe and comma
956224.07MacAuliffe290.06Mac Aulifferemoved space
957224.08old MacGhimley,290.07MacGhimley,added the word "old"
958224.10MacAdoo Aboo290.09MacAdooadded the word "Aboo"
959224.11-.12the law of Devine-Foresygth and the290.10-.11law of Devine Foresygth andadded the word "the" twice; replaced space with hyphen
960224.12who,290.11whoadded comma
961224.13daylight,290.12day light,removed space
962224.14matters — but, seigneur!,290.14matters, — but, seigneur!moved comma; italicised exclamation mark
963224.17back in nowtime5290.17back, in nowtime,5removed two commas
964224.17wash290.17wushreplaced "u" with "a"
965224.18alors!,290.18alors!,italicised exclamation mark
966224.19wash?),290.20wash?)added comma
967224.20shall we290.20wen shallremoved "n"; swapped the words "shall" and "we"
968224.21pure wher290.22pure whereremoved "e"
969224.22in, par jure, if you plait, nunc and tunc290.22-.23in par jure, il you plait, nuncandtuncadded comma; replaced "l" with "f"; added two spaces; italicised two words
970224.24Lusk,290.25Luck,replaced "c" with "s"
971224.25man),290.26man)added comma
972224.26Lagrima und290.27Lagrima andreplaced "a" with "u"
973224.27Grindings og290.28Grindings ofreplaced "f" with "g"
974224.28None, lastly291.01None,added the word "lastly"
975224.28corner,291.01-.02cornwer,removed "w"
976224.29faw!,291.02faw!added comma
977224.29mavrone291.03mavone,added "r"; removed comma
978224.31whowhowho?,291.04whowghowho?removed "g"; added comma
979224.31iseulated291.05inseuladedremoved "n"; replaced "d" with "t"
980224.32peartree291.06peartree,removed comma
981224.32shall earn bitter bed by that291.06sall eurn bitter bed by thirtadded "h"; replaced "u" with "a"; replaced "ir" with "a"
982224.33manny291.07manyadded "n"
983224.F03rawrogerum.290.F03Rawrogerum.decapitalised "R"
984224.F07rushin's290.F08rusin'sadded "h"
985225.01sobsequious291.08subsequiousreplaced "u" with "o"
986225.01upped291.08tippedreplaced "ti" with "u"
987225.02Manx,291.09Man,added "x"
988225.04Staineybooter,291.11Staneybatter,added "i"; replaced "at" with "oo"
989225.04hollyboys all, burryripe,291.11hollyboys, all, burryripemoved comma
990225.05-.06were!) — but291.13were!)—butadded two spaces (around dash)
991225.06founding291.14foundlingremoved "l"
992225.06clipt buss291.14cliptbussadded space
993225.07gone),291.15gone)added comma
994225.09Lieu!, on Waterlow raid or street down,291.17Lieu! on lapse or street ondown,added comma; replaced the word "lapse" with the words "Waterlow raid"; removed "on"
995225.09-.10by, with or291.18by with asadded comma; replaced the word "as" with the word "or"
996225.12minny291.20mannyreplaced "a" with "i"
997225.15mousetaches,291.23-.24moustaches,added "e"
998225.15(tufftuff,291.24(tuff, tuff,removed comma and space
999225.16pitre!)291.25pitre!)italicised exclamation mark
1000225.16delightful291.25-.26dolightfulreplaced "o" with "e"
1001225.18ears!),291.27ears!)added comma
1002225.20towards292.02towardadded "s"
1003225.22holp292.04helpreplaced "e" with "o"
1004225.22me,292.04mo,replaced "o" with "e"
1005225.26cheese292.09cheesseremoved "s"
1006225.28warnung by the trispast,292.11warning by the prispast,replaced "i" with "u"; replaced "p" with "t"
1007225.28bycows292.11by cowsremoved space
1008225.29wonot292.12wonetreplaced "e" with "o"
1009225.30our292.13eerreplaced "ee" with "ou"
1010225.F04hitching291.F04a hitchingremoved the word "a"
1011225.F04-.F05Mesther Booterfly,291.F05Mester Bootenfly,added "h"; replaced "n" with "r"
1012226.01or sunk and of292.17and ofadded the words "or sunk"
1013226.02-.03too, beached, bashed and beaushelled à la Mer, and not only that but, by searchlighting longa yamsayore292.17-.18too, longa yamsayore, not only that but, search lighting, beached, bashed and beaushelled à la Mermoved the words "longa yamsayore"; moved the words "not only that but" and two commas; moved the words "search lighting"; added the words "and" and "by"; removed space and comma
1014226.03-.04convolvulis, pickninny capman,292.19convolvulis pickninnig capmanadded two commas; replaced "ig" with "y"
1015226.04takingplace292.20takin placereplaced space with "g"
1016226.05for; so;292.21for, so;replaced comma with semicolon
1017226.07is that,292.23it is that,removed the word "it"
1018226.08soareyes292.24scareyssreplaced "c" with "o"; replaced "s" with "e"
1019226.12to whisht292.29-.30of whisthreplaced the word "of" with the word "to"; swapped the letters "t" and "h"
1020226.13-.14sternly — Plutonic lovelinks twinxt Platonic yearlings — how) you must, haw, in undivided reawlity, draw the line somewhawre.292.30-.32sternly how — Plutonic loveliaks twinnt Platonic yearlings — you must, how, in undivided reawlity draw the line somewhawre)moved the word "how"; replaced "a" with "n"; replaced "n" with "x"; moved closing parenthesis; replaced "o" with "a"; added comma and full stop
1021226.15[figure precedes the next paragraph]293.12[figure lies within the next paragraph]moved the figure
1022226.16FIG. 1. Bass.added a centered caption underneath the figure
1023226.17(And293.02(andcapitalised "a"
1024226.21so swhitchoverswetch293.08soswhitchoverswetchadded space
1025226.21gazed,293.09gazet,replaced "t" with "d"
1026226.23DVbLIn —293.13DVbLIn,replaced comma with space and dash
1027226.24doze deams293.13-.14dozedeams aadded space; removed the word "a"
1028226.24dewood —293.14dewood)replaced closing parenthesis with space and dash
1029226.25Elm with293.15Ulm (withreplaced "U" with "E"; removed opening parenthesisthe JCM added the parenthesis
1030226.25Foreground.)3293.15-.16Fore ground).1removed space; swapped full stop and closing parenthesis
1031226.27unsaide,293.19unsaid,added "e"
1032226.L01[note coincides with line 226.22]293.L01[note coincides with line 293.13]moved left-hand note up one line
1033227.01Ahahahah, Ante Ann,293.20Aha hahah, Ante Annremoved space; added comma
1034227.03'Tis293.24Tisadded apostrophe
1035227.04eye294.01yeyeremoved "y"
1036227.04und wall),294.02and wall)replaced "a" with "u"; added comma
1037227.04-.05copyink strayed line294.02-.03copyngink strayedlineremoved "ng"; added space
1038227.05forest),294.03forest)added comma
1039227.05Lambday.1294.04Lambday1:added full stop; removed colon
1040227.07Now294.06Now,removed comma
1041227.11Ocean!294.13Ocean.replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1042227.14Dadder in the bouedeville294.17-.18dadder in the boudevillecapitalised "d"; added "e"
1043227.17-.18afurz. Doweth knoweth him,294.23afurz,added full stop; added the words "Doweth knoweth him"
1044227.18King (tingting! tingting!)?294.24-.25King? (ting ting! ting ting!)moved question mark; removed two spaces
1045227.21mothar294.29motherreplaced "e" with "a"
1046227.23-.25and forivor6 and for [...] puns it. Vanissas Vanistatums! In effect.295.02-.04forivor.1 Vanissas Vanistatums! And for [...] puns it. In effect,added the word "and"; removed full stop; moved a two-word phrase and italicised it; decapitalised "A"; replaced comma with full stop
1047227.26murrer of295.05-.06murrerofadded space
1048227.30of sands.295.12saunds.added the word "of"; removed "u"
1049227.F05-.F075. Sewing [...] Kelleiney.
6. We're [...] matter.
294.F06-295.F025 We're [...] matter.
1 Sewing [...] Kelleiney.
swapped footnotes
1050227.L01[note coincides with line 227.01]293.L05[note coincides with line 293.19]moved left-hand note down one line
1051227.L05[note coincides with line 227.07]294.L01[note coincides with line 294.08]moved left-hand note up one line
1052227.L09Maya-Thaya,294.L04-.L05Maya-Thaya.replaced full stop with comma
1053227.L12[note coincides with line 227.25]295.L01[note coincides with line 295.03]moved left-hand note down one line
1054228.04your seat!295.25you seat!added "r"
1055228.06You allus295.27You, allusremoved comma
1056228.07Bene!295.29Beve!replaced "v" with "n"
1057228.09Lucihere!295.33Lucihere.!removed full stop
1059228.11squeezing the limon stickme punktum296.03suqeez in the limon, stickme punctum,swapped the letters "u" and "q"; removed space; added "g"; removed two commas; replaced "c" with "k"
1060228.11but296.03-.04but for semenal rationsmoved a three-word phrase (see 228.22-.23)
1061228.12and let296.06-.08where Hoddum and Heave, our monsterbilker, balked his bawd of parodies. And letmoved an eleven-word phrase and a full stop (see 228.27-.28); decapitalised "A"
1062228.13orrange296.08mickreplaced the word "mick" with the word "orrange"
1063228.14geign296.11geingswapped the letters "n" and "g"
1064228.20arrahquinouthiance,296.20arrahquinonthiance,replaced "n" with "u"
1065228.22birouthiarn296.23bironthiarnreplaced "n" with "u"
1066228.22-.23for semenal rations join296.24joinmoved a three-word phrase (see 228.11)
1067228.24Allow296.27Alowadded "l"
1068228.25nike296.28Nikedecapitalised "N"
1069228.25pah.4296.28pah,4replaced comma with full stop
1070228.26pokestiff.5296.29-.30poke stiff.5removed space
1071228.26buccat,296.30buccat.replaced full stop with comma
1072228.27-.28Where Hoddum and Heave, our monsterbilker, bauked his bawd of parodies. And if297.01And ifmoved an eleven-word phrase (see 228.12, noting the capitalised "w", and the change of "l" to "u")
1073228.30Hissss!297.04Hissss!,removed comma
1074228.30fun?297.04fun!replaced exclamation mark with question mark
1075228.31shower, syphsyph like a son of Sibernia. But297.05-.06shower like a son of Sibernia butadded comma; added the word "syphsyph"; added full stop; capitalised "b"the JCM removed a comma after "Sibernia"
1076228.32being297.07beiugreplaced "u" with "n"
1077228.33up by her seam,297.08by her seamadded the word "up"; added comma
1078228.F02street.296.F02strut.replaced "u" with "ee"
1079228.L07[note coincides with line 228.26]297.L01[note coincides with line 297.04]moved left-hand note up four lines
1080229.01fearfully!,297.12fearfully!added comma
1081229.03nearmear297.15near mearremoved space
1082229.04fight your match.297.15-.16light your mech.replaced "l" with "f"; replaced "e" with "at"
1083229.04-.06For addn't we to gayatsee with Puhll the Punkah's bell? Waaaaaa. Tch! Sluice! Pla! And there, redneck297.17-.19Waaaaaa. Tch! Sluice! Pla! And their, redneck, (for addn't we to gayatsee with Puhl the Punkah's bell?)moved a ten-word phrase; removed parentheses; capitalised "f"; added "l"; replaced "ir" with "re"; moved comma after parentheses (see 229.06-.08)
1084229.06-.08(your sow to the duble!), mygh [...] isopleural in its297.19-.22mygh [...] isoplural in its (your sow to the duble)moved a five-word parenthesised phrase; added exclamation mark; moved comma after parentheses (see 229.04-.06); added "e"
1085229.08middenwedge of its297.23midden wedge of theremoved space; replaced the word "the" with the word "its"
1086229.10pluvaville [...] girls!),297.25-.26pluvaville, [...] girls!)moved comma after parentheses
1087229.11our first297.27firstadded the word "our"
1088229.11-.12threeingles [...] cresslogged like [...] tailor?),297.27-.29threeingles, [...] cressloggedlike [...] tailor?)moved comma after parentheses; added space
1089229.13province,3 and,297.30province4 andadded two commas
1090229.14Allaph Quaran's297.32allaph quaran'scapitalised "a" and "q"
1091229.14-.15laa, all lickam pal!298.01laa lickam, apl lpa!moved the word "lickam"; replaced "p" with "l"; replaced the word "lpa" with the word "pal"
1092229.16is her her.298.02-.03is her.added the word "her"
1093229.16go a neggbetter298.03goaneggbetteradded two spaces
1094229.16-.17raff and some scrumble298.04raffant scrumalaadded space; replaced "t" with "d"; added the word "some"; replaced "ala" with "ble"
1095229.20or, again,298.09or againadded two commas
1096229.22THAN or less THAN298.13THaN or less THaNcapitalised "a" twice
1097229.24circumflickerent298.15circumflicksrentreplaced "s" with "e"
1098229.27mantissaminus,298.20-.21mantissa minus,removed space
1099229.29Perpperp298.24-.25Perperpadded "p"
1100229.30repippinghim,298.25repippinghimadded comma
1101229.30abscissans,298.26abscissanadded "s" and comma
1102229.31-.32paradismic perimutter, Frivulteeny Sexuagesima,7 [...] possible298.27-.29Frivulteeny Sexuagesima3 [...] possible, paradismic perimutter,moved a two-word phrase; moved comma
1103229.33infinisissismalls298.30infinisissimallsadded "s"
1104229.F04whirr297.F05whissreplaced "ss" with "rr"
1105229.L06Ecclesiastical298.L03Ecclasiasticalreplaced "a" with "e"
1106230.01Scholium:299.01Scholium,replaced comma with colon
1107230.07über299.10ueberadded umlaut; removed "e"
1108230.07grannyamather.299.10-.11grannyamother.replaced "o" with "a"
1109230.12braindbox.299.18-.19brainbox.added "d"
1110230.12bolgylines.299.19bolgylines,replaced comma with full stop
1111230.13See her good. Luck! So he done it.299.20So he done it. Luck! See her good.swapped a four-word sentence and a three-word sentence
1112230.14well, well! O Dee, O Dee,299.21well! O dee, O dee,added the word "well" and comma; capitalised "d" twice
1113230.16-.17yangsheepstang299.25-.26yangsheepslangreplaced "l" with "t"
1114230.17And, be299.27And beadded comma
1115230.20police?5300.01police.1replaced full stop with question mark
1116230.21alwise300.02alwaysreplaced "ays" with "ise"
1117230.23anigel300.05wanigelremoved "w"
1118230.24days,300.07daysadded comma
1119230.26Whereapool, gayed300.09Wherapool, gayetadded "e"; replaced "t" with "d"
1120230.28slypull300.13shypullreplaced "h" with "l"
1121230.29would, would300.14wouldadded the word "would" and comma
1122230.29-.30could, candydissing P. Kevin,300.15could candykissing P. Kevinadded two commas; replaced "k" with "d"
1123230.30-.31(leo, I read, such is spanish, escribibis, all your mycoscoups),300.16-.17(leo I read, such a spanish, escribibis, all your mycoscoups)added two commas; replaced the word "a" with the word "is"
1124230.33-231.02(for, [...] fight, [...] mund)300.20-.24for, [...] fight [...] mund,added parentheses; added comma; removed comma
1125230.F03soluble:299.F03soluble.replaced full stop with colon
1126230.F05[sigla]299.F05[sigla]used a markedly different sigla font (especially noticeable in the first and last sigla)
1127230.F05fam?299.F06fam.?removed full stop
1128230.F06Pickingon300.F01Picking onremoved space
1129230.F07Sir300.F02sircapitalised "s"
1130230.L02Sublimated299.L02sublimatedcapitalised "s"
1131230.L05-.L06The Ors, [...] Which?299.L05-.L07the Ors, [...] which?capitalised "t" and "w"
1132231.03cuffs300.25cuffesremoved "e"
1133231.06on him so300.30on himadded the word "so"
1134231.08Call301.01callcapitalised "c"
1135231.10Bosthoon,301.05bosthoon,capitalised "b"
1136231.11pray for the301.06pray foradded the word "the"
1137231.11(Sure,301.06(Sureadded comma
1138231.12Erewhig301.08Erewhig,removed comma
1139231.17animal is301.15animal hisremoved "h"
1140231.19pyrate out of pensionce301.19purate out of pensioneereplaced "u" with "y"; replaced "e" with "c"
1141231.21his twitchers!301.22this twitches!removed "t"; added "r"
1142231.23-.25Now [...] now hyenasmeal301.26-.28How [...] how hyenesmealreplaced "H" with "N"; replaced "h" with "n"; replaced "e" with "a"
1143231.26of Rolaf's intestions!301.30-302.01Rolaf's intestions,added the word "of"; replaced comma with exclamation mark
1144231.27Leech.)302.01Leech)added full stop
1145231.27ear.302.02ear!replaced exclamation mark with full stop
1146231.29merry money302.05merrymoneyadded space
1147231.29clericals302.06clerricalsremoved "r"
1148231.30Well,302.07Welladded comma
1149231.F01men-in-the-straits!300.F04men-in-the straits!replaced space with hyphen
1150231.F02suitorkins.301.F01suiterkins.replaced "e" with "o"
1151232.01muggins,302.11my gins,replaced "y" with "ug"; removed space
1152232.04-.05funnet in302.17funnetadded the word "in"
1153232.06complete. (Exquisite.302.19complete, (Exquisitereplaced comma with full stop; added full stop
1154232.07scrape302.21scropereplaced "o" with "a"
1155232.09Intricatedly302.24intrieatedlycapitalised "i"; replaced "e" with "c"
1156232.09Romain302.25Romain,removed comma
1157232.09-.11to fallthere at bare feet, hurryaswormarose. Hp u bn gd grl.2 Und alws my thts.302.25-.27hup u bn gd grl.2 Unds alws my thts. To fallthere at bare feet hurryaswormarose.moved a six-word phrase; decapitalised "T"; added comma; capitalised "h"; removed "u" and "s"
1158232.14Holypolypools.302.32-303.01holypolypools.capitalised "h"
1159232.14pardonsky!,303.01pardonsky!added comma
1160232.14Romeopullupaleaps.4303.02Romeopullupalleaps.1removed "l"
1161232.15Ole Missa Yellatooth303.03ole missa vellatoothcapitalised "o" and "m"; replaced "v" with "Y"
1162232.18are Dibbllinnbbayyates.303.07-.08is Doubbllinnbbayyates.replaced the word "is" with the word "are"; replaced "ou" with "i"
1163232.20regard!, is303.10regard!added comma; added the word "is"
1164232.20paraparnelligoes303.11parparaparnelligoesremoved "par"
1165232.21-.22L'Arty Magory. Ergobragh!303.13-.14L'arty Magory. Eregobragh.capitalised "a"; removed "e"; replaced full stop with exclamation mark
1166232.24But303.16But,removed comma
1167232.24fruit!303.17fruitadded exclamation mark
1168232.27citrawn,303.21citrawnadded commathe JCM removed an apostrophe after the "n"
1169232.30firstlings303.26firstingsadded "l"
1170232.32reckon303.29reckenreplaced "e" with "o"
1171232.F01knocking spots off302.F01knacking spots ofreplaced "a" with "o"; added "f"
1172232.F05eebel303.F01aebelreplaced "a" with "e"the JCM added the "a" (instead of an "s")
1173232.F05eelyotripes,303.F01eelyotripes.,removed full stop
1174232.F05Hellibly303.F02Telliblyreplaced "T" with "H"
1175232.F08Browne-Browne303.F04Browne - Browneremoved two spaces
1176232.L01-.L02Sesame to the Rescue.302.L05-.L06Sesama to the Rescues.replaced "a" with "e"; removed "s"
1177232.L09fontanelle,303.L06fontanella,replaced "a" with "e"
1178232.R07Frothblowers.303.R03TROTHBLOWERS.replaced "T" with "F"
1179233.04Slutningsbane.2304.04Slutningsbane2.swapped full stop and footnote marker
1180233.07raying bogeys304.09rayingbogeysadded space
1181233.08for your304.10for ouradded "y"
1182233.10You well304.14You willreplaced "i" with "e"
1183233.11heel with them drift bobs304.15-.16hell with them driftbombsreplaced "l" with "e"; added space; removed "m"
1184233.12trailers!304.16-.17trailers! If my maily was bag enough I'd send you a toxis.moved an eleven-word sentence (see 233.18-.19)
1185233.13shie studiert whas?3 With her listening-in304.20she studiert whas? With her listeninginadded "i"; moved footnote (see 233.15); added hyphen
1186233.15majesty.304.22majesty.3moved footnote (see 233.13)
1187233.15pity. For304.23pity foradded full stop; capitalised "f"
1188233.18-.19ambows.5 And if my bag was big enough I'd send you a toxis.304.28ambows.5added the word "And"; moved an eleven-word sentence (see 233.12, noting the decapitalised "I", the change of the word "maily" to the word "bag", and the change of "a" to "i")
1189233.20crumbled304.30crumbedadded "l"
1190233.22I bilks the best.6305.02bilks the best.added the word "I"; added a footnote marker (see 233.F06)
1191233.24ahead,305.04away,replaced "way" with "head"
1192233.F066. Shake hams, as people sing.added a five-word footnote (see 233.22)
1193233.R09-.R12cunctititillitatio? Conkerycunk, thighthightickellythigh,305.R03-.R10CUNCTITITITILATIO? CONKERY CUNK, THIGHTHIGHTTICKELLYTHIGH,replaced "TIL" with "llit"; removed space; removed "T"
1194234.01endphthisisis305.21-.22endphthisisadded "is"
1195234.02sleep?305.23sleep.replaced full stop with question mark
1196234.05Ave.305.27Ave!replaced exclamation mark with full stop
1197234.06salvey305.29salvyadded "e"
1198234.10Heavysciugardaddy,306.03Heavysciusgardaddy,removed "s"
1199234.11loudability306.05loud abilityremoved space
1200234.16bits306.13bitadded "s"
1201234.16-.17literature, politics, economy, chemistry, humanity,306.14-.15literature,politics,economy,chemistry,humanity,possibly added four spacesuncertain, as the Classic FW line is very tightly packed

306.15&c. Duty,added paragraph break and blank line
1203234.18-236.05[52 separate paragraphs, one per essay title]306.15-308.01[regular text]reformatted text as separate paragraphs
1204234.18Daughter of Discipline306.15daughter of disciplinecapitalised "d" twice
1205234.19The Great306.15-.16the Greatcapitalised "t"
1206234.25Favourite306.21Favoriteadded "u"
1207234.31Morals (if Any)306.27Morals, if any,replaced two commas with parentheses; capitalised "a"
1208234.F01kilty.305.F02Kilty.decapitalised "K"
1209234.F02MacGusty.305.F03Mac Gusty.removed space
1210234.F07Bupabipibambuli, I can do what306.F05Bubabipibambuli, I can do asreplaced "b" with "p"; replaced the word "as" with the word "what"
1211234.L17Marcus Aurelius.306.L14MarcusAurelius.added space
1212235.03Guinness's307.01Guinness'added "s"
1213235.09-.10Jonathan Signed the Pledge or
307.05-.06Johnathan Signed the Pledge or theremoved "h"; italicised the word "or"; capitalised "t"
1214235.17The Strangest Dream that was Ever Halfdreamt,5307.11-.12the Strangest Dream that was ever Halfdreamt.5capitalised "t" and "e"; replaced full stop with commathe source for this change could be BMs (47478-176) and (47478-177)
1215236.04Now,307.27Now.replaced full stop with commathe source for this change could be BMs (47478-177)

308.01Dangerous. Vitavite!added paragraph break and blank line

added blank line
1218236.F01Nenni non,307.F10Nenni No,decapitalised "N'; added "n"
1219236.R01[note coincides with line 236.06]307.R01[note coincides with line 308.05]moved right-hand note up two lines
1220237.01-.08[separate page]308.16-.25[continuation of the same page]moved the nightletter to a separate page
1221237.05all their308.21theiradded the word "all"

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